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Is Francesco Sollecito Forced Into Legal Aggression Anti-Guede Which Could Rebound?

Posted by Peter Quennell

Legal Development

Francesco Sollecito is being reported as denouncing Guede and initiating actions against him - and the Republic of Italy.

What must have looked to him nicely wound up by the Fifth Chambers at the end of March last year does seem to have a pesky tendency to become unwound.

It was unwound a bit by the continuance of Sollecito’s book trial in which RS lawyer Bongiorno refused to become involved. It was unwound a bit by the charges Dr Mignini requested against the RS lawyer Maori mid-year. It was unwound a bit by the Fifth Chambers with the poisoned sting at the end of its Report.

That Motavazione as phrased could open the way to a wrongful death suit against Sollecito (and Knox) or a petition to the President. A “guilty” verdict on the numerous false claims in Sollecito’s book could open the way to civil suits.

The petition was filed today at the Court of Appeal of Florence by their lawyers Giulia Bongiorno and Luca Maori. The lawyers decided to turn to the last trial court that dealt with the process. In particular, they demanded compensation of 516,000 Euros for the detention to which Sollecito was submitted from 6 November 2007 to 4 October 2011.

The computer engineer from Puglia has always proclaimed he was not involved in the murder and was finally acquitted along with Amanda Knox.  “I can not spend my life defending myself from something I have not done ...”: Raffaele Sollecito commented on the interview… 

He was followed by his father Francesco in transmitting a statement from their home in Puglia. “Raffaele is shocked and outraged,” said Francesco Sollecito. “I am also deeply outraged. I did not even sleep last night.” The father of Raffaele - finally acquitted for a murder he always proclaimed he was outside of - criticized in particular “Guede’s attitude towards the brutally murdered girl. Guede is refuted by the procedural documents, many of which are omitted in the interview. It was denied, among other things, by Raffaele’s friends that there was a random meeting with Meredith Kercher.”

“Guede still has to explain why he was in that house and why he went to the disco after finding the body. Let us remember, Francesco Sollecito empahsized again, that he is a person definitively convicted of murder. “

No mention at all of Knox? She was the one Guede really nailed, though Raffaele was pretty firmly placed at the crime scene too.

Last year, a bombastic Raffaele Sollecito had threatened to file a suit against Italy, but his father and lawyers had wound him back. Presumably because way, way, way too much could come out. “Take care about what you wish for.” “Let sleeping dogs lie.” “Discretion is the better part of valor.” Take your choice.

But such a suit is normal and expected. It would look suspicious if it was never filed. Now the Florence prosecution may get the chance to make the case in full the Fifth Chambers never heard.

Storms In The Past

Francesco Sollecito and Raffaele Sollecito and Vanessa Sollecito are all notorious for loosing their cool.

Francesco lost it here toward Raffaele, and especially here. Vanessa lost it here and again here. Everybody lost it toward Amanda Knox. Sollecito’s own book describes that rage.

And take a look. Despite supposed “honor bound” there are dozens of examples there.

Francesco Sollecito lost it after the Hellmann acquittal when Raffaele said he and Knox were still a thing, and again when RS took off to Seattle after Knox. He lost it again when a false felony claim in Sollecito’s book was unveiled on national TV.

Bongiorno also often seems in a rage. Hmmm. A group of people in a rage, and then things go too far. Where have we heard that before?


Lies lies lies… Outrage by Papa Doc.

But whereas we can count several dozen lies by Guede, we can count hundreds of lies by Sollecito, and over 1000 lies by Knox.

Stay tuned. All will be listed here to help along the trials coming up.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/26/16 at 04:39 AM | #

Obviously, the House of Sollecito is going through a living Hell with every breath they take and their grip on reality and sanity has now been permanently demolished by Rudy Guede’s TV interview. And no doubt the same has happened over at Camp Knox - there will never be any way for her to recover from this. Never. Some of the mother FOAKers have now started to crawl back to the internet and insult the Kercher family again. And some have jumped back to our side of true justice! They are all truly disgusting low life who should never have been born at all.

Anyway, this latest news update has now eclipsed all expectations and this has pushed this case onward and upward to biblical proportions. Sollecito may not go to prison, but litigating for damages means re-opening the entire case and re-investigating all the pre-trial statements, all the evidence, all trial statements, all witness testimony, all judgements, absolutely everything all over again! It will take years and in the end, he will get absolutely nothing because he has no alibi and he lied to the police.

Now the new sixty four thousand dollar question is what will Amanda Knox do? Will she sue Italy for wrongful imprisonment as well? Will both Bonnie & Clyde accuse each other for the murder of Meredith Kercher?

Will there be two (2) separate lawsuits that reopen the case of Meredith Kercher running at the same time? How much will the final motivations be mentioned in the mainstream worldwide news? How can Knox stop both Sollecito and Guede from talking to the press now? Tick tock!

And then the grand prize final question of them all, how much will these lawsuits influence the Kerchers and when will Maresca file the Kercher family’s wronful death lawsuits against Knox and Sollecito?! Can any information obtained from Sollecito’s new lawsuit be used in the Kercher’s lawsuits? This is all going to get very, very interesting very quickly I am sure.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 01/26/16 at 05:19 AM | #

Poor Amanda

Only six people answered her blog and that was day before yesterday. Her latest endeavor in schoolyard writing has received absolutely nothing in the way of response. This must be a crushing blow for someone who desperately needs the lime-light since she understands that she is less than nothing. Face it. at the very best she is third rate breeding stock just like the rest of her rotten family who enable the murdering b*tch to get away with it, at least for now. That will change of course.

On the other hand the wires are alive with condemnations as more and more people realize they have been fooled and taken in by her very expensive P/R scheme a la Gogarty Marriot who have gone very silent of late.

Yes Amanda there is a Santa ‘Clause’ in the form of public vilification it’s all coming unglued and there is nothing she can do to stop it. I wonder if she feels anything at all when she goes out and people look at her and know that she is a murdering liar who is going down soon.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/26/16 at 06:38 AM | #

Interesting that despite Guede saying absolutely nothing that he hasn’t said before, Papa Sollecito gets all bent out of shape and (maybe) launches legal proceedings. As Pete says, perhaps he thought it would look strange if he didn’t.

If these idiots had the sense they were born with, they would just ignore it and let it wither on the vine. It probably merely reinforces the notion that the Sollecito family is rotten to the core with narcissism and dodgy contacts.

I am personally delighted that Guede’s non revelations are having this effect. More of the same from the Knox camp would be ideal.

Well said Graham Rhodes. You may tend towards hyperbole on occasions my friend but your sentiments are spot on and felt by most of us on here I suspect. Yours is an important voice in all of this, no question about that.

Posted by davidmulhern on 01/27/16 at 12:46 AM | #

Sounds like bluster and temper tantrums to me -‘I did not even sleep last night’ - Francesco, really! The whining apple didn’t fall far from the tree then. And why is Francesco in this lawsuit at all? It’s RS’s hot potato and he’s a man. Also I’d be interested to know why the compensation suit has been raised at the same time, seems the Sollecito’s have anticipated expenses to off-set? Worth a shot if Francesco’s sleepless night on the phone to Canada/Dominican Republic didn’t meet with his expectations. You’re beginning to look like collateral damage RS.
And AK, she’s had it, nothing more to say. Grahame has pointed out the condemnation going in her direction.

Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/27/16 at 02:42 AM | #

Thank you David. As to my hyperbole. guilty as charged.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/27/16 at 04:56 AM | #

while I’m thinking about it, it becomes obvious that Papa Sollecito and the entire Sollecito family can’t take condemnation in any form at all. RS’s sister is a case in point. I’ll just bet that the Sollecito’s are going broke faster than a sailor on shore leave.

Papa Sollecito has an avid dislike for the Knox family. (Am understating here on purpose) He said once “If you hadn’t got mixed up with that b*tch Knox in the first place this would never have happened.”

The point being that if there is any way for the Sollecito family to swing total blame on Knox and figure out a way that RS while culpable was not the main instigator then they just might spill all the beans.

It might just take Guede to tip it enough that this could happen. lets hope so.

As to Knox herself money must be very tight and getting tighter.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/27/16 at 05:12 AM | #

Guede wasn’t believable, and he was offensive, but he also got Sollecito to do something very stupid: reopen the case in the public consciousness. 1.5 million Italian households watched the show. Now that Guede got him to threaten a lawsuit, and also, sue the state, I’m enjoying the scene to see what’s next.

The FOA are in a tizzy, with their cottage industry analysis reports by Karen Pruett being the latest on Ground Report and rewriting what he said in his Skype call; the Harry Rag imitator on Twitter @narryrag got it wrong. Her own link has Guede stating in his Skype call, “Amanda had nothing to do with it”, not “She was not there”.

And we all know Guede is a liar. Maybe people elsewhere might have sympathy for him, but not here I hope.

Posted by Ergon on 01/27/16 at 08:44 AM | #

Typing this in a rush but I don’t understand some things. Why have they filed a lawsuit, yes, it might look suspicious if they didn’t but that’s all it would be. Opening the case to an overhaul looks dangerous to RS so what could they have for ammunition? Could the Kerchers lawyer saying the interview was seen by the Kerchers and it was distasteful, have made them think that they won’t use the interview in any way to press a civil suit? or become involved in any action between RS/Guede? Add to that Guede’s lawyers walking out and seeming to leave him legally undefended have bolstered some hope that they can press a suit successfully because there won’t be any awkward legal interventions? Any thoughts anyone?

Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/27/16 at 05:17 PM | #

Hi YorkshireLass

A main point of the post is that things have been going south for them and that trend shows no sign of stopping.

A second main point of the post is that they have a history of lunging emotionally when all logic goes out the window.

A third main point is that the main suit (in Florence of all places!) is against the Republic of Italy. That looks like it will prove seriously dopey.

We dont even have confirmation that a suit against Guede was filed. I’d bet 10 to 1 that a suit against Guede wont be filed, ever, though it would be VERY good for our cause if it was filed.

That should make Guede jump the chasm regardless of his lawyer situation (he could find better ones). Then the true events of the night would be out there, naked in the spotlight.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/27/16 at 06:14 PM | #


If you come by it would be very helpful to get the latest thinking on group rages.

There is a lot of concern now in the US that there are too many groups - political and socio—economic - that pretty well subsist full-time in a group rage. They are constantly in the news here.

And that this rage is being associated with a high rate of EARLY DEATHS among them.


I dont know of even one person associated with us (and over 1000 are registered here, most at elevated socio-economic levels, and the vast majority have emailed about what drives them) who is rage-driven.

Dear Grahame of course rattles the cages but that is not the same thing. He is definitely one of the cool guys and his exchanges with the FBI over the Knox site are some of the cooler, funnier, in-your-face exchanges I’ve seen over the years on this case.

But almost all of the semi-literate blue-collar types that Knox attracts (she definitely dwells very down-market, and seems to have not one follower of any class) come across as in perpetual rages.

Science now says that many of them probably wont last long. In fact many of them already seem in slow degradation. Supporting the likes of RS and AK comes at a very high price.

Just saying.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/27/16 at 07:05 PM | #

I havent yet sat with Dr Mignini but some of us have, and all comment on how charming, low-key and funny he is.

Compare that with his ever-enraged foul-mouthed detractors like Karen Pruett, Bruce Fischer, Frank Sforza and the two Moores.

I wont be surprised when the crazed Karen Pruett and some of the tweeters get carried off in a box feet-first.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 01/27/16 at 07:25 PM | #

Thanks, daylight dawns, I got the wrong end of the stick and thought they had put both forwards. But asking for compensation surely means that all RS’s initial interviews, etc. up to being sent for trial will be looked into, maybe reported? So, it’s just flummery to distract from the interview and to reinforce RS’s stance of innocence - looks a bit of a forlorn hope. And as you say reinforces that logical thought, restraint and anger control is absent. while self preservation runs high. That makes them sound a bit feral, doesn’t it, ha!

Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/27/16 at 07:29 PM | #

Dr. Sollecito may be angry about 3 things Guede said:

~Guede made the rejoinder, I could say the same thing about him when Raffaele said that only Guede knew what happened that night.

~Guede points to Marasca/Bruno report which concludes that Raffaele and Amanda were at the cottage on night of murder. Guede says wake up, the Supreme Court mentions AK and RS, no other names as my suspected accomplices.

~After videoclips were shown of Raffaele speaking, Guede said Raffaele opened his mouth to waste his breath, that Raffaele didn’t have common sense.

Dr. Sollecito has no doubt had many sleepless nights on account of his son’s doubtful innocence.

He probably resents Guede having sexually assaulted Meredith then lying about it which then leaves the uncertainty of this attack on his son’s reputation.

Dr. Sollecito thinks Rudy may have been a drug influence on Raffaele.

Naturally the doctor is still trying to buy his son’s story of innocence and being nothing but a good friend of Amanda Knox.

Rudy’s dance floor club connection with Amanda led to his son being entangled with Rudy, a murderer and probable thief, who was later captured on video acting fully under the influence of drugs like a vampire saying, “I want to drink your blood.” Drugs was Raffaele’s downfall and the doctor had worked so hard to wean him away from that. Amanda’s drug use in Seattle was a known event. The doctor said that he cursed the day his son met Amanda Knox. He probably felt the same way about Rudy.

Amanda is Raf’s alibi but Rudy is the opposite. Rudy is Raf’s accuser. He is saying his son was at the murder, that Amanda was at the murder, and that neither of them have told the truth which at least Rudy’s DNA told for him.

Would the doctor think Rudy is just making this up to drop two innocents with him into the fire out of sheer malice? If Guede’s associates were other friends of his who miraculously left no evidence at the crimescene, why doesn’t Rudy prefer to name and shame his real accomplices who if they did help him with a murder, have conveniently slunk away without paying for it, wrongly forcing Rudy to pay it all for them? It is these personalities Rudy would be focused on, in great resentment. Why should he so hate the doctor’s son he hardly knew instead of the guys who really caused his downfall?

Posted by Hopeful on 01/27/16 at 09:33 PM | #

Hi Hopeful,
‘Guede said Raffaele opened his mouth to waste his breath, that Raffaele didn’t have common sense’. That would certainly have stung FS because of the absolute truth of it. He never knows when his son is going to say the next stupid thing which could undo all the hard work and money he has thrown at getting the acquittal. If FS still has serious notions that RS was framed and is innocent I have to wonder how he got the common sense together to gain a medical degree. A strange notion has just struck me - how odd that FS, a brain surgeon, legitimately cuts into people to save their lives, while his son has been accused of cutting into a person to remove their life - that made me shiver,  think I’m getting overwrought.

Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/27/16 at 11:42 PM | #

the Sollecito’s won’t file because if they did then it’s obvious what would happen. That has been discussed here. But there is something else. By not filing they give tacit agreement to Guede’s interview. The concept of silence in the hopes Guede’s statement will die on the vine is a double edged sword because no action will embroil Guede to tell a lot more so they are stuck.

As to the US side of things the hysterical uneducated slime racist bastards who support Knox will end up eating their own collective tails. Karen Pruet in particular who (according to Bruce Fischer) is confined to a wheel chair and hasn’t long to live so she has nothing else. But what would you expect from an old woman full of bitterness at her own failed life and the stupid decisions she has made.

Michel-Sings-Celestial-Easterly-Moore, (which is the name she goes by)  is just a tired joke who tries to elevate herself by having a ridiculous name. (I would love to know what a shrink would make of that probably a very healthy inferiority complex.) She and her ex FBI failure of a husband who, in spite of the persona he presents to the world, was nothing but a ex-cessna pilot who dabbled in catering. He was not a sniper Big Joke. They will do and say anything to try to promote their own sad little lives using Knox or anybody else. The entire pattern is there of course because these people who have failed at everything have failed to amount to anything hence the bitterness. The only thing going for them is that they multiply like head lice.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 01/28/16 at 02:31 AM | #

@YorkshireLass, I think you’re on the right track that Dr. Sollecito’s medical career deeply impacted his son in some way, and not for the better in Raf’s case. I believe Dr. Sollecito specializes in urology, but he may also be qualified in other medical areas.

His son may have visited dad’s clinic as a child and been frightened or impressed by blood being drawn, shots given, medical instruments and the vast importance of it all. He might have sensed the fear in the patients, their complete reliance on his father, somewhat of a power trip.

IIRC, Amanda Knox worked for a brief time at an OB-GYN clinic.

In Raf’s childhood, the doctor sometimes at home might have described a difficult surgery or some horrific incident with a patient. Something shocking that Raf overheard, we don’t know.

Raf may have wanted to emulate his father’s courage with the human body, how doctors take life into their own hands and aren’t afraid of blood. The fastidious Raffaele seemingly Amanda’s opposite in that regard, doesn’t seem like the type but he soaked up the bloody manga often enough.

The pink bottle of antiseptic Raf held in a photo of him swathed in mummy bandages and holding a cleaver, that could be a surgical metaphor or lampoon. Tales from the crypt. Maybe Raf saw himself as the walking dead. King Tut’s curse.

Even in the photo he hides behind toilet tissue bandages and holds a form of knife, always hiding. Still is.

Raf may have been getting revenge on his father for helicopter parenting by going off the rails right at the moment of graduation. He had a crisis and couldn’t step into adulthood or leave Perugia. As you suggest, maybe Raf was using a knife to do the opposite of his father’s healing. Raffaele perhaps desired a far different identity from the hardworking physician, yet couldn’t sever ties with his father but forced him to come along behind which dad did in legal support.

I honestly feel sorry for his father in many ways. He’d seen movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith about a loving single dad who sold medical equipment and whose wife had let him down. Dr. Sollecito was eager to share that with Raffaele right before the murder. Maybe Dr.Sollecito saw himself as the struggling Will Smith or was touched by the theme of father-son bonding and male leadership, holding a family together despite incredible odds. The fight for Supreme Court decision was arduous for the doctor, costly to the max. It was years in an adrenaline jungle. He may be addicted to the rush and spotlight same as his son now.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/28/16 at 05:07 AM | #

Hi Hopeful, yes, it’s urology not brain surgery. I was having a momentary meltdown and I do like to play with notions BUT, I don’t feel at all sorry for Francesco. He’s not prepared to allow his son to face the consequences of his actions because of his own guilt at leaving his wife and children for a new love. I do think that RS may be acting out his own anger and pulling Francesco into a scenario of, ‘prove you love me whatever I am or may have done, even the worst crime in humanity’. He is reported as saying to AK that his mother’s death was by suicide, giving it a romantic, ‘broken heart’ connotation. Making Francesco pay would be the name of that game. And who knows how bad it got in the Sollecito household before Francesco left. It’s all psychological presumption really. What I do know is that taking RS home to Bari, with occasional forays out and parental indulgence will not heal a damaged psyche. How impassive RS looks in the picture above? I would have pulled away from anyone getting so apparently adamant in my space, father or not, it looks quite aggressive.

Posted by YorkshireLass on 01/29/16 at 04:54 AM | #

Just this one time ....

Raffy would actually have been far better off to listen to Knox’s ‘‘outlook on life’‘.  He shouldn’t keep on fighting.

He should just ‘‘get on with [his] life’‘.

Posted by Chimera on 01/30/16 at 10:02 PM | #

AMANDA KNOX ATTEMPTS TO CENSOR RUDY GUEDE INTERVIEW http://www.perugiamurderfile.net/viewtopic.php?p=130084#p130084

Video #8 was taken down by YouTube, as a result of amateurish complaints by the usual suspects. The first 7 videos are still up, links at PMF NET.

My response to the take down: “The usual Friends of Amanda Knox can’t do anything about the Italian newscast of Guede’s interview, but file bogus complaints to YouTube about the subtitles? Guess they don’t want the English language world to know what Guede said.

Too little, too late. Eric’s videos have already been picked up by North American media. Tribute to him for getting them out so quickly, with more to come. Also remember these were rough translations put together with impressive speed.

The final translation is being proofread now, and soon as it’s done, the completed video will be put up from a secure location.

Copies will of course be sent to the media, along with a note about the amateurish attempts to censor them.”

Posted by Ergon on 02/02/16 at 12:27 AM | #

Just to remind those slime balls who try to protect the murdering b*tch Amanda Knox. We will not be silenced either and we will not stop even if it takes many years but we will keep on until justice is served. I sincerely hope Knox and her supporters read this and understands that she is doomed to go through life looking over her shoulder wondering when the axe is going to fall because fall it will.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 02/02/16 at 05:46 AM | #
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