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Revenge “On” The Knox: Judges Bruno And Marasca Of The Supreme Court Strike Back

Posted by Chimera

Judge Bruno the drafter of the seriously bizarre Fifth Chambers report “Who, me?!!!”

1. Overview Of The Post

We have posted both multi-part analyses of the Amanda Knox book (extended 2015 edition) and also multi-part analyses of the 2015 Supreme Court verdict attempting to apply closure to the case.

Primarily because they both make so much up and leave so much out, both efforts appear to Italian lawyers and observers and our own team to have fallen far short.

Worse, as I demonstrate here, Knox and the Supreme Court were not even on the same page. They used different arguments which tend to cancel one another out.

In effect the report of Judges Bruno and Marasca late in 2015 pulled the rug out from under Knox’s book published a few months before.   

2. Arguments Of The Supreme Court

The final report from the 5th Chambers of Cassation was released in September 2015, several months late, with rumors swirling in Rome that it was proving a tough task. 

Our five critique series were put together by (1) the Perugia prosecution, (2) Machiavelli, (3) Catnip, (4) James Raper (the longest of those four), and (5) in draft by Olleosnep.

From James Raper critique Part 1

The Fifth Chambers argued as follows:

1.  The standard of “beyond any reasonable doubt” was not met due to insufficient and/or contradictory evidence - pursuant to Article 530, section 2 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure.

2.  Multiple attackers upheld. Guede was guilty with others unknown.

3.  The break-in in Romanelli’s room was staged.

4.  Amanda Knox was present in the cottage at the time of the murder but there is insufficient evidence that she played a participatory role.

5.  The DNA profile of Meredith Kercher on the knife and the DNA profile of Raffaele Sollecito on the bra clasp have “no probative or circumstantial relevance”

6.  “Motive is not irrelevant” and motive was not established.

7.  No selective cleaning.

8.  No purpose would be served in remanding the case back to the 1st instance court of appeal (as had occurred on appeal against acquittal)

From James Raper Critique Part 5

The Fifth Chambers argued as follows:

1.  Knox was present in the cottage at the time of the murder but in a non-participatory role. Very probably (if this is not a held fact) she had scrubbed Meredith’s blood off her hands in the small bathroom.

2.  Sollecito was very probably there as well, but it cannot be known when.

3.  There was certainly an assailant (and perhaps more than one) in addition to Guede.

4.  There was a staging of the break-in in Filomena’s room.

While this seems (in a very tortuous way), to assert an “insufficient evidence” finding rather than an “innocence” finding, the findings of the 5th Chambers are now considered final, unless they are overturned.

That being said, these findings directly refute the bulk of Knox’s book “Waiting to be Heard”

3. Arguments of Amanda Knox

Our 12-part series taking apart the claims in Knox’s book can be found here.

(1) Chapter 5, 6: The Evening and Morning After Meredith Died

Knox Version (A): AK/RS were at his apartment, watching Amelie, smoking pot, reading Harry Potter and f***ing.  AK returned to her home late the next morning.

Knox Version (B): AK was in the kitchen while PL was murdering Meredith

Knox Version (C): AK was in the kitchen while PL was murdering Meredith, and RS was probably there

Knox Version (D): AK has no clue what was going on, and doesn’t remember anything.

Version (A) is the story AK told in her book and on television—though the details are flexible.  Versions (B), (C), and (D) are the 3 statements she made November 5th/6th.

However, the truth Bruno and Marasca think is closest to the truth (pun intended), is version (C), with Guede as the killer instead of PL.

Other courts: Pre-Trial Judge Micheli (October 2008), Trial Judge Massei (2009), Appeal Judge Nencini (2014) all found that Knox was not only involved, but that she personally killed Meredith.  Even if you accept the Cassation ruling that AK wasn’t actually involved, the final ruling did place her at the crime scene, and RS probably so.

Bullshit level: COMPLETE

(2) Chapters 7, 8, 9: The Ensuing Investigation

AK goes on and on in WTBH about how she was trying to help the police.  She complains about how she was subjected to repeated and very lengthy interviews.  However, she never shared any of the insider information she had about that night.  The police officers involved noted that she and RS seemed particularly unhelpful.

Bullshit level: COMPLETE

(3) Chapters 10, 11: The Knox Interrogation Hoax

AK goes on in great detail especially in Chapter 10 about how she was lured to the police station, and brutally interrogated.  In her December 2013 email to Judge Nencini, she refers to it as “torture”.

Interesting how she remembers it with such lurid detail.

  As AK points out, there is no recording or video
  All of the officers involved give “very” different accounts
  AK claims to be traumatized and have her memory go blank

AK’s performance was convincing enough to make Judge Claudia Matteini (November 2007) believe PL was the killer.  But since then ....

(a) the 3 judge panel headed by Judge Massimo Ricciarelli (November 2007);

(b) the 5 judge Cassation panel headed by Judge Torquato Gemelli (April 2008);

(c) pre-trial Judge Paolo Micheli (October 2008);

(d) trial jury headed by Judge Giancarlo Massei (December 2009);

(e) appellate jury headed by Hellmann/Zanetti (October 2011);

(f) Cassation panel headed by Judge Chieffi (March 2013);

(g) appellate jury headed by Judge Alessandro Nencini (January 2014);

(h) Cassation panel headed by Bruno/Marasca (March 2015)

.... have ALL ruled that AK framed PL, and that she did it willingly, and wasn’t tricked or coerced.

Bullshit level: COMPLETE

(4) The Afterword: Everything After Hellmann’s Ruling

AK triumphantly declares that Cassation (2015) found her and RS innocent.  But once again, AK releases her book prior to the Cassation report.  Idiot.

Se especially here.

AK does misrepresent far more than just the 2015 Cassation findings in the Afterword.  More on that later.

Bullshit level: COMPLETE

(5) Understanding the Bruno/Marasca Ruling

At a minimum, Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and the Afterword of “Waiting to be Heard” are complete bullshit.

Considering that these bogus claims are repeated throughout the book, it can reasonably be inferred that much of the rest is made up as well. 

This is not me talking.  This is referencing the Bruno/Marasca ruling, which as it stands, is final.

(6) Author’s Note

This is a lot of speculation on my part, (as Andrew Gumbel would say “hearsay and speculation abound”), but feel free to comment

The B/M report can be understood in one word: finality.  They don’t want any one else looking at it.

(A) B/M rule “insufficient evidence” rather than “innocent” hoping to placate the Italian public.

(B) B/M sabotage AK’s ECHR appeal chances, as they don’t want another court looking to carefully at it

(C) B/M ruling essentially says “just short of guilty” to stop AK/RS from crowing about their innocence.

(D) B/M ruling claims AK/RS lied and obstructed to ward off any potential wrongful imprisonment lawsuit.

(E) B/M do strongly imply AK/RS are guilty to try to give a “moral win” to the Kerchers.

(F) B/M appear to bend over backwards to acquit, trying to look “incompetent, at worst”, rather than corrupt.

(6) The problem is: Bruno and Marasca haven’t taken into account the personalities of everyone involved

(a) The Hellmann/Zanetti ruling (October 2011) stunk of corruption, so Italy would be immediately suspicious of anything remotely similar.

(b) AK’s ECHR appeal seems to warded off for now, but AK seems hell bent on going ahead anyway.

(c) AK/RS did start parading around again, and AK re-released her book

(d) RS and Papa Sollecito sued anyway.

(e) Far from giving a “moral win”, this ruling and the accompanying report just leave a bad taste.

(7) Bullshit in WTBH (Beyond Bruno/Marasca)

Chapter 1: Before Leaving Italy

Questions For Knox: Why The Huge Lie About Your ZERO Academic Intentions In Europe?

Chapter 2: Federico Martini (a.k.a. Cristiano)

US And UK Media Wrongly Attribute Italian Report Of Knox/Cocaine-Dealer Link To Trial Prosecutors

Multiple: Capanne Chapters

The Amanda Knox Book: Good Reporters Start To Surface Amanda Knox’s False Claims In Droves

Chapter 31-35: The Hellmann Appeal

A Summary Of The Cassazione Ruling On Annulment Of The Knox-Sollecito Appeal

4. Final Thoughts

I stand by my claim that WTBH is 90-95% bullshit.

Fair to say, Bruno and Marasca would likely agree.


“(F) B/M appear to bend over backwards to acquit, trying to look “incompetent, at worst”, rather than corrupt.”

That I call moral corruption; you are betraying the trust the people have placed on you.

And “(e) ..just leave a bad taste..”..

Classic understatement. Profanity is the language that can best express my feelings…

Posted by chami on 05/07/16 at 05:27 AM | #

@Chimera@James Raper, et al Absolutely fabulous comparison of lies in Knox book versus Marasca and Bruno findings of fact.

Sadly the Supremes did limit themselves right at the edge of the cliff of truth and refused to really fly with what the basic facts demand, that: if Knox was proven to be at the cottage on the day of murder yet she lied about it and if several assailants were clearly involved, then…

Seems Italy has washed their hands of the troublesome case. They have bigger fish to fry now that terrorism, immigration and EU future dissolution affect their shores.

The shame is, Italians HAD the smoking gun: Knox’s bloody footprints in Luminol plus Meredith’s DNA on a knife at the Garibaldi flat!

Sollecito family fought the truth. They destroyed the one policewoman in their family, who is now off the force and hanging her head in obscurity from the lies her dishonest family were willing to tell to save the black sheep of the family.

Sollicito’s mother has mercifully been spared the indignities and torture of seeing what her son became almost the minute she departed this world.

Raffaele is angry, self-destructive, passive aggressive and vain, oblivious to truth and contemptuous of the longsuffering justice system that forgave him. He is now an expert on its flaws and will correct the machine of truth by running from town to town in Italy crying.

He weeps about the brutal treatment he received for his lies and for covering his and his girlfriend’s crime. Tears of regret he was not seen as Mr. Clean. Amanda cries for same reason, that she could not pull the wool over many eyes. It’s stressful.

Sad sad loss for justice.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/07/16 at 03:17 PM | #

Hopeful, I just want to tell you that your comments are always so full of wisdom and tie so many strings together: thank you. Thanks to Chimera for this wonderful overview of the arguments of Bruno/Marasca and how they contrast with Knox’s book. Thanks to all who post here; every post or comment is a defense of Meredith and ensures that she will be remembered.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, of kids or cats or dogs!

Posted by Earthling on 05/08/16 at 01:47 AM | #

Indeed, Hopeful.  And if AK is suffering, as she claims, from ‘existential pain’ then we can read into that she means she feels guilty for what she did.  However, of course, this is attributed to the prison sentence and not the crime.  AK’s time in prison seems to have been not one of great anguish, but a place of contentment to expand her creative writing, using Meredith’s murder as the basis of a plot for her H.O.T video and a short story, about an apparent rape, drug orgy and demise of a young woman under the pen name of Marie Pace (= *peace*).

In one of her latest ‘words of wisdom’, she berates people who use social media, such as Facebook, as a personal diary to emote.  When we recall AK herself sitting up until 3:00am sending out an email to everybody in her address book recounting ‘how i found my roommate murdered’, her flippant comments on MySpace about ‘uncle uwe’ not being too happy about her walking out from her internship at the Bundesreich and dark short stories about sex and violence, perhaps her pearls of insight are not so wonderful after all.

She wrote a prison diary spilling out all sorts of confidences about her fellow cellmates and yet now calls them ‘paranoid’ (Bernadette) for daring to imagine she might be writing about them and tearing the pages up.

AK’s column is little more than a vehicle for justifying her past actions, rehabilitation, if you like, thus we get explanations about the ‘foxy knoxy’ nickname, the leaks in her ‘prison diary’ - which she must have been conscious the whole time police would read it - about how people analysing her lies are in fact intruding into her ‘right to privacy’.  People are so unkind to not allow her to reinvent herself.

She tells us we are to disregard all she wrote before - the email to her entire address book, her memoriales (‘a gift’) to the police setting out how she saw Patrick rape and murder Meredith, her ‘prison diary’ scribblings, her social media emotings - and take note only what she chooses to tell us through her WSH column and ghostwritten book.

It’s not a good advertisment for her writing skills that her book was ghostwritten.

One wonders if she even knows what ‘existential’ means.

Posted by Slow Jane on 05/09/16 at 07:24 AM | #

Hi Hopeful

Great comment, nicely expanded upon by Earthling and Slow Jane.

“Seems Italy has washed their hands of the troublesome case.”

Not entirely. If by “Italy” you mean the population, the numbers of negative comments against Sollecito are pretty astonishing. He has become like some sort of pinata - media allows him to stick his head out and then thousands turn up to whack it.

But there is an asymmetry between Italian websites and our own Wiki and PMF and this one. We have gone far deeper than any website in Italy ever did and of course we go up against all that comes out in English including the RS and AK books which Italians still know little of.

I’d say by the end of this year Italians would be far more up to speed on these matters and the Italy haters in the US and UK will really be reeling. As is so common now with cable TV and the internet, punishment will happen by “other means”.

Knox seems fully aware of this and reveals increasing foreboding, while Sollecito is as usual in his bubble, with ridicule not making it through to him - on the same lines as Steve Moore is.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/09/16 at 10:00 AM | #

I also did a B&M critique posted on the PMFs and sent to Peter. It’s still preliminary, but I should finalize it in a few weeks or so.


Thanks Olleosnep:

Great that this too can go public. Another amazing effort. It’s uploaded on our own server and Chimera’s post added-to.

Pete for Chimera

Posted by Olleosnep on 05/09/16 at 01:22 PM | #

I personally would like to thank Amanda Knox and Raphael Sollecito and the various bastards who support them for proving to me what hate really is.

The hate they feel is towards Meredith/Italy and anything to do with how Knox and Sollecito murdered Meredith in cold blood and is indeed a vehicle for sites such as this continuing for as long as it takes even if that is years and years.

Knox, of course, must be aware of this and she must know that the hate which is spewed towards her personally will never stop because just as she hates anyone who has the temerity to question her, so in turn she is hated for murdering Meredith. It is my sincere wish that the knowledge of how much she is despised and how much people wish for her eventual downfall eats away at what little soul she has left. Also that it will never stop for as long as she lives.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/09/16 at 01:38 PM | #

More twists and turns in the Monster of Florence case.

A Bergamo court has acquitted OGGI journalist Giangavino Sulas and director Umberto Brindani of the charges of defamation brought by prosecutor Giuliano Mignini.

Complaint was based on OGGI report of May 5, 2010 on charges brought against 21 suspects in the death of Dr. Francesco Narducci whose body was found in Lake Trasimene in October 1985. Investigators believed him to be involved in the Monster of Florence case.

Sulas claimed Mignini’s theory of the case was based on a Satanic cult ordering body parts for use in satanic rituals.

PG Mignini might appeal this decision to the Appeals court.

Many believe that the political interference in the Meredith Kercher case is a carryover from the Monster of Florence case, with Mario Spezi and Doug Preston being the latest weapons against Mignini.

The Supreme Court did rule in 2013 that the investigating team led by Michele Giuttari and PM Mignini had been interfered with in the proper carrying out of their duties in the Narducci case.

The attending forensic pathologist wasn’t allowed to examine the body.

Narducci’s close friend the lawyer Alfredo Brizioli interfered with the police investigation then got off charges as well.

The official finding was death by drowning though he had been strangled; his hyoid bone was broken.

Definite interference by masonic elements within the judiciary and police force.

Posted by Ergon on 05/09/16 at 09:57 PM | #

Perhaps Spezi and Preston had something to do with it but the real miscarriage of justice was carried out by the US state department who saw this as a potential international embarrassing incident.

That is why the fix went in to subvert the course of true justice and get these two murderers off. The US state department did this because, and as I was told by Seattle FBI (Quote) Knox is an American citizen and we take care of our own. (Close Quote)

Also don’t forget that the USA is not only xenophobic, it’s racist as well and Meredith was not some little American white girl. Apartheid is alive and well and living in the USA. If you find this comment offensive then just take a step back because the vast majority of racists do not understand what it means. Racists, without thinking, just believe that some people on the planet are inferior due to the color of their skin and they had Guede, (just another black guy and therefore inferior) to blame anyway. After all Guede must have done this on his own because he’s black. That’s how they think.

Point of fact examine how many people in the USA agree with Donald Trump and his version of ethnic cleansing where people are judged by their ethnic background. The only difference this time around is that the Mexicans have replaced the Jews as another handy scapegoat to lay the blame on when the real problem is not the Mexicans but the US citizenry anyway.

Amanda Knox was sprung because of the pressure brought to bare by the US state department and that is another proof by the fact that arrangements were already laid down before the verdict came in and the plane was waiting at the airport.

This time around though there is nothing to save Amanda Knox and Raphael Sollecito. It’s just a matter of time.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/09/16 at 11:08 PM | #

Meanwhile over at Knox Central, her latest blog entry is yet another reflective piece of tripe, this time purportedly around a drowning incident when she was six (proof that there is no God or he’d have let the potential little killer drown), where she uses her sister’s memory of the incident to enhance her own (or maybe it’s just her “best truth”) and somehow make it “truer”.

It’s only truer to someone like Knox. Most of us in the real world understand that assimilating someone else’s memory and somehow making it your own is no less likely to make something truer than imagining you can actually remember some childhood incident because you have been shown a photograph with you in it and had it explained to you by someone older who was there when it was taken.

For most of us, searching for meaning behind old photographs and family stories is a journey to finding out more of your own and your family’s history. It’s an enriching experience as I can attest having done similar with my own family. I am acutely aware though that I’m learning stories, not facts, even if I represent them as such in discussions with others. Self awareness is an ability most of us possess. I don’t believe psycho Knox does.

Then there’s the usual bleating about how innocent people can suffer when the wrong angle is taken on events etc etc, you get the picture. Apart from her usual self pity, I do believe these articles are an attempt to continue to torture Meredith’s family. I wouldn’t think any of them read a word of what this non entity writes. We read her drivel so that they don’t have to.

Last point, she mentions that she’s with “my partner” during this discussion. Confirms at least that Colin has officially gone as I’m sure she’d mention him by name given that their engagement was a public affair and his name was no secret. Ties in with her “new love” narrative in a recent blog.

Her posts still read like trashy pulp fiction. I can’t imagine she graduated anywhere near top of class in her creative writing nonsense. There is absolutely nothing about it that could be called creative.

Posted by davidmulhern on 05/11/16 at 03:11 AM | #

“sometimes we rely on the wrong proofs—eyewitness misidentification, improper forensics, false admissions/testimony—and objective reality is drowned out by consensus”:  I wonder which case AK is talking about, here?

Posted by Slow Jane on 05/11/16 at 04:21 PM | #

Indeed Slow Jane, it wouldn’t take a Sherlock to work it out.

It’s an angle that she needs to continually promulgate having hung her hat on it so firmly from the start. I do believe it’s a mixture of “poor me” and simultaneously a “f*ck you” to Meredith’s family whom she clearly still loves to torture. Torturing Meredith’s family may indeed be the only thing she can do which comes close to the thrill of actually killing which she misses so much.

Problem for her is the Kerchers are such dignified people that their refusal to engage may well be ramping up up her baser instincts until she feels compelled to physically act again. Pity the poor latest “love” who happens to be with her when that kettle boils over. Doubtless it’ll be a self defence argument next time.

Meantime her ego probably doesn’t allow her to realise that she confirms her guilt ever more to any objective reader with each subsequent worthless blog entry.

She’s a spiteful, hateful little horror to her very core.

Posted by davidmulhern on 05/12/16 at 04:01 AM | #

David Mulhern,
I agree she seems to enjoy taunting. She’s also never condemmed the nasty comments other people have written.  She’s like a woman out of control. Just like she was in Italy.
And people around her seem to just let her do as she pleases.

Posted by DavidB on 05/12/16 at 04:26 AM | #

Thank you Earthling, and I did enjoy Mother’s day with the kids: cuddles and tuna juice do nicely.

Slow Jane: my sense is that Linda Kuhlman probably did most of the initial work, but that AK did an extensive rewrite.  I just don’t see any professional writer getting this personal and nasty.

David (both): Yes, AK probably gets turned on thinking about it, and this is a sort of ‘‘lesser high’‘

Posted by Chimera on 05/12/16 at 06:39 AM | #

Info awaited for posts coming up about RS lawyer Maori (in deep trouble - probable loss of license, possible prison) and the RS & Gumbel book trial.

That was originally slated to start in earnest tomorrow - we hold back on that though because there was a written defense attempt a couple of months ago, and there was something said then by the judge about a new start date late in the year.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 05/12/16 at 09:53 AM | #

Knox may consider herself a writer, but the real writer is Mr. John Kercher. No doubt Meredith inherited his talent.

Meredith was not upside down on a wakeboard but enjoying the beautiful shores of Rimini, Italy with her family.

Twice Meredith went to Rimini on the Adriatic Sea when she was young.

Another place she loved was Brighton Beach. Mr. Kercher said it was only a short drive from their home so they went to Brighton Beach many times. Meredith had picnics with her family on the beach there.

Mr. Kercher in his book dedicated to MEREDITH said she always loved the coast.

Sometimes they went to fish and chips shops in Brighton and there was a place with meandering alleys full of antique shops and bistros and cafes called The Lane. Her father wrote that Meredith was fascinated by that place and afterwards he would often picture her there. 

Mr. John Kercher was the true storyteller who used his gift to inspire both his daughters. He would make up for Stephanie and Meredith bedtime stories in which he used each girl as the chief character.

Meredith was fascinated by her story and craved it even to age 14. In it Meredith became the mystical Miss Carla who grew younger as the child Meredith grew older.

That story expanded night after night and Meredith lived as the mystical Miss Carla who could time travel.

The story began with a fairy who twirled around to whisk the child into the fantasy. The magic began.

Mr. Kercher even sat on a beach in Spain once and wrote part of the Miss Carla story for Meredith and called her to tell it. It ballooned into a full novel, as yet unpublished.

The mystical Miss Carla is our Meredith of today who grows more enchanting as the days go by.

Meredith had a good young life. She went shopping with her dad on Oxford Street in London.

John Kercher and Stephanie and Meredith took the Eurostar to do shopping in Lille, France.

She danced, she loved music, she loved the classics, she tutored, she traveled, she studied, she worked, she toured the Lake District, she made many friends. She always loved her mother.

Meredith was bright, happy and she got the best out of life and appreciated it all.

If Knox were to live a thousand years she’d not have the equal pleasure Meredith experienced.

The greatest achievement perhaps of Meredith Kercher is the deep love and pleasure her memory gives to others who know of her personality, kindness and her mystical story.

She remains a beacon of all good things.

A far cry from the WSH story of Knox waving goodbye to a sister only to lose control then lose her head and “peck at the water” in which she was drowning with two little hands, hands that left bruises on her murdered friend’s jaw, hands used to write a lot of self-serving lies afterwards as Slow Jane recounted so well. Hands that Knox drew pictures of.

WSH is Knox’s podium from which to shapeshift and project the silhouette of her guilty conscience via shadow show. She started doing this with her mega email to everyone in Seattle, an email full of lies immediately after Meredith had been murdered. Of course it was a communication against police wishes. 

All Knox’s writing has gone to waste as it has never revealed the truth yet except unintentionally. Obscuring truth is her goal. She’s lying to her editors, her readers and to herself. But as the Lidocq Society’s motto says, Truth propagates truth and the truth will come out one day. A sea of truth is out there and tectonic plates will shift.

Meredith did the real writing with her life and love. In memory of this treasure her father did the even better writing, a book called MEREDITH.  He wrote for a living for many years in order to take Meredith on those trips to Brighton and Rimini and put her in St. John Whitgift School. 

I wish Mr. or Mrs. Kercher would reveal to us a few of Meredith’s poems that she wrote.

She was writing postcards to family that were found sitting on her bedside table beside her body in Perugia. Her last movie was “The Notebook”. She used her writing to lift others. She shared her time in Italy on notecards with scenic photos right to the end.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/14/16 at 11:30 AM | #

Knox will never get beyond grade three scribble.
Consider her subject matter which she has stolen from everybody else. The fact that her supporters are, for the most part, stuck in the same grade therefore encourage her to continue. They do this because it elevates their own sorry view of themselves. ( Steve Moore and his idiot wife for example who live in a dream world inhabited by crime fighters and super heroes.)
Consider Knox the unwashed murdering thief who has never done anything with her life except screw everybody including her family and her latest victim who as soon as he finds out just who Knox is will also run away as fast as possible. Knox will end up once more totally alone because she cannot trust anyone.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 05/14/16 at 12:41 PM | #

@Grahame Rhodes, exactly. Her subject matter is all about how she is coping with her guilt trip. Her subject, like Raffaele’s when he analyzed social media to see how much support versus criticism of himself he found, is always herself.

Her supporters grin and exult because Knox slipped free of her chains. They feel they “won” when someone they liked got away with murder. That’s all they cared about, helping Knox slip her chains. They cared nothing about truth or punishing killers. If the killer is a friend, to them the victim is meaningless. It is frightening to see a bunch of jackals grinning at the injustice they worked by lies like Knox used. Self-deception is their credo. It is certainly Knox’s. Who could she trust now? She knows she owes everyone an apology, that she lies constantly, that she has made fools of them all. They saw in her what they needed to see to excuse themselves.

And her most recent West Seattle Herald story seems to say that when she was young and unequipped her Uncle Kevin and other family members nearly killed her, but then the family all jumped overboard to save her. During this crisis Mama Edda was far away from it all on shore. Is Knox hinting she shouldn’t have been allowed to get onto the waveboard but that her foolish family was responsible because they allowed her to try something too dangerous? Would this parallel with her being allowed by family to live on her own in Italy before she was ready, but it’s all OK because after she went ape and the family pulled her out of a prison sentence with legal aid and PR help, she needs sister Deanna to speak into the situation to confirm Knox’s survival? Two children saw more than all the adults, in this cockeyed story.

Knox is delusional as usual. I doubt a four-year-old Deanna was really the first one to see that Knox was in trouble on the wakeboard, although Deanna did probably see her sister’s hands under the water struggling with the overturned board. And no doubt it was very very scary for everyone involved, all due to Knox’s insistence and the family’s caving in to a child’s limited reasoning powers.

The takeaway from the story is Knox saying consensus can work two ways, either positive or negative. If the crowd shares your opinion and echoes it, you’re good. If not, you will sink.

Knox is like Kipling’s bandarlog who yell and shriek that they are the greatest people in the jungle. “We all say so, so it must be true,” is their famous rationale. People have been laughing at that Jungle Book pile of monkeys and their consensus of nonsense for decades. If you get enough people to say the sky is falling, that doesn’t make it true. Knox is facing the issue of group dynamics, the issue of political force, the concept that might makes right or that political change comes from the barrel of a gun. Truth is held hostage to human desires and to the will of the many which often overwhelms the few. Men and governments have been grappling with this stuff since time immemorial. The Old Testament says that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, “but time and chance happeneth to them all”. Also I believe in Zechariah is the ultimate truth, “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the LORD of hosts.” (Lord of armies). There is a spiritual element in things that can overturn the mob or raise one. This is the mystery.

Posted by Hopeful on 05/14/16 at 04:32 PM | #

Just dotting an"i”:
Brighton’ in England, is is a seaside resort and the largest part of the City of Brighton and Hove situated in East Sussex, England. It’s about 60 miles from London, & therefore about 50 miles from the Kercher’s home.

(“Brighton Beach” is an oceanside neighborhood in the southern portion of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, along the Coney Island peninsula.)

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Thanks, Cardiol. You’re right. There is also a famous stage play named “Brighton Beach Memories” by Neil Simon, iirc.

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Hopeful, that’s a brilliant analysis.  Knox appears to be trying to recapture her innocent self, before her fall, which is why she is forever writing about her former self, i.e., as a child.

She tries to substitute herself into Meredith’s place.  Now Meredith is gone, she reasons, she’ll be the journalist and columnist.  She’ll do the dancing in the pop videos.

She’ll paint a picture of a happy carefree childhood, the one that Meredith had.

But she will always be a faded facsimile of an innocent person, a cardboard cut-out going through the motions, with the fixed beaming smile whenever the camera points at her.

Where does she go when she’s alone in her bed?  That’s when the demons strike and hotel management can hear her gnashing her teeth and wailing out loud in the dark hours of the night.

It was probably all too much for James Terrano and Colin Sutherland to take.  This is a person haunted by real ghosts: the; the ghost of herself as an innocent child, the ghost of knowing ‘the real killers’ will never be found as we know who they are already.

“I believe me, why does no-one else?” she writes in her prison diary.  Perhaps meant as a sardonic comment, but actually a flash of insight that no-one believes her innocent, other than to humour her for ulterior motive.

Every day for the rest of her life she will have to cope with the suspicious glint in Edda’s eye, Deanna’s doubtfulness towards her, Curt’s anger at her bringing shame and stigma on his family and the depletion of all her parents’ hard-earned money.

Something has to give.  I predict she will have a full-scale nervous breakdown in which she up sticks and moves to a remote country; joins a religious sect to retreat from the world; has a fullblown screaming and crying fit in a public place or assaults a complete stranger who presses a trigger on her dread of being exposed for what she is.  At her heart she knows there is a void.  Madison, Colin and James had a terrifying glimpse into the abyss that is at her core…and ran a mile in the opposite direction.

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Hi Slow Jane
Very true.
Amanda Knox has only one game which she has played over and over and that is the innocent one. The great news is she can’t keep it going for two reasons.

One. The bitch it getting old and worn out because of the game she has to play in order to keep the few acolytes she has and

Two. People are getting tired of her childish crap. If you can stomach reading her self serving drivel it’s always the same thing, ie “poor little me who almost drowned.” To bad she wasn’t successful because then Meredith would still be alive and a light to the world.
I say this because intelligence is far more important than looks. Meredith had both of course. Knox has neither. Pancake makeup can’t hide the lines and dye can’t hide the gray hair.

No! Knox is going down to the hell she deserves.

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@Slow Jane@Grahame Rhodes @ DavidB@davidmulhern et al. I agree with all of you. Slow Jane’s final prediction that Knox is going to explode from repressing the truth, it’s inevitable.

And her dark secrets are a way too heavy burden for friends or family. Can’t you just imagine the eggshells they walk on around her, hoping she won’t reveal she really did kill Meredith to them. What if Knox whispered to them, “Hey, guess what, I really did kill her that night, things just got out of hand. Please don’t hate me.”

What would they do with that info? It would weight them down like cement boots.

Oh, maybe they’d justify keeping it quiet, reasoning that Supreme Court finalized the acquittal, so no matter what they say or do it’s all over, done and dusted. But the inner pain would still be there and the fear would rise. Knox has given them plausible deniability for years with her lies.

She justifies the lying as a fragile effort to protect her family from the harsh reality, to shield them from pain.

And like Slow Jane assessed it, Knox is trying to usurp the meaning of Meredith’s life in a bizarre duplicity.

Arlene got it right when she said the jealous hatred that led to her daughter’s death was because Meredith “was everything that they were not.” Knox grasped for that in a rage.

Knox did once seriously consider in some of her writings the reason for her life colliding with Meredith’s. Why had the two of them become entwined in destiny? Arlene gave the closest answer.

Knox will soon do some crazy cranky action to release the pressure. She’s a timebomb. No doubt her night terrors and meltdowns and now prison-created phobias and weirdness (she might not have had them so badly if she’d willingly accepted her incarceration as due punishment and leaned on the priest). Now all this guilt and trauma were all dreadfully too much for poor Colin, James and even worse for the seemingly loyal Madison who knew Knox well before prison.

What a disaster to have been entangled with her. Let her hug the thugs parading at “exoneree” conventions, yuck.

And just think. If she’d come clean right away to Perugian police, she’d have used the last nine years better having paid society’s debt at least according to Italian law. She might already be out of lockup on day release for good behavior, acquiring that special degree from University of Perugia. She might have learned how to translate behind prison bars. She could have given the Kerchers closure and peace. She would have received a lot of books and flirting from Rocco Ghirlanda, maybe made friends with Mignini. Maybe Douglas Preston would have interviewed her. She could have corresponded with many people, perhaps be a PhD by now.

If she’d told the truth she could have perhaps salvaged Sollecito from all his trials and tribulations of the last nine years IF he were merely an accessory after the fact.

If she’d been honest she might have saved his daddy half a million dollars and gray hairs, added years to his life, not to mention Mr. Kercher’s life.

After such a long stay in Italian prisons perhaps she would have been granted Italian citizenship, thus embracing Italy forever. At least she would have been free of guilt and made clean and right with the world and walking the sidewalks for coffee as a free woman forever telling the truth about her life.

In the process of pain and punishment she would have redeemed herself beyond her wildest dreams.

Her family might have been happier with that in the long run. At least they could trust her word again.

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Reading the shrill tweets from Chris Mellas & Lyn Duncan & co under their myriad false names, in responses to all these hard truths, suggests they really are pretty well on the ropes, as Grahame so often says. 

Another two big turns of the screw are just coming up, with the first post tomorrow, Chimera’s final shots at the Knox book, this time highlighting about 50 serious lapses of logic in the book.

Ergon has emailed and posted on PMF dot Net that the ECHR in Strasbourg has asked Dalla Vedova some questions about the Knox “interrogation” that was the basis of the appeal.  Hmmm. Good opportunity to provide our own answers in an open letter to Dalla Vedova and the ECHR too.

Much more information is just in on the MOF case which sowed the seeds for the attempted swipes at Dr Mignini etc by Spezi & Preston et al. It will take a while to put it in post form, do email if you have followed the MOF case a lot.

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Knox’s latest blog entry on 16 May is the usual trite nonsense, this time critiquing some programme she watches on TV and then inevitably relating it to her own life. Trying again to curry favour with her mother, painting her in the heroic light that Knox clearly feels she needs to to try and make up for being the dead, empty vessel of a daughter that she turned out to be.

She does appear to be getting broody. She ends up talking about her own babies “when they come”. For the love of God, we can only hope that someone kills her with fire before she gets the chance to breed. For that filthy scumbag to become a mother would truly be an affront to human decency.

I’m sure this is yet more attempted torturing of Meredith’s family. Letting Meredith’s parents know that they will never have from Meredith what Knox is able to give her folks. A grandchild.

Mind you, people who live like Knox has lived and been as diseased as she has often have trouble conceiving. Hopefully she’ll be one of them.

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No Problem David. Of course what Knox does know, but dare not admit, is the fact that wherever she goes there are people following her.

Mind you, she is too scared to really go anywhere particularly on foot even to score drugs but then Knox knows the area between 1st and 4th Avenue or Union and Stewart street quite well although hooking can only generate a small amount of cash particularly when you look like “The North end of a Chicken Going South.” 

It’s only a matter of time before the unwashed bitch is done anyway. Skulking around in disguise hoping that nobody will recognize her and exact revenge.

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Knox back in headlines, May 18, 2016: The Daily Mail online. “Amanda Knox’s case against Italian police that she was mistreated during questioning is accepted by Europe’s Court of Human Rights”.

She “claims she was slapped and threatened by police officers”. Knox alleges she was “subjected to inhumane treatment including degrading smacks to the head”.

Claims she was “not provided with a lawyer or official interpreter.”

Daily Mail says this was reported by the The Local which cited Corriere della Sera.

Knox’s lawyer Ghirgha says, “It’s great news, it’s difficult to get the Court’s acceptance, but I can’t say it gives me any satisfaction as so much suffering has already been caused.”

The ECHR “will now request more information from the Italian government before the case is brought to trial.” This may take several years.

Comments are caustic mainly, like:

“She sounds kinky.”
“A Yankee drama Queen”
“100% guilty and getting away with it…pure evil”
“She did it. Guilty. This is another money grab”
“Human rights? The first recourse of the scoundrel.

My opinion is if the ECHR has a shred of credibility they will laugh her out of court and rule for Italy.

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The Meredith Kercher Wiki has uploaded a large trove of never before seen CCTV video captures from parking garage cameras 7, 11, 15

Many thanks to the editors who compiled and uploaded that.

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On the ECHR Knox “appeal” further to Hopeful’s comment just above and the brief mention I made of it we have some posts and open letters coming.

More than previously we will publicize these with the US media as they show Knox at her ultimate guiltiness.

And the pompous fraud Nick Squires proves once again that he is reliably inaccurate (15 hours???):

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