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“Guilt” Crime Drama 13 June On US Cable TV Features An Abrasive Self-Absorbed Troublemaker

Posted by Peter Quennell

Reminiscent of? You got it. Here’s one synopsis.

“Guilt” is a soapy drama about a young American woman in London who becomes the prime suspect in the savage murder of her roommate.

As the investigation unfolds, viewers will question whether she’s a naïve, young girl whose poor decisions are being magnified under the ruthless glare of the British tabloids, or whether she’s a sociopath who brutally murdered her friend.

Even her sister, who comes to London to defend her, will question how well she knows her little sister as more and more ugly truths come out.

This mystery will twist through all layers of London society ““ from a posh but depraved sex club, all the way up to the Royal Family itself.

Knox did soar high for a short while. But her self-absorbed manner on TV was never helpful to her. And now she has been hung out to dry by an angry Guede, an angry Sollecito, and even a disbelieving Fifth Chambers of the Supreme Court (see the next post by Chimera).


Post was slightly edited on basis of a tip from Bettina.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/02/16 at 02:09 PM | #

Amanda Knox has been revealed for the lying killer she is. In that Justice failed we must rely on the fates. The laws of cause and effect cannot be struck down by a higher court. Thank you Peter for your friendship.

Posted by Tina on 05/02/16 at 02:38 PM | #

Great post Peter and this should be an excellent TV series too that will decimate any remaining support for Amanda Knox in the USA. From the first views of the promo, it’s not going to win her any new friends, indeed.

Through various sources, in the recent past we have come up with the following timeline of Knox:

January 14, 2016

““I’m with Amanda Knox lip syncing Diana Ross”-Nacho Picasso”

In the above tweet, it can be seen that Knox and the rapper named “Nacho Picasso” had engaged in a one-night stand or make out session together at some party in Seattle. So if Knox gave Nacho herpes he should press criminal charges for a Class A Assault felony charge and file a lawsuit as well. If he can prove that she did infect him with an STD, he could put her away for life. Not easy to do, but at the very least, due to our side’s replies below the above tweet, she won’t be getting invited to anymore of his parties and he is a pretty well known rapper in Seattle. As can be seen, we were victorious in making her social party life much smaller very quickly with just a few quick tweet responses.

February 24, 2016

“Communication” by Amanda Knox

We believe this is the story about the breakup of Knox and Colin “Thunderpants” Sutherland. And since then there have been no pictures of them together nor has she mentioned him at all in her WSH column or any twitter tweets. Likewise Madison Paxton is long gone. It’s over.

March 2016

She appeared on twitter and disqus in her many sock puppet accounts and wrote her standard WSH column including her “Anniversary” article in which she wrote: “I feel peace—and joy!—at the being of human beings, at our intelligence and individuality, at our belonging absolutely and utterly to ourselves in all the ways that can never be ripped apart and taken away.” I’m not going to link to that psycho babble, it’s easy enough to find in google: “Amanda Knox Anniversary” and you will find it.

April 2016

So far this month has been a real doozy for Knox. We couldn’t even make half of it up! But they certainly did. Oh yes this did! To start off, from April 7-9, Edda Mellas and her evil spawn flew discount economy Southwest Airlines down to San Antonio, Texas and proceeded to invite themselves to the 2016 Innocence Network Conference to stalk Ryan Ferguson for all of his millions that he may (or may not) receive from the state of Missouri:

notice that she is not listed as a speaker and is only seen in one (1) photo above.

Then, later on, we intercepted a short video of Knox lying at the conference here:

With a brilliant response from our comrade Soletrade4u here:

“If #amandaknox is selling her story, at what point do #innocenceprojects sue for fraud?”

Then on the next day, we got this mini atomic bomb dropped into our mail box:

Boldnbeautiful @nerobello

“@ASPCA @peta #AmandaKnox is an animal abuser.”

Kell Frillman @kfrillman

“The dog we adopted to Amanda Knox was returned to us and her paws were cut up. Furious. (But at least she came back unmurdered?!?!?!)

Kell Frillman was probably threatened by the convicted alcoholic drunk driver Anne Bremner to take down the tweet or else so she removed it. But not before we took several screen shots.

I looked up Ms. Frillman and found her profile on Amazon:

“Kell Frillman resides in the heart of Pioneer Square in Seattle and enjoys coffee houses, movies, and appletinis. When she’s not writing, sleeping, eating or doing other necessary human activities, she works hard at her day job with an animal rescue that saves lives one dog and cat at a time.”

So that tweet was for real!

And then, right after that, all of a sudden the kidney health problem main stream news PR story went right out to the Daily Fail.

Without a doubt, Marriott or Bremner just ordered it up as the Mandy’s self destruction had gone too far and it was time to reel her back in.

But no one believes it anymore. Notice all the negative comments and the level of ferocity in those comments! I have noticed this on twitter as well with more and more pro justice tweeters coming on board and following our main corps too. We have so many new troops on their way now and when “Guilt” comes out, Camp Knox will finally be overrun and burned to the ground once and for all.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 05/02/16 at 06:45 PM | #

Here is a recent photo of Amanda Knox stalking Ryan Ferguson at the Texas Innocence network:

and here is a photo of Amanda Knox abusing another dog at Camp Knox:

Not sure if criminal charges are going to be pressed against Knox at this time. Updates coming in almost daily. Stay tuned.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 05/02/16 at 07:21 PM | #

Great work Johnny Yen with all the updates.

That highly unconvincing 15 second video where she trots out the interrogation lie is notable for the way it highlights her beautiful herpes scar on her top lip. A lifelong lasting memory of her carefree, shag anything with a pulse, days. Her mom must be so proud of her little tart.

I’d imagine herpes is about the least serious STI you would risk picking up if you were foolish enough to sleep with Knox. I’d bet even Hugh Grant wouldn’t touch her and he went with Divine Brown for god’s sake.

My advice to would be suitors, including non fussy rappers, would be to wear a diver’s suit and a welder’s helmet in addition to the obligatory double condom. Keep the flippers and mask on too. Even that may not be enough!

I await further developments with bated breath. I’m thoroughly enjoying watching her downward spiral though. There isn’t enough pain existing in all of the world that could be wished upon this vile excuse for a woman.

Posted by davidmulhern on 05/02/16 at 09:59 PM | #

So where is Sollecito in all of this. Perhaps and quite likely he has STDs as well. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot. Who else? How about lover boy Steve Moore?

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/02/16 at 11:20 PM | #

Good comment Johnny.
Knox seems tireless in perpetuating her claim of innocence.
She is a true weasel.
To quote the special one herself:

“Healthy trauma processing transforms the inescapable past into a powerful tool that you can pull from your belt as occasions for empathy arise”

That statement is nothing but utterly contrived and drug fueled drivel - reeking of creative writing tuition.
Violence could also be read into it, with a knife pulled out of the belt when the need to attack someone arises.

I am not sure if it refers to her (ex) future husband or indeed Madison Paxton.

Paxton has been a big part of her life and indeed pictured inbetween the happy couple when her handlers first publicized the event and revealed Thundercrap to the world in their vain attempt to portray Amanda Knox as a normal person.

I wonder why so many of her relationships break down?

Posted by Deathfish on 05/03/16 at 03:02 AM | #

Insightful comment Deathfish.

I have zero doubt that her parents, biological and otherwise, are well aware that she killed Meredith. I’m sure the unconditional love aspect of human relationships is what drives them to want her to be free and under their direct influence. I’m sure they hold it over her like a sword of Damocles.

Other people like Madison Paxton or the useful idiot Colin have no such strong emotional bond. Therefore when they get a look behind the curtain when her mask slips (as it surely must given just how dreadful an actress she is), I’m sure the natural reaction is to run for the hills.

I do hope that at some point one of these people actually have the bravery/decency to come forward and tell us what they have found out when Knox has confessed something that she shouldn’t have. Or she’s simply forgotten previous lies and contradicted herself as she’s done often in the past.

It’s perhaps a slim hope but not one that’s not totally beyond the realms of possibility.

Meantime, Knox continues to lose her once admittedly striking looks at an alarming rate of knots as disease continues to ravage both her mind and body. There is no way back from it either. This part is enjoyable indeed to watch.

Posted by davidmulhern on 05/03/16 at 08:07 AM | #

More systematic sleuthing by Johnny Yen above. Well done.

This about “Knox” on Netflix in a few months may be the next big thing, and a huge opportunity for us to sustain the truth.

The series is to be aired globally in the late summer or fall. Dr Mignini was interviewed by the Danish director who also interviewed Knox etc etc. He may possibly have been set up.

Some key background here:

Netflix movie streaming is administratively and technically set up in most countries of the world and represents an immense threat to cable movie channels everywhere. There is a battle going on, which Netflix could win.

They are being watched on the stockmarket all the time as the possible next big thing. Market capitalization is already $39 billion. Here is their 5-year chart.

Their 10-hour Avery report starting streaming at the end of last year and created a petition for Avery and a lot of media fuss and high viewership and brought in a ton of money. It also brought in millions of new subscribers around the world.

I posted this report below back in January, when the petition to free Avery was getting tens of thousands of signatures but the fact-checking by other networks had not really begun.

Since, some claims and depictions have been rebutted at length for being biased in not telling ALL the facts which made the police and prosecutors look worse and the case weaker than they were.

Here is one of the fact checking reports, this one is by ABC. NBC aired a good one too. Check YouTube for more.

Right now, Avery is still in prison, and the Wisconsin governor has no interest in granting him any breaks. Lawyers are working on his behalf.

But the tilt via omissions of evidence in the Netflix series have soured many in the public and made theirs an uphill task.

We surely should hold Netflix’s feet to the fire starting soon and ensure the series represents the truth.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/03/16 at 10:24 AM | #

Knox has already slipped and confessed, albeit not totally, but all the slips she has made over time are conclusive. Her book of vomit for example, not to mention her continuing foul mouth and offensive body odor, (don’t forget that was one of the many reasons she was so vilified and avoided in Italy)
Perhaps Sollecito gets off on BO?

Amanda Knox has not changed her spots or her avoidance of cleanliness. That alone, including her disgusting armpit hair continues to contribute to her happy slide into the gutter of life. So she has a disease both of mind and body what a surprise.

As for us and many others, including a growing groundswell of dislike bordering upon shear hate for her and her rotten family, will continue until finally justice for Meredith is served one way or the other.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/03/16 at 10:29 AM | #

Yes, yes, yes. I concur wholeheartedly with the Steve Moore roast in the insightful Peter Quennell comment that outlines Moore’s long labyrinthine and wrongheaded involvement with Knox, how Moore drew in John Douglas, and how Moore as shortlived bodyguard for the focus of his obsession, Miss Knox, on closer inspection when he was in Knoxland visiting Seattle the two camps parted company, the complete saga of his desperation.

Grahame Rhodes has Moore’s number and sees through the smoke and fog of Mr. Moore quite clearly. If anything is falsified it’s not evidence against Knox as Moore claims, but perhaps falsified career glory and false use of the career of a 25 year FBI man who now seems to want to find flaws in police work wherever he can.

Moore is as jealous of other law enforcement as Knox is jealous of any competition.

This quest to derail Italian investigators and “save Knox”, Moore’s Quixotic hobbyhorse, what was it all about? IMO it is to salve Moore’s own conscience for earlier FBI mistakes, perhaps grief over the suicide of one of his bosses, or for general rebellious purposes. Of course he says it was to prove something to his wife who saw the Knox story on TV.

Steve Moore has an ego. He is a male Amanda Knox in some ways. He’s a mental triple-crosser and the rodeo he runs with his wife is a spectacle. He is on wild rides, with ropes and lasso to prevent falling off his horse or zebra. He has to stay in center ring, for ego, money and drama needs and also for marital control issues. Mainly he is bull riding since he suddenly believes that everyone behind bars is innocent and wrongly accused or has been put there by shoddy DNA tests. All this wisdom thanks to his new rose-colored glasses he found after retirement.

Yes again, @Johnny Yen. Yes, it’s true and WHY is Knox chasing around after exoneree Ryan Ferguson?

Why? Because there is still Ryan’s poor drug addled friend who was involved in the murder who is still OUT THERE able to spill the beans on him just like Sollecito and Guede are still OUT THERE able to spill the beans on Knox.

Ferguson like Jekyll-Hyde Knox who had strange visions, Ferguson also had a friend who had dreams and saw visions of himself and Ryan committing the crime, a friend from whom Ryan is distancing himself now, like Knox is running from Sollecito and Guede and always will be.

Also because Ryan’s father fought extremely hard to get his son out of (in my opinion) his justly deserved punishment like Knox’s dad hired Marriott to saber rattle for her.

Also, Ryan’s murder occurred around Halloween with its Samhein spirit of lawless mischief, just like Knox the cat roaming the alleys of Perugia wanting action around Halloween.

Also, Ryan Ferguson was hopped up on alcohol along with his friend. They hit the bars and weren’t satisfied and later that night a kindly journalist feeding a cat by his car near the curb was choked to death for a handful of dollars. Thus Ferguson IMO drew his father into a lifetime of focus on his thuggish son, much like Knox forced her family to focus on her for a decade, or will it be forever? Smiling to mask the lies, but forcing family and parents to look at me, look at me, believe in me. I’m more important than everyone else in this family, the unwritten motive. That’s why she was so angry that Edda used antidepressants and didn’t suffer every minute of the four years Knox was behind bars. How dare Edda escape suffering, it was one major point of Knox’s crime, IMO. Payback.

And YES, Knox chases the money element, absolutely. If she thinks Ferguson can win a case for wrongful imprisonment, she wants to use his example as a template for lawsuits of her own.

She also wants to stay in the headlines so she follows the trail of a tall horse like Ferguson, keeping near his stage lights trying to be noticed.

It’s very interesting how shortlived was her relationship with the son of wealthy parents, young Colin Sutherland. It did last longer than her short affair with Sollecito.
No doubt she and Colin knocked heads over music issues, or she confessed her crime to him one night and he ran like the wind but not before she had sworn him to a blood pact of secrecy like she did Sollecito. Maybe association with her has put an end to Colin’s ghost hunting.

I had no idea Knox and Madison Paxton were no longer friends. Paxton might have some inside facts about Knox and revelations about her not-so-innocent friend. Madison may one day sell a true story of her own about confessions of an ex-con friend who spilled all to her in private over a latte after the friend had escaped Supreme Court clutches.

Paxton may be afraid of her.

No doubt Knox is envious of Paxton’s great photography skills which she used for her job in Italy when she went over to Perugia to support Knox emotionally and before that, to picture Knox playing an accordion sitting on a toilet in a bathtub. Horrid image with horrible significance considering what later transpired with blood in bidet and bathroom at cottage.

Madison’s loyal years of visiting Knox in Italy during prison and trial didn’t count for much in Knox’s view. They probably ceased to matter after they had worked their magic of painting Knox as a sociable and warm friend, an image she milked during Perugia trial.

Madison’s codependency was a gift to her. Madison has probably matured and seen through the veil and now sees what a fool she was played for. She could possibly be blackmailing Knox in the future.

Has she the courage to warn the world about the true Knox?

YES again, to the sudden Knox illness story in Daily Mail. That story popped up at the time Sollecito was stealing her thunder in the press and when Knox was losing her sheen.

Suddenly the pity party about a kidney infection. I don’t wish illness on anyone, friend or foe but if Knox did have hallucinations due to fever and flashbacks of what she called her existential pain in prison, it is nice to know that Meredith feels no such pain and lives no miserable existence such as Knox, nor ever will, but is in eternal serenity, exhileration and light, free of all cares and eternally creative and happy, forever in bliss.

Any Knox flashbacks from raging fever were probably due more to remembering the sharp blow Meredith gave her on the nose during their struggle.

Knox’s fevered delusions probably accessed her pain of guilt after she saw the police didn’t buy her story, the fear she underwent trying desperately to sell her lies when her life was on the line. She was in anguish then trying to control her partner Sollecito from separate prisons with her fast dwindling reserves of charm. Other than worries over her guilt being confirmed at trial, the incarceration time gave Knox a bit of peace.

She knew it was well deserved although she chafed at the chains, naturally. After the third year in prison she probably felt she had fully paid for any and all of her crimes and was able to honestly believe in her innocence again. That came in handy with Diane Sawyer on TV.

So her fever and kidney infection don’t elicit my sympathy so much. I didn’t give it any oxygen because it was an obvious publicity stunt.

GUILT, the TV drama coming out in June 2016 looks as if it were completely patterned on the Meredith Kercher case, almost cookie cutter match to Knox in the main character of the GUILT drama.

Let’s hope it shows in glowing color just how ludicrous it is to see all the evidence against a young jealous female roommate who was untethered from home, unbalanced and aggressive, and to see all her lies yet continue to believe she had nothing to do with her roommate’s death.

Remember the novel “Enduring Love” found in Meredith’s bedroom. Although fiction it was about a stalker and harasser who envied a normal person and made his life a torment. Then at denoument of novel the envious loser came into his victim’s home with a knife because the person he was fixated on would not yield to his deranged, needy neurotic nature that was craving fusion instead of friendship. Well, that novel was in Meredith’s possession along with Sea of Truth and I believe the author of “Enduring Love” is British and wrote of a British character who endured such false love which was only envy and jealousy in disguise. It was not love but oppressive fascination marred by relentless envy that culminated in anger, hatred and a knife. Domestic violence built on competition and pride.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/03/16 at 12:44 PM | #

Thank you all and I agree with everyone in that Amanda Knox’s final few supporters all have this identity disorder going on with her. And, most definitely, her family knows that she killed and raped Meredith and it can be proved in court with testimonies from Madison Paxton and Colin Sutherland that they all know that.

So now her family has a legal responsibility to have her committed to a locked medical facility for the criminally insane. Failure to do so is an act of Omission and is punishable in both criminal and civil courts. That means that Edda, Chris, Deanna, Trashly, Curt and his tribe could all face US jail time and severe financial penalties that they will not be able to escape from. Both the Knox and the Mellas families know that and Knox should not be allowed to roam about freely in our society at will at anytime.

Also, Madison Paxton stopped tweeting under her real name for Knox in March 2014:

I too believe that she suddenly discovered that Knox was guilty of murder through a midnight bedroom confession like “you promise this will never go any further than this room”.

And then she was gone…..

Posted by Johnny Yen on 05/03/16 at 04:50 PM | #

Thanks Peter for the news about the Netfilx production. The possibilities are intriguing indeed. I note that the Knox input is based on interviews carried out in 2014 and we’ve all seen the results of other interviews she did at this time. Proper car crash stuff so hopefully the documentary makers will have some fun with her.

Quick mention of the Avery case. I did some research a couple of months ago into the allegations that Netflix had been guilty by omission and hadn’t included much that actually pointed to his guilt. This was true. Up to a point. Some of it was fairly unconvincing and fairly easily rebutted. I say again though for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Watch it all and then tell me, regardless of what was omitted, that you would have found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt had you been on that jury.

I find it hard to believe that many of the contributors to this fine site, having watched the Netflix series in full, would be in the guilty beyond a reasonable doubt campaign. The Knox camp complain of a railroading (that never actually happened, as we know) of Knox but watch the Avery Netflix series to see what a proper railroading looks like. Especially that of his nephew.

I wonder how often Knox pops into this site to see what is being said about her. I suspect her ego makes it impossible for her to ignore. If she was in Opus Dei, I’d imagine the True Justice for Meredith site is her Cilice belt. It won’t atone for your sins merely reading this site Knox, but it does make us happy knowing that you are so tortured by it!

Posted by davidmulhern on 05/04/16 at 06:10 AM | #

Hi davidmulhern

Yes the alternate jury is out or in your case in! Its been a point we often made, that it was ludicrous for Doug Preston and Steve Moore to wail about ITALIAN justice not being on the straight and narrow course. There really are hundreds of framings here, mainly of the black and the poor.

I really was startled several years back to find that the HQ of the Opus Dei is right here on Lexington Avenue in New York! Not a city known for mortifying its flesh. Even odder, it is side by side with the building where the influential guru of some of the right wing here, Ayn Rand, lived. She was very anti-God. Coincidence, right?!!

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/05/16 at 04:18 PM | #

Hi everybody, The end could be near, Knox can’t be living clean and look as horrid as she does She is only 28. Probably alcohol, and possibly cocaine to deaden the skreech of a failed and ruined existence.  It is not remorse, or a guilty conscience. She has none. It is the pain of not receiving the adulation she believes she deserves.
  It’s also possible that when the prison doctor said she had aids, she did. And she is in denial. This could account for Madison leaving camp. They may have had a relationship, but not telling your partner you should be in quarantine could be a deal breaker
  I have seen several of the prime time crime shows covering the Ryan Ferguson case, the evidence seemed weak. This could be media bias, I have not read the case files. But, some exonerees, actually are innocent.
There have been poor minority men, with mental disabilities, victimised by prosecutor misconduct, represented by public defenders, who have been cleared by DNA.  We know that Knox is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There was no police or prosecutor misconduct. Avery is guilty also there is too much he cannot explain. He called the victim to the junkyard, and then denied contacting her. Her remains were in a burn pit mere yards from his house. Her car was found hidden nearby. This stuff cannot be explained as the police framing him, becaused he instigated her visit. He knew when she would arrive and he was the last person to see her alive. And then denied seeing her. He is using the Knox script, by blaming investigators, manipulating the media, and trying to blame others for his actions.
  But poor people, without the resources of Knox, or OJ, or Avery now that he is a celebrity, are often convicted on zero evidence, by over zealous prosecutors, after shabby police work. All the things Knox accused the Italians of. This too perverts justice. Knox, who really was guilty, with power and money, stacked the deck. Poor minorities cannot even defend bogus charges.
  The pendulum has swung back. Knox and her family must be out of money. And with OJ, His troubles really began when he ran out of money. Simpson, lost his endorsements, and his network sports announcing gigs. He spent all his money on his dream team, who won the case, but left him broke. He had few resources when Fred Goldman brought the wrongful death suit, the court took everything he had left and he is doing hard time for attempting to steal back sports memorabilia that had once been his.
  So this is a war of attrition. Knox could well owe massive lawyer’s fees in Italy. She still owes Patrick. And she has a new round of slander cases coming up with a different legal team. The well is dry. This would be the time for a wrongful death lawsuit if the Kercher’s are so inclined. I admit a victory here would be purely symbolic, and this will break her. But, she needs to be broke.

Posted by Travis on 05/05/16 at 10:26 PM | #

Well said Travis. From time to time I have written on Knox blog reminding her of our existence and what we wish for her. The last one concerned ‘The Sword Of Damocles’ and how every lie she tells makes the string that holds it above her head all that weaker and how it is about to break, plus the end result. That’s OK of course. incidentally where is the latest photo of the old girl? I would really like to see that.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/05/16 at 11:23 PM | #

Hi Pete

Those are very strange bedfellows indeed having Ayn Rand and Opus Dei as neighbours. I’m assuming that this was long standing and was true when old Ayn was still alive. You’ll be telling me the Illuminati have moved in next!

I had a peek at Knox’s blog entry of 2 May title “Public and Personal”. It’s the usual adjective heavy, childish ramblings dressed in “creative writing major” clothes. Risible stuff it is although, mercifully, she took a wee break from her wonderful world of metaphors for a change.

She finishes it by saying “Lately my world has been lit up by new work and new love, and for now, these parts of myself belong close to my heart”.

Sounds like it’s official that dim witted Colin has been jettisoned. I wonder who her latest jockey is. Someone from the rap community perhaps?

Posted by davidmulhern on 05/06/16 at 07:39 PM | #

Thanks Graham, Knox’s life is a lie, a false persona, the opposite of truth, where she is a scholar of the highest intellect. An industrious hard working family matriarch, a pillar of society. A renowned journalist, the worlds most famous exoneree, etc. Prodigious lying maintains this false self, If the string holding the sword gets thinner with each lie. There is going to be a thud, and soon.
  Knox’s photo above with Nacho caught my eye, opening her mouth accentuates her sunken cheeks, and overall sallow complexion.
  There is an interesting dichotomy here, Knox is 28, and hideous, Nacho is 32 according to his web site and is healthy, robust looking, and seems cheerful. His friends on twitter, are warning him to steer clear of Knox. He has stand up friends, Knox has “friends” like Steve Moore, and Anne Bremmer. Picasso seems to have come by his local celebrity through hard work, he is a extremely prolific artist, with 12 studio albums, dozens of singles, and a dozen or so collaborations, Knox came by her celebrity by murdering her roommate. Nacho’s people are right, he is out of his league with Knox, but he earned his way, and has real friends.

Posted by Travis on 05/07/16 at 10:22 PM | #
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