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Millions Of Conspiracy Theorists Take A Big Hit; Disillusion Reigns

Posted by Peter Quennell

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The QAnon conspiracy theory

This is one of a massive ongoing crime by political leaders. Especially though not only leaders of the US.

While Amanda Knox dishonestly smears only Italian officialdom, the purpose is no different: money, prestige, plenty of attention, to the considerable risk of those so demonized. 

Millions of gullible QAnon adherents were holding their breaths late Tuesday and early Wednesday believing that then-President Trump was about to initiate martial law, mass arrests, and mass executions.

That this didn’t actually pan out has left the cult pretty rudderless.

It could well be that millions will look twice before they leap next time - and react more strongly soon against Knox’s own malicious inventions.

Gee, thanks Q and your minions…

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/21/21 at 10:22 AM in


I’ve lived less than three miles away from Donald Trump for over 30 years and so he popped up on my radar now and then. I was close to him 2-3 times and like most in NYC found him quite amiable back in the day.

What the New York business class has always marveled most about him is actually not that he was not much of a manager, or that he was a major money-loser, or philanderer, or self-promoting blowhard on TV.

It was that he is so immensely GULLIBLE all of the time.

Many of his business stories are about how others put one over on him - other developers, Hong Kong financiers, those looking to sell loss-making casinos and golf courses, the Russians, the Saudis, and so on. Look at this one.

Back in 2009 here is the Amanda Knox people putting one over on him:

Here is another that he did not invent but soaked up and propagated:

Trump did not invent this QAnon theory or movement or especially look to head their parade.

Instead, the ultimate perpetrator of QAnon, Q himself (who is possibly now a Russian troll farm), took advantage of that immense gullibility of his.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/21/21 at 11:19 AM | #

See the plaintive requests in the comments under the YouTubes for advice on how to talk down to Planet Earth deluded relatives and friends?

There is only ONE effective way in my experience, one which the UN used extensively after the Berlin Wall came down and eradicating mass delusions about communism & capitalism had to be Job #1.

It is to put them in high performance work groups, with benign goals they help to set. This builds purpose and empowerment and trust (and bank accounts) quite fast, and will likely be addictive for life.

In a cult like QAnon’s they already are in a high performance work group of a kind and are already addicted right now. The problem is that the purposes are not benign.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/21 at 04:57 PM | #

Knox and husband are on Episode 67 (Part 2) of the podcast, “Good for You” with Whitney Cummings. January 21, 2021.

Interviewer Whitney Cummings is just a disaster: foul mouthed, high on Adderall or nasal inhaled Ketamine, interrupting Amanda every few seconds, and nervous as a cat, moving in her chair, twiddling her blue hair. She is rude and actually revolting. Chris Robinson is not on camera but sits in for the interview and adds several lucid remarks.

I am too mentally exhausted from trying to listen to the podcast to write the highlights. Watch it if you dare. Warning: vulgarity is through the roof and Knox does her share of cursing, Whitney sets a bad example. The word “like” occurs every other breath, and the interruptions by Whitney of her guest are worse than Edda Mellas. I only watched Part 2, I almost felt sorry for Knox for a change.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/22/21 at 09:27 PM | #

Daily Mail online, Jan. 24, 2021: headline “AK says she ‘exists through the lens of Meredith Kercher’s murder’ and SLAMS critics who say she’s “profiting” off roommate’s death”

The Mail mixed up Chris Robinson with Colin Sutherland, even in photo caption of Chris and wife Knox posing in silly expressions with Chris showing his new blonde streaked hair, Knox in black lace and dark red lipstick beside him looking like cat who swallowed canary.

Knox’s podcast about Jens Soering was quoted. Knox said Jens Soering “falsely confessed”. “Jens knowingly and willingly falsely confessed to killing Nancy and Derek Haysom. My own false statements were coerced, authored by the police themselves and the result of an abusive illegal interrogation that was not recorded.”

Guede was released from prison last month after serving 16 years. Knox’s legal saga ended in 2015 since then she has settled in Seattle, married, worked for the wrongfully convicted and had a part in a Netflix series, the article summed up.

DM did quote Kercher lawyer Francesco Maresca:

(prob. referring to Modena visit by Knox in 2019). He said, “All these insistencies and appearances are only ever done to keep the attention on herself.”

Posted by Hopeful on 01/24/21 at 01:20 PM | #

Hopeful, I skipped widely through the Whitney ‘interview’.  I could see it was another useless one.

Just like the one in the Sunday Times magazine today. By so called journalist, Rosie Kinchen.

All of it the same old lies.  Knox even says (page 11, paragraph 5) that the footage of her and Sollecito kissing outside the house while the police were inside was filmed before she learnt that Kercher had been murdered!

I’m lost as to how she is still able to propagate blatant lies in big newspapers.

At the end of Kinchen’s article was an ‘article’ by Knox on the Jens Soering case. Which of course I also skipped.

Posted by DavidB on 01/24/21 at 01:59 PM | #

@DavidB, You didn’t miss anything. (of value) The Whitney interview was a nightmare. Here are a few random points from it:

*Knox and her husband both voiced fear of Piers Morgan. Knox dares not be interviewed by him. She says she would be victim-blamed.

*Knox was given her own personal security guard at the Modena conference.

*Whitney told Knox that there’s an episode of Law & Order SVU (Special Victims Unit) American tv show based on Knox. The SVU character is named Sexy Lexy. Knox laments that many many people are making big money based on the worst thing that ever happened to Knox in her life.

*Knox got intense in saying “Stop reinforcing the narrative that it is not certain what happened in Perugia.” (In other words, buy into the story of Rudy as lone wolf killer despite evidence to the contrary.)

Yet Knox also is quoted as saying the Kerchers don’t have justice yet because they don’t really know what happened in Perugia??? This seems to be a dig at the Kerchers that Knox is holding back hidden knowledge. This statement that the K’s don’t know what happened in Perugia, directly contradicts her emphatic screech in the Whitney interview commanding people to “Stop reinforcing the narrative that it’s not certain what happened in Perugia.”

*Whitney asked Knox where she likes to vacation. Answer: outdoors, to art museums, and she wants to go to Japan “for our honeymoon eventually.”

*Knox talked at great length about her LeapDay wedding, how she and hubby worked for a year on the games, the Time Machine space alien theme, and how it was the last fun thing her family enjoyed before Covid19 lockdown.

*When Whitney detoured from the wedding subject to talk about her own mother, Knox asked her if she had been to her mother’s wedding. Whitney looked puzzled. Then Knox stated, “I was at my mother’s wedding. I was in my Mom’s womb at the wedding.”

*Knox was eager to tell Whitney about the tattoos Knox has on each arm. One tattoo that looks like a zig zag or a heartbeat pattern on EKG machine? on her right inner forearm is an electrical? resistance symbol. It means to resist thoughts and be sceptical. The left inner arm starting at her wrist has a series of 4 symbols inked on it. A Venn diagram and symbols that remind Knox to find common ground with others and to be compassionate. I didn’t catch the entire tattoo discussion, to be fair. One symbol meant have the will to change. She said Chris Robinson has the same symbols inked on himself.

*Knox was asked what countries she is most famous in. As usual, Whitney made it all about herself and veered off topic. Knox interjected that she (Knox) “has a lot of support in Ireland, but not in England.” Chris Robinson googled to find out where Whitney was most popular. The answer was “Alaska”.

*Knox claims, “I love goofy. I can sing complete Weird Al songs. I like Dr. Who, I like Cosplay.” Knox expressed a need for comedy and humor to offset the serious subjects. She and her husband plan to create some kind of comedy program soon.

*Whitney: What is your dream for the next 10 years? Knox’s dream is “for Chris and I to start a family and for our programs to be a success.” She plans to create a program, a comedy show about Pariahs.

*At one point Chris got fed up with Whitney’s rudeness to him and Knox and since he was seated out of the view of camera, he began to act out a little bit (imho) by playing a game about bugs called Best Fiends probably on his phone.

*Whitney showed Knox her white tattoos. Knox said she had considered getting some white tattoos but for some reason they didn’t let her.

Knox seemed very tense and wary after awhile during the chaotic interview, especially when she heard Chris chime in from the sidelines. She seemed quite nervous as she looked at him (although he could not be seen on camera) as if wondering about every word he might say and it did not look like a lot of peace in the relationship. Whitney seemed to be a bit too interested in Chris, according to several comments beneath the YouTube.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/24/21 at 05:49 PM | #

Hopeful,  thank you for the summary.  That must have been a hell of a job. The bits I did watch were dreadful.  You deserve a rest!

In the UK Sunday Times mag Knox says of CR “he made a decision not to google her while they got to know each other”.

Googling her is a waste of time as what comes up is Netflix, her book, her twitter and recent articles about her.

Maybe it’s because she is googled that she has convinced so many.

Posted by DavidB on 01/25/21 at 06:27 AM | #
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