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Area 13: Witnesses on night of November 1st

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13-01   Jovana Popovic saw Knox and Sollecito at Sollecito’s apartment around 17:45. She saw Knox again at Sollecito’s apartment around 20:40. (Popovic 2009)

13-02   Sophie Purton accompanied Ms. Kercher near to the cottage apartment Ms. Kercher rented. They parted company shortly before 21:00. (Purton 2009)

13-03   Antonio Curatolo, who habitually lived at piazza Grimana, noticed Knox and Sollecito at the far end of the piazza 3-4 times between roughly 21:30 to 23:00. He noticed them whenever he stopped reading to smoke a cigarette. He noticed they talked quietly and at times animatedly. He noticed they stayed mostly in the same place at the piazza. He noticed Sollecito go to the railing of the piazza that overlooks the intersection where the car breakdown took place. (Curatolo 2009)

13-04   A car broke down at an intersection very close to the cottage, in front of the cottage driveway gate and below the piazza Grimana terrace. The breakdown occurred at roughly 22:20, and lasted until the car was towed at roughly 23:15. The four witnesses involved neither heard nor saw commotion coming from the cottage. This includes the driver of the broke down car who waited outside the car from roughly 22:30 to 23:15 as well as a lady who sat in a second car facing east in front of the garage car park entrance, closer to the cottage. None of them heard a scream. (Coletta, Salsiccioli, Occhipinti 2009)

13-05   Alessandra Formica noted that around 22:30-22:40, while descending the steps flanking piazza Grimana, a possibly dark skinned person ran into her boyfriend. She also noted the car breakdown as they went to the parking garage. (Formica 2009)

13-06   Giampolo Lombardi, the tow truck driver, was close to the cottage from roughly 23:00 to 23:15. He did not see or hear any commotion from the cottage. He noticed a dark car parked in the cottage driveway, outside the gate, and noticed that the cottage driveway gate was ajar. (Lombardi 2009)

13-07   Hekuran Kokomani saw Knox, Sollecito and Guede on the road in front of the cottage, though the time and date are not certain. He saw Knox had a green purse and she wielded a large knife with two hands. He saw Sollecito wield a knife. Guede asked to rent his car for 250 euros. (Kokomani 2009)

13-08   Around 22:00 Antonella Monacchia went to sleep and was later awakened by a man and women shouting for a few moments, followed by a women screaming. The scream compelled her to look out the window but she saw no one. She estimated time of the scream was around 23:00. (Monacchia 2009)

13-09   Around 21:00 Nara Capezzali went to bed. Due to diuretics she was taking at the time, she routinely awoke around 23:00-23:30 to go to the bathroom. While going to the bathroom, she heard a women scream. She looked out the window but saw no one. A few moments later, she heard running on the metal stairs leading from the parking lot to the street terrace on via di Melo, followed by running on the gravel driveway of the cottage. (Capezzali 2009)

13-10   Around 23:00 Maria Dramis went to bed and sometime afterwards, she heard running footsteps pass by her window on via di Melo, the road that leads to the terrace where the metal stairs go down to the parking lot. She estimated this happened around 23:30. (Dramis 2009)

13-11   Hicham Khiri and Francesco Bacelli were at the garage across from the cottage around 00:15 on the early morning of November 2nd and heard nothing. (Mignini closing arguments 2009)

13-12   Alessandra Simoneschi heard a scream that changed into a kind of laugh and other strange sounds while walking home near the cottage around 1:00 on the early morning of November 2nd. (Mignini closing arguments 2009)

13-13   Marco Quintavalle saw Knox at around 7:45 in the morning of November 2nd waiting outside his store while he opened it. He saw her go to the cleaning section, but did not see if she purchased anything. He saw she looked tired and had on a hat, grey coat, jeans and a light blue scarf, clothing that can be seen in a crime scene photo of Knox’s bed on November 2nd. (Quintavalle 2009)

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