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Due To Content Wars And Objective Editors Forced Out, Original Wikipedia Might Not Survive

Posted by Peter Quennell

1 The New York Times Report

The New York Times reports today that the original Wikipedia may not survive. Better resources may take its place.

Today’s Times report (reprint sites here and here) says that one big reason of several why the Wikipedia is struggling now is that good objective editors have become very hard to attract.

2. The Hijacking We Observed

From 2010 onward, several of the relevant English-language Wikipedia entries were hijacked by the Marriott-paid thugs. No English-language entry we have read lately is reliable on the case.

Deliberate bias now appears again and again. What is simply left out - lies of omission - is now immense. In 2011 the founder of Wikipedia , Jimmy Wales, joined in - on the wrong side.

One of the effects of the deliberate bias he encouraged was to make many who read here no longer willing to contribute towards Wikipedia’s costs.

Another effect was that good objective editors downed tools and simply walked off.

In March 2011 one of the frustrated good objective editors, Gwaendar, arrived here and posted (first link below) a report about what he and his colleagues had faced.

A few days later (second link below) a translation by TomM and Skeptical Bystander of the main Italian Wikipedia page, still in very good shape, went up:

3. So The Meredith Wiki Stands

In May 2013, as Azoza describes in the post below,  Edward McCall and a team of editors and translators began the Meredith Wiki as an effort that stands proudly on its own.

If anything, the Meredith-case Wiki has been gaining speed. What Azoza described represents a fast doubling in size.  The volunteer team has grown too, with strong legal and Italian-language skills.

No bias in this freestanding Wiki has ever been proved. It simply carries dozens and dozens of the official trial and appeal documents, most of them now in English, for anyone to take away with them any meaning that they wish.

Our ongoing Interrogation Hoax series, on that huge and nasty hoax, which now has nervous publishers and Knox killer-groupies realizing they may have legal targets on their own backs, could not have happened if the hearing, trial and appeal transcripts had not been made available there first.

And there are many other truths lurking like landmines on the Wiki site.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/22/15 at 12:21 AM in Hoaxes Knox & team20 No-PR hoax


Excellent post Pete. Indeed, Wikipedia has lost a lot of its credibility through the years on many different subjects. This case is a prime example. The FOAKers attempts to rewrite history are failing as the blood money burns up and new objective publications on the case are released. Earlier today Nick Van der Leek released “DARK MATTER: The Meredith Kercher Murder Mystery” on Amazon here:

And there will be more to come as Camp Knox implodes into bankruptcy.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 06/22/15 at 02:14 AM | #

Thanks, Pete.

I commented on the seperate but related topic of the Wikipedia’s Amanda Knox entry at .NET recently. Basically, I said that it’s disheartening to see that the Amanda Knox entry today is a press release from beginning to end.

A comment from your first link:

“Wikipedia has is a complete lack of accounting for the effect of wide ranging PR and astroturfing campaigns.

Posted by Gwaendar on 03/29/11 at 02:35 PM”

This is the last paragraph of the Amanda Knox entry:


On March 27, 2015, the final appeal by Knox and Sollecito was heard by the Supreme Court of Cassation; it ruled that the case against Knox and Sollecito was without foundation, thereby definitively acquitting them.[62][127][128][129] Rather than merely declaring that there were errors in the earlier court cases or that there was not enough evidence to convict, the court ruled that Knox and Sollecito were innocent of involvement in the murder.[130]”

Posted by JohnQ on 06/22/15 at 03:37 AM | #

I have not edited any article in wikipedia but I have contributed often. For many scientific articles, I rate it as good to excellent. However, many of the editors are too young and lack a broad perspective. Sometimes scientific contents are sourced from “reliable sources” like NYT and CNN (and they are not the best sources for scientific information).

Sometimes correcting mistakes in wikipedia is difficult because the original author has a different opinion.

Posted by chami on 06/22/15 at 05:13 AM | #

It is indeed astonishing that the Great Hoax can have been allowed to have been perpetrated for so long. It is not just Wiki, the anti-truth brigade have innundated Amazon with over 1,000 likely fake five star reviews for the atrociously bad WTBH. 

The alternative Murder of Meredith Kercher Wiki is truly awesome.  Congratulations to the team!

There is no hiding place.

Posted by Slow Jane on 06/22/15 at 11:58 AM | #

No worries because as time goes forward the Knox cult will get lazy and go onto something else. Of course there will be a few rabid individuals who identify with Knox as the lost little soul she purports to be. But the truth, in spite of efforts to keep the lies alive, will eventually come out.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 06/22/15 at 04:14 PM | #

@Grahame Rhodes

The irony is that she really is, in cold fact, a lost little soul - no need to play it as role. Doubtless she found it expedient from an early age to give a bravura performance of the poor innocent whenever her, ahem, “quirkiness” led her into an escalating love of mischief and its repercussions - culminating in murder and arrest.

The puerile theatre of the absurd she seems to revel in, and her unblinking declamations of innocence, might have fooled her god-awful bourgeois parents when she was young but surely the quaking, insecure and desperately confused mass underneath would have been transparent to any half-sentient being.

Posted by Odysseus on 06/22/15 at 06:48 PM | #

Very true and as I have mentioned before Edda’s picture during the confrontation with Knox at the court is very telling. Of course Edda knows damn well Knox is guilty as will everyone else as time goes by.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 06/22/15 at 11:33 PM | #

I missed that confrontation. I don’t know anything about it.

I think that her parents are vile, especially her father who had the nerve to say that they still had a chance with their daughter and the Kerchers didn’t (on Oprah). Yeah, they don’t, because his daughter murderer theirs.

I’m stuck with an image of them taking “selfies” in the courtroom. Truly a family of low lives.

Posted by JohnQ on 06/23/15 at 09:18 AM | #


I think Grahame was referring to this image, which could be titled “If Looks Could Kill”  😊:

Posted by Odysseus on 06/23/15 at 12:48 PM | #
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