The TJMK/Wiki Evidence Points Masterlist

This list of 400 points in 25 parts is fully documented. The 400 points derive from the 2007-08 investigation and court hearings and 2009 trial. None were discredited by the defense. Defense observers watched all the key collections and processings. Click right column link for each group.

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Area 16: Cottage

Crime scene photos

16-01   The cottage had a driveway gate. The driveway gate could be opened by key, or via an electronic ‘buzzer’ release via an intercom system inside the cottage. If someone did not have a key, they could ring a buzzer at the gate and speak to anyone in the cottage via the intercom, and the person inside the cottage could ‘ring’ open the gate. This system is very common in Italy.

16-02   The cottage had an upper apartment inhabited by 4 young women and basement apartment, inhabited by 4 young men.

16-03   The upper apartment front door had a security grille that was apparently not being used. (Romanelli 2009)

16-04   The front door latch was faulty and required deadbolt operation by key, both internally and externally, to keep the door closed. (Romanelli 2009)

16-05   The front door showed no signs of damage or attempts to break in. (Nencini Motivations report, crime scene photos).

16-06   The dining/kitchen area showed no signs of struggle. An empty purse was on the kitchen table and the dish rack had different espresso coffeemakers.

16-07   The clothes washer was found with humid clothing inside, including two towels.

16-08   Mezzetti’s room and the large bathroom had no blood traces.

16-09   Guede’s feces were found in the large bathroom.

16-10   Blood traces were on the kitchen/dining room floor, the corridor floor and in various places in the small bathroom.

16-11   Ms. Kercher’s bedroom door was found closed and locked.

16-12   Ms. Romanelli’s room appeared ransacked, and one of her windows broken, with a 4 kg, 20 cm long rock found partially in a clothing bag on the floor. 

16-13   Knox’s room appeared normal.

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