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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sentence Is 20 Years, And A Fine Of $750,000

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/28/22 at 03:30 PM in


Two victims spoke up, both in court and outside court. Good on them.

Remember the system did NOT function well in this case. Take a look at how this first made it to the front burner.


For years many girls were disbelieved or brushed off. A Florida prosecutors gave Epstein a slap on the wrist. Somehow he was enabled to hang himself in the Manhattan downtown lockup. Two years to trial here (ten months longer than Knox) and another six months to sentencing.

Where next for the prosecutors? Conjecture of a deal with Ghislaine Maxwell in the works for naming some of the predators.

But actually, does she even know that much? I’m told that a problem could be that Epstein barreled full speed ahead on his group sex rampage for at least a decade after she stopped living with him.

She did coincide, of course, with Prince Andrew. Hmmm.

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The Court TV channel had on a nice-looking black lawyer from South Carolina to provide commentary.

He seemed really pleased to be given the chance to shine here. He was read out some of Ghislaine Maxwell’s statement to the victims, finishing with the words “I hope my incarceration gives you pleasure.”

He duly launched into a long scold, saying that this was “asinine” and a sign of zero repentance that would damage her prospects at appeal and that her lawyers had advised her terribly.

When I checked it out later, the statement actually ended “I hope my incarceration gives you closure.”

And so thousands of viewers were misled, the lawyer will be humiliated, and the American outrage machine rampages onward.

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