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Updates: Sollecito’s Trial For Vilipendio And Diffamazione, Knox’s Trial For Calunnia #2

Posted by Peter Quennell

Knox and Sollecito have each been indicted in Florence BY PROSECUTORS on charges that bear no resemblance to UK or US slander or libel cases.

They are each essentially charged for lying to poison public opinion against officials, and Sollecito against the system, to try to win themselves illegal breaks at their murder trial and appeals. Knox in court in 2009, and Sollecito in his book in 2012.

The weekly magazine Oggi is also on trial for jubilantly publishing some of Knox’s numerous lies. 

Yesterday in a Florence court a new court translation of the passages from Sollecito’s book fully quoted here were accepted by the presiding judge. They differed little if at all from what the prosecutor filed last year and brought the defenses no joy. Right now both the defenses seem stuck.

And on June 9th the calunnia trial against Knox will start in a Florence court. It would be smart for her to be there, as Sollecito usually is. As mentioned above, Knox is already indicted.

It is not clear who her lawyers will be. Sollecito had to field a new team. Ghirga and Dalla Vedova both helped Knox with her defamatory book and with her defamatory email to Judge Nencini in December 2013 in which Knox ludicrously claimed she had been tortured (for the mundane truth read here) and like Bongiorno and Maori they could feel they have conflicts here.

On June 16 Dr Mignini will testify in the Oggi trial in Bergamo north-east of Milan where Oggi is based against the editor Umberto Brindani and the reporter Giangavino Sulas for publishing illegal claims made in Knox’s 2013 book.

At that hearing Knox’s book may finally become the subject of charges on the same lines as Sollecito’s book. Italian legal opinion is not supportive of the pair or the sleazy moves that led to Cassation giving them a break

That break looks increasingly temporary now. Sollecito could face big fines and Knox could face up to six years. Brighter bulbs would have realized it is best not to confront Italian courts.


This is great news! I’m very happy to read it. Thank you Peter.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 05/14/15 at 05:01 AM | #

Has an Italian Translation of Knox’s Book, or selected passages, been filed and accepted?

Posted by Cardiol MD on 05/14/15 at 05:25 AM | #

Thanks for this update, Peter!  You’re on top of the news as always, & this time it looks good (promising developments) = hope!  Thanks for all your diligent work!

Posted by all4justice on 05/14/15 at 06:48 AM | #

Thanks Pete,

Yes, Knox ‘‘should’’ be there for her 2nd calunnia trial, but she won’t be.  She skipped Cassation #1, Florence, Cassation #2, and still won’t pay Patrick.

Should make the final motivations report even more interesting.  We (the panel judges), find that they are innocent, while at the same time another court finds Sollecito slimed the courts, and Knox made up ‘‘more’’ false accusations.

These trials will be in the public eye as the judges prepare their report.  No pressure, Folks.

Question: if the 5th panel’s ruling is thrown out, what happens?  Back to a new Cassation panel?  Back to Nencini? Substituted verdict?

Posted by Chimera on 05/14/15 at 08:05 AM | #

Thanks in turn all.

Cardiol: “Has an Italian Translation of Knox’s Book, or selected passages, been filed and accepted?”

The statute of limitations clock starts running when potential vilipendios and diffamaziones “become known” to those impugned. That has not happened yet and the window is still open through to at least 2017.

So Sollecito’s book to some extent and Knox’s book to a greater extent are still sleepers in Italy. No official translations of Knox’s book into Italian exist. HarperCollins Italy translated it for release in Italy in Spring 2013, but after the London lawyers for HarperCollins UK advised that the book could be defamatory under UK law and UK publication was abandoned, HarperCollins Italy locked the Italian version away.

The most quoting and analysis of Knox’s and Sollecito’s claims in the books has been done right here on TJMK. See the early posts in these groups. Also the new TJMK pages on each book should go live in about a week.

In attempts to diminish these cases and humiliate those who are required to file complaints, Candace Dempsey and Bruce Fischer and others wrongly call these complaints to the courts by justice officials like Dr Mignini “defamation” thus equating them with civil cases for libel & slander in the US and UK.

But they are not, as the first sentence in the post says. Complaints are required under Italian law to protect the courts and court processes, and result from a long history of trumped-up attacks against prosecutors and judges in such media as Oggi.

Why Candace Dempsey and Bruce Fischer and Doug Preston and Karen Pruett and others so willingly carry water for elements associated with the mafias and corrupt politicians and rogue masons we dont know. But they are stuck now. As Oggi is finding out, any repeating of Sollecito’s and Knox’s false claims without hedging could land them also in court - and they have all done plenty of that.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/14/15 at 09:56 AM | #

Not sure why this even made the news, but several sites picked it up.  And doubtful that it was a coincidence.  Perhaps it is a way to rub in Meredith’s death, again.  Just like her music video in prison, and her book.

Posted by Chimera on 05/14/15 at 10:07 AM | #

Hi Chimera

On the questions in your first comment on what could follow the Cassation report, there are various scenarios which may have the Fifth Chambers judges waking up sweating at night.

These post said about as much as it would be smart to say about them in open front posts here now.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/14/15 at 10:24 AM | #

Hi Chimera

This video was apparently pushed out there by TMZ which has sarcastically gone against Knox before. Several emails suggest we check the comments. Increasingly many are sick of Knox and her gang..

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/14/15 at 12:13 PM | #

Angelika Graswald, another cartwheeling yoga fan who displayed very jolly behaviour after her fiancee went missing in a kayaking ‘accident’, has apparently confessed.

Posted by pensky on 05/14/15 at 07:03 PM | #

Let’s hope Mignini sets them straight in Bergamo next month at the Oggi trial.

@Chimera, thanks for the link to Knox singing “Zombie” at the Keats bar in Manhattan. I’d seen it in the Daily Mail today (5/14/15).

If you listen to Knox sing this death wail by “The Cranberries” it’s awful. Churning inner madness, no peace. A limelight move from a shameless exhibitionist as we’d predicted. A show-off of the first water, constantly talking about her inner mind and her mental battle. The zombie theme works for her. Guess she’ll be singing same old death tune until she keels. Maybe then the ghost chasing fiancé will search her out.

She sang this song on the very night she received some award from the Innocence Project for being an exoneree. She’d attended their Gala at the Hyatt Hotel in NYC for a bunch of “exonerees”. I guess the irony was so intense she had to belt out this mournful number on a stage.

The Innocence gala host was actor and comedian John Mulaney. Perfect. a comedian was the right choice. He called Knox “the brave and wonderful”. He’s a joker all right and likes telling jokes. He posed with Knox and another female exoneree. In photo Knox is all grins, no doubt produced by her get out of jail free card. Poor Mr. Mulaney is another of her many dupes.

The Cranberries’ song, Zombie. Here are lyrics:

Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence caused such silence
Who are we mistaken

But you see it’s not me
It’s not my family
In your head, in your
Head they are fighting
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head,
In your head they are cryin’

In your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie
Hey, hey
What’s in your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie
Hey, hey
What’s in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie
Hey, hey, hey, oh
Dou, dou, dou, dou
Dou, dou, dou, dou
Dou, dou, dou, dou
Dou, dou, dou, dou

Another mother’s breakin’
Heart is taking over
When the violence causes silence
We must be mistaken

It’s the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen
In your head,
In your head they’re still fightin’
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head, in your head they are dyin’

In your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie
Hey, hey
What’s in your head, in your head
Zombie, zombie, zombie

oh oh oh oh oh ........

Posted by Hopeful on 05/14/15 at 08:52 PM | #

I watched the Knox singing clip, it just really sucked, her singing is even worse than her writing if that is possible. Reminded me of some of the tryouts for singer in the movie The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Also made me think of Tonya Harding.

I think the future will show Knox antics sink ever lower in her search for fame/attention.

Posted by Mark on 05/14/15 at 10:37 PM | #

Great catch Pensky

“Angelika Graswald, another cartwheeling yoga fan who displayed very jolly behaviour after her fiancee went missing in a kayaking ‘accident’, has apparently confessed.”

Seeking Understanding had suggested that bizarre post-death behavior (of which Knox has displayed the equivalent of a bookfull - as we shall see soon) really may be telling us something.

Looks like this might be relevant. The story of this seriously weird woman and probable killer has been evolving for nearly a month, these are two stories reflecting the latest:

Increasingly Graswald seems to be revealing her real self (and attracting the usual killer-groupies). In fact it happened quite fast on her own Facebook page ( ) where her own comments alongside photos of the location and kayak and dead fiancee make her sound thrilled at the new attention and not exactly caring about the poor guy’s death.

From the NY Times report linked to above.

In the days after the kayak trip, Ms. Graswald [maiden name Lipska] created a flurry of Facebook posts that made her seem less grieving than liberated. There were initial photos of the couple together and inspirational bits of poetry, then selfies in which she is practically beaming, a video clip of her doing a cartwheel, and a racy cartoon depicting an old married couple. Less than a week after he died, she turned up at a local pub with their friends and took the stage to sing “Hotel California.”

From her Facebook page four days after the incident.


This happened upriver on the same river (Hudson) my apartment looks down upon, and I know that area because it is a very scenic stretch where the river narrows into a canyon with steep sides (which explains why the West Point military academy, originally a fort, was first located there to impede British warships).

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/15/15 at 02:58 AM | #

About the song ‘‘Zombie’’ ....

I like the Cranberries, and lead singer Dolores O’Riordan a lot.  Dolores has a unique voice, and an odd dance shuffle while performing (although she has toned it down).

But watching Knox try it almost made me throw up.  Partly she butchered the song (pardon the pun), and partly the continued exhibitionism.

Ironically the Cranberries are a band that doesn’t have to resort to cheap exhibitionist stunts.

Posted by Chimera on 05/15/15 at 05:57 AM | #

Hi Chimera

Good singer and stage presence. Just announced that she will stand trial for an incident of air rage. Some strange shades of Knox in this interview:

Interesting commentary on lead singers here which talks about a different and more confident her back in the 90s.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/15/15 at 10:20 AM | #

@Peter Q—very very interesting this Angelika Lipska story, similar to Knox with cartwheels and angry diary entry (Knox’s torn out). Lipska mad at her man and kayak buddy. She spent a relatively long time between his flipped boat and making 911 call.

Days after his death she sings in a bar the song “Hotel California” with its horror movie lyrics: “we are prisoners here of our own device…stabbing but just can’t kill the beast” whether metaphor is drug addiction or L.A. music scene where you sell soul for music contract. Although Lipska had sung it previously with her boyfriend, it’s a weird and eerie song by The Eagles. Another tidbit: Angelika’s initials backwards are L.A. before she took Graswald name.

Lovely description of stretch of Hudson River with original West Point situated there.

Angelika may have felt in her comfort zone near Bannerman Island on Hudson River (near Peter Quennell’s home!) where she volunteered in a garden.

Another Knox parallel, she is not in her home country but had ventured away from Latvia? to become an au pair in New York. Now her lawyers are using the language barrier to claim coercion.

Before she moved in with the person she killed she worked in a bar.

Very very interesting shades of Knox, a woman running out of options who felt rejected and humiliated by “roommate” who wanted other people. Lipska once shocked a boyfriend by lying down behind his car to block him when they argued over who got the cat.

Like Knox Ms. Lipska was only 5 feet tallish, not a large person. She may have resorted to subterfuge and tampering with kayak while river was cold to even her odds.

@Chimera @Mark, I listened to others singing “Zombie” and it sounded much less harsh than how Knox hoarsely croaked it out. Her sounds were not music, more like yelling it out. She was probably tanked up and in reaction mode from The Innocence crowd she had to fake for hours earlier.

Singing at club, already competing with new musician boyfriend? There will be more displays of insolence and catch-me-if-you-can taunts similar to the for rent note posted with Meredith’s date of death.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/15/15 at 06:01 PM | #

RE: karaoke, if she is guilty, doing karaoke is truly shocking. She’d know full well that she will be filmed; that her showing off, (taunting) will go global. That is so cruel.

If she is innocent, truly innocent - a nice person with no ill in her then still, why would she do karaoke when she knows that people close to Meredith - not least Meredith’s parents (and many others who think she’s guilty) will also see it?


p.s please see 22 seconds:

She looks violent.

Posted by DavidB on 05/15/15 at 09:33 PM | #

Hearing as little as 15 seconds of Hotel California makes my stomach churn, violently. A few years ago, poet Mary Jo Bang published a translation of Dante’s Inferno, in which she also visited an array of song lyrics and quotes that she considered to be ‘hellish’. Among these were the lyrics to Hotel California. It’s the sound of the recording, more than the words themselves, that instantly makes me ill. There was a case a few years ago of a woman attacking her boyfriend with a knife, because he wouldn’t stop playing Eagles records. I almost had to sympathise ( although I would have attacked the records, not the boyfriend)
Sorry, Chimera, to each her own, and all that, but I can’t stand Deloreses voice, and thought that her music video for Zombie was one of the most idiotic and embarrassingly overdone performances I had ever seen on tv. Perhaps it was intended as camp.

Posted by mimi on 05/15/15 at 09:50 PM | #


“There will be more displays of insolence and catch-me-if-you-can taunts…”

Indeed. Of that we can be very sure.

Her internal dialogue might be something like “so - somebody died - and ...? I may have been there, I may not have been there, it could all have been a personal dream or something. I know I smoked something harmless with Raffaele <s>lover boy</s> that evening but it’s all so confused. She was my friend <s>until she fought back</s>. The killer was someone with a dark complexion in my dream.  I couldn’t possibly say, it’s all a bit of a haze.  Anyway, it’s my best truth <s>suckers</s> and at the end of the day I’m a free spirit, thanks to my mom and I really need to get on with my life, so .... you.

Posted by Odysseus on 05/16/15 at 12:05 AM | #

OK! My take on this is that the Italian court will delay for as long as possible in order to deflect any heartfelt vilification and scorn that is sure to be poured upon their heads.

I can see quite clearly that they will say something along the lines of “Oh Terribly Sorry We Just Didn’t Have All The Information.” By then it will be too late of course as indeed it is now.

Knox will never leave the US because that fix is already in place so she feels safe. However people have very very long memories indeed and this will not finish for her ever. That is why she thinks she can get away with singing hate filled songs and thumbing her nose at everyone who knows the truth of her guilt.

Even if she admitted to killing Meredith there are those who would not believe her saying it was a nervous breakdown because of all the pressure she had been put through. My personal hope is that somehow sometime true justice will prevail and Knox will receive the full measure of total justice she so richly deserves.

In that regard I am convinced that it will happen somehow sometime. Never soon enough.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/16/15 at 01:45 AM | #

@Grahame Rhodes,

I am also thinking like you!

Posted by chami on 05/16/15 at 08:58 AM | #

The punishment will be the sure disintegration of the core Self, of someone who is wedded irrevocably to living in a lie - a process already under way for some time.

If we get to a point where we cannot discern the truth, and believe what we want to believe - we are in very deep trouble, and sooner or later something will occur. Normality is no longer an option.

In the interview mentioned above with Dolores OR, there is this quote : “I think you get to a point in life where you can’t really feel pain. You can’t feel it. You can sing like a bird and heal people.”
Not being able to feel pain is dangerous place to be - not something to be proud of! Combined with a messianic belief in oneself as a ‘healer’, (a massive, unreal, narcissistic illusion) it becomes extremely dangerous and unstable.
Even if the danger doesn’t manifest towards others, self-harm of some description is inevitable. To use a current buzz phrase, instability of this kind is a ‘very bad place to be’.

In the link to one of my previous posts, which Pete referred to above - it is precisely this inability to feel and empathise with pain, and its consequences, that is being discussed.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 05/16/15 at 09:49 AM | #

@ SeekingUnderstanding

It’s not just that, it’s also the inability to feel guilt, at least on the surface. But the mind is a wonderful thing because psychologically this denial of responsibility produces great unsuspected anger which sooner or later will explode.

As every psychologist knows, this is basic to denial of responsibility in everyone, and is also Knox future for her mind is a pressure cooker and eventually it will only take some little unsuspected event to tip the scales.

The person she will harm will be someone close to her for in that relationship is the key. The closer the person is the better to see through the disguise that Knox has built. Therefore the fear of exposure will be greater. This of course was Meredith because Knox instinctively knew that Mez could see through her little game and therefore Mez became a threat. That is apart from the jealousy of course because Mez was so much better than Knox could ever hope to be in every way. Knox even lost her job to Mez. You can see the pattern develop.

She will of course harm again. If you see the clip of her singing, the edge of hysteria, the edge of madness is already paramount.

Check it for yourself from this standpoint. The rot has already set in and I predict that as soon as her Grandmother Elizabeth Huff dies then that will be the tipping point because her Grandmother has always been her soft place to fall when things got tough.

Without her Grandmother she is further adrift because above all she has lost (If she ever had) her self respect.

I have known men who told me that they “Knew their wife’s better than any person alive or dead.” That may be so, but without exception they do not know how women’s minds work in relation to self respect. When a woman goes against the mores and morals of the society in which she grows up then she irrevocably loses her self respect which she will never be able to get back. This works differently for men and woman of course hence the confusion. Knox supporters do not see Knox as a person but rather an icon and this is Knox stock in trade and why it is unsustainable. She knows this as well and the knowledge will eat away at her and as you pointed out is well on it’s way. For Knox there is no escape.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/16/15 at 04:22 PM | #

I for got to point out that it is Knox perception of persecution which in her mind has always been a threat. Therefore she has covered this with outrageous behavior which spiraled and continues to spiral out of control.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/16/15 at 04:30 PM | #

Amanda Knox is an infamous convicted felon and suspected murderer with no future hope of getting and keeping gainful employment whatsoever. She knows that and she is either broke now or going broke very quickly. Most likely, this zombie attack karaoke video was made by MadPax or someone else close to her and then sold to TMZ for some quick cash. But that won’t last long. So this is just her first act of making herself a public spectacle in the US. After her singing gets old (it already sucks), TMZ won’t buy those videos anymore. So she’ll resort to something else like dancing on a pole etc. Then she’ll further descend into the world of stripping, prostitution and adult videos. But, of course, that won’t last very long. So then she’ll be in a very difficult economic situation by the time she approaches 35-40. Then, or maybe even before then, she’ll have no other choice but to return to a life of crime and imprisonment. It’s all just a matter of time.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 05/16/15 at 06:21 PM | #

One of our old friends is back in the public eye:

Posted by Chimera on 05/17/15 at 04:43 AM | #


Thank you for keeping us updated With this excellent post.

It is my privilege to be to be writing my first post at TJMK.

TJMK is the first site I found when I decided that I wanted to research the murder of Meredith Kercher about two years ago. I knew the basic PR story and I didn’t believe it. TJMK, with its great posts, comments, and archives quickly became my trusted reference for news and analysis about the crime and the trial.

I appreciate all of the work you’ve done and all of the work you do in having created and in maintaining this invaluable site.

I would like to and hope to contribute what I can to TJMK. Truth and justice for Meredith Kercher and her family are important to me. I know that I share this sentiment with everyone here.

Best regards,


Posted by JohnQ on 05/17/15 at 01:34 PM | #

I really liked that Cranberries song. Now I will be haunted when I hear it. Can I get some encouragement, please? “The Devil’s in the Details” This is a truism but most times when I read detailed accounts of the murder I want to scream you “Mother F@#%&* to those vermin who did this atrocity. As I stated before, I am a Christian but I cannot always adhere to my Faith and unfortunately, am not a stellar example to follow-to my chagrin. Am I the only one who still swears to himself? Maybe I should get some counseling from SeekingUnderstanding?
PS-I am speaking somewhat tongue in cheek but not totally.

Posted by Vinnie on 05/18/15 at 03:15 AM | #

Believe me I have sworn to myself under my breath over this heartlessly cruel crime…and the audacity afterwards, heaping on the cruelty remorselessly. It does take one’s breath away at times.
At times it is very healthy to feel and express anger. To oneself, - in fact necessary. It’s just wrong to take it out on others.
All the best - it’s hard for all of us who prize justice…

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 05/18/15 at 04:48 PM | #

Channeled anger can be a healthy thing provided it is used to never forget or forgive these two sub human beings. Never forget, Never forgive, and never stop.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/18/15 at 05:12 PM | #

When we learn to direct our anger, - into improving things, and correcting things, - it becomes a force for good and can add great clarity.
It is natural to feel great anger at injustice, and inhumanity - the inhumane treatment of others, behaviour that shames the human condition.

It’s more difficult to know what we can do about such things…but we each do our best, whatever that is.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 05/18/15 at 08:09 PM | #
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