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Area 20: Sollecito’s statements and lies

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20-01   Two days after the discovery of the murder, Sollecito claimed to a journalist that he and Knox had been the first to discover Ms. Kercher’s body and that there was blood everywhere, even though he could not have seen the room interior. (Follain)

20-02   Sollecito also claimed he and Knox attended a party that night, apparently confusing that night with the prior night of Halloween. (Follain)

20-03   Sollecito claimed to Zaroli and Romanelli that Ms. Kercher’s body had been covered in Vaseline. (Follain, Zaroli 2009)

20-04   During his November 5th questioning by the police, Sollecito claimed he had made up a “bunch of lies” during previous questionings and claimed uncertainty whether Knox was with him the whole night of November 1st.

20-05   In a letter to his father dated 11/7/07, Sollecito also laid down a story about the night before the murder and the events leading up to the discovery of the murder. His account was similar to Knox’s, but different in some details to Knox’s, and in any case was belied by cell phone records, computer records and witness statements.

20-06   Sollecito claimed he surfed the internet and may have watched a film and then received the goodnight text message from his father. But his computer showed no activity after 21:10 and he did not receive the text message until 6:00 the following morning.

20-07   Sollecito did not mention that his computer was used to play music for half hour at 5:30 the following morning.

20-08   Sollecito failed to mention the 4 minute long phone call with his father at 9:24 that morning, claiming he was sleeping at that time.

20-09   Sollecito failed to mention Knox’s phone call to Romanelli, done at his apartment, prior to their going to the cottage.

20-10   Sollecito claimed they brought the mop that Knox had brought over earlier that morning, back to the cottage, and that apparently, Knox put the mop bucket in another room (rather than at the entrance.) Apparently there was much interest in this mop.

20-11   Sollecito claimed he found Romanelli’s bedroom door wide open, while Knox claimed it was still closed until she opened it.

20-12   Sollecito claimed he restrained Knox from climbing from the terrace to access Ms. Kercher’s bedroom window.

20-13   Sollecito claimed that only then did Knox call Romanelli and try Ms. Kercher’s phones, whereas these calls had taken place nearly 30 minutes earlier.

20-14   Sollecito claimed Knox was panicked about the lack of feces in the toilet she had seen earlier, and apparently he did not see them either, though they are clearly visible in the crime scene photos.

20-15   Sollecito claimed he attempted to break Ms. Kercher’s door down, then he called his sister, but he failed to mention calling his father for a minute prior to calling his sister.

20-16   Sollecito claimed on November 11, 2007 that Knox went with an Argentinean guy to laundry mat on the morning of November 2nd to clean up things.

20-17   Sollecito then claimed Knox continued to lie.

20-18   At the first preliminary hearing, Sollecito stated he never again wanted to see Knox.

20-19   Sollecito expressed concern that Guede might say ‘strange things’ about him just days after Guede’s arrest.

20-20   Sollecito gave spontaneous court testimony that he pricked Ms. Kercher’s while cooking at his apartment, even though Ms. Kercher had never been to his apartment. He ultimately retracted this statement on Twitter.

20-21   Sollecito later claimed he was at his computer the night of November 1st, sending emails. Proof of this claimed activity has never been found or presented.

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