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Walled City North: First Way Down To Meredith’s House

Posted by Peter Quennell

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To give it a name, it is Via Ulise Rocchi. 

This is the western-most route of the four. It heads down from the left side of the sub-piazza behind the church in the previous post, just visible in the first two shots.

Certainly the quietest and least spectacular, and unless one is heading to or from the School for Foreigners, through the city gate at bottom here, it would not be the shortest.

Nor would it be the safest to walk - the next street over (next post) has a footpath and steps and other protections for people on foot. This one does not.

Walled City North: Second Way Down To Meredith’s House

Posted by Peter Quennell

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We are now about 100 meters - a small city block - east of the street in the previous post.

Via Bartolo is a direct-line extension of the crowded Via Vanucci of two posts ago. And all of it, except for the curve at the bottom, points PRECISELY at the girls’ house.

Walk the several streets up and down from the girls’ house to the central piazzas, and THIS will very rapidly become your preferred route.

It is the shortest. It is interesting and entertaining - some stores, some restaurants, some flowers growing - and it is well lit. And it is really entertaining down the bottom, where the cobbles almost shake the traffic to pieces.

also, note how very pedestrian-friendly it is: the footpath, the steps lower down, and the protective posts to protect from the vehicles.

And there is one other feature - a real surprise. See the next post. 

Walled City North: Third Way Down To Meredith’s House

Posted by Peter Quennell

Again, we are looking north toward the girls’ house from the Corso Vanucci - looking slightly uphill, in fact, for this is the highest area of all in the Walled City.

Seemingly deserted, here in the first shot, but at night the area lights up as there are quite a few pizzeria restaurants up there. From the Via Del Sol - actually, from the Via Delle Prome, which it becomes - a VERY long stretch of stairs heads down. They wind around, in s-curve fashion, and at bottom they connect up with the street and the steps in the previous two posts.

A very tough climb up, from the girls’ house. But a very nice walk down and, day or night, with a TERRIFIC view.

The shot above was first posted with this explanation:

In late July, Perugia was relatively quiet. But summer courses continued, and students were still in town.

Nationalities? Many Italians of course. But many others too. Especially American, British, and Chinese.

A clear majority of them at the time were women.

One of the exercises became how to take photographs without including a 20-year-old in almost every shot.

This shot is an exception. The girl was reading under a street light at sunset - and she never ever looked up.

Safe and relaxed there.

Perhaps 300 feet down, and 300 yards to the right, almost in the shot, is the former home of Meredith Kercher.