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Sollecito Lawyers Threaten To Sue If Guede Tells Any Lies; Dont Hold Your Breath…

Posted by Peter Quennell

Bongiorno goes overboard at end of Nencini appeal; Italy laughs

Way to ensure high ratings? Now Bongiorno threatens to sue RAI if the interview propagates any “lies”.

Sources here and here. Good luck! If she DOES sue (dont put any money on that regardless of what Guede says) the Fifth Chambers report will not be her friend and she surely knows.

She hasnt commented publicly on that report though Sollecito has been very sulky of late. She still talks as if the March verdict is the only one that stands.

At other times there have been such threats to sue. None ever happened there. Examples:

  • Bongiorno didnt sue Aviello for saying she had been offering bribes to his cellmates in exchange for their testimony to help RS despite a threat.

  • Bongiorno didnt sue Lifetime TV as threatened for the movie about Knox - the RS character barely appears, maybe that was her beef - despite a threat.

    And Mignini’s case against Maori will really put Bongiorno and Maori in a bind, if Guede doesnt do damage enough.


    Hmmm. Oggi is reporting very partially against Guede there. Not the whole truth. Oggi’s own trial for jubilantly quoting defamations by Knox starts on Friday a few miles north-east of Milan.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/20/16 at 05:27 PM | #

    Of course what else would you expect from Bongiorno? The bitch is after covering her ass after all. The usual threats of course, which is indicative of Guede getting beaten up in jail.

    The synchronicity here is so obvious. Never stop though. I am sure that sometime in the future the forces of evil (Moore/Fischer etc:) will once more get around to trying to close this web site. Yes I remember full well that they tried that several years ago but we are still here championing for justice for Meredith, not only that but we will never stop.

    As an example I once posted on Knox blog “Beware the silence.” which elicited threats to me personally. It’s nice to know when you hit a nerve.

    Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/20/16 at 08:30 PM | #

    What happens if Guede says AK and RS murdererd MK and Bongiorno doesn’t sue Rai?

    Posted by Smacker on 01/20/16 at 09:33 PM | #

    Hi Smacker

    Thought on 10,000 Italian lawyers’ minds! Many would like her to take a fall, she is a sleazy operator at best and seemingly had a hand in bending both the Hellmann and Fifth Chambers courts. Plus she’s a bully, using her political privileges to bully those in law enforcement as she did Nencini and Mignini.

    I think she might file and try to create a little scorched earth for a year or two. Its worth recalling that she was ferocious in bending things Sollecito’s way - but she didnt accept to defend his book and has signed up for nothing else. 

    And we will be taking potshots from offshore at both her and RS and Marasca and Bruno and she can do nothing about that.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/20/16 at 10:00 PM | #

    Grahame Rhodes

    Knox was always pointed to more strongly by Guede than Sollecito - in fact Sollecito pointed at Knox time and again, more strongly than Guede ever did.

    So what reaction do you see if anything in the Knox camp (from which we are told all of them with a hint of a brain are all gone)?

    Knox is seriously off-putting with her humorless me-me-me and wears out her welcomes very fast to the surprise/shock of those who labored so much.

    Those like Fischer and Sforza hoping to snuggle up were rudely beaten off with a stick. If there’s still a “camp” I guess it is down to one tent.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/21/16 at 12:25 AM | #

    If the program doesn’t air then everyone knows Guede named RS as a murderer. If it does air then Guede never said anything about RS at this time.

    Either way Bongiorno/Maori/RS look panicked and desperate to have the situation below the general radar by jumping in so quickly with legal threats. It’s not a measured response and attempts to muzzle the media won’t be well received in the UK for one.

    What if Guede uses quotes from the motivation report which are damning of RS/AK, I can’t see any comeback then?

    Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/21/16 at 01:00 AM | #

    The TV station RAI has played this perfectly. Now everyone following this case in the entire world really wants to see the upcoming Rudy Guede TV Show! And RAI is in the Italian show business and they have access to Italian lawyers all the time, so they won’t get sued. They produced the show, got it reviewed by their attorneys and then baited Knifeboy with the previews.

    He then swallowed it all hook, line and sinker and he had a seizure. Most likely, he had to be physically restrained by his father at least two others. Then when he calmed down he got in his new fancy car and sped across town to Godmother Bongiorno’s. Then he yelled at the top of his lungs: “WE ARE GOING TO SUE THEM AND YOU ARE GOING TO TELL THEM NOW!” And just as RAI fully expected, she wrote that letter threatening to sue. Remember he threatened to file exact same lawsuits just last year. So after they got it, they turned it over to Oggi and KABOOM!

    Now the story about that letter and the upcoming Rudy Guede TV Show is on the cover of 70 Italian newspapers and it’s also in many foreign papers as well. The threat to sue is also a confession to the murder of Meredith Kercher by Raffaele Sollecito and gives Rudy Guede a huge public grant of credibility so now everyone who watches this show will totally believe him!

    Great work Sollecito and Bongiorno! Thank you for the free publicity and authentication of the show before it even happens! Priceless! 😊

    Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/21/16 at 07:11 AM | #

    Big snowstorm coming and stockmarket turbulence will keep me in Manhattan today (and at home next 2 days ha ha!)

    Nice if you Johnny or anyone could post any news on this today out of Italy. Getting the video and/or transcript might take a day or two.

    There could also be some reporting on the Oggi case which impacts Knox because it is the first part of her book to be widely put about in Italian.

    Still no Knox reaction to Guede reported - in fact, still no US reporting of any kind on this in the US media except for the nimble Liz Houle in The Examiner.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/21/16 at 03:47 PM | #

    What time is it scheduled to air in Europe?

    Posted by Deathfish on 01/21/16 at 04:04 PM | #

    The interview is scheduled for 9.05 pm Rome time.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/21/16 at 05:14 PM | #

    Of course Knox, living in her dream world of denial, will laugh this off as being inconsequential.  Very good because when the axe falls, and it will, it will carry more weight than otherwise.

    After her current boyfriend victim gets to see the truth then he too will run for it and she will be on her own since she has disowned her family anyway.(They always knew she was guilty, particularly Edda)

    The only one left is grandma Huff who when she dies Knox will have nobody at all.

    My hope is at the very least, that Knox will end up as a filthy hopeless drunk bag-lady rolling tricks for quarters in order to feed her habit.

    Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/21/16 at 06:02 PM | #

    Thank you Peter, that’s 3:05 am my time..  I will try and catch it on my wifi streaming gizmo.

    Posted by Deathfish on 01/21/16 at 06:13 PM | #

    I agree with what Grahame says above, it will be water off a ducks back to someone as evil as Knox but I don’t care, if Guede ‘coughs’ it will be out there and there will be nothing she can do about it.

    Posted by Deathfish on 01/21/16 at 06:17 PM | #

    YouTube has a subtitles button. Within the viewing window - settings button. Just unsure of accuracy.

    Posted by DavidB on 01/21/16 at 07:08 PM | #

    @Graham Rhodes

    “After her current boyfriend victim gets to see the truth…”

    Lol, as they say. And what an overgrown, spoilt and annoying little pea-brain adolescent he is. Not unlike his predecessor.

    Both richly deserve their ultimate fates. There are no passes in life for rank stupidity.

    Posted by Odysseus on 01/21/16 at 07:37 PM | #

    @Johnny Yen, so true, so true. RAI and Guede sprung a trap and a mouse fell right into it. The mouse that roared long time ago about a guy he’d supposedly never met, “I fear he may invent strange things…” Bongiorno roared back, revealed her client’s fear.

    Raf said he was nowhere near a crime. Problem was, Raf’s girlfriend couldn’t vouch for him. She couldn’t recall where she was either.

    Rudy perhaps legally could theorize, hypothesize who besides himself MIGHT have been at the murder scene with him, and what happened to Meredith. He could suggest possibilities…hmmmm…only possibilities. But he was there, so who can argue with him?

    Goodness knows he’s had years to think about it. Court said he was there.

    He could write a screenplay about college kids named Maria and Fonzi who dabbled in drugs.

    A screenplay:


    One night Fonzi found his girlfriend wearing M’s earrings and trying on her jeans. Wearing her bra. Maria was laughing behind M’s back, dancing around in her boots. She was mocking her roommate.

    She whispered to Fonzi, I’ve taken her rent money. That’ll show her how far scholarship$$ goes. They don’t tip well at La Chick. I got expenses.

    Suddenly the door opens. M returns from vanilla flavored party among quiet friends to find Fonzi and Maria high on Ecstasy, coke and vodka. M can’t breathe, too much smoke in the room. Maria is wearing fingerless gloves and drinking.

    What’s going on here?! screams M.

    Where’s the stuff I had drying on the rack? Why’s it all over the floor. You stepped on it. Why are you wearing Molly’s makeup and glasses, did you play on her bed? This place is a wreck.

    What have you two been doing on my bed?

    Have you been in my bedroom!!! aarggghhh

    Put on some clothes, Maria. You’re always parading around here half naked.

    Hey, are those my jeans? what the freak, are you wearing my stuff? How dare you. Give them back right now.

    This is ridiculous. Drugs, booze, you slam the door every night at 3 a.m. when you come home from the bar. Molly has complained. She has to work. You don’t care about anybody around here except yourself.

    And always trading your men. These guys are going to rob us blind. I didn’t sign up for this.

    Molly’s got your mom’s contact number, I’m going to call her if you’ve taken my stuff.

    I think you took my jewelry two weeks ago but I didn’t say anything. I thought we were friends.

    And your coke binge last week, when you came over here in middle of night making noise for hours then left again, two nights in a row, we didn’t sleep, you’re not who we thought you were. You’re a fake, you’re not a serious student.

    You’re going to get Laura and Molly and all of us in trouble. I’ve had enough.

    I’ve got to study, please shut up and party elsewhere tonight.

    Don’t you live over at Fonzi’s now? We never know where you are, and please tell Rudy to go and never allow him back here.

    Silenzi told me about him. He’s bad news.

    Rudy told Silenzi a lot of stuff, he was bragging to him and to the guys downstairs about how he’s so tough.

    And Silenzi said you were coming on to him, but he shut you down. Some friend you are…

    does Fonzi know how close you are with Rudy? for drugs? that’s sick

    Your boyfriend, is that what you call Fonzi? Fonzi looks pretty wasted. Gee, Maria, classy.

    M. goes into bedroom.

    You dared mess up my bedroom, you weren’t even allowed in here! I can’t believe this. You’ve broken my stuff, my books, ruined my textbooks, you’ve torn out pages, why?? What else have you taken? Omigosh, my money. Where’s my money???

    Two weeks ago you told me you were stealing liquor from Patrick and overcharging for drinks, keeping the extra, he’d never miss it, I warned you to stop.

    Nobody trusts you anymore. You stole 2 of Silenzi’s plants, did you smoke them? He’ll be mad at me.

    I was going to tell my dad and brothers, but if you don’t give back my money right now I’m calling the police. Right now, I mean it.

    Forget about coming to London with me this Christmas, we’re through.

    Maria: No wait, wait, you’ve got it all wrong, maybe Rudy’s got your money, hold on, don’t do anything stupid. We’ll get it straight. 

    Guede laughs and kicks back on kitchen bench, grabs some juice, keeps smoking his hash. Fonzi gets nervous, paces but stoned.

    M: Get out of here, you don’t live here!(to Guede, who’s making barking sounds).

    Oh he’s our guest, be polite. Why you such a buzzkill?

    M, zip it… 

    We didn’t take your money, we were just making pizza, slice the mushrooms Fonz.

    I’m telling Laura about this tomorrow, and Molly, you’re making life hell around here, you’re a thief, start looking for a new roommate fast you drugged up tart.

    What did you call me?

    Grabbing her phone, M. runs to her bedroom, begins to make calls. Door slam.

    A few seconds later they kick it, yelling
    “here’s your money”. M lets them in, extremely angry, but she faces a knife in a jealous hand. She slaps out starting a nosebleed. Fight begins.

    Maria yells to her guy friends for help, the wolfpack circles.

            —The End—

    Later Rudy paints himself as the helper. He said he’ll sue anyone who calls him a murderer, although courts declare him one.

    Yet he still hides behind cloak of uncertainty, his threadbare garment.

    As long as others were there as Supreme Court states, Rudy can always claim they used the knife and he didn’t. He points out his DNA is not on the knife. He used towels, he held the dying. He claims he never killed Meredith. This may save his reputation.

    Why won’t he say who did the killing then? For fear of being sued or fear of worse? Fear he’ll lose a once promised income from a medical clinic. How nice being near a free prescription every week, and for his friends a lifetime of help. Maybe send money to dad Roger, reconcile.

    Is this why Fonzi writes books reminding certain people of his honour, that he will stick to his word, he will pay his debts. Yes, the honourable Fonzi will reward Guede. A car, new clothes, a trip to Dominican Republic.

    At least Fonzi’s family could pay Guede’s lawyers, good ole Biscotti. Walter Walter, the check is in the mail.

    Posted by Hopeful on 01/21/16 at 09:07 PM | #

    LEGAL CHALLENGE TO KNOX AND SOLLECITO ACQUITTAL? My review and much else right now at

    Posted by Ergon on 01/21/16 at 09:27 PM | #

    Hopeful’s chilling scenario in the box above is worth a close look.

    Alternative scenarios have been much used by futurists as a way to spiral in to a likely hard truth. Some very good perceptions and planning can result.

    These are our previous scenario posts here:


    The broadcast is now under way. Do follow Ergon’s link for a real-time summary, and a video link. Andrea Vogt has tweeted these:

    Andrea Vogt ‏@andreavogt 7m7 minutes ago Italy
    Guede says “yes, I kissed meredith” also talking in detail about 1st meeting w/ #Amandaknox #storiemaledette

    Andrea Vogt ‏@andreavogt 17m17 minutes ago Italy
    #storiemaledette guede Intvu pumped w/sentimental music, external images & experts. Any hard questions Leosini? Why not in court?

    Andrea Vogt ‏@andreavogt 23m23 minutes ago Italy
    Guede: “manipulation & instrumentalization” of Milan incident. No criminal case, no heavy drugs, no theft, he says. #storiemaledette

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/21/16 at 11:07 PM | #

    He did say he’s 101% sure he heard Amanda Knox.

    In earlier interviews hinted at having a connection with her, so recognizes her.

    So he just accused her of the murder. Cool. Let’s see what he says about Sollecito.

    Posted by Ergon on 01/21/16 at 11:14 PM | #

    Saw a male figure similar to Sollecito.

    Posted by Ergon on 01/21/16 at 11:16 PM | #

    Andrea at 21:45 our time: “Guede points finger at #amandaknox, but lets #raffaelesollecito off the hook. Such a predictable, convenient stance.

    Yes but it does raise the stakes somewhat.

    Posted by James Higham on 01/21/16 at 11:46 PM | #

    Right, James. Andrea Vogt’s tweets somewhat surprise me also.

    Guede’s team offered to testify fully in 2009 for some leniency but was told: no deal.

    Then he was badly beaten up in prison and then he was framed by Alessi, both still mysterious and threatening events.

    Guede did somewhat opaquely and very nervously point to Knox and Sollecito in 2011 in front of Hellmann (Hellmann was chastized by the Supreme Court for not pursuing Aviello’s charges of bribes offered for giving RS a break).

    And everybody close to the case knows of Sollecito’s unsavory connections - he drew attention to them himself in 2013. Staying alive surely was Job #1.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 12:05 AM | #

    This is from Hennessy at Ergon’s website, he was watching the interview live and posted main points.

    Now after the break Rudy will tell how he first met Meredith. He says the only incidence of break-in was when a south-african guy opened to him the door to a kindergarten in Milan, so it wasn’t really a break-in but somebody let him in and he had bought a used PC which resulted to be stolen in a lawyer’s office when the police checked in on the day of the kindergarten incident. The knife wasn’t in his backpack but on the table and police put it in his bag thinking it was among the items of his bag

    He did have a key (I thought it was from a woman teacher) and I guess it could be true that the knife was on the table. The principal did not press charges.

    However, he was put on trial in Milan for possession of stolen property, and awarded a thee-year sentence. That is still on appeal.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 12:09 AM | #

    Think Andrea’s prime concern is Meredith and how justice has not been done.

    This by Guede is a bit convenient, seriously, but clearly he had reasons. Perhaps the show would not have gone to air.

    But with at least her name in the mix again, this might encourage those in the judiciary to think about action.

    Posted by James Higham on 01/22/16 at 12:11 AM | #

    Guede was the only one of the three put in handcuffs, and the only one of the three put in the defendants cage in the Perugia courtroom.

    Paul Russell wrote the excellent book Darkness Descending and he included this description of Guede:

    Now Paul has tweeted as follows:

    #storiemaledette #rudyguede asking for review of sentence. Both interviewee and interviewer risking libel case. Cat among the pigeons.

    Two takeways from this:

    1) There was a real legal concern, and my guess is they were concerned not at crossing Bongiorno but crossing a final decision of the Supreme Court. In most countries Supreme Court outcomes can be denounced, but in Italy there are legal powers to stop anyone doing this (actually to stop the mafias and crooked politicians doing this). Not that people wont try now.

    2) This will play out over some months with both the courts and the media renewing their digging and Knox and Sollecito trying to think of convincing comebacks.

    So Paul is right. A cat among the pigeons indeed.


    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 01:08 AM | #

    Guede wasn’t expected to say anything drastically different. So what did he expect to gain?


    “Interesting interview, and it was pre-recorded, to answer Conte’s question. Of course Guede was deeply involved in Meredith’s murder, and he’s not ever going to jeopardize his parole. He also has the threat of deportation once he’s out, with the Sollecito’s long reach.

    Before people get too disappointed in the interview, he never was going to confess and tell the whole truth. He would never be able to get his conviction overturned. So, ask yourself why he granted it in the first place. What did he have to gain? The answer might illumine.

    I believe this is one step in a broad, over arching effort to review the Marasca ruling.

    It’s not what he said, but that he said it which gives me hope. More to come.”

    Posted by Ergon on 01/22/16 at 01:35 AM | #


    “With respect to the Kercher family, now is the best time to file a civil suit against the two other perpetrators of the murder of Meredith.

    Your lawyer may also file a request to the president of the CSM, Sergio Mattarella, for a review of the Marasca decision. It is allowable in law and there are procedures in place for this. Public interest in the case has awakened, thanks to Guede’s interview.

    Yes, he was restricted by his position from saying too much. Yes, he repeated himself, but he also repeated his implication of Knox and Sollecito for the news and Italian public.

    You are respected in Italy as the dignified parents, brothers and sisters of Meredith who have waited for justice for so long.

    A statement from you at this time would carry so much weight with public opinion and the media.



    Posted by Ergon on 01/22/16 at 01:39 AM | #

    Andrea Vogt does sound disillusioned but I think many people hoped Guede would say that he was there, part of the murder and committed a sex act on Meredith.

    It is ‘Sleeping with the Devil’ to listen to Guede’s version and find a route through to justice for Meredith but that’s the route right now. He has apparently firmly accused AK of being there, also RS as knowing what happened, and backed this by quoting the Fifth Chambers and pointing to media clips which show RS caught out lying.

    Let’s see what AK/RS will make of this.  Bongiorno/Maori will possibly make a move but they will be going against a large Italian public opinion and aware that RS lies, as shown on RAI, will be backed up by the book trials. Conundrum for them - escape with the reputations they have left at this time or see themselves discredited by continuing support for RS?

    Good stuff to come as the RS team have already sown the seeds for an accusation to fall fully on AK. Guede is obviously going to have an eye to his own safety in the midst of this - he’s fairly well protected as any ‘untoward accidents’ will receive media coverage and reflect badly on the Sollecitos.

    RS showed his colours when he flaunted mafia connections but I don’t think he will be allowed to pull them into a media glare, he’s more likely to be discounted as collateral damage. ‘Honour’ means protecting the organisation, which is bigger than any individual/s, perhaps RS missed that lesson because he was too busy watching bestiality porn, dreaming of slicing up a woman and taking his drugs of choice.

    Hope you’re well stocked up, Pete, reports sound dramatic on storm front, keep warm, keep safe.

    Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/22/16 at 03:31 AM | #

    Ergon, I do agree as to where the power is.

    The legal positions of RS and AK have been weak since Mignini filed his suit and the Fifth Committee filed its report. Now it is out in the open.

    RS is blustering, but Bongiorno did not take on his book case, and he scraped the bottom of the barrel for a lawyer for that one and will do so here.

    In fact everybody (and there are dozens)(maybe even Bruce Fischer now!) who feels defamed and exploited and abused by AK or RS could pile on the legal action.

    Much of our posting coming up will be devoted to assembling the ammo in neat piles - we know more than any lawyer in Italy because for so long the PR including the two books flew below the Italian radar.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 03:33 AM | #

    Just seen your post Ergon, ‘you are respected in Italy as the dignified parents, brothers and sister of Meredith who have waited for justice for so long’. Beautiful. It’s easy to get caught up in the wrangling and lose sight of the genuine anguish and suffering of an ordinary, everyday family overcome by tragedy. I’ll try never to do that again.

    Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/22/16 at 03:52 AM | #

    Rudy has not backed down. He says he heard Amanda’s voice at the door. He has not been quite so bold identifying Raffaele, but if Amanda was there and Rudy saw an Italian male who looked like Raffaele, he wants us to put two and two together.

    Rudy says Meredith has never received justice, meaning her killers have not been punished.

    Posted by Hopeful on 01/22/16 at 04:33 AM | #

    Guede’s problem - his lawyers problem - seems to me to be one of how to cross over a chasm without disappearing down to the bottom of it.

    I dont think Guede is in any way psychopathic and he does not harbor the mental image of Meredith being tortured and dying slowly easily. I think his sadness as expressed to the family was genuine.

    I think that like Sollecito he did not realize he had signed up for murder, although Sollecito introduced the knives and maybe the cocaine and the fantasizing about torture so he sure sowed some seeds for it.

    So on one side of the chasm is today’s Guede, the one who was invited in by Meredith and was with her and this explains the DNA and some other things. Big fail and Micheli and Massei both got angry at this and made that clear in their trial reports. But there he still is for now.

    On the other side of the chasm is the real Guede, the one who really WAS part of the pack attack, but barely knew Meredith, was maybe set up, was probably drugged like the others, and never saw the fatal stab by Amanda coming.

    My guess is he COULD come to cross the chasm but only as part of a process, and I never expected to see it today. It will take some weeks or months yet.

    The process would lead to primary blame being laid at Knox’s feet, and the Supreme Court, and the US Embassy and State Department would have to be made more focused on the real details (not Steve Moore’s and Heavey’s) than they have been.

    Guede (under Biscotti’s smart guidance) has gone all-out to point to Knox but has left wiggle-room for Sollecito here. His attempt is to create a wedge. Sollecito has time & again separated from Knox, often angrily, and he seemed close to the “split to end all splits” in the year between Nencini and Marasca.

    I agree with all that Ergon wrote above to the Kerchers except only that I think a benign process maybe started today and their prospects of a successful legal process carrying most Italians and Brits and Americans along though good already should keep improving.

    When the suits start I’d sue first Knox, leader of a parade of dangerous nasties, which RS & Guede arent, and also the Italian government for not protecting Meredith - some Italians have told us they would welcome this.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 05:33 AM | #

    Thank you Hopeful. That is quite an accurate and horrifying scenario, indeed. I have no doubt that it all went down very much like that.

    The Western press is slowly picking this up with stories in the Daily Mail (with a link back to Liz Houle’s Examiner article), The Mirror (very distorted pro-Knox blurb) and Germany’s Die Welt which is the most balanced with some minor mistakes. I ran it through google translate and it seems fairly accurate according to all else that I have read about this Guede interview. You can see it here:

    So that is OK news I guess. The Daily Mail article here:

    has some annoying photos and videos of Knox and rat face Knifeboy, but the comments section is pretty much all anti-Knox, anti-Sollecito and anti-Guede. People know the truth now and they’ve had enough of the PR and lies. The blood money is gone now and the truth is coming out more everyday. They can’t stop it. So now is the time for the Kerchers to file the wrongful death lawsuits against Knox and Sollecito. With that last motivations report, putting all three at murder scene when it happened, they will easily win a successful judgement and substantial damages without a doubt.

    Take care Pete here comes Winter Storm Jonas!

    Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/22/16 at 08:43 AM | #

    Hello everyone

    I have read the reports of G’s interview in Italian, but my Italian is not very good!

    However, my biggest impressions are:

    a) he is being extremely careful and ultra cautious, and has been carefully tutored for this.

    b) he is trying to be consistent with himself, and also, as would be in keeping with his character, not to lose face.

    c) he wants almost desperately to say more than he knows he can - either legally, or for his own safety - and is reaching out hoping people ‘out there’ will hear his unsaid message.

    d)he is doing is level best to grow up, and make sense of how he got to where he did, and to learn from it, and try and move forward. It is very hard indeed.

    e) he is still shocked at what happened.

    Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 01/22/16 at 01:27 PM | #

    Hi Seeking Understanding

    I agree with that, especially c).  He’s in a corner and he can’t see a safe way out. Are they allowed psychotherapist visits in Italian jails? I’m sure it would help!

    Once again, with the coverage of Rudy’s interview, we are confronted with the sorry state of journalism in the U.K. and the U.S.  Generally mainstream media are either not covering it at all or are heavily slanting the coverage to focus on sensational “blood and gore” aspects (e.g. the writing on the wall) while leaving out what is most newsworthy - for example Rudy is now “101%” certain he saw Knox at the house. They are called “the gutter press” for a reason - and falling circulations have apparently made them even more   determined to maintain this reputation.

    It seems that editors and their lap-dog hacks have long since made up their minds on what their position will be on the case and,  once Knox and Sollecito were acquitted,  this has seemingly been set in stone. In addition,  the threats of slander charges from Sollecito’s camp to RAI doubtless haven’t fallen on deaf ears elsewhere in medialand legal departments.

    What are they for exactly? If they aren’t copy/pasting Press Releases, or running scared of litigation, or slanting coverage in exchange for access, etc., what is their purpose? It’s not “news” reportage that’s for sure.

    Posted by Odysseus on 01/22/16 at 01:51 PM | #

    Quite agree, Odysseus…I have been very downhearted lately re news coverage of many things - things that are vital to the health of our culture and society too.
    They’re so careless and sensationalist, generally, even the so called highbrow papers - I don’t think they are any more.
    So very disappointing.

    I’m off until Sunday at the earliest, but am usually not far away!

    Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 01/22/16 at 01:57 PM | #

    Hi Odysseus and SeekingUnderstanding

    Yes, it is an escalation of The Shrill. It seems in all ways a terrible state of affairs but maybe the media’s lack of objectivity is actually its Achilles Heel?

    While the Daily Mail reports as Odysseus says, its own readers in the Comments mostly mistrust it - and believe Guede and mistrust Knox.

    At first glance the Italian media reporting today looks very good, and of course Guede was given the opportunity by the STATE OWNED network RAI to get his explanation across.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 02:33 PM | #

    Now headlined on the Sky News website:
    ” Dying Kercher tried to tell me something”
    -not much an article however but interesting Sky have chosen it as their leader.

    Posted by Deathfish on 01/22/16 at 02:57 PM | #

    They threw the case out in Florence because the judges ruled her accusations against the police about being hit where judged not slanderous?

    Am I missing something? When did this happen?
    Have I been away too long?

    Posted by Deathfish on 01/22/16 at 03:10 PM | #

    Right - it probably is their Achilles Heel Pete. They should take note of the views in their comments section! It’s obvious I suppose - the comments are from online readers who will have come to their own conclusions from a variety of sources, including TJMK. Gone are the days when newspapers could hope to mould opinion.

    They probably aren’t savvy enough to realise they are getting this instant negative feedback so their readership will continue to free fall.(Inshallah).

    Posted by Odysseus on 01/22/16 at 03:14 PM | #

    I don’t speak Italian and I haven’t read any transcript of the interview but apparently he claims she invited him in and on that basis I find it unbelievable that someone who had ‘been invited in’ by a beautiful young woman would go to the toilet and, on returning, partly help her but would still run away after finding her in such a state. Surely this doesn’t add up.

    Posted by DavidB on 01/22/16 at 04:13 PM | #

    Hi DavidB

    Yes that “invited in” has been his mantra all along. It has been denounced by Meredith’s family and her friends and by us. It has never been accepted by any court, though Massei came up with a tangled version of it (Guede was not on trial in his court so he could not rebutt).

    But see my hypothesis on Guede crossing the chasm above. My guess is that he could make the leap but some things in parallel need to happen first. Above all he needs to be safe and to know RS and AK cant hit back.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 04:34 PM | #


    Posted by Odysseus on 01/22/16 at 04:46 PM | #

    NBC NEWS: Amanda Knox Was at Scene of Murder: Convicted Killer Rudy Guede

    and tweeted by the Today Show:

    Even though Guede did not tell the whole truth in his interview, that one headline right there has condemned Amanda Knox for the rest of her life. Forevermore. Amen. May she now rest in peace.

    Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/22/16 at 04:49 PM | #

    New York Daily News:

    Rudy Guede, man convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher, insists Amanda Knox was at murder scene in new interview: I’m ‘101%’ sure

    Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/22/16 at 05:26 PM | #

    Time Magazine:

    Amanda Knox Was at Scene of Murder Says Killer

    Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/22/16 at 05:47 PM | #

    No word from Knox yet (right?) Sollecito is reported as being very angry and threatening to sue Guede.

    Other related news is that Guede’s lawyers Biscotti & Gentile left him after the broadcast, saying that was all they could do for him.

    This looks prearranged, after they did a terrific job setting him up precisely on the lines the Fifth Chambers finally settled for.

    These are some points from one of our best case-watchers in Italy which help explain how Sollecito had his back put against a wall.

    I saw a Rudy Guede that was calm, confident in what he was saying. That did not change his original story, but just added it to it to make himself more credible or to cast doubts on Sollecito’s and Knox’s story.

    He puts Knox there with a 110 percent certainty, but he also puts Sollecito there by using the Bruno motivation report.

    The couple of times he shows anger it is toward Sollecito not Knox. After a clip showing Sollecito speaking about Rudy, he says “Seems to me a person that opens his mouth to waste his breath. A person with no common sense.”

    Later after another clip with Sollecito saying “Only Rudy can say what happened” he replies “I can say the same thing about him”.

    He also says “Why don’t they ask them who their accomplices were, you can’t just pick and choose from the [Marasca-Bruno] Motivation Report what you like, you have to look at the whole thing, and the Motivation Report puts them there.”

    He says that when he left the scene of the crime Meredith was completely dressed and her room was in order.

    Also that the room [Filomena’s] where the break-in was staged was also in order. After Knox and the shadowy masculine figure ran away, he ran to that room to look out the window and it was in order.

    That last bit fits precisely with the conclusion of Judge Micheli

    Sollecito really is not very bright, that was very obvious when he was lost on US TV. He may not realise yet that he has a MOUNTAIN of baggage, and the Supreme Court took away his cheese. In coming weeks a lot of dots will be connected here.

    Will Bongiorno take such a suit?

    I dont see it. She knows the Fifth Chambers report was bad news. She didnt choose to defend his haywire book. Mignini already has a deadly suit against Maori. And Sollecito’s Perugia “lawyer” a family friend may not even have a license in law.

    But apart from that…. sue away!!

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 09:26 PM | #

    Italian media reports that Guede’s lawyers Valter Biscotti e Nicodemo Gentile have dropped Guede as a client.

    He’d informed them of the interview, but clearly they weren’t present to advise him. Looks like they weren’t happy, so kudos to him for going ahead any way.

    And before the usual suspects crow about this, didn’t Bongiorno drop out of defending Sollecito for his book?

    Posted by Ergon on 01/22/16 at 09:54 PM | #

    “guermantes wrote:
    Sollecito’s lawyers announce Sollecito’s intention to take legal action against Rudy Guede after the RAI interview:

    Raffaele Sollecito ‘will launch an action for damages’ after the interview of Rudy Guede in Rai3. Said today lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, one of the defenders of the engineer from Puglia. “I consider it very serious and unprecedented – said Bongiorno – a failure to comply with a judgment that has now definitively ascertained the absolute innocence of Raffaele Sollecito. Arrived at the end of a long legal ordeal, made even harder by media amplification / intervention.”

    For the lawyer, “there is a limit to the entertainment factor of legal proceedings.” And this time, concluded the lawyer Bongiorno – “it has been reached” [i.e., Rudy Guede has overstepped the mark.]

    “Guede hopes for a revision [of his sentence]? Yes, but [only] for the worse because justice has been soft on him inflicting only 16 years for a crime as awful as the murder of Meredith Kercher”, are the comments of the other lawyer of Raffaele Sollecito, Luca Maori.


    hahaha. Can’t the gang not shoot straight? They want to open the case NOW? Drop Raff into the soup he just escaped?

    She might add this though “after I’ve finished suing Aviello”

    Posted by Ergon on 01/22/16 at 09:59 PM | #

    Hahaha indeed. See the email I quote above which says no way Guede did such an act on his own, his lawyers helped a lot.

    Oh and “definitively ascertained the absolute innocence…”  Bongiorno you silly hothead READ THE REPORT.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/22/16 at 10:02 PM | #


    Does Nancy Grace have this? I have been watching CNN all day and so far nothing. The news is all about the storm. Still I wait in hopes.
    As to the bitch Bongniorno? Well what else would you expect since the hysterical harridan has to cover her ass. Nothing on Knox blog either but I expect they will try by just ignoring it. Wait for the usual excrement from Moore/Fischer and the rest of the goon squad though.

    Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/22/16 at 10:56 PM | #

    According to the TV & culture section of La Stampa,
    last night’s show with Rudy Guede was a triumph for Franca Leosini, with an viewership of 1,459,000 viewers and a 5.32% audience share.

    Posted by Ergon on 01/23/16 at 12:05 AM | #

    The interview can be watched in its entirety here

    Or on the YouTube below, assuming it remains online.

    Started watching it. He comes across as soft spoken and honest. Except where his body language shows he’s being evasive.

    <iframe width=“640” height=“360” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Posted by Ergon on 01/23/16 at 02:44 AM | #

    I will probably get a lot of flak for writing this but, it needs to be said:

    (1) How is this any different than Sollecito’s ‘‘press conference’’ on July 1, 2014?  He and Bongiorno, made the notice, that RS, after 7 years, now wasn’t sure AK was with him.

    RS was roasted on this site for being a coward and still talking in riddles and lies, and being selectively truthful.  Guede now does the same.  He will accuse AK, but won’t admit his own involvement.

    (2) Remember, Knife Boy quoted Nencini in saying that evidence against him was stronger, and that ‘‘the court had found’’ Knox lied about her whereabouts.

    Now Guede uses the 5th Chambers report.  He won’t speak openly, but hides behind B/M.

    (3) Pete mentions that Guede got ‘‘smart advice’’ from Biscotti, in how he went about things.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.  Wrong.

    Guede’s sentence was set years ago.  What I wanted, and I think everyone here wanted was a full and undistorted account.  No lies, no omissions.  I don’t want a ‘‘lawyer advised’’ public accusation of AK/RS.  I want the truth.

    (4) This is just a rehash of earlier statements.  It is not about giving the Kerchers closure, but ‘‘revenge’’ for AK/RS getting off. 

    (5) If this really is about ‘‘influencing the appeal’’ for his 3 year sentence for possessing stolen property, he could not have picked a cheaper and more tasteless way of doing it.  Biscotti should be ashamed.

    (6) Guede clearly had no intention of coming clean, and I doubt he ever will (just like RS’s press conference, and AK’s best truths).

    (7) It has been suggested that Guede’s offer to testify in 2009 was turned down since Mignini/Comodi had enough.

    I think it more likely that M/C knew that Guede would not be truthful, and hence calling him would jeopardise the case against AK/RS.  Mignini doesn’t seem like the type to subborn perjury.

    (8) It has been 8+ years, and Guede still won’t tell the truth.  Aside from PR and book deals, he is no better than AK/RS.

    Maybe I am alone, but this ‘‘interview’’ was a total waste of time.  Yes, I mean every word of this.

    At least 1 of the 3 sick freaks will get something of a jail term.

    Posted by Chimera on 01/23/16 at 09:32 AM | #

    Hi Chimera

    I think its too early for an apocalyptic judgement. Guede did not actually make himself look that good. His lawyers leaving him did not look that good. On top of his original sentence Milan handed him another three years.

    And he has let a dialectic loose and the legitimacy has moved from AK and RS. Whereas they were having a clean run of things, now they are both very seriously on the spot.

    This is how these situations time & again play out. Each wont ever just jump off a cliff but will happily push others off a cliff. The interview highlighted the force of the Supreme Court in pointing to the roles of RS and AK, and actually not letting them off in a way they had widely crowed (“innocence!”).

    Many thousands in Italy and the UK and US are now prompted to drop to that neither-fish-nor-fowl document, the guts of which the Italian and UK and US media so far totally ignored - it was quite a shock when Machiavelli first stumbled upon this:

    In turn that report wont any more be seen as the last word. Marasca and Bruno have shot their bolt, and will be heard from no more.

    The next step will be that both Guede (still Guede #1 to your frustration but hang on) AND the Supreme Court report will be moved beyond.

    We for example posted this, in Italian, and there is a movement in Italy to a similar highly critical look at the report by many more.

    The Kerchers for the first time have the full force of law and opinion at their backs and it is only going to grow.

    And Guede doesnt stand to just get off.  Where he finally ends up in the scheme of things was suggested in one of the comments above:

    Emails coming in from Italy are in line with this assessment above. Noted is that Guede said the man had a strong southern accent - and RS has that.

    Also noted is that Guede was offered a lot for an interview or book which could have set himself up for years and paid great lawyers - but here got no fee.

    But still. Over the cliff they will all go.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/23/16 at 11:06 AM | #

    Hi Grahame Rhodes

    “Does Nancy Grace have this? I have been watching CNN all day and so far nothing. The news is all about the storm. Still I wait in hopes.”

    We’re on it, though it might take a while to air. One of the producers and one of the very best pro-guilt regulars checked out a couple of things with us.

    But Job #1 has been to share with Italian media a lot of things and given language and distance issues that has taken some time.

    Grahame, you have your Knoxwatch job! Vital to us. Be in touch anyone else who would like to help.


    Wow. A ton of snow, and Manhattan has disappeared from my view. I hope it’s alright.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/23/16 at 12:09 PM | #

    Hmmmm, reading Chimera and Pete, plus the other posters, it does seem to me that “it’s out there now”. I noticed The Independent ran the headline that Guede says Knox 101% there - and that headline was near the top of the online edition.

    That is different to the Mail, which is sort of rightwing leaning and the Independent sort of left-leaning.  Reason I bring that in is that one readership tends to read DM, Telegraph, Times, Spectator and the other Huff Post, Guardian, Independent. It’s quite possible that one readership does not know what the other is doing.

    So if this news [Guede’s statement] has got out to at least those two, that’s most of Britain having read it. Not that it’s relevant to judicial proceedings in Italy what we do, except that moral support for the Kercher family and notice to the other side that this is not going to lie down and die is useful in its own way.

    I’m more upbeat about this and were I Knox, and to a lesser extent Sollecito, I’d be more than a little worried as there are proceedings coming up.

    It’s always stunned me that 1st Chambers lay down and took what 5th Chambers had said and written, without comment.  I did read Pete saying they could not legally comment but they could make moves within the judiciary, should something else come up.

    Does this qualify as something else coming up?

    Posted by James Higham on 01/23/16 at 12:28 PM | #

    Hi James

    We heard the First Chambers guys roasted the Fifth Chambers guys plenty in the corridors!

    The Fifth Chambers normally never handles murders and it shows. It only got there because of a petition from Bongiorno which should have been thrown out. And nobody in law in Italy seems under the illusion that incandescent truth was what they were about.

    Mulling of legal options has been happening but to mention any one is to make it a frontrunner and thus a target. Bongiorno will try to rough up anyone who goes public. For several years signalling in advance by prosecutors and those impugned has been less-so. Still, Guede does seem to have helped re-ignite a dialectic.


    Very interesting about the divide along those lines of the UK papers. I assumed instantly that Knox PR had got to the Daily Mail; then someone on Ergon’s forum said they might have been legally cautioned (both could have happened).

    The Independent (Andrew Gumbel and Peter Popham wrote for them) and the Guardian (there was an editor there cozy with Marriott who is now with the BBC) over the years have been most pro-Knox/anti-Italy/anti-justice.  The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph pretty opportunistic. The Times is best but behind a paywall.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/23/16 at 04:24 PM | #

    Hennesy on Ergon’s forum has been doing very useful translation & commentary on the interview.

    He has posted this correction to some of the coverage.

    I see that not everyone agrees with me that Rudy blamed Sollecito as well. Andrea Vogt reported that Rudy let Sollecito off-the-hook and Barbie Nadeau repeated this in her Daily Beast article. I see that most news outlets in Italy are only picking up Amanda accusation.

    This is completely untrue. Rudy says he wasn’t able to identify this male 8 years ago because:

    1. He didn’t know Sollecito at the time
    2. He didn’t get a chance to see this guy’s face, it was a dramatic situation and this guy was moving the knife he had in his hands
    3. The way this guy spoke sounded like Sollecito
    4. When asked directly who this guy was, Rudy’s answer is clear: “at the time, I wasn’t able to get an idea of who he was, but in 8 years, I got an idea, and if you read the SC report, it clearly says that they were there” At this point Leosini says: “you are saying it too Rudy”
    5. In another instance, in response to Sollecito remark “Rudy knows what happened that night” Rudy says “Sollecito knows what happened that night”
    6.Minute 1.20.28, question “So Rudy, who are the others?” Rudy: “The SC report on the case for Knox and Sollecito clearly says that they were there…so this question should be referred to them and not to me, especially to Knox at this point…” Rudy now confronted with the fact that the two are acquitted, he gets nervous and says: “The SC report says Knox was there therefore Sollecito was there too, this is said by the Cassation, not me”

    I don’t think this is exactly letting-off-the-hook. I see that Macchiavelli agrees with me from his tweets.

    Another post of his:

    I am not trained in body language however this is my impression of this interview:

    The part where Rudy tell his fairy-tale story about Meredith getting assaulted and killed in 10 minutes while he is in the bathroom is a lie.
    He keeps looking down and lacks eye contact with Leosini for a good part of these minutes… But of course we knew that…

    The part where he says Amanda was there and that he left the crime scene in a totally different state seems more sincere. He raises his head, his voice and also gets nervous, as if he is fed up of having to tell the same story over and over without people believing him…

    The part where he shows remorse for Maredith’s agony, seems sincere but not as dramatic as it should feel…

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/23/16 at 04:42 PM | #

    OK, if there really is going to be a law suit against Rudy Guede and RAI, then Raffaele Sollecito will have to take the witness stand and talk about the night of November 1, 2007. And all of that could very well become new evidence and reopen the murder case against him and Amanda Knox. Bring it on Knifeboy! You miserably fail at life, everyday, every hour and every second. Pathetic waste.

    Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/23/16 at 07:42 PM | #

    Hennesy has done a fine job of analyzing the interview.

    I’m disappointed with Nadeau’s piece.  Comes across as hurried.  Guede in bathroom for 10 mins?  I’ve never bought this.  Going to someone’s house to get laid for the 1st time; you’re excited; things get underway and there’s a pause; you have to go; but 10 mins?

    If Nadeau had qualified the sequence with the row over the money it would have made more sense.  Guede goes to bathroom > doorbell > Knox > start of row over stolen money > Guede in bathroom > decides to stay for 10 mins to avoid the confrontation and maybe hoping for Knox to leave before coming out—then maybe it’s plausible.

    But then there’s the headphones.  If there’s something significant going on, i.e. a major dispute, wtf are you doing zoned out on the headset? Meredith’s scream provokes a reaction.

    Pete’s “other chasm” is more likely with Guede part of the attack.  I think he panicked when Knox delivered the fatal blow, ran to bathroom in fear, sprinted from the apt.  Drug fueled.  Went to disco.  Confused.  Headed for Germany…

    Posted by whatswisdom on 01/23/16 at 08:48 PM | #

    Agreed - Hennessy has it right. Guede did not let Sollecito off.

    This is all very positive because if they sue, they’re in trouble. If they don’t, then it’s still out there and might embolden a lot of people.

    And the SC is going to be quoted far more, Knox is back in the public eye. Perhaps not everyone is as interested as we are outside of Italy but within Italy, the interview is sure to have made a splash.

    With this focus on Knox, I’d have to admit I’d like to see her nailed and if Sollecito follows, good.  But she seems the instigator and the ringleader here.

    Posted by James Higham on 01/23/16 at 11:25 PM | #

    Excellent point by whatswisdom. We will be concentrating a post on that whole area.

    If we link to all we have posted and all the official documents it will be clear why NO-ONE takes Guede’s version of his role as truthful. The Kercher’s lawyer Maresca has now rejected it as he did many time before.

    At the same time Guede seems to be out ahead on the RS and AK roles. He was smart to put the September findings of the Fifth Panel out there. Bongiorno for one is still misleadingly quoting the March outcome which was wound back.

    The RS team has reason to splutter because they had made progress with Italian PR to the point at least that most think RS did not lead the attack and may not have bought into Knox stabbing Meredith. He’s pretty well said that for 8 years and his reactions in early days really roasted Knox.

    The Knox team has now come out with its own,  very weak reaction. Knox herself in her 5-6 November statements concretely put herself at the scene of the crime so what could they say but that Guede is a liar (and Knox isnt?!)

    However, Ghirga explained, this is proceduraly irrelevant, the usual lies that Rudy has always said and he’s so famous as the king of liars. We will, if the contents are harmful as we imagine, picture them for Amanda and we will act accordingly.”

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/24/16 at 01:48 AM | #

    I still believe that Sollecito is the weak like and liable to fold. Knox of course has her head up the ass of her own delusion and is probably puzzled that she is unable to convince only a small few as to her innocence. My hope for her is nothing good. Perhaps she’ll end up under a bridge with the other wretches of humanity.

    Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/24/16 at 02:01 AM | #

    I’d like to know what the people from Viterbo said during the interview - any translations?

    Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/24/16 at 03:10 AM | #

    Hi, Peter, thanks, yes, Hennesy’s summary of the Guede interview is excellent. There will be a longer one coming up soon. We’re also downloading the video and looking for volunteers to do the translations so we can add sub titles.

    One correction: it never was “Ergon’s forum”, it is Michael’s that he set up with the assistance of a great team, way before my time. I’m just a volunteer for a great cause. At present, I am co-administrator, with Nell, and guermantes as moderator. We’re running NET in Michael’s absence, don’t know when he’ll be back. Have to address this due to Bruce Fischer’s ill mannered sniping at Michael from the Injustice In Perugia forum. For the record.

    Posted by Ergon on 01/24/16 at 03:16 AM | #

    Hi YorkshireLass

    Yes, coming. We should know by when tomorrow.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/24/16 at 03:20 AM | #

    Hm Injustice in Perugia. I would like to injustice up Bruce Fischers nose.

    Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/24/16 at 04:23 AM | #

    Thanks Pete.
    What sort of time scale is anticipated for a law suit to be lodged, or until it can be reasonably assumed that none is forthcoming?

    Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/24/16 at 04:51 AM | #

    Hi YorkshireLass

    Sorry, which suit? So many now. AK must feel proud… The AK and RS suits if they are filed will be filed fast because their purpose is to chill.

    I dont see it though. Knox herself already said she was there, and the Fifth Chambers did point to both of them.

    Bongiorno is still parroting the MARCH outcome of the court and ignorant of or deliberately misleading on the SEPTEMBER outcome which Guede clearly knew.

    Fine lawyers have already looked at all that Guede said, and he has correctly reflected the September outcome, so they tell us: no safe grounds there.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/24/16 at 01:47 PM | #

    Bongiorno, Maori and RS are really in a melting pot, aren’t they. To sue or not to sue - both fraught with possibilities. They might do better to consider the future interviews Guede will be giving and what thorny little issues he can throw in, such as the Aviello question raised above. He strikes me as a dangerous adversary who, by biding his time, has a wealth of ammunition to draw on and I suspect he’s highly intelligent.

    Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/24/16 at 07:08 PM | #

    Update: there are now 298 world wide news articles in google news related to Rudy Guede’s interview about Amanda Knox being at the murder scene. Rudy Guede holds all the power now and there is absolutely nothing that Bonnie & Clyde can do to stop him without incriminating themselves even further.

    Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/24/16 at 07:40 PM | #

    Which is why following their usual method they will try to ignore it.

    Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/24/16 at 07:46 PM | #

    Just heard back from Eric Paroissien and he’s offered to do the Guede interview translation and subtitles, so good news.

    Posted by Ergon on 01/24/16 at 09:40 PM | #

    Johnny Yen and Grahame Rhodes

    Well done! Might you possibly divide up who is carrying what version? Is there anyone who is getting it exceptionally wrong or right?

    We can show them up. I just posted this to Corpusvile and JohnQ on the PMG dot Net site:

    Be encouraged. Our experience is that with very few exceptions I could list REPORTERS BACK DOWN or go quiet if their work is publicly taken apart on the lines JohnQ does above.

    The Machine did a number of very effective posts on these lines before departing for his Twitter campaign.

    Best example (and quite a surprise) was the very powerful Colleen Barry (carried on up to 2000 sites; Andrea & Barbie are usually each carried on only one) really changing her tune after this post.

    Ready when you are dear Corpus & JohnQ.

    Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/24/16 at 10:48 PM | #


    Yes, you are right, they are still pushing each other off the cliff—and that act is already extremely old.  It has been old since 2009.

    I guess Guede actually being a man and telling the full truth is too much to ask—even though his sentence was finalized in 2010.

    Guede’s ‘‘version’’ or ‘‘position’’ just changes to accomodate new information against him, just like AK/RS.

    (to Guede) Yes, Stabby Girl set something gruesome in motion.  Yes, Knife Boy and Stabby Girl tried to pin it all on you.  That was 8 years ago.  Get over it.

    Instead we have another RS, talking in riddles and half truths.

    We criticise Knox for lying to the press again and again, but so do the ‘‘legal teams’’ of Biscotti/Gentile and Bongiorno/Maori and Dalla Vedova/Ghirga.  Time and time again they shade the truth, omit, distort, and tell whoppers.  It may be their ‘‘job’‘, but they are just as dishonest as their scumbag clients.

    Kind of kicks that ‘‘truth and justice for all’’ slogan in the butt, especially when the right to lie is firmly entrenched.

    Meredith’s killers (all 3 of them), really have gotten away with murder.

    As for H/Z and B/M, forced retirement is an insult.  If they were turned, then they are accomplices after the fact.

    Posted by Chimera on 01/25/16 at 04:24 AM | #

    This item has attracted the most comments of any post in years on TJMK. Indicative of the excitement we all felt at the (admittedly slim) chance that Guede might finally blow the lid off the whole thing.

    I am an optimist by nature and I still retain my hopes of some kind of justice emerging from the morass of lies and self interest spewed forth by all three of Meredith’s killers.

    Take a bow Chimera for easily the clearest and truest summation in both of her posts of what Guede actually did during this travesty of an interview. Spot on my friend, there’s not a word or thought out of place in what you have written.

    Our best hope remains that this has been useful only to bring things back into the public domain and to annoy the two who got away. I don’t think they’ll sue him either. No way will they risk proper cross examination in court where he might crack and tell the truth for once. It’s all bluster and nonsense.

    Posted by davidmulhern on 01/25/16 at 05:54 PM | #
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