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Area 16: Cottage

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Crime scene photos

16-01   The cottage had a driveway gate. The driveway gate could be opened by key, or via an electronic “˜buzzer’ release via an intercom system inside the cottage. If someone did not have a key, they could ring a buzzer at the gate and speak to anyone in the cottage via the intercom, and the person inside the cottage could “˜ring’ open the gate. This system is very common in Italy.

16-02   The cottage had an upper apartment inhabited by 4 young women and basement apartment, inhabited by 4 young men.

16-03   The upper apartment front door had a security grille that was apparently not being used. (Romanelli 2009)

16-04   The front door latch was faulty and required deadbolt operation by key, both internally and externally, to keep the door closed. (Romanelli 2009)

16-05   The front door showed no signs of damage or attempts to break in. (Nencini Motivations report, crime scene photos).

16-06   The dining/kitchen area showed no signs of struggle. An empty purse was on the kitchen table and the dish rack had different espresso coffeemakers.

16-07   The clothes washer was found with humid clothing inside, including two towels.

16-08   Mezzetti’s room and the large bathroom had no blood traces.

16-09   Guede’s feces were found in the large bathroom.

16-10   Blood traces were on the kitchen/dining room floor, the corridor floor and in various places in the small bathroom.

16-11   Ms. Kercher’s bedroom door was found closed and locked.

16-12   Ms. Romanelli’s room appeared ransacked, and one of her windows broken, with a 4 kg, 20 cm long rock found partially in a clothing bag on the floor. 

16-13   Knox’s room appeared normal.

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