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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Whither Your Best Bets, If Herd Immunity Moves Out Of Reach?

Posted by Peter Quennell

1. Why Should TJMK Care?

Well, absent Covid, TJMK’s end-game would have come and gone a year and a half ago.

We’d have done a wave of damning press releases in conjunction with insider panels, books new and revised, and maybe some appearances at conventions and on TV.

But to avoid further media tricks, and misreporting, and a backlash, and legal threats, this involves all of us being on the same page, in Italy, the UK and the US. And travel has been risky or forbidden for at least a year and a half.

But the delay is not a net negative, as Part 5 below explains.

2. Herd Immunity Prospects Decline

What seems to be happening in the turbulent COVID realm is IN PART touched on in the video above.

1. For various reasons, some sound, some less-so, global vaccination has a long way to go. Above 20% of the global population, those 14 and under, cannot be vaccinated, and a similar percentage of those older than 14 is iffy or stubborn about the shots. Many national vaccination rates are still way too low.

2. The present vaccines (unlike all other vaccines in history) target only a particular spike protein, and the virus only needs to mutate to get around that to be on a home run, as the Delta variant shows.

3. Shots and masks still seem on balance worth doing, to minimise the spread and consequent deaths, to minimise one’s risk of long-haul Covid and lifetime weaknesses, to lighten the load on hospitals, and to keep many or most kids safe.

4. The antibodies from the current vaccines of course do fade, but if the more-broadband memory B cells are activated, they plus glutathione look to give okay immunity for life (see in Comments: Further tip 4).

3. The Personal Peak-Immunity Route

Maybe the least risky bet, and one that is quick and cheap (and talked about openly in WHO) is what we posted on more than a year ago: to push one own’s personal level of immunity up to the roof.

Which primarily means boosting our own natural glutathione levels in any way we can.

Many YouTubes explain this point, and research by the global World Health Organization and national counterparts like USNIH agree 100%. There is no controversy here.

But only a very small faction of glutathione directly taken in a capsule has up to now been making it out of the gut and into the blood.

Luckily the main glutathione building block, easy-to-absorb N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), has been widely available in the US and has been disappearing fast off vitamin-store shelves.

But there are two problems, one old, one new.

1. If other body substances (selenium, zinc, vitamin D, etc) are low then NAC will fail to fully convert and so glutathione will not peak.

2. The US Food and Drug Administration has chosen this, the worst of all possible times, to ban NAC as a supplement and declare it a drug.

The reasoning is truly appalling (that is an eye-popping read) and the FDA did some incredibly sloppy work here, so chances of this being reversed through administrative appeal or the courts is good.

But that could take some time.

Meanwhile our two best bets, if we want to go this immunity-boosting route, vaccinated or not, is quite well explained on this (for-profit) website.

One is to look around for cysteine substitutes, and some that are nearly as good are easy to spot with an internet search.

4. The New Acetyl Glutathione

The other best option is to turn to the new glutathione in an acetic acid carrier, which far more easily makes it through the gut and into the blood than simple glutathione did.

Prices vary widely, the cheapest (see the Amazon range) which for now looks to be Monoherb might do as much good (read those Amazon reviews).

Finally, there’s some suggestion that going the acetyl-glutathione route is BETTER for Covid purposes because those other pesky neccessities (selenium, zinc, vitamin D, etc) don’t apply.

5. More Of Us Back On The Same Page?

Anybody who works internationally will tell you the same thing. The US population harbors an exceptional amount of fear. In recent months, it has been like sharing space with 100 million spineless jellies…

The American documentary film maker Michael Moore explained this in a report on a mass shooting in a school (Bowling for Columbine) as being a result of forever-scary news reports, and advertising that widely suggest dangers will overcome you unless you buy their product right away.

But it’s more than that. Very big bucks are made from paranoia-stoking radio and TV. The US government has indeed lied at times, as it did about Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2008 Wall Street did widespread economic harm. Global mass migrations are unbalancing “the north”. Weather is bothersome.

But ungrounded fears may have peaked for now. Conspiracy theories are being proven untrue time and again. Millions seem to be smartening up. Most people do have spines.

And as TJMK is itself in a fight against a conspiracy theory, this seems really helpful for us.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Tip For Good Reporters: 2011 Hellman Appeal Verdict Annulled Misrepresentations Fog Reality Still

Posted by James Raper

Hellman Misrepresentations Explained

Here’s an interesting vignette on Hellmann’s modus operandi in his Motivation.

In the quote below he pins Guede with sole responsibility and provides Knox and Sollecito with an alibi.

Here’s what Hellmann wrote -

“In that chat, furthermore, [ed : Hellmann is referring to the 2nd Skype chat with Giocamo Benedetti] Rudy Guede states that he was in Via della Pergola between 9 and 9.30 pm; and this fact which significantly brings forward the time of death of Meredith Kercher, in respect of that held in the sentence under appeal, does not reconcile with the prosecution hypothesis in regard to the present accused who, even with the desire to recognize as credible some elements held by the prosecution in support of it’s own hypothesis, at the time were certainly at the house of Raffaele Sollecito and not at Via della Pergola.”

There are three basic elements to this argument.

1. Time Of Death (TOD) between 9.00 and 9.30 pm
2. Guede was in the cottage with Meredith between these times
3. Neither Knox nor Sollecito were.

Ergo, it was Guede, or perhaps, at a push, Guede and others but not including Knox and Sollecito, who murdered Meredith.

This is important because it appears towards the beginning of the report and, reading on through it, we can see that virtually the whole report, and the ludicrous waiving away of all the other evidence, is predicated on it.

However, what’s the evidence for these propositions - and is it reliable?

Although TOD could have been between these times there is no evidence that it was other than, as we shall see in a moment, Guede’s own words.

So, if an appeal judge can hold Guede to be reliable in this respect do the little angels have an alibi? However just check the record of that skype chat.

In Italian -

Guede - “allora siamo entrati, e penso che saranno state le otto e mezza così, le otto e venti, è stato, è stato detto che lei aveva detto alle sue amiche che era stanca che sarebbe andata a casa. Invece no, ci dovevamo vedere, ci eravamo dati puntamento la sera prima nella festa di Halloween, che abbiamo passato a casa di questi ragazzi spagnoli e posso dire anche dove, non so la via ma posso indicare dove.”

Translation -

Guede - “So we went in, and I think it was about eight‐thirty, or eight‐twenty, they’re saying that she told her friends she was tired and wanted to go home. But in fact no, we were supposed to see each other, we had made an appointment the evening before during the Halloween party, at the Spanish kids’ house, and I can also say, well I don’t know the street but I can say where it was.”

Although this does not exclude Hellmann’s time frame of 9.00 to 9.30 there is a manifest problem with Guede’s account.

Guede has himself and Meredith meeting up at the cottage by prior appointment at a time when Meredith could not possibly have been there, because she was still at the house of her english friends and she and Sophie Purton did not part ways until they were near the cottage at 9 pm.

Given what is certainly a falsehood why give credence to any of Guede’s times? But Hellmann does. It is true that in the Skype chat Guede goes on to say the following.

“R. I was in the bathroom, in the bathroom maybe five minutes. So, I really had to take this shit, but then I heard a scream, but let me tell you, a really loud scream, so loud that according to me, if anyone was passing by, nearby, they would have heard this scream, because she screamed so loud…and then, then, I got a bit worried and I got out of the bathroom right away, without even putting my pants back on, they were practically falling down, I was wearing just my underwear and my pants were falling around my…
G. But if I understand, I mean like where was this…I mean, what time do you think this happened, I don’t know…
R. Around nine, nine twenty or so, because in the meantime we had gotten to talking and all.
G. I see.
R. I think nine‐twenty, nine‐thirty, around then, and then, when I heard the scream…………”

This is where Hellmann gets his time frame for Time of Death. Hellmann does not give us the full context and details of Guede’s remark. But if one is going to give credence to these times then the context in which they arise has to be evaluated and given some credence too. This would also have to involve evaluating the impact on Guede’s account of the fact that Meredith was not at the cottage until 9 pm. Instead, what he writes is as follows -

“In fact Rudy Guede, while confiding to his friend in a moment when he did not know that the police was also listening in, and while talking about a point (the time of the assault) which he had no reason to lie about, given that he stated he was present at the time in the house of via della Pergola 7 albeit denying his responsibility, he indicates a time between 9 PM and 9:30 PM.”

However even if any of the foregoing were to be true it does not give Knox and Sollecito a complete alibi. It can not be held to be certain that Knox and Sollecito were at the latter’s flat for all of that time. The last alibi corroboration is the manual interaction with Sollecito’s computer at 9.10 pm and Guede’s “nine-twenty, nine-thirty” looks the more definite time in it’s context and given that Meredith was only in the process of arriving at 9 pm. He could perhaps seek some tenuous assistance from Curatolo’s testimony but he has already held that witness as unreliable.

So, putting his two quotes together Hellmann conveniently has Guede in the cottage between 9 and 9.30, with the same time frame for TOD. Given the verdict it is obvious why he would want to do this but equally it is obvious why Hellmann shirks from quoting what Guede had actually said, as to his time of arrival with Meredith, because of the obvious difficulty as to his credibility that causes, and as to what he was doing when he heard the scream, because if the scream (and hence TOD, if in fact the two are related) was between, say, 9 and 9.10, thus giving probably at least Sollecito an alibi, that gives us the added unlikely scenario of Guede arriving with Meredith (no earlier than 9.00 pm it now has to be) and then immediately excusing himself from the presence of his attractive date, and diving in to the toilet for a crap. But that is not how Guede has it and in that respect he is probably right.

If the scream was between 9 and 9.10, and Guede did not in fact go immediately to the toilet, then we have him turning violently upon his date within a very short space of time and then going for a crap after the murder. No, I don’t think so.

It could be speculated that Guede was already at the cottage, having broken in earlier, and being surprised by Meredith’s arrival, but a genuine break in is a dead duck topic on any rational evaluation of the evidence, not that Hellmann shirks from bringing the same MOD to that topic as well.

Before I go on there are some observations to make about a genuine break in based on what Guede said. Guede, one can reasonably surmise, would have been keeping abreast of developments in the media about the case and so would have known about the reports of a break in, none of which suggested, at the time, that it had been staged. By placing his arrival at the cottage with Meredith at 8.30 he can therefore disassociate himself from responsibility for that and, furthermore, imply that the break in was not what it seemed.

On the other hand had he broken in earlier then obviously he knew that Meredith was not there. He was taking a risk by running with a story that he and Meredith had met at the cottage at 8.30 pm when he would know, as a consequence of the foregoing, that there was at least the chance that others could vouchsafe for Meredith’s whereabouts elsewhere at the time. His state of mind on the subject may be confused by the Catch 22 situation he was putting himself in but would surely be different if he knew there had been no such break in. He would still be taking a chance but not, in his mind, such an obvious one.

But Hellmann should not go unchallenged when he states that Guede had no reason to lie.

That we know of no reason for Guede to lie about these times does not mean that he was not making it up or simply making a hash of the times (and looking at the excerpt he does seem rather unprepared for Benedetti’s question) or that he did not have a good reason to lie, especially if TOD was much later. He could have been anticipating more witnesses coming forward, like Alessandra Formica who, with her friend Lucio Minciotti, were walking down the stairs towards the cottage at around 10.40 pm when they were bumped into by a dark man rushing up the stairs. Or Nara Capezalli and Antonella Monacchia who had heard the ear splitting scream much later.

There is, of course, another obvious motive for placing himself at the cottage at 8.30 pm. He has already, in the 1st Skype chat, explicitly denied that Knox was at the cottage. Needless to say Hellmann picked up on that and accepts Guede’s word for it. However, in Guede’s account he is on the toilet when a man and a woman, whom he either did not see or was unable to identify, arrive and commit the murder. So, given that it was only the male that he actually encountered, why so positive that Knox was not there?

What he is suggesting is that others, but who could be Knox and Sollecito, did it. What benefit does Guede derive from this?  The answer, again, is the obvious one that by being more specific he would be running the risk of a counter allegation from Knox and Sollecito as to his precise involvement in the murder.

Also, just in case his explanation were not to be considered all that convincing he gives the duo, and himself, the added protection of having himself arrive at the cottage without them at 8.30 pm. That is at a time when he might well have known (from his own personal knowledge) that they would be able to put together an alibi.

In any event perhaps, as to the scream, it was not so much a question of lying as just a matter (even if only in his own mind and, we have to remember, he was just chatting with a friend, not giving a deposition) of making it seem likely with his own account. After all he has himself there with Meredith at about 8.30. Did Guede have a watch? Was he checking times? Are we supposed to believe that Guede would check on the time when he went to the toilet, and when he heard a loud scream outside and rushed out of the toilet with his trousers round his ankles. He did not say, and no-one seems to know.

Then we have the chatting, petting, searching for Meredith’s missing rent money, and then he’s off to the toilet. Perhaps he thinks an hour for that looks right and indeed most of that makes him look like the irresistible and OK kind of guy any gal would find good company and later after she finds her money missing, a good listener. Of course, Meredith did not come to the cottage until 9 pm but Guede does not factor that in. How would anyone, maybe even himself, know that anyway? So, we are actually up to 10 pm, not the 9.30 pm, when in his story he says he hears a scream.

Now we are moving towards the territory occupied by the witnesses Capezalli, Monacchia, and Formica.

Hellmann’s original hypothesis was that the murder had occurred no later than 10.13 pm.

“… it is more consistent…. to hypothesize that in fact the attack, and hence the death shortly thereafter, occurred much earlier than the time held by the Court of first instance, certainly not later than 10.13 pm”.

Here Hellmann refers to the time of the last interaction on Meredith’s English phone on the 1st November, before it rang again and the ringing was noticed by Mrs Lana’s daughter the next morning.

Notice that Hellmann makes an assertion and a linkage for which there is no corroborative evidence – “the attack, and hence the death shortly thereafter”, linking this to the last interaction on Meredith’s phone at 10.13 pm. But there could have been a non fatal attack at 10.13 ( e.g a wresting of her phones away from her) followed by the fatal one a little later.

Hellmann seems to think his supposition is the more consistent. Perhaps so. We do not really know, nor do we know for how long Meredith lived after the fatal blow.

But then, dispensing with consistency, he has the TOD come forward by at least another 45 minutes. Hellmann is more than ready to brand Guede as an out and out liar, but then, making a lone exception to his (and our) distrust of everything Guede has had to say, and without any other evidence to back it up, and as if there was any credence to be given to the exercise, he asserts, without ambivalence, Time of Death as between 9 – 9.30 pm, purely as a consequence of his own uncritical thinking, deceptions, agile skipping around the evidence, and cherry picking on a liar’s say so as to when he was there, and whether Knox was, and this despite Guede’s own stated time of his and Meredith’s arrival at the cottage being demonstrably unreliable, and in Meredith’s case untrue.

Hellmann has had to leap through a number of hoops in order to stick with his own pre-formulated premise that Guede was the sole perpetrator in this murder. And indeed Guede was already definitively convicted of the murder by this time, but in “complicity with others”. Hence the attempt to posit an alibi in the argument he put forward.

Not even the 5th Chambers was prepared to countenance that.

The quotes do nothing to establish TOD or provide Knox and Sollecito with an alibi but they are an example (among many one could give) of Hellmann’s bias toward the defendants and unwillingness, or inability, as a result, to evaluate the evidence rigorously and properly, a trait which was manifest throughout his Motivation.

That was the reason why his acquittal verdicts were annulled. Surprisingly though none of the foregoing even got a mention in the appeal recourse and annulment. Perhaps because there were more egregious defects in the Motivation.

It’s not surprising that he got a backlash from his professional colleagues and resigned from the judiciary shortly thereafter. But the damage to justice had been done.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Fine Italian Tune On A Fine Italian Accordion, But Played By…

Posted by Peter Quennell

Actually Marion LMJM is French.

She is playing Csárdás by Vittorio Monti. The crescendo - wait for it! - begins right after 2’00”.

Marion plays other instruments too, and has a pretty okay singing voice. She sings a lot in self-taught Russian and most comments under her YouTubes are Russian, though she has not been there yet.

You can read her unusual backstory here.

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Sunday, August 01, 2021

Tip For Good Reporters: Knox Squawks About Her Slime-Italy Franchise At Risk

Posted by The TJMK Main Posters

The “Stillwater” Film

In the new “Stillwater” film Matt Damon’s character is in Marseille.

He is sort-of trying to get his murder-suspect daughter out of the hands of those meanies the French.

He and others have said that the film’s idea came in part from the case that Knox still widely misleads for cash.

The daughter admits at the end that she did provoke a death. Yeah that could be discombobulating to Knox.

Comments are mostly hostile to Knox under the YouTube at the top (see here).

Knox herself in the guise of several invented YouTube personas (confirmed to us by insiders; Imateapot51 is a main one) is there trying to fight back with fake facts.

At the moment Knox’s three main angles as her own sock-puppets are these:

(1) Knox was forced in illegal interrogation to confess

First, Knox did not confess, she blamed Patrick not herself, and second she was only ever interrogated twice - in December 2007 and July 2009 - both times at her own request. Even she testified at trial her pre-arrest treatment was just fine. 

(2) The Supreme Court vindicated her as there was no evidence

First, it was the Supreme Court’s Sixth Chambers (family-law court) not the First Chambers (murder court) that was “mysteriously” assigned the final appeal, and second under Italian law IT SHOULD NOT EVEN HAVE LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE.

Any evidence quibbles should have been sent down to the Nencini Appeal Court. The evidence is massive and very damning in fact.

(3) Those Italian meanies refused compensation for her jail stay

Knox DID NOT EVEN APPLY FOR COMPENSATION though had she really been wrongly imprisoned a big award would have been a walk in the park.

Sollecito did apply for compensation. All courts squashed him like a bug, because of his numerous lies pre and post arrest, which wasted police time for months.

Try telling people this, Knox: It was actually the Supreme Court in Rome early in 2009 that ordered the two of you held till the legal process was done.

That was because it was advised that you might skip out - or cause bodily harm. Judge Hellman’s release of you late in 2011 was illegal in fact.

And you have incited bodily harm ever since.

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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Raffaele Sollecito, Once Again Being His Usual Muddled Self…

Posted by James Raper

Terrifying. Terrifying!

Corriere has published on the Internet Raffaele’s Sollecito’s latest outburst by social media video against the real media in Italy.

Here is what Corriere wrote -

“Raffaele Sollecito publishes on his social channels an outburst entitled “[Guede] found guilty in complicity with others is an invention of the media” against him by some of those he calls “newsagents” who, says Sollecito, continue to report “stupidities and falsehoods “. And he adds: “Below this video I will post the excerpt from the judgment with which Rudy Guede is sentenced. If one day I again observe that there are newsagents who write, or insinuate, that Guede has been convicted in complicity with others, and that therefore it remains necessary to find out who is this other culprit, I will be forced to file a complaint for defamation against me. Because it is thus being suggested that Amanda Knox and I [accused and then acquitted in the Perugia trial for the crime of Meredith Kercher, which took place in 2007, ed.] were acquitted either by luck or by chance.”

Below the video is Sollecito’s text.

“Sottolineo il tentativo della difesa di Rudy Guede di coinvolgere la responsabilità mia e di Amanda Knox ... tale tentativo miseramente fallito. In qualsiasi momento la Corte che ha giudicato Rudy Guede poteva chiamarci a deporre se qualcuno avesse mai dato fondamento a questo fantomatico concorso. Ciò non è mai avvenuto. D’altronde, nel processo contro di me e Amanda Knox, abbiamo chiesto di far deporre Rudy Guede che si è avvalso della facoltà di non rispondere.

I giornalai (giornalisti che hanno inventato la favola del concorso), non desiderano la verità ma vogliono soltanto arricchirsi alle spalle della vita di persone innocent.”

Translation -

“I emphasize there was an attempt by the defense of Rudy Guede to assign to myself and Amanda Knox responsibility ... this attempt failed miserably. At any time the Court that judged Rudy Guede could call us to testify if anyone had ever given grounds to this phantom competition. This never happened. But on the other hand, in the trial against me and Amanda Knox, we asked for Rudy Guede to testify, but he made use of the right not to answer.

Journalists (journalists who invented the story of the contest) do not want the truth but only want to enrich themselves at the expense of innocent people.”

What on earth is Sollecito talking about?! What attempt by “the defense of Rudy Guede”? What contest or competition? What judge could have called on them but didn’t? Micheli?

It was Judge Micheli who committed the pair to trial!

I do not think that Guede ever did try to directly implicate Knox or Sollecito before or at trial, not by name, not as a witness who saw them there at the time, not by stating what he saw them do.

Well… okay, so in his statements to the police he did do a bit of insinuating and implying. Presumably Judge Micheli at his 2008 trial had read those, but he still committed the pair to trial in 2009 in front of a different judge, Judge Massei.

No Guede statements were placed in evidence at their 2009 trial because Guede refused to testify for the prosecution fearing perjury charges (not for the defense, who did not even call him) rendering them inadmissable.

Despite not calling him, the pair’s own lawyers tried to have a field-day throughout the 2009 trial on the absent Guede. Recall the unproven drug-dealer nonsense, and the unproven serial-burglar nonsense.

Sollecito’s text continues, quoting from the Giordano Motivation dismissing Guede’s final Supreme Court appeal in 2011.

Incidentally I have re-read the Giordano Motivation and there is nothing there that states or implies that Guede acted alone or was responsible alone, in Meredith’s murder, as Sollecito apparently believes it says.

“8 - Il ricorso non ha fondamento e, pertanto, va rigettato.
Per intanto occorre da subito sfuggire al tentativo, perseguito dall’impostazione tutta della difesa, ma fuori luogo nel contesto della decisione, di coinvolgere il collegio nell’avallo della tesi di una responsabilità di altri, che sono S.R. ed K.A., per l’omicidio aggravato dalla violenza sessuale, di Ke.Me.. La decisione a cui è chiamata questa Corte concerne, e solo, la responsabilità del G. in ordine al fatto contestato e dell’eventuale partecipazione di altri al delitto si dovrà tener conto solo nella misura in cui una tale circostanza valga ad incidere sul tema che costituisce l’impegno esclusivo in punto di riforma o conferma della declaratoria di responsabilità dell’imputato, quest’ultima del tutto condivisa dai giudici di primo e secondo grado.”

Translation -

8 – The appeal has no basis and therefore must be rejected.

In the meantime it is now necessary to escape the attempt, pursued by the overall setting of the defence, but out of place in the context of this decision, to involve the Court in supporting the thesis of the responsibility of others, namely Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox, for the murder aggravated by the sexual assault of Meredith Kercher. The decision to which this court is called concerns uniquely the responsibility of Guede regarding the deed with which he is charged, and the possible participation of others in the crime should be taken into account only to the extent to which such a circumstance would have an impact on the exclusive commitment of the Court to either modifying or confirming the verdict of guilt of the defendant, which was entirely shared by the courts of first and second instance.”

So? Will this cause Italian media to be shaking in their boots!

Even the Supreme Court, in its bent final ruling on the case against Knox and Sollecito, found that Meredith had been attacked by more than one assailant.

Maybe is this an indirect attempt by Sollecito to warn Guede away from further involvement? Who knows? Isn’t the media already speculating on what might happen when Guede has finally served his sentence in December 2023?

Sollecito does appear to be feeling some heat, and this all really looks as if he is once again losing it a bit.

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Thursday, July 01, 2021

Tip For Good Reporters: ANOTHER Nail In Coffin Of The Faked Break-In

Posted by James Raper

Scuri is white object at left

Again, Things Just Don’t Add Up

I was looking at a Powerpoint by our former main poster Brmull debunking Hellmann’s take on the rock apparently thrown at Filomena’s window.

According to Hellmann there was a genuine break-in, but if not, then there was no reason to think that Knox and Sollecito were the stagers. That guff apart, Brmull made some good points and displayed a close up of the crush-mark on the scuri (inner shutter) which I found interesting.

Unfortunately I cannot use my snipping tool on a Powerpoint so I am not able to re-produce that picture. You will just have to take my word for what I say next.

First up, of course the rock could easily have been thrown or tossed from the corner of the residents’ car park, breaking the glass. Amusingly Hellmann refers to the defence expert’s report for this blindingly obvious clarification. The trajectory of a rock so cast is on a 90 degree angle with Filomena’s window, i.e straight at it, so no problem.

There are, however, some problems with this.

The crush mark is full on the upper edge, and inside this edge, of a recess on the scuri. Assuming that the crush mark was caused by the rock then this suggests that the impact was from a trajectory that was on a different angle from that of a rock thrown from the car park.

There are a couple of points to flow from this, both by way of confirmation but which also debunk another point raised in defence.

First, the very existence of the crush mark (and there was a fragment of glass embedded in the scuri close by) confirms that the scuri was in position behind the window. Filomena had said it was, even if she could not be sure that it had been clipped firmly into place.

Short of throwing a heavy rock at the window to find out, how would the intruder have known that it was not so latched into place? And if it was, throwing the rock would not have made any difference, just a lot of noise. The intruder could not have been unaware of the existence of the scuri.

Secondly, the only mark on the scuri was that crush mark. I am surprised that there is no other damage that I can see to the scuri i.e dents or chipped paint, which is what I would expect to see, from a rock weighing 4 kilos tossed full on at the window from just several feet away.

In fact the scuri looks remarkably pristine but for the crush mark. This, for me, establishes that the crush mark was not a glancing blow past that edge. Indeed the white paint is crushed down into the dent, hardly compatible with a glancing blow.

Hence a head on crush the result of a different trajectory from a rock thrown from the car park. Both these observations support the view that it was an inside job.

Hence, a staging, it sure seems.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Perhaps The Coolest Two Italian Actors Who Ever Lived

Posted by Peter Quennell

For full screen, mouse-over & click box at lower right.

Stars In An Italian Film Noir

This clip is from the epochal 1949 movie Riso Amaro (Bitter Rice).

The dancers are Silvana Mangano and Vittorio Gassman.

Vittorio’s character, from elsewhere, had recently stolen a diamond necklace and he was keeping a low profile with his female accomplice in the Italian ricefields region north east of Genoa.

Silvana’s character, from the region, had happened upon the necklace, and she is wearing it here.

Bitter Rice was the culmination of the anti-glamorous anti-hip Italian neorealism style which prided itself on being the opposite of Hollywoodism.

This movie paved the way to the astonishing wave of the 1950s through 1970s which included La Dolce Vita, Bicycle Thieves, Amarcord, La Notte, La Strada, 8-1/2, Rocco and His Brothers, and many other Italian classics which did so well.

And Silvana? She paved the way to the emergence of such similarly cool and fearless actresses as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Monica Vitti, Anna Magnani, Claudia Cardinale, Giulietta Masina, and Virna Lisi.

She created the mold. Not bad for an 18-year-old! As Silvana was when she starred in this movie. Two years previously, at 16, she had been crowned Miss Rome, and that led to this first of many starring roles.

The song that so suits this clip is Caballo Viejo, a classic Venezuelan mambo re-recorded worldwide.

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Saturday, May 08, 2021

Comments Under US Media Reports Almost Universally Scathing Of Rome Killers Defense

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click through to comments, around 800 as of now.

- Prisoner: “I didn’t know he was a cop, your honor, so I should get mercy” Judge: “you stabbed him 11 times in “self defense” while trying to buy cocaine because you didn’t know he was a cop?”

- Just don’t commit a crime, I don’t care if the person they killed is a cop or drug dealer, one who commits crime like this has to pay the price, in this case they took a life, and have to serve life behind bars.


Click through to commnents, around 300 as of now.

- WAKE UP Parents. Your kids dont need friends who carry BIG KNIVES.

- The American News will put on the perpetrators family and friends, who will let you know how great they were, or some other type of excuse they will use. They never get the person who will say they were too crazy, America News never interviews that person because he’s too honest.

[Already proven correct: see comment on Associated Press report below]

Click through to comments, around 200 as of now.

- “We didn’t know he was a policeman”......because it would be ok to murder a civilian????????? Are these parents for real?!??

- “there are questions whether they properly identified themselves as police”. Yeah right, because if they did identify themselves as police, then it would be ok to kill them???

- I usually find an angle against the cops, but stabbing someone 11 times over a bad drug deal for $80? Take the loss and keep moving. The streets don’t play fair. This kid was well off, $80 was nothing. I mean, come on.

Seems promising for our cause?

Although (surprise, surprise) most of the 1300 or so American media-owners of the Associated Press have posted this misleading AP report.

None of Hopeful’s helpful takeaways on the two guys from the ABC7 video posted below were included and nothing about the illegality of the knife except for the mention of the guilty count for not leaving the knife at home.

And no mention of the fact that, like Knox, illegal drugs seem to have been the main reason for the trip.

The primary judge and all of the jurists that can been seen in the videos were women. Perhaps they were beaming a message: “American drug-takers and killers, keep away.”

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

So Far Utterly Passive US Reaction To Italy Sentencing Two American Cop-Killers To Life

Posted by Peter Quennell

A 47-minute reconstruction, possible minor tilt, you decide

Murder Verdict Today

Opinion polls incessantly show that Italian police are widely liked and respected.

Carabinieri officers especially so.
Two years ago in Rome, American Finnegan Elder stabbed the popular and unarmed Carabiniere Vice Brigadier Mario Cerciello Rega with a big knife eleven times in the back and the heart.

BIG KNIFE? Shades of RS. ELEVEN TIMES? Shades of Knox. 

And like Knox, Finnegan Elder had a reputation back in the US for acting pretty well insane when on drugs.

This depraved murder occurred when the recently married Carabinieri officer intervened in a fracas in Rome between a drug dealer and Finnegan Elder and his pal Gabriel Natale-Hjorth .

Today both were sentenced to life subject of course to Italy’s two levels of appeal.

Officer Rega’s widow Rosa Maria Esilio was in court throughout. In Italy this was a very high-profile crime and the funeral, investigation and trial have been much in the news. There are numerous videos on YouTube.

In the United States? Not so much.

There’s been barely a peep from the Rome Embassy or State Department, and none of Amanda Knox’s opportunistic apologists seem to have resumed their xenophobic rants.

Above: Finnegan Elder with crossed arms. Below: parents.

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

So If You Need To Get To Italy But Due To COVID Really Can’t…

Posted by Peter Quennell

Interesting idea! But frustrating for us, too.

Several of us at the Wiki and TJMK have been waiting for over a year to get back in Italy for a few days to command all of the high ground in our pending final push

We need a final batch of documents, and the answers to myriad open question, and we need to hear how things are breaking with Dr Mignini’s book - apparently pretty well.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Van Gogh “Immersion” Show, Selling Out In Numerous Cities Worldwide, Created By…

Posted by Peter Quennell

Two Italians. The show, designed by Italian digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi with music composed by Italian Luca Longobardi, and art (of course) by the late Vincent Van Gogh, consists of some 400 images projected onto 500,000 square feet for about one hour.

It’s on now in various countries in Europe. In north America, shows have concluded in Toronto, St Petersburg and Chicago, and are opening soon in various other cities including New York.

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Sunday, February 07, 2021

Best of The Real-Crime Series: Strongly Recommending HBO’s “The Investigation”

Posted by Peter Quennell

Similarity To The Perugia Case

How long did Meredith’s case take to be investigated?

The Knox-Sollecito conspiracy theorists would have everyone outside Italy believe the cops and prosecutors downed tools in days if not hours.

In fact it continued flat-out for EIGHT MONTHS and years later evidence was still being added, for example the DNA analysis during the Nencini appeal, in large part by crack national-level experts.

“The Investigation” is about the death of a very smart 30-year-old woman reporter, Kim Wall, by Peter Madsen, an industrialist, in a small submarine off Copenhagen. It is a series in six parts and has just begun airing on HBO and several streaming services.

This investigation was equally exhaustive, taking over two years, and it led to a life sentence for the sex-deviant Madsen (there is a lot about his obsessive history on-line) and even finally a confession.

With scant evidence of an intentional killing, it was far less open-and-shut than Meredith’s case. And yet the investigators remorselessly kept crushing the murderer’s changing alibis and explanations.

Neither the murderer nor his victim ever appear on-screen. An interesting idea for a movie update on Meredith’s case.


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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Tip For Good Reporters: Media Hoaxer Sees No Career Benefit From Parroting Knox PR

Posted by Peter Quennell

Associated Press HQ Manhattan (pending upgrade)

Colleen Barry ex Associated Press

Remember Colleen Barry of the Associated Press in Italy? Seemingly a total captive of Knox PR?

And a perpetrator of frauds on up to 2,000 media websites, as this 2013 post explained in detail.

Well here she is again very far down in the media pecking order as a lowly copy editor.

You’ll see that her AP stint and why it ended are not mentioned.

Remember Steve Shay? Linda Byron? Peter Popham? Andrew Gumbel? Michael Heavey? Ann Bremner? Francesco Sforza? Rachel Sterne? Jonathan Martin? Bruce Fischer’s gang at Ground Report? All missing in action.

And all stiffed by Knox as explained in this 2019 media overview.

In fact almost all of the once pro-Knox media gang stiffed by Knox seem down on their luck these days. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t a fast track to continued prominence.

Here’s a list (click for larger version) of most of those hapless reporters, other than the 600 or so who posted effusive reviews of the Netflix “documentary” produced by Knox PR for which we have a separate list.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Millions Of Conspiracy Theorists Take A Big Hit; Disillusion Reigns

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click “YouTube” when running to get to Comments

The QAnon conspiracy theory

This is one of a massive ongoing crime by political leaders. Especially though not only leaders of the US.

While Amanda Knox dishonestly smears only Italian officialdom, the purpose is no different: money, prestige, plenty of attention, to the considerable risk of those so demonized. 

Millions of gullible QAnon adherents were holding their breaths late Tuesday and early Wednesday believing that then-President Trump was about to initiate martial law, mass arrests, and mass executions.

That this didn’t actually pan out has left the cult pretty rudderless.

It could well be that millions will look twice before they leap next time - and react more strongly soon against Knox’s own malicious inventions.

Gee, thanks Q and your minions…

Click “YouTube” when running to get to Comments

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Amazing Report Of Pushback By Hackers Against Dangerous Knox-Type Conspiracy Theorists

Posted by Peter Quennell

Two-Step Comeuppance of Parler

The nihilist forum Parler is now much in the US news, and not in a good way.

It has long hosted myriad Knox-type conspiracists, including many who organized to trash the Washington DC Capitol and possibly to execute some of the US political leadership.

The video report above explains how Amazon, Apple and Google have organized to put it offline as from early today.

Now there’s this amazing report about the exploits of a female super-hacker said to be in Austria. She has grabbed EIGHTY TERRABYTES of Parler posts, videos and volunteered personal information, and is putting the entire catch online for us all to see.

Gulp! And cyber security experts are suggesting that this was not illegal at all.

Parler was an enormous site requiring many servers - but it was built on the freebie Wordpress, good software, but inferior to our own and open to hacking in the way described below and on various sites elsewhere.

Parler was taken offline in the early hours of Monday, January 12, at around 5 am EST, but not before a hacker found a way to retrieve all data posted by users including messages, images, videos and users’ location data shared during last week’s attack on the Capitol Hill building in Washington, DC.

The data taken from Parler is still being processed but President Donald Trump’s followers are already voicing their concerns about what the data dump could reveal about them and their activity in Washington, DC last week. The [Parler] app has already disappeared from the Apple and Google app stores after they cut ties with the right-wing platform. 

In a series of tweets posted by a self-described hacker from Austria, @donk_enby claimed to have gained access to all of the “unprocessed, raw” video files uploaded to Parler “with all associated metadata”. The hacker even included a link to the file library in order to prove that the data leak was real.

In a series of tweets, she wrote, “I am now crawling URLs of all videos uploaded to Parler. Sequentially from latest to oldest. VIDXXX.txt files coming up, 50k chunks, there will be 1.1M URLs total. This may include things from deleted/private posts.”

She further said, “These are the original, unprocessed, raw files as uploaded to Parler with all associated metadata,” and “if you have the storage space for this, this is currently the best way to help out.” She further continued: “I’d estimate the total size for this would be ~80TB, 4TB per chunk. It’s S3/CloudFront so as much bandwidth as you can throw at it,” and “The crawl is now complete. 1098552 video URLs.”


She began the work of archiving all of Parler’s posts, ultimately capturing around 99 percent of its content. @donk_enby later shared a screenshot showing the GPS position of a particular video, with coordinates in latitude and longitude.

@donk_enby describes herself as “someone with a creative, but skeptical attitude toward technology,” to paraphrase a definition offered by the Chaos Computer Club, Europe’s largest hacker association. “I want this to be a big middle finger to those who say hacking shouldn’t be political,” she said.

@donk_enby’s work has aided other researchers, including one at New York University’s Center for Cybersecurity. Her work is documented on the website ArchiveTeam.org, according to which, the data will eventually be hosted by the Internet Archive.org.


A user on Reddit said, “When I first heard of Parler I assumed it was some encrypted anonymous board where everyone would use pseudo names. Instead, I think they were afraid to get infiltrated, so they wanted to authenticate everyone and then display their full names and job titles. And then chose to be hosted on [Amazon’s] AWS…

I thought they were against surveillance and being tracked and all that?? And then they commit terrorism with no masks on during a time where there is a perfectly legal and valid reason to wear one. They even live stream themselves with their full names attached. I guess idiots are easier to brainwash…”

One shared a series of screenshots and said, “Remember how people were dunking on Parler for being built on WordPress? Well, through a plug-in exploit, literally all the user data (including photos of verified state id cards) has been retrieved by hackers and is being posted online. Lmao.”

The very definition of klutzy. All by itself this klutziness could really chill things going forward.

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Time To Celebrate? Meredith’s Birthday (28th) And Maybe A Better New Year

Posted by The TJMK Main Posters

Most preferred video of the season of one regular reader above!

“This is Alexandra Dovgan, a 12-year-old Russian girl playing. Her incredible talent of bringing out the beauty in this Bach’s piece is truly miraculous.”

Brilliant women musicians - of which the world now seems awash, shades of Italy when Scarlatti and Vivaldi were alive - have been a popular choice here at this time of year.

We are told Meredith talked about music a lot. She liked classical and ballet music; her first choices in final years were 80’s disco and the Rodgers-and-Hammerstein kind of musical show.

Many YouTube commenters consider this above to be the finest ever Rhapsody in Blue. Polish pianist Maja Babyszka was FIFTEEN when she recorded this. Watch her hands from 16’ 45” on. Nuts, right?!

The mandolin concerto Czardas, above, is by an Italian composer (of course!).

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Tip For Good Reporters: Amanda Knox A Fake Advocate For The Wrongfully-Imprisoned

Posted by The Machine

Fake hysterics

Long post. Click here to go straight to Comments.

1. Lies Of Omission, Ignored Judicial Facts

Amanda Knox is making a grim and despicable profession out of being a self-styled advocate for the “wrongfully imprisoned” while demonizing Italian justice and numerous Italians.

That is seriously bizarre when you consider the fact that she herself tried to frame an innocent black man for rape and murder and wrongfully imprison him.

She was sentenced to three years in prison for this crime and is a convicted felon for life.

And now?

Now serial-liar Knox is attempting to blame Meredith’s death entirely on another black man.

She brushes such inconvenient facts under the carpet whenever she speaks at Innocence Project events or speaks to journalists. The list of her lies of omission has become enormous now.

Chief among them #1: Knox never mentions the Italian Supreme Court’s most damning findings against her: ie, it’s a proven JUDICIAL FACT that she was at the cottage when Meredith was killed, that she washed Meredith’s blood off in the small bathroom, and that she lied repeatedly to the police.

Chief among them #2: Knox pretends that Rudy Guede was the lone killer, who broke into the cottage alone, even though she knows that the Italian Supreme Court ascertained as JUDICIAL FACT that there were multiple attackers and that the break-in at the cottage was staged.

It’s easy to understand the reasons why Knox doesn’t want people to know there were multiple assailants and the break-in was staged.

The fact there were multiple attackers implicates Knox and Sollecito in Meredith’s murder because the Italian Supreme Court places them at the cottage when Meredith was killed. There is no evidence that anybody else was at the cottage that evening. 

The JUDICIAL FACT of the staging of the break-in at the cottage is a seriously inconvenient fact for Knox for these two reasons:

(1) it completely debunks the PR-sustained myth that Guede ever broke into the cottage; and

(2) the only person who could have had the motive and means for staging the break-in was Knox.

She and Sollecito were convicted of staging the break-in by Perugia Trial Judge Massei and as confirmed by Florence Appeal Judge Nencini.

Chief among them #3: Amanda Knox repeatedly makes the false claim she was “exonerated” by the Italian Supreme Court.

In reality she was acquitted only “due to insufficient evidence” (a finding by the way that the court illegally made, as it is forbidden by law from judging issues of evidence; they must all go back down to the appeal court).

Unfortunately that claim is unquestioningly accepted as fact by naive and credulous journalists and the attendees at Innocent Project events because in their haste to demonize Italy they don’t bother to do any due diligence - any simple fact-checking, any calls to Italy.

Knox minutes after Meredith’s body discovered

Amanda Knox’s book Waiting to Be Heard, her manipulative speeches at Innocent Project events that leave gullible dupes teary-eyed (and short on cash), and her media interviews are all part of an elaborate confidence trick.

She serially promotes the cynical lie that she had absolutely nothing to do with Meredith’s murder, Italy framed her,  and accordingly make as much money as possible from it.

Chief among them #4: No sentient human being capable of intelligent thought can conclude Amanda Knox had nothing to do with Meredith’s murder once aware of the Italian Supreme Court’s most damning findings against her:

The Italian Supreme Court ascertained there were multiple attackers. They placed Knox and Sollecito at the cottage when Meredith was killed. Another JUDICIAL FACT.

It is not difficult to work out from this who Rudy Guede’s co-assailants were. They couldn’t have been anyone else other than Knox and Sollecito.

Gleeful Knox buying scanty underwear, day after (CCTV)

Chief among them #5: Judge Marasca concluded Amanda Knox lied repeatedly to the police and falsely accused Diya Lumumba of murder - which makes her guilty of perverting the course of justice and assisting an offender at the very least.

The only people who could have staged the break-in at the cottage are Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

Judge Marasca’s illegal claim that the DNA evidence against Knox and Sollecito isn’t reliable evidence is ridiculous beyond words and self-evidently untrue.

For example. Renowned DNA experts such as Professor David Balding and Professor Giuseppe Novelli have ruled out environmental contamination at the cottage.

Sollecito’s DNA on Meredith’s bra clasp was identified by two separate DNA tests. Of the 17 loci tested on the sample, Sollecito’s profile 17 out of 17. In other words, there was too much of Sollecito’s DNA on the bra clasp for it to have been caused by environmental contamination.

The suggestion that Sollecito’s DNA could have ended up on Meredith’s bra clasp due to tertiary transfer is just laughable.

Judge Chieffi noted in his Supreme Court report that even Conti and Vecchiotti who he otherwise impugned had ruled out contamination in the laboratory. This means the bra clasp couldn’t have been contaminated.

Meredith’s DNA on the blade of Sollecito’s kitchen knife wasn’t due to contamination either.

Judge Micheli ruled out contamination during the collection phase because the knife was sequestered from Sollecito’s apartment on Corso Garibaldi by a different police team to the one that collected evidence from the cottage on Via della Pergola on the same day.

2. Others With Similar Tendencies

Anna Sorokin

She managed to con hotels, banks and a jet company out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by pretending to be a billionaire heiress from Germany and spinning fantastical fairytales that Hans Christian Anderson would be proud of.

Anna Sorokin is not the only pathological liar who has pretended to be somebody that she isn’t and obtained money by spinning fantastical fairytales to gullible people who don’t have the common sense and “nous” to realise that they are being taken for a ride and defrauded.

The West Memphis Three

Damian Elchols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin were convicted of the murders of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore in West Memphis in the US State of Arkansas in 1994. However, they were freed in August 2011 after taking an Alford plea. This is a deal which allowed them to maintain their innocence while agreeing prosecutors had enough evidence to convict them. Jessie Misskelley repeatedly confessed that they had killed the three boys and he also knew precise details about the murders.

Brendan Dassey

Brendan Dassey was convicted of the sexual assault and murder of Teresa Halbach in 2007 after repeatedly confessing to the police. She was murdered on 31 October 2005 in Manitowoc County. The US Circuit Court of Appeals analysed Dassey’s claims that he was tricked by detectives into confessing to taking part in a crime he didn’t commit.

Howevever, in a four-to-three ruling, the court concluded that Dassey wasn’t manipluated into confessing. Brendan Dassey repeatedly confessed to the police and he also confessed to his mother in an telephone intercepted conversation. He knew multiple specific details about the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Rodney Reed

Rodney Reed was convicted of the abduction, rape and murder of Stacey Stites in 1998. Rodney Reed’s semen was also found in five rape victims, including a 12-year-old child.

Reed’s claims of innocence have been rejected by the trial jury and every other court to have considered it without dissent (two state district-court judges, nine state appellate judges, one federal magistrate judge, one federal district-court judge, and three federal appellate judges). His execution is on stay but despite celebrity pleas he is still on Death Row.

(Note: Tomorrow Friday 11 December in the US ABC’s 20/20 will air a two-hour investigation of his case.)

Daniel Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtzclaw is the Oklahoma City police officer who was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting a number of black women in 2015. He was sentenced to 263 years in prison. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States have rejected his appeals.

The main reason why the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States have rejected his appeals is that his victims’ stories are consistent - they described the same modus operandi i.e. the questions he initially asked them, the way he exposed himself through the fly of his police uniform and the way he took them to remote locations.

The clincher is that the GPS data from Holtzcalw’s car and the mobile phone records verify many of the geographical and timeline-related details.

In court, prosecutors produced DNA evidence that was found on a spot on the inside of Holtzclaw’s uniform trousers close to the zipper. It matched the DNA profile of one of his accusers.

Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter sentenced to two and a half years in prison for encouraging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself through texts and phone calls. Carter was convicted in June 2017 of the involuntary manslaughter of Conrad Roy.

The prosecutor told the court that she has not accepted responsibility for her actions and that she has shown no remorse.

Knox at trial

4. Knox And The Multiple Enablers

Defending people who have been charged with and/or convicted of sexual assault and murder is a lucrative niche market for some lawyers and DNA experts. Payoffs for wrongful conviction can be enormous.

Greg Hampikian has represented a number of people who who have been convicted of sexual assault and/or murder such as Dennis Dechaine, Bradley Roberts, Carlton Gary and Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. Bradley Roberts and Dennis Dechaine are child rapists.

Professor Gill always wants a piece of this kind of action. He also defends people who have been charged with and/or convicted of sexual assault and/or murder e.g. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito and a serial rapist Daniel Holtzclaw. He also cast doubt on the DNA evidence against Sean Hoey who was charged with 29 murders in Omagh in 1998. Hoey was acquitted of all charges.

Everything Amanda Knox does is motivated by self-interest. She speaks about these high-profile cases to stay in the limelight, and to make sure she keeps getting paid to speak about her experiences on the US college circuit and at Innocent Project events. She gets paid up to £7,000, plus expenses, for each speech.

She has learnt a mercenary lesson from her former PR consultant David Marriott i.e. she makes sure she writes an article or creates a podcast about high-profile cases when media interest is high, ensuring that she also gets mentioned in the media.

By supporting and championing the causes of the West Memphis Three, Brendan Dassey, Rodney Reed and others, she can propagate the idea that people are being wrongfully convicted of murder all the time.

The idea that Amanda Knox lies at night awake worrying about alleged wrongful convictions is hard to believe.

There is hard proof that she couldn’t care less about any of these people. She didn’t retract her false and malicious allegations against Diya Lumumba the whole time he was in prison, despite the fact she knew he was innocent. She was quite happy to let an innocent man face life in prison.

It speaks volumes that Amanda Knox doesn’t show any empathy or express any concern for the victims or their families of the WM3, Brendan Dassey and Rodney Reed.

It’s not surprising either when you consider the fact she was convicted of not only murder but sexual assault by multiple experienced judges at her trial in Perugia and her appeal in Florence.

Knox doesn’t display any high-order thinking skills such as analysis or evaluation when she speaks or writes about these cases.

There’s no substance to any of her comments. She completely ignores most of the evidence that led to the convictions of the WM3, Brendan Dassey, Rodney Reed and Daniel Hotlzclaw.

But no-one should be surprised because Knox isn’t concerned about truth and justice - she’s just concerned about self-promotion and portraying herself as an advocate for the wrongfully imprisoned.

Knox fleecing the sheep

4. Advice For New Readers

Anna Sorokin’s ruse that she was a billionaire heiress unraveled once her lies were discovered.

Amanda Knox’s ruse that she’s an advocate for the wrongfully imprisoned would have long ago unraveled too if people had actually bothered to read the official court reports. They would have long ago discovered that she’s a brazen charlatan and a compulsive liar.

The next time you see Amanda Knox on television dabbing the crocodile tears from her eyes and speaking with her quivering Larry the Lamb voice, it should be a stark reminder she’s a terrible actress who deserves a Rasberry Award for playing the role of someone who was wrongfully convicted.

The real Amanda Knox was at the cottage on Via della Pergola on the night of the murder washing Meredith’s blood off in the small bathroom whilst Meredith’s mutilated body was lying in a pool of blood in her room.

The real Amanda Knox was laughing and joking with Raffaele Sollecito at the police station on 2 November 2007 as if she didn’t have a care in the world whilst Meredith’s devastated friends were crying.

The real Amanda Knox was repeatedly telling the police a pack of lies in the days after Meredith’s murder.

The real Amanda Knox was trying to frame an innocent man for rape and murder on 5 and 6 November 2007 and refused to retract her false and malicious allegations the whole time Diya Lumumba was in prison.

It’s no wonder she omits to mention these details when she speaks to audiences at Innocence Project events and talks to journalists. They would soon realise what type of person she really is if she told them the simple truth.

5. Sugested Further Reading

These are on the theme of the duped groups.

Click for Post:  Innocence Project: Seven Years Clutching Knox And Trashing Italian Justice To Joy Of Mafias #1

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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Italy, Lament: Though US Violent Crime Rate Has Dropped 75% In 30 Years, Now This

Posted by Peter Quennell

Breaking news: Guede leaving prison, doing community service during rest of term, for “social re-integration”. Decided by Rome supervisory court at request of Guede lawyer Ballarini. His “tell-all” book said to be step closer, Knox acting frantic.

1. Re the YouTube: There’s More…

After 17 years of zero executions by the Federal Government, suddenly we get this.

Click for Post:  Eighth federal execution of the year set for Thursday

Click for Post:  U.S. carries out 8th federal execution of 2020

Click for Post:  DOJ set to execute five [more] federal prisoners before Inauguration Day

Click for Post:  U.S. To Continue Executions Through Transition In Break With Precedent

2. So, A Question…

For the Knox sycophants: Where would YOU want to be tried?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Meredith’s Perugia #42: Beautiful Italy From Up Above By Drone

Posted by The TJMK Main Posters




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Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Tip For Good Reporters: Add “Duper’s Delight” To Knox’s Many Strange Symptoms

Posted by The TJMK Main Posters

1. Pointer To A Syndrome

The excellent Liz Houle posted this perceptive video in March of last year.

It’s been suggested that we also carry a mention of Knox’s duper’s delight (aka duping delight) syndrome - or, perhaps more accurately, telling symptom.

The reason being that we have so often noted but without labeling it Knox’s tendency to blatant, malicious and obviously enjoyable lying, often for profit, when either a subtle shading of the truth or a mere shutting-up could serve her long-term interests well.

For example, when she gleefully fleeces paying audiences in claiming she wrongly served four year in Cappanne Prison because of those perverse Italians.

Of course three of those years inside were fully justified in the eyes of every Italian court that examined her framing of Patrick and Knox is rightly a convicted felon for life. She has never sued for damages, and not on those grounds complained to the ECHR.

So here we go.

2. Some Telling Analysis

Click for Article:  Dupers delight and the joy of conning

...sociopaths struggle with boredom and ways to get excitement. One way that they can get a rush is by manipulation and deceit, and deliberately conning someone. This is called dupers delight. The rush that they feel when they are conning someone who they feel is more stupid, and can’t see through their lies.

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When Hitler so successfully lied to Chamberlain concealing that he had already mobilized the German army to attack Poland, he asked for a time-out from their meeting. With his generals who had been witnessing his most successful lies, Hitler went into an anteroom, where he reportedly jumped up and down with joy, and then having reduced his duping delight, he returned to the meeting.

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The phrase was coined by the psychologist and body language expert Dr Paul Ekman. and was defined by him as “the pleasure we get over having someone else in our control and being able to manipulate them”.

Duping delight most often manifests as a grin or a smirk which will flash across a person’s face, and is usually completely inappropriate to the situation or the topic that is being spoken about. The psychopath is either about to lie, or is lying to someone and they are believing it, and the smirk is a leaked expression of pleasure that they are getting away with it.

Click for Article:  Duping Delight, Eye Contact And Smiling

Two possible explanations exist for an increase in eye contact and smiling. One is that smiling happens more often because the liar is experiencing pleasure with the act of lying which has been extensively proven through research on psychopaths, con-men and pathological liars, the second says that a smile is in fact due to stress and embarrassment which causes a stress smile. An increase in eye contact is also explained in terms of a desire to measure the efficacy of the lie.

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All narcissists are struggling to keep their duper’s delight and sadistic delight from taking over and turning them [from Dr Jekyll] into Mr. Hyde. The bloodlust stays under control as long as nothing triggers it too much.

But sometimes, circumstances just happen, and one thing leads to another, and they get full blown duper’s delight transformed into uncontrollable cruelty, or full-blown sadistic delight transformed into its hyper-form, homicide. And, metaphorically speaking, before you know it, the cute kitten suddenly gets squeezed to death.

Click for Article:  Pathological Lying: A Psychopathic Manipulation Tool

Unlike lies told out of fear or to hide shame, psychopathic lies are often told because they bring a shallow form of pleasure to the liar. This is called “Duper’s Delight.” This explains why psychopaths sometimes lie when it is completely unnecessary or when the truth would be more advantageous. Psychopaths also include a variety of details in their lies, not only because it makes their lies sound more credible, but also because they enjoy constructing a false reality and making others believe it. It feeds their need for power and provides them with sick entertainment.

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