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Yet ANOTHER Nail In The Coffin Of The Faked Break-In

Posted by James Raper

Scuri is white object at left

Again, Things Just Don’t Add Up

I was looking at a Powerpoint by our former main poster Brmull debunking Hellmann’s take on the rock apparently thrown at Filomena’s window.

According to Hellmann there was a genuine break-in, but if not, then there was no reason to think that Knox and Sollecito were the stagers. That guff apart, Brmull made some good points and displayed a close up of the crush-mark on the scuri (inner shutter) which I found interesting.

Unfortunately I cannot use my snipping tool on a Powerpoint so I am not able to re-produce that picture. You will just have to take my word for what I say next.

First up, of course the rock could easily have been thrown or tossed from the corner of the residents’ car park, breaking the glass. Amusingly Hellmann refers to the defence expert’s report for this blindingly obvious clarification. The trajectory of a rock so cast is on a 90 degree angle with Filomena’s window, i.e straight at it, so no problem.

There are, however, some problems with this.

The crush mark is full on the upper edge, and inside this edge, of a recess on the scuri. Assuming that the crush mark was caused by the rock then this suggests that the impact was from a trajectory that was on a different angle from that of a rock thrown from the car park.

There are a couple of points to flow from this, both by way of confirmation but which also debunk another point raised in defence.

First, the very existence of the crush mark (and there was a fragment of glass embedded in the scuri close by) confirms that the scuri was in position behind the window. Filomena had said it was, even if she could not be sure that it had been clipped firmly into place.

Short of throwing a heavy rock at the window to find out, how would the intruder have known that it was not so latched into place? And if it was, throwing the rock would not have made any difference, just a lot of noise. The intruder could not have been unaware of the existence of the scuri.

Secondly, the only mark on the scuri was that crush mark. I am surprised that there is no other damage that I can see to the scuri i.e dents or chipped paint, which is what I would expect to see, from a rock weighing 4 kilos tossed full on at the window from just several feet away.

In fact the scuri looks remarkably pristine but for the crush mark. This, for me, establishes that the crush mark was not a glancing blow past that edge. Indeed the white paint is crushed down into the dent, hardly compatible with a glancing blow.

Hence a head on crush the result of a different trajectory from a rock thrown from the car park. Both these observations support the view that it was an inside job.

Hence, a staging, it sure seems.

Posted by James Raper on 07/01/21 at 10:12 AM in


Ah! Another picture of the scuri. 

This time the scuri is ajar. Maybe as it was found. Maybe not. One can also, I surmise, see the scuri’s bottom hinge. If it were shut the scuri would come forward but is still recessed from the pane of glass.

One can see how close the crush mark (on the shortest line between it and the glass) is to the groove that held the pane of glass, and that’s with the scuri moved forward and tight up against the window frame. Geometry is not my thing but I reckon that if the scuri was ajar then the mark would be further back from the glass yet nearer the groove, as it were. 

It is somewhat surprising that a rock of that size and weight did not only NOT cause any other damage to the scuri but did not damage the edge of the window frame. There is no chip on the edge of the window frame just some paint that has pealed back exposing primer.

Posted by James Raper on 07/01/21 at 04:21 PM | #

Hi James, thanks for your post. Yes I can see what you mean about the fishy evidence on the scuri.
The lack of damage is particularly glaring and you as you said the angle of the single bit of damage would put the rock as coming from the other side. I can’t see enough detail in the photo regarding the other geometry point I’m afraid but I can see what you’re getting at.

In looking for more photos of the break in I found this interesting article from many years ago which has some more photos if anyone is interested and also reminded me of the original verdict on the other elements of why the break in had to be staged- shutters had to be opened first, following Fillomenas testimony, therefore two difficult climbs etc etc. which I’d forgotten. It’s almost as if it wasn’t a break in.

Posted by HotAir on 07/06/21 at 07:39 PM | #

Knox’s birthday is coming up, July 9th. It’s the birthday of a shameless liar.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/07/21 at 05:04 PM | #

& Shes still pushing for murderers to be treated kindly by penal systems on her Twitter endlessly I see. It’s amazing how often she gives herself away!

Posted by HotAir on 07/07/21 at 08:38 PM | #

July 8, 2021 Daily Mail headline:  Amanda Knox breaks down in tears as she reveals she suffered an agonizing miscarriage during the pandemic—” Story by Charlie Lankston.

33-year-old Knox went into disgusting detail of her miscarriage on podcast “Labyrinths”. She lost a baby at 8-weeks. Doctors gave pills to induce labor on non-viable pregnancy when they failed to find a heartbeat. Nature would have taken care of this problem if left alone. Knox makes a giant drama of it.

She says she resisted taking pain meds prescribed for it, but finally had to take some as she was “in agony”.

Knox said she questioned whether ‘something happened to her in Italy’ to cause this. What in the world is she talking about?

She and Chris Robinson shared audio recordings they had made for the unborn child. In them they talked of financial concerns since the pandemic, said they were “losing work” and feared they could “lose their home”.

I will not nauseate you with the intimate detail Knox shamelessly goes into to describe her early-stage miscarriage. These are quite common, and that is one delicate reason that well-bred women in the past did not shout to the world they were expecting a baby until long after the third month or more. The new trend is to share TMI and nothing is sacred anymore.

Knox in trying to be relevant proves herself as usual revolting and crass. Read the DailyMailonline article of July 8, 2021 if you need proof.

If I didn’t believe Knox had killed sweet Meredith who will never have a child, I would have sympathy for her. As it is, she goes on and on about her pain while likely having forced Meredith into pain and terror that make Knox’s mini ordeal pale in comparison.

Knox now even seeks to blame “something that happened to me in Italy’ for her fertility problems? Maybe her own drug taking in Italy undermined her health, not to mention the emotional trauma that she caused her own self by killing her roommate and being prosecuted for it. Any pain she endured in Italy was because of her own depraved choices. No sympathy, sorry.

I know one thing, if she does ever have a baby, I feel sorry for the child. I will not say another word about Knox at that point, because the child is innocent.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/08/21 at 10:20 PM | #

Hi, Hopeful

“they talked of financial concerns since the pandemic, said they were “losing work” and feared they could “lose their home””.

What work, paid work, would that be? I guess her “How I was abused, but exonerated” performance lectures have dried up due to the pandemic. It could also be that the people who host these publicity-for-themselves events have been wising up on the facts that we have been putting out for them, and no longer see such publicity, and expense, as being productive and profitable.

Living off the back of her notoriety was always going to have a limited shelf life. Hang on to that home but you may have to sell it.

Posted by James Raper on 07/10/21 at 10:08 AM | #

@James Raper @HotAir   I agree with you both. Knox now pushing “Time Banking” prison reform.

As James said, her victim story of poor abused me, I was wrongly accused, I was tormented by the blind spanking brigade, I was a victim of injustice, it’s a miracle I’m alive”. That guff had a shorter shelf life than she’d hoped.

Now she’s hawking baseball caps for Innocence Projects and praying for the next paid TV interview with the likes of Lorena Bobbitt of slice and dice fame.

Knox needs to physically and frequently visit women’s prisons, get real and give financial and visitation support to prisoner half-way houses.

Then maybe we’ll listen. Her claim to being an “influencer” is a joke. 

All she really cares about is her Twitter feed telling her she’s so great, good, and beautiful and despite having lied, is not a liar. She loves accolades for surviving her four year prison time and her wrongful conviction. “Oh, you’re so strong, so heroic, so noble. We love you.” She wants the love of the idiots she misleads.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/11/21 at 05:28 PM | #

There is so much to unpack in that Podcast. Thank you Hopeful for your customary brilliance in summing it up. It was disturbing listening from beginning to end. I could detect a calmness in her husband’s voice in stark contrast to her schizoid cackling and repulsive over sharing. A grieving woman would not refer to their 6 week old foetus as ‘the worm’ in my opinion. An early miscarriage, so commonplace and private an event, is now up for sale in salacious detail. Always flogging death. She exhibits anger from thwarted plans. A new level of unbridled arrogance is evident: “I am Amanda Knox and things are easy for me”. “I REEK of fertility”. “I am not other people”. Well you got that right Amanda, you are not other people. If any of you hear are of a delicate disposition, I would suggest giving that podcast a wide berth.

Posted by pensky on 07/12/21 at 07:46 AM | #

Various tips in, much appreciated, about the new Matt Damon film “Stillwater” set in Marseille and crediting Knox for the wrong incarceration theme.

I like Matt Damon, but he’s made a ton of money demonizing governments throughout his career and has certainly done a certain harm.

Damon, having bought the notion that the Italian government deserved to be demonized by Knox, uses that as a cover for demonizing the French government for what he thinks is a wrong incarceration (of his daughter) here.

Damon as Curt Knox II?! We may do a post.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/13/21 at 09:52 AM | #

Mignini may sue to block the Antonio Banderas TV series Monster of Florence. Italy 24 News: “Filming of the film with Banderas on the Monster of Florence must be blocked”. That headline from Deborah News 14 days ago REPORT.

“Monster of Florence, the TV series with Banderas, angers the former prosecutor:” Ready to be warned

This is a story online by Luca Serrano dated June 30, 2021

It says Mignini may sue Studiocanal, the Danish director Nikolaj Arcel and the Danish screenwriter Anders Thomas Jensen for “possible millionaire compensation” over the film depicting Mignini in a slanderous and factually false light, spreading lies about him, defaming him, holding him up to international ridicule based on falsehoods in Doug Preston’s book, Monster of Florence, a book derived from “Sweet Hills of Blood” book by Mario Spezi.


Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking of Knox who may have been a petty thief and whose lightfingered larceny would probably have been in aid of easy drug money, from long time back when she faked a theft of a UW college girl and scared her. We also know that if a person commits a crime but goes unpunished, that person will subconsciously seek to punish himself.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/16/21 at 04:27 PM | #

Re Doug Preston and the proposed MOF miniseries, we’ll have a post on Preston’s dishonest venture soon.  Quickly for now:

1. Preston seems pretty certain to be dropped like a hot cake by the naive production team soon, after they figure out (a) he simply lied; and (b) they really could be staring at damages in the million dollar range, Italy law rather assures that.

2. Michele Giuttari will sue as well. When this goes public it may be the bigger news, because (1) he was the lead MOF investigator at the time, and (2) he is just about Italy’s best-selling author now. He wrote THE Monster book Il Mostro, not available in English (yet).

3. Spezi really was a mafia fellow-traveler who hated government and justice forces all his life, and he made a living out of the minority of Italians who feel the same way. The sleazy OGGI editor (posts on him here) was a big chum.

4. Preston and Childs often write crime fiction together and occasionally on their own. I’ve seen reviews say Childs is the natural talent of the two. Both make their main money out of portraying brilliant private dicks making cops and prosecutors look fools

5. Though Preston hides it in his MOF book it seems pretty certain that “the brilliant private dick” went to Italy intent on making a global name for cracking the MOF case.

6. Not having Italian or ANY real-crime experience, the naive Preston was led around by the nose by Spetzi. They tried to frame a Sardinian guy called Vinci who was NINE YEARS OLD when the Florence couples killing spree began.

7. We have a court-ordered transcript of a Preston-Spetzi wiretap in which they are chortling over how they will soon make the cops look fools.   

8. In this article well-known in Italy Preston shoots himself in both feet - he ADMITS that he had been a fool and Dr Mignini had acted just fine.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/17/21 at 11:22 AM | #

@pensky I really liked your comment about Knox’s recent “miscarriage” podcast. You noted her unbridled arrogance and somewhat hysterical cackling while her hubby seemed more grounded. You summed up a lot of nuanced reality. Plus you took a bullet for the team, by listening to the podcast which must have been difficult. I had no stamina to listen to her Labyrinth but got info from print sources. Your incisive comments made me want to try to listen, maybe. Knox has been disintegrating ever since she decided to lie in Perugia and put on a mask.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/21/21 at 02:16 PM | #

@Vivianna, thank you for link to Guardian story about Knox’s outrage over Matt Damon movie, Stillwater. Here’s the headline for similar story in Daily Mail online dated 7/30/21:

“Amanda Knox slams Matt Damon for ‘profiting from her story and reinforcing the idea she’s guilty’ with new movie Stillwater that’s about girl imprisoned for murdering her roommate”

Knox says she may write a screenplay about a “Damon-like character” who commits a murder and a movie director named “Tim McClatchey” (a takeoff of the real director’s name, Tom McCarthey, my gloss), who is a “Harvey Weinstein type”. Shouldn’t bother Matt or Tom, right?” she said.

Knox complains that these two are making money off her story but she’s not getting a dime (my wording as summary).

Knox said, “That story, My story, is not about an American woman studying abroad involved in some kind of sensational crime. It’s about an American woman NOT involved in a sensational crime.” She complains that the Damon movie which shows the student guilty of instigating the murder, paints her in a bad light and hurts her reputation.

Knox said,”...others continue to profit off my name, face, and story without consent.”

Knox asked Matt Damon and the director to come on her podcast to talk with her about it. She has received no response from them.

Knox mentioned the “terrible Lifetime movie that I sued them over, resulting in them cutting a dream sequence where I was depicted as killing Meredith.”

I can only laugh at the irony of Knox complaining about money and vile things being done to her “without consent” when we consider the Perugia crime.

However, I refuse to give Matt Damon a penny for this atrocity of a movie where his daughter’s lover is a female. Disgusting and totally against my religion. Refer to book of Leviticus for what God denounces as an “abomination”.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/30/21 at 04:36 PM | #

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