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Area 17: Discovery of the murder- Knox’s version

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Knox’s email of 11/4/07

17-01   Knox claimed in an 11/4/07 email to friends and family that she awoke at 10:30 on November 2nd, and went to the cottage. She apparently did not notice the broken window of Romanelli’s room from the outside while approaching and entering the cottage.

17-02   She found the front door open, with no one inside. She closed the door, but without locking it (knowing the wind could blow the door open any moment.)

17-03   She claimed Romanelli’s bedroom door was closed, though Sollecito would later claim the door was open. It is not clear why she did not check any of the closed doors in the apartment at this time, having found the front door open and no one inside.

17-04   She undressed and went to the small bathroom, but did not notice the blood traces on the mat, sink, light switch or elsewhere.

17-05   She took a shower, alone, with the door unlocked, knowing the front door could blow open at any moment.

17-06   Only after she took the shower did she notice the blood traces in the bathroom, which she attributed to Ms. Kercher having “˜menstrual issues’, though Ms. Kercher’s bedroom door was closed and Ms. Kercher did not respond to Knox’s calling out.

17-07   Knox then dressed and went to dry her hair in the large bathroom. Once she finished blow drying her hair, she noticed feces in the toilet. Apparently, she did not notice any smell the entire time she was blow drying her hair.

17-08   She then took a mop back to Sollecito’s apartment to help clean up a water spill on the kitchen floor (that happened the night before, apparently), and only after they cleaned the kitchen floor and had breakfast, did she tell Sollecito about the “˜strange’ things she saw at the cottage.

17-09   Sollecito suggested she call Romanelli, which Knox did. Knox then claimed she called both Ms. Kercher’s phones, on Romanelli’s insistence, claiming “the first time I called her English phone it rang, and then sounded as if there was a disturbance but no one answered, then I called the Italian phone and it just kept ringing, no answer. I called her English phone again and this time an English voice told me her phone was out of service.” Cell phone records disprove this entire sequence.

17-10   Cell phone records show that at 12:07 Knox made a 16 second call to Ms. Kercher’s English phone first, then at 12:08 Knox called Romanelli and spoke for over a minute, without mentioning she had just already tried calling Ms. Kercher’s English phone. Then after speaking to Romanelli, at 12:11 Knox made a 3 second “it just kept ringing” call to Ms. Kercher’s Italian phone and at 12:11 again Knox made a 4 second call to Ms. Kercher’s English phone, wherein somehow the phone rings and a voice says her phone was out of service” all in 4 seconds.

17-11   Romanelli called Ms. Kercher’s phones as well and testified that the Italian phone had the automated message, while Ms. Kercher’s English phone rang without going to voicemail. (Romanelli 2009)

17-12   In addition, Knox claimed to Romanelli she was at the cottage when she made these calls, when in fact she was at Sollecito’s place. (The cottage and Sollecito’s apartment are covered by different cell phone towers.)

17-13   Knox claimed in her email that she and Sollecito went back to the cottage, and only then did Knox open Romanelli’s bedroom door and discover the mess inside. She saw the broken window, and the computer, sitting on her desk “like it always was”, but apparently Knox did not notice the glass fragments on top of the computer.

17-14   Knox then checked the rest of the house and found nothing was missing, apparently.

17-15   She then tried Ms. Kercher’s door. Knox first thought Ms. Kercher was still asleep but then she “knocked louder and louder until I was really banging on her door and shouting her name, no response, panicing, I ran out onto our terrace to see if maybe I could see over the ledge into her room from the window, but I couldn’t see in, bad angle. I then went into the bathroom where I where I had dried my hair and looked really quickly into the toilet. In my panic I thought I hadn’t seen anything there, which to me meant whoever was in my house had been there when I had been there. As it turns out the police told me later that the toilet was full and that the shit had just fallen to the bottom of the toilet so I didn’t see it. I ran outside and down to our neighbor’s door. The lights were out but I banged on the door anyway. I wanted to ask them if they had heard anything the night before, but no one was home. I ran back into the house. In the living room, Raffaele told me he wanted to see if he could break down Meredith’s door. He tried, and cracked the door, but we couldn’t open it. It was then that we decided to call the cops”¦ He (Raffaele) called his sister for advice and then called the Carabinieri. I then called Filomena (Romanelli) who said she would be on her way home immediately.” This is Knox’s account only two days after the events had occurred, yet this entire account is belied by cell phone records and crime scene photos.

17-16   Cell phone records show that Romanelli attempted to call Knox at 12:12 (less then a minute after Knox made the two calls on Ms. Kercher’s phone). Knox’s phone was still at Sollecito’s place. Notably, Romanelli called for 36 seconds, but Knox failed to respond. (Knox cell phone records)

17-17   Romanelli called Knox again at 12:20, for 65 seconds (compare with the 3 and 4 second Knox calling Ms. Kercher’s phones), with no reply from Knox. Knox’s cell phone was still at Sollecito’s place. (Knox cell phone records)

17-18   Romanelli testified that she finally spoke to Knox at around 12:30 (cell phone records reveal 12:34), and cell phone records show that Knox’s cell phone was now at the cottage. So Knox and Sollecito must have done all that she described above (banging on the door, attempting to kick it down, checking from the balcony, going downstairs, being in a total panic), in only a few short minutes, before Romanelli called, since it take roughly 5 minutes to walk from Sollecito’s apartment to the cottage.

17-19   But, contrary to what Knox claimed, the police calls by Sollecito were made 12:51 and 12:54, nearly 20 minutes after Knox and Romanelli had spoken. And Romanelli called Knox, not the other way around. (Knox cell phone records)

17-20   So apparently, Knox was in such a panic that she and Sollecito, after doing all the above and speaking to Romanelli, waited a full 20 minutes (if not more) before calling the Carabinieri.

17-21   Meanwhile, Knox spoke to her mom at 12:47 for roughly 90 seconds, a conversation she failed to mention in her email (two days after the discovery of the murder) and which during court testimony she claimed to have forgotten.

17-22   And Sollecito was so concerned he spoke to his father and sister before calling the Carabinieri.

17-23   Crime scene photos also show the feces in the toilet were clearly and easily visible in the toilet, and not “˜at the bottom of the toilet’ as Knox described.

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