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14-01   Ms. Kercher had an “English” cell phone, purchased in England, which used the Italian Wind network in international roaming mode, and which she used to stay in constant contact with her family, as her mother was ill. (Romanelli 2009)

14-02   Ms. Kercher also had an “Italian” cell phone using the Vodafone network. This phone was given to her by Filomena Romanelli, for Ms. Kercher to be use “˜locally’ so Ms. Kercher could avoid “˜long distance’ expenses on the “English” phone to make local Italian phone calls. (Romanelli 2009)

14-03   Romanelli testified that Ms. Kercher always kept both her phones with her, particularly the “English” cell phone. (Romanelli 2009)

14-04   At 20:18 on November 1st, Knox received a text message from Lumumba informing her not to go to work. (Tacconi 2009, Knox cell phone records)

14-05   At 20:35 Knox replied to Lumumba’s text message. (Tacconi 2009, Knox cell phone records)

14-06   Knox testified that she turned her cell phone off around 20:45 on November 1st and turned it on around 12:00 of November 2nd. (Knox 2009)

14-07   At 20:56, 21:58 and 22:00 on November 1st, dialing attempts were made on Ms. Kercher’s “English” phone. It is not clear whether these were intentional or accidental.

14-08   At 22:13 a cell phone internet connection was made on Ms. Kercher’s “English” cell phone for 8-9 seconds. It is not clear whether this was intended or not. (Latella 2009)

14-09   At 00:10 on November 2nd, Ms. Kercher’s “English” cell phone received a call through a coverage route incompatible with the cottage, a coverage route which instead covered the garden of the villa 950 meters away from the cottage. (Latella 2009)

14-10   On November 2nd, both of Ms. Kercher’s cell phones were found in that garden by the villa occupants and taken to the Postal Police. (Bartolozzi 2009)

14-11   Ms. Kercher’s “Italian” phone was found first and taken to the Postal Police around 11 AM. (Bartolozzi 2009)

14-12   Ms. Kercher’s “English” phone was found about an hour later and taken the Postal Police over an hour later. (Bartolozzi 2009)

14-13   Guede had no reason to take Ms. Kercher’s phones and then discard them. (Nencini Motivations report)

14-14   At 12:07 on November 2nd, Knox called Ms. Kercher’s English phone for 16 seconds but did not leave a message. (Knox cell phone records)

14-15   At 12:08 Knox called Romanelli to describe “strange things” at the cottage. (Knox cell phone records)

14-16   At 12:11 Knox called both of Ms. Kercher’s cell phones for less than 4 seconds, and therefore with not enough time to leave a message. (Knox cell phone records)

14-17   Romanelli called Knox three more times before Knox responded the 3rd time at 12:34.

14-18   At 12:47 Knox called her mom in Seattle for 1.5 minutes on November 2nd, though she testified in court to not remembering this call. (Knox cell phone records, Knox 2009)

14-19   Knox had phone contacts and text messages with drug dealers before and after the murder. (Knox cell phone and text message records)

14-20   At 20:42 on November 1st, Sollecito spoke with his father. (Sisani 2009)

14-21   At 23:14 Sollecito’s father sent a text message to Sollecito. Sollecito did not receive it until early 06:02 the following morning of November 2nd. (Latella, Sisani 2009)

14-22   At 09:24 on November 2nd Sollecito spoke to his father for nearly 4 minutes. (Sisani 2009)

14-23   At 12:35 Sollecito recharged his phone which was now at the cottage. (Sisani 2009)

14-24   At 12:40 Sollecito spoke with his father for 67 seconds. (Sisani 2009)

14-25   At 12:50 Sollecito spoke with his sister for 39 seconds. (Sisani 2009)

14-26   At 12:51 and 12:54 Sollecito made 112 calls to the Carabinieri, indicating they saw a burglary had occurred, they saw blood but that nothing was taken. (Ceppitelli, Latella 2009)

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