Walled City Central: Smaller Of Main Piazzas, And Courts

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At the end of this street above is the wonderful and very lively Piazza Giacomo Matteotti. And at night (next post) it looks even better.

To help to orient things, this is where we are now.

We are looking more or less north, slightly to the right of where Meredith’s house was. Down the hill at the end here is the Le Chic bar where Meredith was about to start working. At our back is the Piazza Italia.

To our left (running in parallel) is the larger Corso Vanucci with its own piazzas. And off the north end of the Corso Vanucci are three of the ways down to the house, captured in the four previous posts below.

You can see in the five shots directly below here the Perugia Court of Appeals.

This is where the suspects will hear the evidence against them, and probably be tried. It is always surrounded by cops and cop cars, as you can see. 

And even more-so on trial days, when the area becomes a complete zoo.

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