Area 24 Extreme Unlikelihoods Of Rudy Guede As Single Attacker #2

24-01   The attack had to happen around 21:00 to 22:13, in order for Guede to be caught by Ms. Kercher already in the apartment. Yet no witnesses reported Ms. Kercher’s “horrifying” scream at this time.

24-02   If Ms. Kercher screamed before 22:00, then Monacchia must have heard a different argument and woman’s scream, or must have been off in her timing by almost an hour.

24-03   If Ms. Kercher screamed before 22:00, then Capezzali must have heard a different woman’s scream, or must have been off in her routine nightly trips to the bathroom, due to diuretics she was taking, by almost two hours.

24-04   Dramis must have heard someone else running by her window.

24-05   Curatolo apparently did not see Knox and Sollecito three or four times that evening in Piazza Grimana, but must have seen another couple or couples.

24-06   Quintavalle apparently did not see Knox the following morning when he first opened his store, but saw another young girl with a pale face, blue eyes and clothing that matched what was found on Knox’s bed in crime scene photos.

24-07   Kokomani apparently did not see the trio together that night on the road just outside the cottage. Or if he did, he saw Guede was with another young woman wielding a knife, and with another young man with glasses.

24-08   The blood on the faucet was not at all Knox’s blood, but had to be Ms. Kercher’s blood, though in a form too diluted to register at all during DNA testing.

24-09   It is another unfortunate circumstance that that blood stain happened to land exactly on a spot that contained Knox’s DNA, but from a source that was not blood.

24-10   All the other traces of blood with mixes of Knox’s and Kercher’s DNA all happened exactly where Knox’s DNA happened to have been previously deposited, in some other fashion.

24-11   The full profile of Ms. Kercher’s DNA on the knife happened by some unknown route of contamination or evidence planting.

24-12   The full profile of Sollecito’s DNA and Y haplotype on the bra also happened by some unknown route of contamination or evidence planting.

24-13   But, all the other 480+ DNA tests were acceptable.

24-14   The black hair on the kitchen sponge at Sollecito’s place that matched in length the other black hairs found on Ms. Kercher’s duvet and mattress cover, got there by accident.

24-15   The Luminol-revealed footprints happened previously when Knox and Sollecito walked in a puddle of Luminol reactive substance in the corridor, though neither of them remembered when or how this happened.

24-16   Apparently Knox and Sollecito must have used the same substance at Sollecito’s apartment, though again, neither could recall with certainty how and what was used.

24-17   The music played on Sollecito’s computer at 5:30 in the morning on November 2nd happened by accident.

24-18   Sollecito’s cell phone accidentally turned itself on at 6:00 AM on November 2nd to receive the text message from his father.

24-19   The police managed to destroy the hard drives of Sollecito’s, Knox’s and Ms. Kercher’s computer, as well as Romanelli’s computer, even without checking her hard drive.

24-20   Knox’s and Sollecito’s behavior during the discovery of the murder and afterwards at the police station, in which they continuously kissed, snuggled, laughed, had fun with words like “˜minaccia’, made funny faces, did yoga and cartwheels, these were all perfectly normal for a young couple shocked by the death of a “˜friend’, to the point where others who were present thought they might be crazy.

24-21   Knox’s stating that Ms. Kercher had died a slow death, that Ms. Kercher was found in a closet, that Ms. Kercher had been sexually assaulted before the police had confirmed this, that Ms. Kercher had screamed before anyone had mentioned this, and that she had met Mr. Lumumba at piazza Grimana at about the time Curatolo saw her at the piazza- these were all “lucky guesses” that unfortunately also incriminated her.

24-22   Knox was so traumatized by her 2 hour police questioning during the night of November 5th and 6th, during which she spent most of her time willingly drawing maps and providing descriptions of all manner of potential “suspects”, that when confronted with her text message exchange with Mr. Lumumba, she immediately lost it and blamed him for the murder, though he was completely innocent.

24-23   Knox remained so traumatized by this questioning that she went on to repeat these allegations twice more in writing, completely voluntarily, and helped the police to correct and edit their written translations of her words, and willingly signed these writings.

24-24   Knox then went on to provide two more writings over the course of two more days, expressing the same series of events and qualifying them, with some uncertainty, as her “˜best truths’.

24-25   Sollecito for his part was so innocent that he confessed to having told police a “pack of lies” during prior questioning.

24-26   Sollecito and Knox were so sure of their innocence that they were unable to provide matching and adequately detailed accounts of their intimate night together prior to the murder. These accounts seem to indicate that either they ate early or later, had some type of meal with fish, where Knox saw a lot of fish blood on Sollecito’s hands, where they attempted to clean a broken drain pipe under the kitchen sink but decided to leave that until morning, but then decided to surf the web and send emails, but without leaving any trace of doing so, after which they smoked some pot and slept and perhaps made love, and perhaps they had a long shower where Sollecito cleaned Knox’s ears, but they have had difficulty remembering any of it, in any sort of detail.

24-27   And Sollecito ultimately was not sure if Knox stayed with him the whole night, though he is convinced of her innocence.

24-28   The Hellmann court was somehow correct, whereas the Matteini, Ricciarelli, Cassazione courts, the Micheli, Borsini-Belardi and Cassazione courts, and the Massei, Cassazione and Nencini courts were all mistaken in saying that Guede acted with others in the murder of Ms. Kercher.

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Guede’s friends Alex and Philip must have been on the same ‘pot’ as Amanda and Raffelle, because they too have no recollection of where they were or what they were doing on the night of November 1st. Maybe they too were with Guede? There you are, what’s their alibi? Amanda showered that morning so she comp!etely contaminated everywhere except the actual bedroom where the murder took place. Amanda’s blood wasn’t found at the scene nor was it mixed with Meredith’s blood, it was her DNA that was mixed with Meredith’s blood, and her DNA would have been everywhere especially if she just showered over DNA evidence. The bra clasp is a red herring, definitely cross contaminated, ask yourself, if a bedroom was full of blood and contained the body of the person it belonged to, p!us all the DNA of a person who had no right to be on the premises at all, yet a bit of your DNA on a tiny piece of bra clasp found, would you think to yourself ‘what the hell?’ Also, would you like your loved one to be accused of murder based on that tiny bit of dna evidence? Meredith was attacked immediately she arrived home, she was still wearing her jacket which evidence show us was ripped from her, I can’t believe this was left initially at the scene of crime. If, and I mean if, their was any screams, they would have been between 9 pm and 9.30 pm , which prove all witnesses are unreliable. Their timing and memories are worse than Amanda’s and Raffelle’s. Curatolo, totally unreliable witness and not even worth quoting, heroin addict, prosecution proves to be desperate to have to use him. Luckily he was thrown out of court during appeal. Still no evidence at this point that Amanda and Raffelle are liars.

Posted by Sue Coombs on 03/17/16 at 11:09 PM | #

Hi Sue Coombs

Parroting widely debunked claims suggests you have absorbed little on this site. There is no proof Meredith was killed before 9:30. There is no proof any DNA was contaminated. There is no proof Guede was the only liar. Chimera debunked over 500 lies in Knox’s book alone. Please research and email responses to the 36 questions in this post before we allow you back.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/18/16 at 03:23 PM | #

Obviously Sue Coombs has the reading ability of a seven year old. You have not read anything at all of any importance have you? Spreading the crap you write and obviously believing it is a joke but the joke is really you. Please try to not live down to my expectations of someone with a limited amount of intelligence.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/19/16 at 02:41 AM | #
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