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Time To Celebrate? Meredith’s Birthday (28th) And Maybe A Better New Year

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Most preferred video of the season of one regular reader above!

“This is Alexandra Dovgan, a 12-year-old Russian girl playing. Her incredible talent of bringing out the beauty in this Bach’s piece is truly miraculous.”

Brilliant women musicians - of which the world now seems awash, shades of Italy when Scarlatti and Vivaldi were alive - have been a popular choice here at this time of year.

We are told Meredith talked about music a lot. She liked classical and ballet music; her first choices in final years were 80’s disco and the Rodgers-and-Hammerstein kind of musical show.

Many YouTube commenters consider this above to be the finest ever Rhapsody in Blue. Polish pianist Maja Babyszka was FIFTEEN when she recorded this. Watch her hands from 16’ 45” on. Nuts, right?!

The mandolin concerto Czardas, above, is by an Italian composer (of course!).

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The three huge theaters of the mighty Lincoln Center here in New York are basically a shrine to the talents of women.

The Metropolitan Opera Theater? Everyone goes for the sopranos, and in the ballet season for the tutus. The David Koch Theater? The same.

And the Geffen Orchestral Theater? If you want to guarantee to fill it, you invite women musicians like those above.

And YouTube? The view-counts say the same thing.

Added: friends here tell me the pianist they would most like to see again is Khatia Buniatishvili, born in Georgia and living in France. I do agree her YouTubes, some with her sister, are pretty compelling.

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Ciao, of course, to our Italian friends. And special greetings to our friends in the UK now that BREXIT is a done deal. 

It seems to me the “exit” part of BREXIT and “leaving the EU” mantras are somewhat misleading though.

With zero tariffs to remain in force, isn’t the UK really only winding back down to the relationship pre-1995?

Before the half-baked Euro scheme was brought in?

(To which the UK and seven other member states failed to join and help out?)

And prior to the very rapid and also half-baked expansion of member states?

(Which, something people now forget, above all the UK promoted and liked? As a supposed counterweight to Germany and France? Which resulted in many of those same New Europeans ending up in… the UK?!)

Britain might now do okay. I hope. But since 1960, it has been the economic Sick Man of Europe twice, and the EU is far from fully to blame.

Hopefully it finally gets as good at implementing fresh systems as say Germany, Switzerland, and even Italy.

But under Boris? Is that really his thing? It’s not been the thing of his counterpart in the US.

Might be big opportunities for some of our UK readers here.  😊

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Awesome power of the Internet to develop fast deep correct takes on crimes - now and then!

No Italian is under any illusion but that RS and AK were in it up to their necks and although there is no Wiki or TJMK in Italian the general depth of knowledge is at least as deep as here.

And so to Nashville now much in the news. Last time I was there it was like a ghostown because the river had just receded from a huge flood

Media and internet sleuths are advancing almost by the minute new facts about the very strange Nashville bombing (with loudspeaker warnings to keep away) early on Christmas Day seemingly targeting a huge telephone exchange run by ATT.

By this time yesterday, the name of the seeming sole perp (Anthony Quinn Warner) presumed now dead was on the net, as well as where he lived. There is one facial image too. See the morphing factsheet posted here.

Do a search on Google Earth STREET VIEW here and you can see over the fence to the left (west) a vehicle that looks just like the camper that was blown up.

36° 4’34.77"N 86°41’24.30"W

So he was a computer repair man seemingly not known for his politics but caught up in the same huge swirl of misinformation of those Americans still slobbering over Knox.

We are not told yet to which if any groups he may have belonged. The FBI will be far down the road on this.

The pineapple up his tail may possibly have been the advent of 5G. Those new towers have some gullible low-info folks freaked because they think 5G is secretly to do with mind control.

The level of freaked-outed-ness in this country (though not pervasive in NYC) is really getting outta sight. Beats me how anyone ever gets any sleep.

There is a fine movie called “Nashville” which has perhaps the most remarkable ending I’ve even seen - it happens at the top of the same hill as the bombing down the bottom by the river there.

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Happy Birthday, Meredith. I’m glad you were in the world. You were kind, loving, loyal and true to your family. You had a smile for the rest of the world as well.

Beautiful music becomes you.

Sweet smiles and talent, humility were yours.

Compassion yet plenty of courage, you combined them.

You had hopes and ambition, energy. You didn’t mind hard work to achieve your dreams. You had good manners and a natural sensitivity, decency.

While doing so much and studying hard you still had time for people’s needs. You met them with a kind word or gentle advice.

May your good nature be remembered as a blessing.

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Thank you for this musical feast, a tribute to Meredith Kercher. The mandolin for a moment sounded like a balalaika from Dr. Zhivago. The pianists so young, skilled. It was a heady musical brew this morning with peppermint tea after listening for a month to Jingle Bells and pop Christmas tunes on radio in kitchen or car. Nice, but nowhere near the same quality.

I spent Christmas with two very young grandsons out of state.

The music of Bach and Gershwin, Italian lively mandolin piece helped cushion the blow of having to leave little ones with their Legos, robots, Transformers, new bikes and Mario cars that somehow connect to computer but run around the floors of house.

Friends played Canasta with me, daughter took me to candlelight Christmas Eve at church. Food, oh yeah.

I already miss putting together jigsaw puzzle of Paw Patrol and Star Wars and watching 7-year-old display his Tae Kwon do stance.

He dashed through the room to show me Bowser’s castle turret he made of Legos. We clinked glasses with him, said “Cheers”, he said, “No, say ‘Chows’”, as in a highly polished British accent he must have heard on tv?

Boys liked the “Polaroid” instant camera their Mom gave me with tiny pix that pop out. They ran from sight and took pix of new toys, made us guess which as photo developed.

Sadly, my son-in-law showed me on his phone the reports of Christmas Day bombing in Nashville, Tennessee. We thought it was Islamic terrorists at first, but what a horror.

The AT&T building affected, AT&T is my internet provider for this website.

The grand music of Meredith’s birthday tribute was a needed lift after leaving behind happy Christmas.

Music is timeless.

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Hopeful with her usual immense skill has really captured the significance of the season and of Meredith’s birthday too.

At popular request (really! we sent out e-cards last year and many responded in turn) we’ve sent an e-card to all of our frequent posters. (If you did not receive one and want one, please say.) The message included was this:

Hey! Happier 2021! What could be worse than the year we have just had, with the virus, politics and economies all at their worst? But on the plus side many worldwide have woken up to the notion that GOOD SYSTEMS MATTER and need constant alert. And in our own case the Wiki is at its new site for the long term and extremely well populated now. Thanks to the hard work of so many TJMK is also in an unassailable spot with the 35 hoaxes thoroughly nailed. And we have two “good” media foes to stick it to (Netflix and Hachette) for trashing Meredith’s right to justice and trashing Italy worldwide. By winter’s end much of the media will be looking around for something new, and happy to show up how their competitors got it so wrong. Our long-pending press releases on the 35 hoaxes making up the one big mega-hoax, and the myriad lies of omission of RS, AK and their unsavory gang should leave colleges of law and journalism with one of the best teaching experiences they will ever have. Profound thanks to our many posters and the book-writers, video creators and tweeters, and of course the many thousands of others who came by to diligently read. Do keep safe and bounce back. And thank you.

Do keep it to yourself, ha ha!

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The Wiki is a tremendous gift to the world, to those with a passion for truth. The massive load of info there about Meredith’s case will help millions learn what happened in Perugia, what really happened.

I saw my e-card a minute ago, thank you so much Peter Quennell—peaceful forest of deer and gentle snow, felt calming after busy morning raking pine straw and pine cones.

The long range game plan you had for TJMK took tremendous foresight and planning skills. Thank you for using yours in such a positive way, to expose the lies and foster the Truth and give the world an understanding of the Kercher family and daughter Meredith, what she deserves, who she was and the ruthless PR monolith her Italian lawyers and even Nincini, Mignini and don’t forget judge Crini? were up against. (Hello, Maresca.)

The wiki that came out of this mountain of knowledge about the case, keeps on pouring out truth for a great many years ahead.

Thanks to Peter Quennell’s unusual foresight and tenacity, facts have been preserved. It’s a great encouragement that all the time, thought, effort that so many people gave to this project were not wasted.

You mention books, it’s good that James Raper’s book came out of this case. Much light has been multiplied.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/30/20 at 11:10 AM | #

The young women in the 24 Dec pictures look calm, happy and as if they are flourishing; doing what they love.

The pic of Knox on the 10th Dec looks very different. Even though they are still pictures she looks like the neighbour from hell. Like she arrived on a broomstick.
A mess.

Happy New Year to All. I know of so much terrible suffering and it’s all too easy to be glib when the suffering is so great.  But hopefully things will get better!

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Thank you, Hopeful.

Here, once again, is the link to my book.

I am able to keep track of the number of free downloads and although the number is not vast, it is significant, and the downloads have been continuous for the 4 months since this facility became available.

The irony, for Amanda Knox, is that this is likely to be the case for as long as she continues to self publicize herself as a wronged and innocent woman.

What is particularly interesting is that the downloads nearly always occur, for me here in the UK, overnight, which can only mean that they are happening in the evening in the USA, and very probably on the West Coast, and very probably in and around the Seattle area.

Taken together with the sales on Amazon, the numerous e-mails I have sent out to Newspapers, media outlets, websites, Innocence Projects Knox has attended, friends and protagonists (such as those responsible for ignorant and silly articles) etc, and bearing in mind that the book attachments to these can be freely passed around, and with the enduring significance of TJMK, I feel confident that the veil of deceit is pierced and the facts of the case are seeing the light of day.

Thank you Amanda Knox. RIP Meredith.

Posted by James Raper on 12/31/20 at 04:43 AM | #

“... the veil of deceit is pierced and the facts of the case are seeing the light of day.” Yes comments on Twitter and YouTube and eg the Daily Mail are strongly trending anti-Knox. I’m not surprised she is looking frazzled.

Had Knox merely gone to ground in 2012 like any respectable murderer instead of monetizing her murder of Meredith and pushing out that ridiculous book, for which she was wildly overpaid, she would have long been forgotten by now. But now she faces having everything but the kitchen sink being thrown at her. 

James Raper is of course in charge of building our forthcoming “best case resources list” page with a button in the left column. 😊

Not a priority up to now, but this will be of major usefulness from this next Spring onward. One item to include is John Kercher’s book. Another is Dr Mignini’s book which is with publishers in Italy. There are numerous good English-language videos and TV reports such as the Andrea Vogt ones and the Liz Houle and Eric Paroissien ones and our own ones. Plus there are many Italian ones. And there are also our Powerpoints.

Two TJMK main pages not yet showing consist of (1) thumbnail descriptions and recommended links for each of the 35 hoaxes; and (2) a list of all of those who got the case seriously wrong and misled people, with an option to have their name removed if they have smartened up at last.

CNN is heavily promoting here in the US and perhaps worldwide a likeable series starting Febuary on Italian cooking and restaurants, with actor Stanley Tucci of “Hunger Games” fame. That serious effort to portray the real and likeable Italy seems very timely.

(Nice if several or some of the resource experts sign up with speakers’ bureaus, we believe there will be a demand for speakers among media and lawyers’ associations at least in the US. Do please let us know if you do that, James might include a mention on the resources page.)

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