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Van Gogh “Immersion” Show, Selling Out In Numerous Cities Worldwide, Created By…

Posted by Peter Quennell

Two Italians. The show, designed by Italian digital artist Massimiliano Siccardi with music composed by Italian Luca Longobardi, and art (of course) by the late Vincent Van Gogh, consists of some 400 images projected onto 500,000 square feet for about one hour.

It’s on now in various countries in Europe. In north America, shows have concluded in Toronto, St Petersburg and Chicago, and are opening soon in various other cities including New York.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/25/21 at 12:46 PM in


There’s a theory that Van Gogh’s brain or eyes were somehow adjusted in his final several years so that maybe he really was seeing all those bright colors.

He was churning out almost one vivid painting a day in the last several years of his life, and there is so much of that work and it is so compelling that many (including me!) thought, okay, that reflects all of his life’s work.

Two years ago the Clark modern art museum in west Massachusetts put on a lifetime retrospective, and it really hit home that Van Gogh’s paintings for all of the previous dozen or so years were somber and brownish in the Dutch style favored then.

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Actually, there’s more to the story than that… Van Gogh’s father was a Dutch priest, and Van Gogh was always very devout.

He KNEW that he was rather suddenly seeing nature more vividly - he believed that in nature, he was now viewing and painting the face of God.

I don’t see that in the marketing but I imagine that at least some who make a beeline for the show will be aware of that.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/28/21 at 01:41 PM | #

Immersion in Van Gogh’s art. Beautiful.

His starry nights are now used in all kinds of pop art. The amateur art studios I use have Starry Night background with Eiffel Tower in front, or Starry Night behind the Saturn V rocket and boosters as a nod to NASA space program.

I’ve painted several of Van Gogh’s sunflowers in acrylic. His water reflections from bridge over Seine are so pretty.

One studio I visit has a sample of just one branch of his white flowering limb on blue background. Or one sunflower cropped from the original. I’ve done that one about a dozen times. We can pick our own colors.

His classic vase of sunflowers was one of my faves, wish I hadn’t given it away. 

I know what Peter Quennell is talking about, Van Gogh’s early works were brown and grim, bleak many Dutch winter scenes. Totally depressing. Then he found a sunny warm climate and he blossomed. His bright colors and outdoor fields and flowers are so cheery. He loved Nature.

I wish his Father who no doubt prayed for him, and Theo his loving and selfless brother who supported him and suffered a lot for Vincent’s “eccentricities” to put it mildly, could have seen his commercial success these many years later. Immersive shows must make people feel the art, like swimming in colors.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/03/21 at 05:36 PM | #

Hopeful, you will know that Van Gogh was a failed priest, he was not charismatic in language and so he found another mode.

According to Artsy “Starry Nights” is worth an estimated $1 billion, the second most valuable painting, after a Picasso also owned by MOMA in NYC.

It’s exhibited in a very clever way - one enters the small first chamber of the impressionists galleries to be faced with a wall right there and openings on each side to the next room.

Go through either of those, and there will be a crowd of a dozen or two staring back at that wall, and when you turn, there it is, facing you.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/03/21 at 11:32 PM | #

As it has been rather quiet on this Board for a number of weeks now, I thought I would post the conclusion which I will be adding to my book, as follows -

“To conclude, the outcome was that Knox and Sollecito were acquitted of murder, not exonerated. Knox was present at the cottage when the murder occurred but the evidence was insufficient to dispel a possible doubt about her direct involvement in the crime, notwithstanding that it was held that there were multiple attackers of whom one, we know, was Guede. The same also applies to Sollecito who was also likely there at the time. The scenario has to be that they were just innocent and helpless bystanders as Meredith was attacked by multiple assailants. Nevertheless, we must conclude, Knox felt sufficiently compromised to give the police a false alibi, to concoct an improbable story to account for her, and Sollecito’s, presence at the cottage for the discovery of the murder, to stage a break in, to remove blood traces, and to blame an innocent man for the murder.

Their behaviour, deceptions, lies and obfuscations, the forensic findings, and the totality of the evidence, were elements that were either disregarded or were ultimately discounted as having any relevance or weight, but only as a consequence, as I have shown, of judges wilfully blindsiding themselves on the evidence and engaging in specious and one-sided argument that was intellectually dishonest, if not fraudulent.

In particular one wonders why the latitiude that was extended to Knox and Sollecito was not extended to Rudy Guede, whose story actually had confirmation in the forensic findings, and which in a number of ways made more sense than did that of the other two defendants.”

Download and read my book “Justice On Trial - The Final Outcome” in PDF format and free of charge by clicking on the link below

Posted by James Raper on 03/15/21 at 05:22 AM | #

The 5th Chambers displayed no grasp of simple logic.

There is a section of it’s Motivation where it tries to distinguish between failed and false alibis, holding that the duo’s joint alibi was a failed alibi rather than a false one. Certainly it failed in the sense that there was no independent corroboration.

However, the 5th Chambers willingly held that Knox was present at the cottage at the time of the murder. Patently, then, her alibi has to be held to be false. But somehow they avoided saying so.

Posted by James Raper on 03/18/21 at 06:58 AM | #

Thank you, James. The ending you have written explains the situation very well. Although why the two were really found non-culpable may remain a mystery for a long time, if not forever.

My brother, sadly, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died within a matter of months. He having bought into the PR, I believe at least now he knows the truth about Meredith’s murder, which is of some strange comfort to me.

The recent horrific kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard, and the charging of a Met police officer in these crimes, reminded me of Meredith’s violent demise. Women really should be safer in our modern society.

Posted by Earthling on 03/20/21 at 02:15 AM | #

@James Raper, this is a good ending for your book, to show the faulty reasoning that would put Knox IN the cottage during a murder committed by several people, yet conclude she was not one of the people involved when she tried so hard to distance herself from even being in the cottage, distance done by lies and double talk.

Not much news lately from Knox makes me wonder if she isn’t soon to announce she’s expecting a child, she mentioned that as a goal not too long ago now that she and Christopher Robinson are married. She will probably prefer to hide the fact? and present the world with a fait accompli in this matter?

@Earthling, I’m sorry to hear of your brother’s recent illness and death. Only last week one of our poets in an OLLI (Lifelong learning group) announced he had pancreatic cancer and would no longer be joining the Zoom poetry salons. It made me sad.

I did know of one man locally who beat pancreatic cancer but he was fairly young, a very strong fellow who worked hard in building maintenance. Later after his recovery, he installed a window air conditioner unit for me. I was so glad he was given extended years.

We are celebrating Holy Week this week and look forward to the resurrection of the body. Where oh grave is thy victory? God causes us to triumph over it in Christ. I trust His promise to those who believe Him: I will raise him up at the last day. My sheep shall never perish, neither is any man able to pluck them out of my hand… I give them eternal life.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/29/21 at 06:41 PM | #

Happy Easter to all.

I agree, that’s a lovely website with Meredith’s photo framed in a shell. Remember the book, Sea of Truth, that was found in her bedroom?

She also had a poster of famous Japanese wave on her door.

She went to Brighton her dad’s book said. She must have liked the seacoast. Fitting to see her in a snowy white seashell on the German website.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/04/21 at 04:07 PM | #

Knox-Robinson are now seeking income through Patreon.

She and Chris Robinson create a podcast they named “Labyrinth”. It’s an Apple podcast.

Episode “Tales from the G-Man (Special Agent Steve Moore)” was broadcast on iHeartRadio on Feb. 5, 2021. The intro says: “The day Amanda got out of prison, a former FBI agent was there to help her escape Italy. Special Agent Steve Moore takes Amanda and Chis on a tour of his 25 year career.

March 12, 2021 the episode was named “Hot Shit (Jason Flom). Intro: “Jason Flom leads a double life. He’s a founding board member of The Innocence Project but also the CEO of Lava Records with wild tales of rehab and rockstars.”

Knox’s April Labyrinth is an interview with actress Cheryl Hines.


Posted by Hopeful on 04/19/21 at 08:38 PM | #

Thanks for the update Hopeful. Asking for money on Patreon, whatever next?!? I get the impression from her Twitter feed that people aren’t particularly interested in her, but I expect her podcast is quite popular if she keeps getting famous guests, Steve Moore notwithstanding 😊

Posted by HotAir on 04/29/21 at 06:03 AM | #

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