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Area 18: Discovery of the murder- confirmed version

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18-01   Postal police and witness testimony, comprising 7 people (Bartolozzi, Battistelli, Marsi, Romanelli, Grande, Altieri, Zaroli) confirmed the following sequence: A lady residing in the garden villa (Elisabetta Lana) came to the Postal Police office and met with the head officer Bartolozzi around 11:00 on November 2nd to make a deposition about a fake “˜bomb scare’ they had received the night before. While doing so, Lana brought Ms. Kercher’s Italian phone which she had found in her garden. She handed the phone over at 11:30. (Bartolozzi 2009)

18-02   At just before 12:00 on November 2nd, Bartolozzi dispatched two Postal Police officers (Battistelli and Marsi) to the cottage to find Filomena Romanelli, to verify that the cell phone found belonged to her. (Bartolozzi 2009)

18-03   At 12:08 Knox called Romanelli and spoke of about strange things at the cottage. Romanelli began to worry and immediately called Ms. Kercher’s phones.

18-04   At 12:10 Lana called Bartolozzi, indicating her daughter had found a second phone, Ms. Kercher’s English phone, in their villa garden. (Bartolozzi 2009)

18-05   At 12:12 Not receiving responses from Ms. Kercher, Romanelli called Knox, and tried calling Knox again at 12:20. (Romanelli 2009, cell phone records)

18-06   At 12:34 Romanelli spoke to Knox and Knox reported the apparent break-in into Romanelli’s room. Immediately after this, Romanelli contacted her boyfriend Zaroli to go to the cottage and see what was happening. (Romanelli, Grande 2009)

18-07   At 12:34 Zaroli contacted Altieri to come and pick him up and go to the cottage. (Zaroli, Altieri 2009)

18-08   At 12:35 Battistelli and Marsi arrived at the cottage and found Knox and Sollecito sitting on the garden wall by the cottage entrance. They testified that Knox and Sollecito showed them the mess in Romanelli’s room and Knox showed the officers the blood traces in the small bathroom. (Battistelli, Marsi 2009)

18-09   At 12:46 Bartolozzi started a 2nd deposition with Lana and her daughter, who handed over Ms. Kercher’s 2nd phone. (Bartolozzi 2009)

18-10   At 12:47 Knox called her mom in Seattle for 88 seconds. (Knox cell phone records, Knox 2009)

18-11   At around this time, Zaroli and Altieri arrived at the cottage. They looked at Romanelli’s room with the Postal Police. Zaroli checked the nightstand drawer to see that the jewelry was still here. Altieri checked the window from the outside, wondering how entry into the 2nd story window could be possible. Zaroli and Battistelli noticed the glass on the clothing. (Battistelli, Zaroli 2009)

18-12   At 12:51 and 12:54 Sollecito made the 112 calls to the Carabinieri police, claiming “nothing had been stolen”, thought this could not have been known. (Ceppitelli 2009)

18-13   Zaroli and Altieri testified that Knox claimed Ms. Kercher normally locked her room, and so there was no real concern about the locked door. (Zaroli, Altieri 2009)

18-14   Romanelli and her friend Grande arrived at the cottage. Romanelli checked her room and noticed the glass on her computer and clothing. She remarked that the thief was stupid for not having taken anything and getting glass on top of everything. Battistelli doubted that the break-in was real. (Romanelli, Grande, Battistelli 2009)

18-15   Battistelli spoke to Romanelli about the phones they had found, which caused Romanelli to worry again about Meredith, indicating Ms. Kercher never left her phones. (Romanelli, Battistelli 2009)

18-16   Then Romanelli learned that Ms. Kercher’s door was locked and Romanelli insisted Battistelli and Marsi break the door down, indicating that Ms. Kercher never closed or locked her bedroom door. (Romanelli, Battistelli 2009)

18-17   At 13:00 Battistelli called Bartolozzi to explain the situation and Bartolozzi indicated they could proceed to break down Ms. Kercher’s bedroom door. (Bartolozzi 2009)

18-18   Battistelli told Romanelli they could not take responsibility for breaking down the door, but they were okay if Romanelli did so. (Battistelli, Romanelli 2009)

18-19   Romanelli asked Zaroli and Altieri to break down the door. (Romanelli, Zaroli, Altieri 2009)

18-20   Altieri broke down the door and Romanelli saw Meredith’s foot from under the duvet. Altieri, Zaroli and Romanelli saw the room. Knox, by her own admission, was in the kitchen and could not have seen the murder. No one knows where Sollecito was, though his fingerprints were found on Mezzetti’s door. (Altieri, Zaroli, Romanelli, Grande, Knox’s 11/4/07 email)

18-21   Battistelli ordered everyone out and called Bartolozzi to advise him of the murder. (Battistelli, Bartolozzi 2009)

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