Area 23: Extreme Unlikelihoods Of Rudy Guede As Single Attacker #1

23-01   Guede had been to the cottage several times, and he knew the young men who lived in the lower apartment. He could have easily determined if they were going to be away that weekend. Having lived in Perugia for 15 years, Guede also knew that two of the young women in the upper apartment were NOT Italian (a US and UK citizen) and so might possibly have stayed behind for the holiday weekend. Yet he chose to break-in to the young women’s apartment rather than the young men’s apartment, apparently without regard to the likelihood that either one or both of them could return at any time to catch him in the act.

23-02   Guede apparently choose to break-in around or before 21:00 (rather than wait until after midnight) on a holiday evening, when the car park just across the street would have significant traffic, with plenty of passersby parking their car and going to downtown restaurants (see Formica 2009).

23-03   Guede chose not to try and break-in through the front entrance door, which he could have easily jimmied.

23-04   Guede chose not to try and break-in through a French door at the back of the cottage, well hidden from anyone on the road or on the car park terrace. This French door was easily accessible via a quick one-story climb up a grate and grille, and it was the break-in point for at least one burglary at the cottage roughly a year after the murder.

23-05   Guede ignored all the easy access points to the lower apartment, which he could ascertain was empty, and instead chose a second story window that was in full view of anyone on the road or at the car park, and was also well lit by car park lights at night.

23-06   Guede chose a window with shutters that were closed, without any way of knowing whether he could break-in through that window once he opened the shutters.

23-07   Having lived in Italy for 15 years, Guede certainly knew those types of windows and he knew that if the inner scuri were latched, there would be no way for him to break in through that window, unless he had a coring drill or an axe. Yet, he chose to break-in through that window nonetheless.

23-08   Guede chose to scale a wall with sneakers, rather than climbing shoes, without leaving any trace of mud or grass on the wall (and no ladder was found).

23-09   Guede was able to dexterously hang or balance himself on a few centimeters of stone ledge in order to open the shutters. He did so without being seen by anyone passing by on the street or the car park, at some time between 20:45- 21:00.

23-10   Guede was then able to climb back down to the ground and climb up to the parking rampart without being noticed by anyone.

23-11   Guede, rather than choose a small stone that he could easily throw with some precision, instead chose a 4 kilo, 20 cm long stone mass to toss at a window whose clear glass width was roughly the same size (28 cm wide).

23-12   Guede managed to lob the stone with such precision that he broke the glass in one shot.

23-13   Guede managed to lob the stone so gingerly that he barely nicked the inner scuro, only broke the bottom portion of the glass and the stone itself only broke a small piece off when it landed on the hard marble granule tile flooring in Romanelli’s room.

23-14   Guede managed to fortuitously land the rock partially into a shopping bag already on the floor.

23-15   Guede then climbed down the rampart and climbed back up the wall a second time, again without leaving any trace of mud or grass on the wall.

23-16   Guede’s throw was so light that absolutely no broken glass landed on the dirt and grass below the window. All the glass pieces that fell on the exterior sill all stayed there.

23-17   When Guede climbed up and hoisted himself onto the window sill, no glass fell onto the grass below.

23-18   Guede did not cut his hands on any of the glass on the sill.

23-19   Guede managed to climb in without tracking any dirt or grass on Romanelli’s floor.

23-20   Apparently, Guede left Romanelli’s shutters exactly as he found them, and did not need to turn on the light in Romanelli’s room, since the open shutters or the visible broken window would have been noticed by Ms. Kercher. Romanelli’s window faces the cottage driveway gate head-on, and the distance between the gate and the window is at least 20-30 paces.

23-21   Once inside, Guede, rather than immediately seize the computer and camera that were in plain sight, Guede started emptying the closets of clothing and throwing clothes on the floor.

23-22   Somehow, in his ransacking haste, Guede managed to get glass on top of the clothing and on top of the computer.

23-23   Guede did not bother to check for jewelry in the nightstand drawer, or even consider the designer purse or glasses that were in Romanelli’s room.

23-24   Apparently, Guede became so agitated by this hasty burglary attempt that he then had to stop and use the bathroom to relieve himself. Since no blood traces were found in the large bathroom, Guede could only have used the bathroom before the assault, and so apparently while committing the burglary.

23-25   Apparently, Guede was careful enough to close Romanelli’s door before he went to the bathroom.

23-26   Apparently, when Ms. Kercher returned home, she did not notice the open shutters, broken window, or hear any noise from the bathroom, while Guede played loud music on his Ipod and used the toilet.

23-27   Ms. Kercher did not notice the mess in Ms. Romanelli’s room, apparently because Guede had been very careful to close that door.

23-28   Apparently, Ms. Kercher did not hang out in the kitchen, where she might have eventually noticed someone was in the large bathroom, but instead she went straight to her room.

23-29   Apparently, Guede must have heard this commotion even though he claimed he was playing loud music on his Ipod.

23-30   Apparently, once out of the bathroom, Guede decided to go to Ms. Kercher’s room to assault her rather than escape unnoticed, either through the front door, the rear terrace French door or through Romanelli’s window.

23-31   Apparently Guede preferred to escalate the crime from burglary to rape and murder at a moment’s notice.

23-32   Apparently Guede decided to rape and kill Ms. Kercher in her bedroom, in a kind of “˜blitz attack’, since no other area of the cottage was disturbed.

23-33   Apparently he did so having one or more knives on him, since Ms. Kercher was stabbed with two different knives in her neck.

23-34   However, Guede first attempted to restrain Ms. Kercher since she had multiple bruises on her elbows, right arm, left thigh, neck and jaw.

23-35   Somehow, Guede managed to remove some of Ms. Kercher’s clothing while restraining her arms and covering her mouth, since only one scream was heard.

23-36   During this prolonged “˜blitz’ attack, Guede sexually assaulted Ms. Kercher, perhaps under knifepoint, while still covering her mouth, and apparently, she did not so much as scratch him, since no DNA traces were found under her nails.

23-37   Then Guede stabbed Ms. Kercher on the right side of the neck.

23-38   Ms. Kercher put up virtually no defense despite Guede keeping a knife to her neck and covering her mouth, since she had very few minor cuts on her hand. This is in complete contrast to typical single assailant knife attacks were victims frequently have extensive cuts on their hands and arms.

23-39   At some point Ms. Kercher managed to free her mouth and screamed loudly and horrifically.

23-40   Guede then fatally stabbed Ms. Kercher on the left side of her neck with a knife different from the first one.

23-41   At this point, Guede had stepped in Ms. Kercher’s blood. So rather than run away immediately, he proceeded to remove his right shoe and went to the small bathroom to wash his right foot, apparently unconcerned that the police or Knox, could arrive at the cottage at any time.

23-42   He managed to land half a bloody footprint of his right foot on the bathmat, without leaving any other of his right footprints anywhere near by.

23-43   He also left blood traces in the bidet, sink and on a box of cotton swabs, which apparently he needed.

23-44   Apparently, Knox and Sollecito had earlier walked around barefoot in bleach or some other Luminol reactive substance, but only in the corridor and only in Knox’s room. And only in a few select places. Yet neither of them could testify as to when this occurred and what was the substance.

23-45   Guede was so adept at washing his right foot that his jeans did not track blood drops anywhere else.

23-46   Guede was so concerned about his bloody right foot that he left his bloody handprint on the pillow.

23-47   At this point, Guede must have decided to re-enter Romanelli’s room, though again he wound up taking nothing, neither the computer or camera or anything else.

23-48   While in Romanelli’s room, Guede left the two blood stains on the floor, one exactly at a point where Knox’s DNA was also on the floor.

23-49   Then, Guede must have realized it was important to clean those blood stains, since both were revealed with Luminol.

23-50   After Guede carefully cleaned Romanelli’s floor, he must have thought it was a good idea to close Romanelli’s bedroom door again, since Knox claimed to have found the door closed the next day (though Sollecito said it was wide open).

23-51   Guede apparently used towels to clean up some of Ms. Kercher’s blood in Ms. Kercher’s bedroom, but decided to leave his bloodied shoeprints visible on the floor.

23-52   Then Guede, apparently still unafraid that someone might have heard the terrifying scream and had called the police, Guede continued to spend time in Ms. Kercher’s room. He decided to remove her bra, and then completely strip her down to her T shirt.

23-53   Guede then decided to move Ms. Kercher’s body onto the bed sheet, towels and pillow, perhaps in the naïve hope of hiding his bloody shoeprints and handprint.

23-54   He then decided not to wipe up his bloody shoeprints, even though towels and bed sheets were readily available for such a purpose.

23-55   But, Guede did decide to use Knox’s night stand lamp to look for something under Ms. Kercher’s bed.

23-56   Then Guede decided he would cover Ms. Kercher’s body with the duvet.

23-57   Then he decided he would steal what he could from her purse, but in the meantime, he would throw a few receipts on the duvet.

23-58   Guede was smart enough to use a sock to handle the purse straps, but managed to leave his DNA on the purse zipper anyway.

23-59   Guede decided it would be best to take Ms. Kercher’s wallet, cell phones and keys, and to close her bedroom door and lock it.

23-60   When Guede took the cell phones, perhaps he accidently dialed the internet connection on Meredith’s English phone at 22:13 (which was done via the cell tower covering the cottage.) This means that Guede’s “blitz” attack and subsequent fumbling took over an hour. During all this time, he apparently had no concerns that the police or Knox could have arrived at the cottage.

23-61   Guede managed to close Ms. Kercher’s bedroom door and lock it with the latch bolt key, without leaving any bloody shoeprints indicating that he turned around to do this in the corridor.

23-62   But Guede did leave bloody shoeprints indicating he walked down the corridor and out the door.

23-63   But Guede decided, or perhaps he forgot, to take Romanelli’s camera and computer.

23-64   And Guede decided, or forgot, to leave his feces unflushed in the other bathroom.

23-65   Guede, though he had Ms. Kercher’s keys, decided he would leave the front door open, even though up to now he had been careful to close all the other doors and windows he had traversed.

23-66   He also decided to leave the cottage driveway gate ajar. (Lombardi 2009)

23-67   And somehow he managed to run down the cottage driveway just before someone else ran up the metal steps of the car park. (Capezzali 2009)

23-68   On his way home, Guede decided to take the long way around, and while walking he apparently decided to discard Ms. Kercher’s cell phones after all.

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The shutters weren’t closed, filomena believes she left them open in the morning, she returned home in a rush to change clothing, she needed them open for the light she said, as she was in a rush to change, the likelihood is that her clothes were strewn everywhere, hence the glass on top of the clothes. Rudy wouldn’t have known about the faulty door, so thougth he may have thought he closed it, it would have sprung back open due to the fault. The rest is unreliable witness statements,which we have no evidence of truth as we’ve already seen. Screams at 11pm when Meredith was murdered between 9 and 9.30. We have no evidence Rudy returned straight home after the murder, only his say so, and Rudy is a liar. Rudy didn’t leave that house until 10.30, according to one of the reliable witnesses there only seems to be. What was he doing once he murdered Meredith? Nobody seems to have tackled this one very important question. My theory is this is the riddle of Amanda’s lamp. I’m not going to elaborate here, but noons as asked what Rudy was doing from 9.30 until he left the villa and was seen.

Posted by Sue Coombs on 03/17/16 at 11:46 PM | #

Hi Sue Coombs,

Your comments here, and your responses to Pete in the Guede series demonstrate that you have apparently not even read the Certain Proofs of the Guilt published in TJMK.

Please click on “Smoking-gun posts”, go down to Pesky Certainties #3, and read Certainties 31 to 42, which state:

Details of the Fatal Sequence have been masked, over the years, apparently for humanitarian considerations, but such details should be available to readers who wish to more-objectively assess culpability. Here is what we have deduced:
Massei disagreed with the Reconstruction proposed by the Prosecution, which depicted Meredith on her knees, facing the floor:
a.  Massei concluded that Meredith was in a standing position, facing her attackers:

MASSEI PAGE372-373: “…considering the neck wounds sustained, it must be believed that Meredith remained in the same position, in a standing position, while continuously exposing her neck to the action of the person striking her now on the right and now on the left. Such a situation seems inexplicable if one does not accept the presence of more than one attacker who, holding the girl, strongly restrained her movements and struck her on the right and on the left because of the position of each of the attackers with respect to her, by which it was easier to strike her from that [ End of p372; Start of p373: ] side. …”
b.  Meredith’s autopsy was performed by Dr. Luca Lalli, but his detailed findings are not included in Massei’s report, they await their Translation into English.The Massei report includes only a limited paraphrase of Lalli’s findings.

In “Darkness Descending - the Murder of Meredith Kercher” Paul Russell (Author), Graham Johnson (Author), and Luciano Garofano (Author) give clearer, more detailed descriptions of Dr. Lalli’s findings than Massei does.

On pages 72-74 of DD it emerges that the cut (Stab A) made by A large knife in Meredith’s neck was on the left-side, ran obliquely from left-to-right, almost parallel to her jaw, and slightly Upwards.

DD does state that the knife entered 8cm vertically below her left ear, 1.5cm horizontally towards the front of her neck, but does not specify the cut’s length.

A large knife created a gaping wound, visible only through the opened-skin of the Left-Side, continuing its travel under the skin, traveling across the mid-line plane, towards the right-side, exposing the oral cavity, fatty tissues and throat glands. Important jaw muscles were also severed.

As DD states, there was another stab wound (Stab B) on the right-hand side of Meredith’s neck, 1.5 cm long, penetrating 4 cm subcutaneously.

Stab B was made by a Knife smaller than the above large knife.

The wound was shallow, did not create a gaping wound, did not cut important subcutaneous structures, but did create a route to the exterior through which blood from Stab A, then created by the large knife on Meredith’s left side could also exit to Meredith’s right side.


g.  The large knife had damaged no significant vessels of the Left-Side.

i.  Blood also flooded the subcutaneous tissues around the breech in the right-hand side of Meredith’s airway caused by the knife-stab on the left-side of her neck.


j.  This resulted in Meredith’s inhalation of her own blood.

k.  Meredith stops screaming, but now her blood seems to be everywhere, including over her attackers, and they quickly abandon her, already evading the accountability they are fully aware is theirs.


l.  As DD comments, during Meredith’s Autopsy surprise was expressed that the Jugular Veins and Carotid Arteries (of both right and left sides) were intact.
Others who read about this murder, had concluded-then that the killers must have known about the major blood vessels (MBVs), but not about branches-of-Carotid-branches such as little RSTA.”

This is just a fraction of the information that convinces us that Knox and Sollecito are guilty co-participants, along with Guede.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 03/18/16 at 05:11 AM | #

Hi Sue Coombs

Cardiol is right, you are sowing a lot of misinformation on the site which the Member Agreement asks you not to do.

Paroting widely debunked claims suggests you have actually absorbed very little on this site.

Please research and email responses to the 36 questions in this post before we allow you back.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/18/16 at 03:07 PM | #
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