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House Area: The Steel Stairs That Suspiciously Clanged On The Night

Shots below (1) runners ran up the ramp toward the steel stairs before the Perugia Science and Technology Office

Shots below (2) Madame Nara’s apartment window is at dead center above the tree and black car on the (US) 2nd level

Shots below (3) the steel stairs at the east end of the facility and below the Perugia Science and Technology Office


Shots below (4) then through the arched passage through to Via Pinturicchio at right of the modern post office building.

Shot above: the passage through to Via Pinturicchio, not visible here is another passage off to the left.

Shot above: Via Pinturicchio; arch is at left; Meredith came from down there on her final walk home.

Shots above: the gelateria and chocolateria, with stone steps headed down to its left

Shot above: the top of the stone steps - the view here is the same the witness would have had