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Area 22: Extreme Unlikelihoods Of A Generic Single Attacker

Posted by Marcello.

22-01   Ms. Kercher screamed only once, indicating her mouth was being covered for most of the attack.

22-02   Monacchia heard a man and woman shouting before Ms. Kercher’s scream.

22-03   Capezzali heard footsteps running in different directions from the cottage after the scream.

22-04   Ms. Kercher had taken martial arts courses and was physically strong.

22-05   Yet, Ms. Kercher sustained very few and very minor defensive wounds. Typically, victims of a single assailant knife attack have far more defensive wounds.

22-06   Knife wounds and bruises around the neck and face indicate the attack was prolonged and not a quick “˜blitz attack’.

22-07   Ms. Kercher was sexually assaulted during the attack, not afterwards, as indicated by internal bruising, and testified to by two doctors.

22-08   Some of Ms. Kercher’s clothing was removed during the attack. A single attacker could not restrain Ms. Kercher while removing her clothing, and covering her mouth.

22-09   Someone came back after she was dead to rearrange the crime scene: remove Ms. Kercher’s bra; move her body onto the pillow; cover her with the duvet; go through her purse; throw receipts from her purse onto the duvet; place the purse on her bed; close the door; lock the door and take the key and not leave any bloody shoeprints of this.

22-10   Someone wiped the bathroom and corridor floor so that the bathmat had only half a footprint, and other blood stains and bloodied footprints were revealed with Luminol.

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