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25-01   Ms. Kercher took responsibilities, studies and relationships seriously

25-02   Ms. Kercher was studying under an approved accredited university program.

25-03   Ms. Kercher took a self defense course, had a strong character and would have defended herself. (Arlene Kercher 2009)

25-04   Ms. Kercher had scruples about watering marijuana plants of the boys in the downstairs apartments.

25-05   Ms. Kercher had close English girlfriends as well as Italian friends.

25-06   Ms. Kercher stayed in constant contact with her family.

25-07   Ms. Kercher made normal young adult concessions.

25-08   Knox abandoned work offers in Germany.

25-09   Knox was not studying under an approved, accredited university program.

25-10   Knox had few female friends.

25-11   Knox had a number of male friends.

25-12   Knox was in contact with drug dealers and was spending large amounts of cash.

25-13   Knox had been ticketed for making noise and throw rocks at a party.

25-14   Knox had played a break-in prank on a “˜friend’.

25-15   Knox had written stories about a rape and violence.

25-16   Knox lied to the police and lied in court.

25-17   Sollecito had a knife fetish and always carried a knife with him.

25-18   He was a habitual marijuana user.

25-19   Sollecito had a collection of manga depicting sexual and graphic violence on women.

25-20   Sollecito had been admonished by his school for having bestiality pornography.

25-21   Sollecito had attempted injuring a girl in elementary school with scissors.

25-22   Sollecito lied to the police and lied in court.

25-23   Guede rented an apartment in Perugia and had lived there for over 15 years prior to the murder.

25-24   Guede had not been arrested, though he had broken into an apartment while drunk at least once.

25-25   Guede lied to the police.

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