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A Shaky Castle Of Cards At Best: The Long-Term Fight For Legitimacy #2

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RS and AK in New York a while back, the last time that they actually met

Gloom and doom have been dissipating for over a month now in Italy among those most invested in a just outcome, for the reasons given in this immediate-post-verdict post.

Note that the defense camps really want and need that legitimacy. They know the perverse judgment is not the end of the road. They have clamped down hard on what RS and AK can say.

In the Italian legal community the Fifth Chambers are getting some scathing commentary for their strange law and dismissiveness of the facts of the case which Cardiol in the post below this one once again underlined.

The Fifth Chambers’ sentencing report should be red meat, very tough for the hapless judges to write and a target from Day One and, under a new law in Italy which already overturned several Cassation verdicts, a very likely candidate for a legal suit.

The two book trials should slowly strip the emperors bare (remember those books are still very unread, even by many who read this site, and neither are in Italian yet), and could cost Knox more time inside and both of them fines and civil suits.

The psychologist SeekingUnderstanding has posted several times on how untreated troubled psychology rarely simply gets better with time. RS’s startling new crack at AK shows he has no inner calm, Knox’s delay in wedding plans and her incessant anger and vagueness maybe too.

Neither seem to have the big bucks they will need for their legal teams going forward, or the promise of successful careers. Sollecito still hasnt worked a day in his life and his preferred software area never sees successful entrants at his age. Knox’s only known area of interest - paid writing - is a fast-shrinking field.

Several tough books are already in the works. And the media loves conspiracy theories and hoaxes, and as all the real conspiracies and hoaxes have been on the defenses’ side, trends will also be against RS and AK there.

The only safe bets are that there will be various surprise happenings in the next six months - and that we’d rather be in our camp than in theirs.


You mention that Knox’s only known interest - paid writing - is a shrinking field.  While this is true, the job trends are really the least of the reasons why someone would employ her as a writer.  Here are 10 really good reasons for any potential bosses to avoid considering Knox, especially for writing:

(1) Knox’s only ‘‘major’’ accomplishment is that novel, Waiting to be Heard, which she needed a ghost-writer to complete.  The writing was still of very poor quality, and sales tanked.

(2) Knox’s only ‘‘major’’ accomplishment is essentially a blood-money book, which would make anyone weary of getting involved with her again.  The stink doesn’t go away.

(3) Knox’s only ‘‘major’’ accomplishment has landed her in additional troubles.  Both for false accusations (calunnia), and for sliming others. Huge red flags.

(4) Knox’s only ‘‘well known’’ piece written prior to being arrested is her rape story, Baby Brother.

(5) Knox’s other ‘‘acts’’ of creative writing have caused nightmares for other people.  Lumumba comes to mind.

(6) Related to #5, Knox’s writings have shown that she has no integrity as an author or writer.  Makes it hard to land any real assignments.

(7) Knox has also demonstrated a nasty streak when it comes to her writings, which would put off any editor.  See the December 2013 Nencini email.

(8) Knox has also demonstrated a total unwillingness to take any responsibility for anything.  She frames her dealer, Federico Martini, then Patrick, then blames the police ‘‘brutality’’ for it.  Finally she and RS try to blame it all on Guede.  She skips her own appeals, and refuses to pay court ordered damages.

(9) A lot of the ‘‘truthful’’ stuff that Knox writes is complete B.S.  See this gem from 6 months ago.

(10) Any employers ANYWHERE should be weary of hiring Knox because: i) charged and convicted of theft (rent money, cellphones); ii) landed one employer in jail (Lumumba); iii) lined another up to be sued (HarperCollins); iv) quit another after 1 day (Bundestag in Germany).

Seriously, who would take the risk hiring her?  The U.S. and Canada have many talented writers, and I don’t know of a single one that has this level of baggage.

It is not just that it is a shrinking field, but that she has thoroughly poisoned her entry into the field.

Her Seattle gig covering creative arts works is probably about as high as Knox will ever go as a writer.

Regarding Sollecito: most able bodied 31 year old men work for a living.  It is not like he is a stay-at-home parent, or severely disabled.  Sad, Francesco will likely be supporting Raffy until he dies.  Then, Vanessa looking after him maybe?!  It really is long overdue that he stopped being a ‘‘kid’‘.  Heck, Rudy Guede was a ‘‘man’’ when he was only 20.

Posted by Chimera on 05/05/15 at 03:19 PM | #


So true and hence so sad. Writing is not putting words into a sentence and putting sentences in a paragraph. Writing is about telling a story, captivating the attention of a reader.

To write a story, one need to imagine a coherent sequence and put them into words. That needs intellectual maturity: conviction and consistency are two parts of the process. You also take responsibility for your conviction.

She could not even cook up a nice convincing story in her own defence. And she needed a ghost writer to tell her own story.

It is not really difficult but you need to invest your heart, mind and soul into it. That is essential to pass the exam.

She does not have a passion. It is just a day job.

Posted by chami on 05/05/15 at 04:04 PM | #

I haven’t posted for a long time the reason being that I was so disgusted and angry that obviously the fix was in and pressure had been brought to bare to whitewash and find these two murderers not guilty. (Which is not the same as innocent by the way) However, I have a prediction grounded in hope of course.

Given Knox psychological profile, which anyone reading this site over time knows about since it has been discussed many times. I predict that Knox will go down mentally and end up doing nothing but go back on drugs even if she isn’t already. People will dismiss her silly little girl comments about plays and anything else since her scribblings have no basis in intelligence.

Sure her supporters read and support what she writes. That small bunch of people who live in close proximity blinded by only those fact they perceive while dismissing anything else. But I predict that Knox will end up being nothing. She was nothing before and will be always and forever be nothing.

Perhaps though, one of these days in order to keep alive her view in the public eye she will admit to what she did and in that there is the dilemma because to admit her part in the killing will bring a host of vilification down upon her head but to remain silent will ensure total anonymity.

Time keeps on going forward of course and for Knox and Sollecito there is no escape because just like the Casey Anthony or other notorious killers the court of public opinion will crucify them both in the end. Sollecito in particular since his family is in Italy. For me it can’t come soon enough.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/05/15 at 04:16 PM | #

This is a very well written article and great comments as always. I hope to see more like this as the months and years go by as follow ups. I’m pretty sure that RS is going back to prison soon from now in addition to being a permanently unemployable second-class citizen. His career is finished either way.

AK could be convicted of obstruction of justice in her upcoming trial. In addition to the substantial fines, that is an extraditable offense and she very well could do 5-10 back in the pen. With her, even if she is not extradited, she will never gain any kind of full-time professional career. Many of us don’t even believe that she graduated and was, most likely, expelled from the UW. No companies hire infamous convicted felons who beat murder raps on technicalities et al. OJ and Casey Anthony are two living examples of that. Once she gets ditched by her latest boy toy and the blood money donations stop coming in, she’ll have no choice but to turn back to a life of crime. Then she will get arrested and incarcerated once again.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 05/06/15 at 12:54 AM | #

Encouraging post and great comments. Chimera reminds future employers of Knox about the havoc she created for her earlier employers, and that she was convicted of theft of money. A position of trust for her? doubt it.

@Grahame Rhodes, yes Knox has substance abuse issues, probably her musician fiancé does, too. She’ll continue to struggle with this, although she has probably been able to drop some of her anti-anxiety meds since the March verdict. Her anxiety lo these many years has been not from guilt but from fear of punishment. 

Wow, the KPopstars article (see link in above post underlined: “RS’s startling new crack”), this article has awfully virulent comments of the lowest taste possible—FOA style. The arguments for guilt in the comments are clear headed as usual, followed by a volley of vitriol. They’ll never change, the Knox supporters.

But the main quote from RS in the story by KPopstars is that he doesn’t want to be linked with Knox anymore at all, he wants to be seen as the guy who faced so many challenges and powered through. Not a direct quote but he implies he has survived, he has become the hero of his own life. Now he wants to get on with his life, sans Knox.

He says he might want to travel to Japan or work on games or maybe hang with his girlfriend.

He certainly seems to speak of his girlfriend with bland indifference. She should kick him to the curb pronto but she’s probably co-dependent. Maybe she’s necessary to him as a stand-in for his mom.

If he goes to Japan the land of Manga, maybe he can create violent manga video games. They’re right up his ally. Katana swords, karate, kickboxing and Sailor Moon. He is rushing off to find another trouble. Knox will do same. Moths to the flame, they can’t help themselves. Knox was in Japan before Perugia. Maybe he is on a pilgrimage to sites of former lover, trying to outdo her travels. It’s probably mostly about Manga and Ronin and feudal Japanese stuff, a return to fantasy.

This time dad may say, don’t call us we’ll call you, Sayonara baby.

It’s only a hop, skip and a jump from Japan to Seattle, sail west by going East. Typical Raffaele, master of disguise.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/06/15 at 03:20 AM | #

AK spotted today in DC:


She’s probably meeting Robert Barnett to beg for more money/new book deal and lawyers in D.C. prior to her new trial for her WTBH book etc. on June 9th.

Round two is go! 😊

Posted by Johnny Yen on 05/06/15 at 03:31 AM | #

While I firmly believe that HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster made serious mistakes publishing those ‘‘memoirs’‘, and yes they ignored warning signs, I don’t believe the 2 firms should be destroyed financially for it.  Punished, yes, but not destroyed.  Knox and Sollecito probably couldn’t care less.

@Johnny Yen - That would be a most interesting way to solve your problems: Get a new book deal to pay for the civil and criminal trials resulting from your last book deal.  A new form of Ponzi scheme?




@Hopeful - You may be right about Sollecito and Japan.  Remember, after Knox publicly said she wanted to visit Meredith’s grave, Sollecito ‘‘one-upped’’ her by saying he already did.  He has also been photographed in 2014 visiting the house where Meredith died.

Yes, Raffy wants to be seen as the one who endured, but that narrative shatters easily. He is the one who:

i) Fingered Knox when confronted with a lie;
ii) Let his Dad and Sister Vanessa do the leg work getting him out;
iii) Let Francesco pay his legal bills;
iv) Cowardly refused to testify in court;
v) ‘‘Co-authored’’ that book then let his father clean up the mess;
vi) Vacationed in the Carribean while his father attended his appeal;
vii) Again refused to testify in court
viii) Presumably still supported by his father

This should be interesting.  Also, one wonders what Guede’s lawyer, Biscotti, will come up with, since he now has a gold mine to work with.

Posted by Chimera on 05/06/15 at 06:38 AM | #

Knox and Sollecito are very well suited, both of them being attention seeking narcissistic big heads without any talent or intelligence to support their deluded views of themselves.  This combination always leads to disaster.

The high flying careers they dream of will never materialise, the fame and fortune likewise, and they will be left facing the reality of nonentity once the infamy has worn off.  In many ways, prison would be the better option for them, keeping them in the headlights for a little longer.

Posted by MHILL4 on 05/06/15 at 05:09 PM | #

Here is a new pro-justice kindle book written by best-selling author Nick van der Leek:

“DOUBT: The Meredith Kercher Murder Mystery”


Posted by Johnny Yen on 05/07/15 at 09:29 PM | #

@ Johnny Yen - thanks for your heads-up re Nick Van Der Leek’s “DOUBT….”

I’ve just selectively-searched his current text. It’s still a work in progress. (Copyrighted 2014, but updated enough to refer to the status of Jody Arias as of April 2015)

Nick emphasizes the theoretical nature of his book, and invites readers to e-mail him re editorial suggestions. His current version does contain traces of cut-and-paste, and proof-reading problems.

Some Factual Issues are unclear: e.g. The reader would not know that when Knox’s phone received Lumumba’s you’re-not-needed message, her phone was in a place different from that when she replied to Lumumba; it is also not clear that Nick knew.

Nick also seems to buy into the water-spill story, and is apparently not aware that TJMK is such a reliable source, nor is in touch with Peter Quennell.

The Fog of Obfuscation created by Amanda Knox’s hired P.R. company is hard to penetrate.

Nick has a playful touch, and it is sometimes not clear whether he is serious or joking. Here are some places worthy of editing;

- Typos ? Kindle Locations 4886, 5038, 5044,

- Proof-Reading? Kindle Locations 4926

- Implausable or mistaken? Kindle Locations 5001, 5014, 5043, 5095, 5103.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 05/08/15 at 11:39 AM | #

Hi Cardiol and Johnny

Great find. Great points. Van der Leek is tough-minded and professional and not snowed. The couple of one-star reviews really snarl. He could have benefited by reading here - other authors are in touch.

While I buy Kindle versions of books almost all the time, I convert them to “txt” format before I even start to read. That way I can read and search them in MS Word or (my preference) WordPerfect.

The conversion program is Caliber which is a free download here:


To help it find the new Kindle downloads I open them first for 2-3 seconds in Windows Kindle. From download to txt takes less than a minute. There are many other formats too.

Caliber has been a godsend for posting book-quotes on TJMK in the past. There will soon be many more, a lot of work goes on now behind the scenes for the book trials coming up.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/08/15 at 03:12 PM | #
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