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Walled City Central: The Great Corso Vanucci

Posted by Peter Quennell

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Okay, here’s a safe bet. Meredith walked the Corso Vanucci and related piazzas 40 to 50 times.

It’s a real people magnet. A place one is drawn to almost on a nightly basis.There’s lots of display, and laughter, and chatting, And the eye contact is considerable. Everyone looks at everyone.

Leading off of this main drag are many streets and many passages down. And lining the sides of it are offices, boutiques, pizza parlors, the occasional deli, more boutiques, and more pizza parlors.

Right. Some important scene-setting here. These shots are all taken progressively north, one or two looking back.

  • The shot above is looking north. Below, looking back, is the Piazza Italia of the previous post. And in the very great distance ahead, and a long way off down the hill, is Meredith’s house.
  • In between, in a straight line (shots here and next post), are a short stretch of street, then a widening into a piazza, another short stretch of street, another widening, a huge church, and another widening.
  • And then there are four routes off that northern piazza (next few posts). All lead down to Meredith’s house. Meredith probably used all four routes. But if you walk up and down enough, you tend toward one of them far more than the others. You’ll see which one soon.

The accordionist, by the way, was brilliant. Who KNEW the accordion could be played quite like that?

Would Meredith have stopped and listened? For sure.