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Reports That On Italian TV Thursday Guede Will Claim Knox & Sollecito Initiated Attack, Caused Death

Posted by Peter Quennell

It seems the serial defamer Amanda Knox wins no love at all in Italy. As we posted 10 days ago:

A majority of Italians still believe that Amanda Knox led a cruel pack attack on Meredith and (to Guede’s and Sollecito’s seeming considerable shock) landed the fatal stab in Meredith’s neck.  They watched Knox on the stand for two days, in fact doing herself great harm.

Italian media are sure looking forward to Guede dropping her in it on national TV later this week. There are half a dozen reports.  This summary in English by Liz Houle just went online.

It is being reported on January 18, 2016 that Rudy Guede says that he is innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher. In a clear and concise manner, Guede states that there is no evidence of his DNA on the murder weapon or in the simulated break-in room. He goes on to say that he knew both Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox but was more familiar with Knox. “It was not me, but I’m the only condemned” maintains Guede.

Rudy Guede sat down in an interview on Italian television show Cursed Stories (Storie Maledette) and gave his unvarnished view of what happened. “It was not me. . . . ” pointing the finger back onto Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

In precise and coherent language Guede describes exactly what happened the night Meredith Kercher was tortured and left bleeding to death on that cold November night. Guede explains “. . .when I was found in the house of the crime I fled because I was afraid. No one would believe me. I thought: Negro found guilty found. The subsequent investigations, conducted “‹”‹badly, have shown that I was right.”

There’s also this. Actually CNN has blown hot and cold, with Paul Callan and Chris Cuomo and Erin Burnett and Nancy Grace all coming out anti-Knox.


Two things have left Guede ticked off recently and quite possibly ready to go where he has not gone before.

1) He was convicted in Milan of possessing stolen property and given three more years. He was hoping for day-release for study but this was the end of that.

2) He was angry at the March verdict and demanded a new trial; his lawyers rushed to close him down, apparently seeing another way to get an advantage (this?).

But as summarised so far this above is similar to the claim Guede made in writing at the Hellmann appeal - then, he was too nervous to speak out.

He had offered to testify fully at the RS & AK trial in 2009 but the prosecution (thinking they had enough) turned him down.

It was some time after that that Guede was mysteriously beaten up in his prison in Viterbo, and it took an attempt at a framing by a fellow prisoner Aviello to get him fired up and recover some of his nerve.

Then last March, he got fired up for a second time, at the first verdict from Marasca and Bruno, and demanded that new trial. RS lawyer Bongiorno did not seem to like the Supreme Court verdict and this arc could explain why.

What goes around comes around…

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/18/16 at 11:00 PM | #

Thank you for posting this great new update Peter. Yes, indeed, it is all coming back around now. And it will never stop. More than 70% of all Americans now know Amanda Knox is a killer & a rapist who got away with it, and the other 30% mostly don’t even know who she is at all.

She got away with it, but it will never get away from her and we are here to make sure that keeps on happening. Knox must exist outside of our world society as she is simply too dangerous to be inside of it. In due time, she will be escorted back into a prison cell probably in Washington State. 

With Rudy Guede’s upcoming multiple special episode TV appearances, Knox’s world wide public image will be forevermore decimated and her life will be finished forevermore even though she will be able to keep breathing. She may even lose her “job” at the West Seattle Sheep Herd or whatever it’s called. 😉 Sometimes even the best PR blood money can buy just isn’t enough. Thank you again.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/18/16 at 11:48 PM | #

The parts of the Motivation not widely reported will surely get an airing now, as it will be from this that Guede can draw key elements to support his claims. This should finally quash the “innocent” verdict lies.

I hope he does give a believable account of what happened that night and restates his accusation of AK/RS as the perpetrators of the murder. RS said after the March ruling he would pursue anyone who called him a murderer, what a dilemma for him - take Guede to court with all the attendant publicity, or lose face by skulking off into the shadows.

I know it’s not the right way to look at things but in PR terms Guede looks healthy, handsome, composed and intelligent in the picture above. What a reversal from 2007 when the “black, drug dealing, drifter” was pitted against the “white, attractive, young students”.

Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/19/16 at 01:55 AM | #

Sounds too good to be true, i think i’ll wait a few days before i get my hopes up.

Posted by Mark on 01/19/16 at 08:25 AM | #

The interview puts RS and AK and their lawyers on the spot and most interesting of all could be their reactions.

As YorkshireLass said above it should encourage closer attention in Italy to the Marasca-Bruno Report which was hardly fully helpful to the two of them.

If you are in Italy please share this with the media:

A search of the report for “Guede” throws up for example that Guede did mount the attack with others, M&B did not back down from that one.

FULL credibility for Guede will involve in part whether he again tries to explain his DNA on Meredith as other than a sex attack (or ignores it).

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/19/16 at 11:42 AM | #

I’m sick of interviews with the other two.  I hope Guede gets to the point and isn’t doing the interview to launch himself for some kind of fame.  Guede should only do an interview to tell the whole truth of what happened that night and nothing else.

Posted by DavidB on 01/19/16 at 04:57 PM | #

I’d take half a loaf here, not least because it will set things unpredictably in motion publicly again. Remember, between March and September the Kerchers did reap an advantage and RS and AK lost some (see below).

This interview will put RS and AK and their teams publicly on the spot (do they respond, or dont they?); and also the Fifth Chambers publicly on the spot in a way that (because of the rules) nobody in the justice system can do directly (Mignini did it indirectly via his very smart lawsuit against Maori).

Guede’s lawyers were almost certainly sitting in on the interview in line of sight with Guede and they seemingly arranged this as it flows from this initiative of Guede:

As James Raper and Machiavelli and Catnip showed in their analyses of the Fifth Chambers report, the judges actually pulled the cheese away from Knox and Sollecito between March and September to the extent that a wrongful death suit becomes something of a no-brainer. It also somewhat downgraded Guede’s culpability.

WHY did they move the cheese? Any suggestions? I’m seeing 4 possibilities:

1) Bruno simply got leaned on by the other 4 judges; it leaked early-on that Marasca was in the minority, but it would only take one cautious judge to have put him in the majority.

2) The CSM action blocking off the career path followed by Marasca and Bruno as political appointees of the Naples court, each with a cloud over them.

3) Mignini’s lawsuit against Maori which explained how the Fifth Chambers broke two laws back in March.

4) This threatened action by the Guede team.

From what we know of what Guede will say on TV he seems to be adjusting to the September Fifth Chambers report and trying now to use it to his advantage by at minimum placing him third in a hierarchy of three.

If that is as far as he goes it will not win him any reversal - his final sentence anyway is locked in stone.

But could in many eyes “build sympathy for the fall-guy”. Maybe put in play is the three-year sentence the Milan court imposed upon him; appeals for that are not done yet.

Also maybe an okay job in the long run - he has a degree now and reports say he is looking and talking better.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/19/16 at 05:52 PM | #

Guede’s team were always dealt a weak hand versus the other two.

1) Because of the imbalance of physical evidence in the room.

2) Because of (from mid 2008) the other two seeking a pact between them to nail him (which is why he took the short-form trial) and really roasting him via the PR.

3) Because there was a lot of defense testimony against him, much of it innuendo, at the RS and AK trial and appeals which (as neither he nor his lawyer were even there) they could not respond to.

But as Michael of PMF dot Net rather brilliantly showed the Guede team worked to get him some advantage.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/19/16 at 06:15 PM | #

I’ve always felt Guede was low man in the totem pole when it came to initiating the attack on Meredith. The psycho and her knife loving baby psycho lap dog lover were always the main players from everything that I’ve read thus far.

The excerpts from Liz Houle’s report strike me as just what I expected. It will be claimed by the Knoxen as an attempt by Guede and his lawyers to retrofit a story by cherry picking the parts of the motivation report that suit their agenda. As sure as eggs is eggs.

Peter, will there be any attempt to produce an English translation of the interview, or even a subtitled YouTube version, after it airs?

I’m still intrigued as to how much further Guede might go. Very little indeed is my guess but, as Peter says, better half a loaf. I’d be happy with a couple of slices to be honest.

Posted by davidmulhern on 01/19/16 at 06:22 PM | #

Wow! Is that Guede in the above photo? He has changed for the better! Evidently improved serenity and seriousness on his face compared to the bewildered frightened and shut-down guy of the trial. It honestly seems prison life has benefited him or relieved stress.

I heartily concur with every commenter above. It will be marvelous to hear from Guede after all this time. Oh, if only he will reveal all and finally do the right thing. Honesty is the best policy. I hope he can do it, can pay the price of truth and face the fallout if any to himself. It takes real courage.

I believe he really does long to study. I hope he can.

However, I have reservations about him. He’s still an emotional wreck due to his careless father and even worse mother and the early things he saw in Africa, then his dad locking him in closets and hitting him over the head with a stick until he bled, violence like this has to be vented, usually with copying the violence (which may have made him numb to what started with Meredith).

To Rudy’s credit, the Caporali family saw something valuable in him and showed him immense Italian kindness in a way Italians seem to amaze us all. Their gentleness and acceptance of him and long patience did some healing in him and restored a few of his hopes in life. Prison time may have allowed him to reflect on that, and realize what he lost, and determine not to fall back into destructive ways on his release.

I just hope for this interview especially that he doesn’t remain a pathological liar like Knox.

It would be good if Guede could see himself as the one person who, despite having fallen in with violent students on drugs like Knox and her fantasist lover, was a special person given the opportunity to warn the world and bring at least partial if only social or financial punishment to two dangerous nutters in prison for a crime they conceived, not him. Maybe he could redeem himself with the full truth.

No wonder Sollecito is running around all over southern Italy to do book signings and speak at clubs. He’s trying to persuade a lot of people of his innocence and victimhood before Guede drops the torpedo of truth about the real Raffaele, or the real Amanda. Either way whether Rudy highlights Knox’s actions at crimescene or the Italian man he has been loathe to implicate in times past, it will prove Raffaele is as big a liar as his former girlfriend.

Raf thinks it’s OK to lie if you have promised a loved one to do it to hide their sins. It’s honorable to lie so long as you’ve made a pledge to lie, or swore an oath to lie. To Raffaele it is a great honor to become an honourable liar for love’s sake, ha! as he likes to fool himself with believing.

His honor is to stick to his lies and protect Amanda. It doesn’t hurt that his miasma of lies also protects himself and his own family from the vile truth which would mean prison. Raf is in denial like he always was.

I hope Guede explodes both of the books written by his slippery co-conspirators. Guede has all too well-known accomplices in Meredith’s murder who have skated away and left him alone holding the bag. He’s no angel, he’s dangerous, too; but it was Knox who gave him access to the cottage through her foolishness on many levels. Meredith would have taken one look at a local unemployed male drug dealer like Guede and steered clear. Knox, as her own mother said, and her stepfather confirmed, could not read people well, nor fear danger, nor have good judgment (unlike Meredith). Knox did not show any natural caution like young idiots everywhere. As Raf said, she lived life as if in a dream, had no grasp of reality and it cost Meredith’s life and much suffering in Raf’s and Guede’s not to mention the hundreds of others affected by the murder.

I think in the end Guede may prove more intelligent than Amanda and Raffaele put together.

Rudy should write more poems and pen a book about his life and what he knew of Knox and Raffaele before and after the crime, and the years of estrangement from his Ivory Coast relatives, then his life with the Caporalis; everything that led to the tragic night in 2007, and how he is repairing his life.

He can start by exposing details of the crime that can be verified by real evidence, and that can explain facts which have been overlooked or things that remain a mystery, things about which the defendants have the benefit of the doubt. Please share the full picture, Guede. Expose things never brought out by investigation, please. Be humble and don’t dramatize or exaggerate, but tell the truth large or small. The pure truth.

The truth however terrible would satisfy the Kercher family better than lies and never knowing what really happened to their daughter.

They would appreciate knowing the full truth no matter how difficult to tell.

That brave act would set Guede free in his heart and he’d never have to lie again about the Perugia crime for the rest of his life. Unlike two other professional liars we know.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/19/16 at 06:26 PM | #

Although this is good news I’m not going to hold my breath. Far too many sleaze bags such as Moore and his mentally sick wife plus the other clowns, who for their own ends defended the indefensible are still around. However public opinion may this time around swing in the opposite direction. Let’s hope so.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/19/16 at 06:36 PM | #

Me neither.  I have gotten a much-needed lift from this, however.  I’m thinking the best response from Knox team is no response.  If they do, obviously it has to be “convicted murderer, no credibility” yada yada…  Would love to see this have meaningful impact on knife-boy in Italy.  Cards might really tumble then with knock on effect if knifey is pressured to face the media.  Very despondent this past year but forever hopeful.

Posted by whatswisdom on 01/19/16 at 07:18 PM | #

Yep! that’s my take as well Sollecito was always the weak link, winy little piece of excrement, and as anyone who has read this site over the last eight years knows, my opinion is that anything to take Knox down would be cause for celebration.
From time to time I read the crap that emanates from her blog. It is obvious that she is of the opinion that she is safe since she lives in a world of make believe. Fine!.... All the better because when her world comes crashing down the bitter truth will hit her smack in the face. Sure it may take years but we are patient and we are not going away.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/20/16 at 01:12 AM | #

In fairness to Guede, it’s very obvious that prison has been much kinder to him physically at least than freedom has been to either Knox or Sollecito. He looks a handsome, well turned out guy. The gruesome twosome have aged dreadfully.

I was reading a thread elsewhere and a Knox groupie was bringing up the old chestnut about Guede saying during his Skype call to a friend whilst he was in Germany that “Amanda wasn’t there”. They seem to see this as proof that she wasn’t, despite the large body of evidence to the contrary.

I’ve always thought his reason for saying this was simply that he still held a candle for Knox and hoped that, if they somehow made it through this mess without going to prison, she’d reward him as she had done with so, so many men before him.

Try telling that to a member of the Knoxen though and all you’ll hear is loud snorting and the pawing of hooves on the ground.

Posted by davidmulhern on 01/20/16 at 03:16 AM | #

I just want to remind everyone that Guide is a known liar and is looking out for himself. He lacks credibility and he is responsible for poor Meredith’s rape and partially responsible for her brutal murder and has spoken in half truths and obfuscations throughout this ordeal. Lest you forget, Meredith was subdued by 3 attackers. Yes, I do believe he will reveal certain facts concerning that fateful night and it does not matter how well he looks and talks now-I am in no way interested in his “life-story”. Time will tell if he is “remorseful” but do not expect much. Perhaps he will truly “repent” of his evil ways and if that is so we can possibly hear the “truth” from him. I am skeptical that he has reached this point and can only surmise that he and his team are taking calculated risks in order to redress his “grievances”. Perhaps,I am talking out of ignorance and time will tell if I have spoken hastily but Guide has had 8 years to come clean and all three of these perps have exhibited sociopathic behavior with a lack of sincerity or empathy or any sense of sorrow as to the pain and violence they have caused.

Posted by Vinnie on 01/20/16 at 08:24 AM | #

In calibrating the wickedness of Rudy Guede, I think Hopeful has got it right. He hasnt lied on anything remotely like the scale of RS and AK, and he has no book out, and no PR, and no defamatory groupies, and no defamation trials in the works.

At the same time, he has been lied against on a huge scale both in the courts and the media, to the extent that there is an entire book out calling him the “forgotten” killer who did it on his own and accepting Knox’s and Sollecito’s claims 100%.

He did offer to testify at the 2009 trial as mentioned above (though we dont know what it would have been), and did try to express regrets to the Kerchers, whereas the other two have headed movements to stalk them and make Meredith’s grave a trophy destination.

Attempts to prove Guede a drug dealer or serial burglar dismally failed at trial even though neither he nor his lawyers were there to rebut what was said.

He had a key to get into the Milan pre-school and so was never charged with that there, and the break-in at the lawyers office had to have been by two people with a car and looked like payback (or preparation) for some other case in court.

And hanging over him for years have been not-so-subtle threats and why two prisoners beat him up has never been explained - he refused to press charges and so was presumably more intent on getting out of jail alive.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/20/16 at 09:54 AM | #

A reasoned and well balanced summary Peter. On the hateful scale, Guede is well below his co murderers.

Doesn’t make him a good guy, he most certainly isn’t, but if I absolutely had to be stuck in a room with any of the three of them, Guede would be my least worst choice for sure.

Posted by davidmulhern on 01/20/16 at 02:44 PM | #

Although I would dearly like to see it - I doubt Guede will name names and point the finger squarely at Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito as the killers.

He has had eight years to do this but has always stopped short and not given any detail.
I hope I am wrong.

Posted by Deathfish on 01/20/16 at 04:05 PM | #

Hi Deathfish

Guede already pointed pretty firmly to Knox (as did Sollecito as well).

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/20/16 at 05:23 PM | #

I too think this is only a threat intended to silence. It won’t serve the lawyers or RS to put this case into court and under public scrutiny again. Guede isn’t flying alone, he has lawyers at his back who will certainly have anticipated this move and Guede will have been well coached for this first interview.

Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/20/16 at 05:44 PM | #

Hi YorkshireLass

Yeah this is Guede playing RKs and AKs old game - beaming messages out of prison by all possible means. Now if only Guede could attract his own personal MP…

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/20/16 at 07:27 PM | #

It’s about time Rudy got some air time. He is the most popular person in the room.  Once he airs his story, there should be no need for him to worry about retribution.  Said and done and recorded for history.

Posted by mylady007 on 01/20/16 at 09:14 PM | #

what can be done to Guede, can be done to two others too. Why do they asssume this road is one way road? Why isn’t Guede’s lawyer suing the two of them for saying in publicly that Guede was the only killer? That is a slander by the way too, and I hear it ALL the time, from the mouth from Amanda especially. I think if Guede’s lawyer is too busy and Guede can’t seem to be able to defend his case, then we other people should pay for him to hire a good lawyer and sue the two others, so he can say what ever he feels is the truth, as long as it’s been heard!Even I would like to donate something so that we would finally get the truth out in this case, and Meredith would get justice! He has NOBODY to defend him, or guide him to tell the truth about the two lawyered criminals!I have had enough of this BS! Now, who will open a fund me page for Guede ,like Sollecito did?

Posted by Poppins on 01/21/16 at 06:37 PM | #

Well well Peter, I’m looking forward to see the programme. Guede changed version more times in the past. Maybe this time is good for

Posted by Albi62 on 01/21/16 at 06:58 PM | #

OK Poppins. Just suppose that this time around Knox gets away with it again (perish the thought) However if that were to happen, and to everybody else on this site then don’t get discouraged we and Meredith will win in the end and true justice will prevail. Personally I am quite prepared to take this onward for as long as it takes

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/22/16 at 12:31 AM | #

It would be a great deal of work, but I wonder if anyone might consider translating Rudy’s interview into English? I’m dying to hear all he said, but unfortunately I don’t understand Italian.

Posted by devorah on 01/23/16 at 08:52 AM | #

Hi Sue Coombs

Even the Fifth Chambers concluded that Knox was there and Sollecito probably so. We’ve run numerous posts on the unraveling of the Lone Wolf hoax. It just wont fly.

At the same time theres plenty of proof on the site that Guede was involved. We dont ever deny that. For example, see here:

His DNA was not all over the place. There was none in Filomena’s room, little in Meredith’s room, none in one bathroom. There was more DNA of Knox and not in an innocent way.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/17/16 at 06:12 AM | #

Hi Sue Coombs

Paroting widely debunked claims suggests you have actually absorbed very little on this site.

There is no proof Guede was a burglar, so there is no MO, or for that matter proof he was a serial liar before the crime.

There is no proof that he broke in through Filomena’s window (no DNA or marks) instead of several much easier routes, before 9 oclock at night.

There is no proof that he knew there was any money in the house, whereas Knox did. And so on and forth.

Please research and email responses to the 36 questions in this post before we allow you back.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/18/16 at 03:13 PM | #
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