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Beyond Denial: As Many Millions So Much Better Informed, Main Media Bends To The Wind

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Less than 24 hours after broadcast, the NBC and ABC videos here are showing a combined 10 million views, and 22,000 comments. Also this is weird. And there may be a move to disbar Heard lawyer Elaine Bredehoft in Virginia for unethical claims about judge & jury soon after trial.


Johnny Depp lawyers Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew were interviewed today on NBC and ABC.

At trial they did truly great work, helpfully aiding Amber Heard to repeatedly shoot herself in the foot.

Already, thousands of supporting comments can be read here and here (scroll down). 

One big winner: cameras in court.

Remember what happened in Italy? There were cameras in court. Most of the trial of AK and RS was broadcast live. Italian media did not “intermediate” on the biased lines of the New York Times and Associated Press and US TV.

So there is little doubt in Italy about AK’s and RS’s guilt.

Same thing here. Main media deniers have been trounced by live court feeds on the social media they love to despise.

The island shrinks for lazy journalists like Michele Goldberg (see previous post below) that are witting or unwitting captives to toxic PR. 


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Here are some telling headlines from main media flowing from the above; perhaps the ill-advised ranting about the verdict is played out, as Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft seems to have ended her unethical claims on TV about the judge and jury, maybe now fearing being disbarred.

1. “Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Say “Social Media Played No Role” in Amber Heard Defamation Case”

2. “Johnny Depp’s lawyer says jury didn’t believe Amber Heard because she ‘didn’t take accountability for anything’”

3. “Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Say Verdict Isn’t a Setback for Victims: ‘Domestic Violence Doesn’t Have a Gender’”

4. “Johnny Depp’s lawyer suggests the actor might not make Amber Heard pay $10.35 million in damages she owes him”

5. “Johnny Depp lawyer is fast-tracked to partner in her firm after Heard trial win”

(She is at the Orange County branch of this Boston firm just south of Los Angeles. They also have a branch in New York and one in London too. She might choose to move - or stay there, as she is in sudden big demand by Hollywood folks!)

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