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What No-Show Amanda Knox SHOULD Have Emailed Judge Nencini As Truthful Testimony in December 2013

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As the real thing really didnt work any better for Knox…

As is well known, Amanda Knox refused to attend her own appeal in Florence in 2013/2014.

This was a defence appeal by Knox herself and Sollecito against the 2009 conviction by Judge Giancarlo Massei’s trial court.  It was not a new trial, or a retrial, or even a prosecution appeal. It was an appeal DEMANDED by Knox and Sollecito.

While Knox refused to attend, she did send a long, rambling email to Lead Judge Nencini.  Judge Nencini tartly read out the email in court, and remarked that she could have delivered this in person and answered questions if she wanted it credibly on the record - after all, Sollecito was sitting right there and not scared out of his wits.

Kudos to fellow main posters Finn MacCool and SeekingUnderstanding for their original and well done posts on this ‘‘submission’‘

With a bit of fact checking, Knox’s email could have looked to the court and the media more like this.  Enjoy.

Court of Appeals of Florence section II Assise Proc. Pen, 11113

Letter sent to attorneys Carlo Dalla Vedova and Luciano Ghirga via email Seattle, 15 December 2013

Attn: Honorable Court of Appeals of Florence

1. I have no doubt that my lawyers have explained and demonstrated the important facts of this case that prove my innocence and discredit the unjustified accusations of the prosecution and civil parties. I seek not to supplant their work; rather, even though I am not present to take part in this current phase of the judicial process, I feel compelled to share my own perspective as a six””year-long defendant and causation of Meredith’s injustice.

2. The Court has access to my previous declarations, and please disregard that whole ‘‘aggravated calunnia’’ in which Cassation says i framed Patrick to divert attention, or that pending calunnia charge claiming I falsely accused the police to sabotage the court proceedings.  I trust you will not be blinded by these things to come to this verdict.  I must repeat: I am innocent.  Because repeating it will help dissuade you from studying my lies too carefully.

3. According to my lawyers: I am not a murderer, I am not a rapist, I am not a thief or a plotter or an instigator, at least not until Cassation signs off on it. I did not kill Meredith or take part in her murder or have any prior or special knowledge of what occurred that night, (other than screaming, slit throat, and that the body was moved). I was not there for part of the time, and had nothing to do with it.

4. I am not present in the courtroom because I am afraid. Frederico Martini is probably still pissed that I gave him up; the court and jail officials don’t like my book; and I think there is still an open warrant on me for calunnia.  Also, without any employment or housing references, staying here may be tricky.  I have faith in your judgement, but am worried you are so poor a judge you will be blinded my the Prosecution’s vehemence.  I remember Judge Micheli: he was the wise Judge who found Guede guilty; he was the idiot Judge who ordered Raffaele and I to stand trial as accomplices.

5. My life being on the line, at least until I get parole, and having with others already suffered too much, I’ve rehearsed this story and attentively followed this process and gleaned the following facts that have emerged from the development of this case that I beg you not to dismiss when making your judgement:

6. No physical evidence places me in Meredith “˜s bedroom, the scene of the crime, because I define only that as the crime scene.  My DNA mixed with Meredith’s was in the bathroom and Filomena’s room, not Meredith’s.  Those bloody footprints cleaned away were in the hallway, not Meredith’s room.  Raffaele had one knife, and this other was at his flat, neither of which is Meredith’s room.  My lamp on Meredith’s floor had no fingerprints on it, and does not implicate me.  That DNA on Merdith’s bra, and bloody footprint on the bathmat only implicates my alibi witness (who refuses to be questioned), not me.  Those false alibis, false accusations, details I know about the crime, and phone records are not physical evidence, and did not happen in Meredith’s bedroom. Those ‘‘eyewitnesses’’ the Prosecution produced are not forensic evidence, and do not place me in Meredith’s room.

7. Meredith’s murderer left ample evidence of his presence in the brutal scenario, we made sure of that.  Heck, the police couldn’t even find my fingerprints in my own bedroom.

8. No evidence places me in the same brutal scenario, again, which I restrict to Meredith’s bedroom, and only actual physical evidence.  The prosecution has failed to explain how—with these restrictions—I could have participated in the aggression and murder””to have been the one to fatally wound Meredith””without leaving any genetic trace of myself. Just because i spend a lot of time talking about it, and am a C.S.I. fan, doesn’t mean I know how to remove evidence.  That is because it is impossible. It is impossible to identify and destroy all genetic traces of myself in a crime scene and retain all genetic traces of another individual, or so C.S.I. has taught me. Either I was there, or I wasn’t. My analysis of the crime scene answers this question: I wasn’t there.

9. My interrogation was illegal and produced a false “confession” that demonstrated my non-knowledge of the crime- The subsequent memoriali, for which I was wrongfully found guilty of slander, did not further accuse but rather recanted that false “confession.” Yes, I wrote out a false ‘‘confession’’ that accuses someone else.  Just as I testified to the prosecutor in prison and to my family members in prison when our conversations were being recorded without my knowledge. Dammit, give me some privacy.

10. My behavior after the discovery of the murder indicates my innocence, if you think creatively enough. I did not flee Italy when I had the chance, because (in my November 4th email), the police wouldn’t let me leave.  I stayed in Perugia and was at the police’s beck and call trying to think of answers for over 50 hours in four days, convinced that I could help them find the murderer, or at least someone who was ‘‘close enough’‘.  I never thought or imagined that repeatedly changing my story would fuel their suspicions. I did not hide myself or my feelings: when I needed sex, Rafael ‘‘embraced’’ me; when I was scared of being exposed, I cried; when I was angry that it wasn’t working, I swore and made insensitive remarks; when I was shocked, I paced or sat in silence, at least until I could find a new ‘‘best truth’‘; when I was trying to help, I evaded questions, consoled Meredith’s friends, especially her male friends, and tried to keep a positive attitude that this would blow over.

11. Upon entering the questura I had no understanding of my legal position, accompanying Raffaele to a witness summary session which I was not invited to. 20””years old and alone in a foreign country, I was, legally speaking, innocent and never expected to be suspected and subjugated to torture, and I wasn’t. I was told I was a witness, then after I placed myself at the crime scene I was told I was a suspect. I was questioned for a prolonged period in the middle of the night and in Italian, a language I barely knew, and that questioning includes the time I was sleeping or getting tea.  I denied legal counsel- still The Court of Cassation deemed the interrogation and the statements produced from it was inadmissible. In my memoir, WTBH; I was lied to, yelled at, threatened, slapped twice on the back of the head. I told myself I had witnessed the murder and was suffering from amnesia. I told myself that if I didn’t succeed in ‘‘remembering’’ what happened to Meredith that night, I would never see my family again. I browbeat myself into confusion and despair, to sell to the media at a later date. When you berate, intimidate, lie to, threaten, confuse, and coerce someone in believing they are wrong, you are not going to find the truth, but again, that is not what happened here.

12. The police used tea and kindness to coerce me into signing a false “confession” that was without sense and should never have been considered a legitimate investigative lead. In this fragmentary and confused statement the police identified Patrick Lumumba as the murderer because we had exchanged text messages, the meaning of which I let the police wrongfully interpret (”˜Civediamo piu tardi. Buona serata’). The statement lacked a clear sequence of events, corroboration with any physical evidence, and fundamental information like: how and why the murder took place, if anyone else was present or involved, what happened afterward””it supplied partial, contradictory information and as the investigators would discover a little later, when Patrick Lumumba’s defense lawyer produced proof of him incontestable alibi, it was obviously inaccurate and unreliable.  After over 50 hours of rehearsing the questioning over four days, I was mentally exhausted and I was confused.

13. This coerced and illegitimate statement, which I dreamed up, was used by the police to arrest and detain a clearly innocent man with an iron-clad alibi with whom I had a friendly professional relationship, (at least until I destroyed his life). This coerced and illegitimate statement was used to convict me of slander.  Judge Hellmann saw that this statement was coerced, and threw out my calunnia conviction .... I mean he increased the sentence .... never mind.The prosecution and civil parties are accusing and blaming me, a result of their own overreaching.

14. Experience, case studies, and the law recognize that one may be coerced into giving a false"confession” because of torture.  I’m not sure why this applies to my case, but damn, it sure sounds impressive.

15. This is a universal problem. According to the National Registry of Exoneration, in the United States 78% of wrongful murder convictions that are eventually overturned because of exonerating forensic evidence involved false “confessions.” Almost 8 in 10 wrongfully convicted persons were coerced by police into implicating themselves and others in murder. I am not alone: Susan Smith and Casey Anthony ‘‘falsely confessed’’ that other people did it too.  And exonerating forensic evidence is often as simple as no trace of the wrongfully convicted person at the scene of the crime, but rather the genetic and forensic traces of a different guilty party””just like every piece of forensic evidence identifies not me, but Rudy Guide.

16. In the brief time Meredith and I were roommates and friends we never fought.  Roommates, not friends.

17. Meredith was my friend, not that I was her friend. She was kind to me, helpful, generous, fun, and in retrospect, I should have been more of the same.  She never criticized me. She never gave me so much as a dirty look, even as I left the place a mess, and even when I flirted with her boyfriend, or she took my job at the bar.

18. But the prosecution claims that a rift was created between Meredith and I because of cleanliness. This is a distortion of the facts. Please refer to the testimonies of my housemaster and Meredith’s British friends. None of them ever witnessed or heard about Meredith and I fighting, arguing, disliking each other. None of them ever claimed Meredith was a confrontational clean-freak, or I a confrontational slob. Laura Masotho testified that both Meredith and I only occasionally cleaned, whereas she and Filomena Romanelli were more concerned with cleanliness. Meredith’s British friends testified that Meredith had once told them that she felt a little uncomfortable about finding the right words to kindly talk tome, her new roommate, about cleanliness in the bathroom we shared. The prosecution would have you believe this is motivation for murder. But this is a terrifying distortion of the facts, as proving motive it not necessary—anywhere.

19. I did not carry around Rafael’s kitchen knife.  That’s what men are for, to do the lifting for me.

20. This claim by the prosecution, crucial to their theory, is uncorroborated by any physical evidence or witness testimony. I didn’t fear the streets of Perugia and didn’t need to carry around with me a large, cumbersome weapon which would have ripped my cloth book bag to shreds. My book bag showed no signs of having carried a bloody weapon. The claim that he would have insisted I carry a large chef’s knife is not just senseless, but a disturbing indication of how willing the prosecution is to defy objectivity and reason in order to sustain a mistaken and disproven theory.  Yes, i can positively disprove a theory I know nothing about.

21. It is yet another piece of invented “evidence”, another circumstance of theory fabricated to order, because having discovered nothing else, the prosecution could only invent: phone records, false alibis, false statements, false accusations.

22. I had no Contact with Rudy Guide, even though I mention in my book having seen him twice, and a third time in the next paragraph.

23. Like many youth in Perugia, I had once crossed paths with Rudy Guide. He played basketball with the young men who lived in the apartment below us. Meredith and I had been introduced to him together. Perhaps I had seen him amongst the swarms of students who crowded the Perugian streets and pubs in the evenings, but that was it. We didn’t have each other’s phone number, we didn’t meet in private, we weren’t acquaintances. I never bought drugs from Rudy Guide or anyone else. I was having sex with Federico for drugs, which isn’t the same thing.  The phone records show no connection. There are no witnesses who place us together, except my statement here. The prosecution claims I convinced Rudy Guide to commit rape and murder, completely ignoring the fact that we didn’t even speak the same language. He has lived in Perguia for 15 years, and I am a student of Italian. Once again, the prosecution is relying upon a disturbing and unacceptable pattern of distortion of the objective evidence.

24. I am not a psychopath.  That evaluation in 2008 was unfair, as I didn’t get a chance to prepare my spontaneous answers.

25. There is no short list to the malicious and unfounded slanders I have enjoyed over the course of this legal process. In trial, in the media I have been called no less than:

“Conniving; manipulating; man””eater; narcissist; enchantress; duplicitous; adulterer; drug addict; an explosive mix of drugs, sex, and alcohol; dirty; witch; murderer; slanderer; demon; depraved; imposter; promiscuous; succubus; evil; dead inside; pervert; dissolute; a wolf in sheep’s clothing; rapist; thief; reeking of sex; Judas; she-devil;

26. I have never demonstrated anti-social, aggressive, violent, or behavior. Throwing rocks at cars, writing rape stories, and staging break ins are not violent or anti-social.  I am not addicted to sex or drugs.  In fact, Federico Martini hasn’t given me any since I was arrested.  Upon my arrest I was tested for drugs and the results were negative. I am not a split-personality One does not adopt behavior spontaneously.

27. This is a fantasy. This is uncorroborated by any objective evidence or testimony. The prosecution and civil parties created and pursued this character assassination because they have nothing else to show you. They have neither proof, nor logic, nor the facts on their side. They only have their ‘‘evidence’’ against me, and my personal opinions about them. They want you to think I’m a monster because I am telling you they think I am a monster.  it is easy to condemn a monster. It is easy to dismiss a monster’s defense as deception. But the prosecution and civil parties think I’m both severely mistaken and wrong. I have condemned them without proof of wrongdoing, and I seek to convince you to condemn them without proof of wrongdoing.

28. If the prosecution truly had a case against me, there would be no need for these theatrics. Never mind that this is my own appeal, and I ‘‘should’’ be demonstrating why the 2009 trial verdict is unjust.  If I had a case, there would be no need for smoke and mirrors to distract you from the mountains of physical evidence against me. But because this evidence exists that proves my guilt, I would seek to deceive you with these impassioned, but completely inaccurate and unjustified pronouncements. Because I am not a murderer (yet), I would seek to mislead you into convicting me by charging your emotions, by painting me as an innocent until proven guilty, but not as a monster.

29. The prosecution and civil parties are committing injustices against the Kerchers because they cannot bring themselves to admit, even to themselves, that they’ve made a terrible mistake, namely, that the murder was premeditated. Again, it is my own appeal, but they are persecuting me.

30. The Court has seen that the prosecution and civil parties will not hear criticism of their mistakes, by people who won’t attend their appeal.

31. The Court has seen that the prosecution jumped to conclusions at the very start of their investigation: they interrogated and arrested innocent people and claimed “Case Closed"before any evidence could be analyzed, before bothering to check alibis.  As proof of this, they called Raffaele to the police station (at his leisure), to clear up discrepencies in his alibi.  Then when he claimed I lied, Rita Ficarra then asked me for an explanation.  Those brutes!  Then they hauled in Patrick just because in ‘‘confessed’’ several times that he did it.

32. The prosecutor and investigators were under tremendous pressure to solve the mystery of what happened to Meredith as soon as possible. The local and International media was breathing down the necks of these detectives. Their reputations and careers were to be made or broken. In spite of that, they still saw my mistakes. Under pressure, they admitted to as few mistakes as possible and committed themselves to a theory founded upon disproving my mistakes.

33. Had they not jumped to conclusions based on nothing but Raffaele’s changing alibi and my false accusations, they would have discovered definitive and undeniable evidence of not Patrick Lumumba, but of Rudy Guede, Raffaele Sollecito, and Amanda Knox. We would not be here over six years later debating clues my lawyers claim are inconclusive and unreliable.  Had we plead guilty we would have been spared the cost, anguish and suffering, not only of Raffaele’s and my family, but especially of Meredith’s family as well.

34. My accusations are unworthy of judicial or public confidence. In over six years I have failed to provide a consistent, evidence-driven, corroborated theory of the crime, but would nevertheless argue that you should not take my life away. I beg you to see through the ‘‘facts’’ and ‘‘reason’’ of what I say. I am innocent. Raffaele is innocent. Meredith and her family deserve the ‘‘truth’‘. Please put an end to this great and prolonged injustice for them.

in faith,

Amanda Marie Knox



Nice letter. Clearly not written by Amanda Marie Knox. This is not creative enough.

More likely written by a 60+ scientist, for some journal publication. Make that a popular journal for kids.

Only creative writing I enjoyed is “I didn’t get a chance to prepare my spontaneous answers”.

But I felt sad. Because it was true.

Posted by chami on 06/26/15 at 08:32 PM | #


Posted by Tina on 06/26/15 at 08:59 PM | #

I really started laughing by Paragraph 10. You have really smoked the fox from her den, Chimera. This is a great survey of her winding road of lies.

Knox is a chameleon. She’s like a sea creature who can pour on the camouflage to blend in and hide in the reef. Raf is a Moray eel.

She has sought to blind even the judges. Her predictable search today is for validation of the innocence she does not possess. Ego is all. She is a legally convicted liar. Even her boyfriend said he was forced to lie for her.

Yet she wants people to disbelieve the half dozen witnesses who placed her near the crime, who caught her in lies, many random witnesses who had no reason to lie about her. They’d never met her. It’s a miracle she even remembers her own name, she has lied so often about so much.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/27/15 at 12:43 AM | #

Hi Hopeful
You’re right about paragraph #10 in particular It’s so obvious that saying such things with a straight face is laughable. How anybody can take Amanda Knox seriously is a mystery. Don’t believe me? Then read paragraph #10 The rest of it is just filth and garbage anyway. She is so obviously a liar that I believe she even lies, and continues to lie, to herself. Such is the delusional world in which she lives….....Deny Deny Deny. To me she is no better than Richard Matt and David Sweat.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 06/27/15 at 01:21 AM | #

Chimera, you’ve highlighted well - although AK does a great job all by herself - the grotesque narcissism that lies behind the mask.  This is someone who believes they can *Still the Storm*.  The wind and the sea are at their command.

Who cares about the top drawer attorneys, legal arguments, expert witnesses or legal submissions?

No, what is needed is the great lady herself, to address the court in person, showing off her Italian parley-voo and dramatic Italian-style arm-waving.  What red-blooded male could fail to find her hot, ready to tumble?

Oh-oh, only problem is, Nencini’s in Italy, and she’s safe at home in Seattle.  Turn up at her own appeal, with all those sceptical Italians chomping at the bit to arrest her?  No, sir-eee!!!

What better than a personal email from the great diva herself, the judge is bound to be so flattered, enamoured and charmed to get a royal missive from the magnificent Amanda Knox herself, writer extraordinaire, Queen of the satanists, the ultimate Killer Queen, a proclamation from Her Royal Highness Princess Cruella herself.

The only mystery is, why didn’t Nencini acquit her pronto on reading this great literary work?

Never mind, there’s always the next Booker Prize.

Posted by Slow Jane on 06/27/15 at 02:03 PM | #

Paragraph 16 Add: “In fact, if I can just contradict myself once again, (one of my great strengths, admired by the whole world),  we were never actual roommates, just house co-tenants”.

(end of para 18), tag on:

“The evidence also clearly attests to my need for exceptionally high levels of personal hygiene, in that, only two hours after having my shower on the morning that Raff and I called the police, everyone readily agreed the I still ponged like a bag of ferrets”.

Posted by Mealer on 06/27/15 at 02:20 PM | #

Glad you like it, Guys. 

Pardon the dripping sarcasm, but it really is called for sometimes.  Any others you want done?

Okay Mealer, I will ammend the post accordingly.  Good additions.

Good point, Slow Jane.  Defendants who have PR, a book deal, and don’t show up, but give rambling, incoherent letters should be acquitted.  Hell, all the prosecutors brought to the party was ‘‘evidence’‘.

Disclosure: I wrote this piece while ‘‘not at my best’‘, and didn’t proofread it.  Oddly, this seems totally appropriate.

Posted by Chimera on 06/27/15 at 10:17 PM | #

Chimera, LOL!

Pete, I hope we have a post about your “this one” link! It’s mind boggling.  I’d like to comment about it.

Posted by JohnQ on 06/28/15 at 12:52 AM | #

Hi Chimera

I found it hard to read through all the points without wincing -  because you have clearly nailed the essence of Knoxious.

What kind of justice is it that allows such an individual to go free? I think most people (apart from her pathetic and equally delinquent acolytes) at least intuitively recognise she is disturbed - without perhaps knowing more than that - and those who have followed the case intelligently, here and elsewhere, will have absolutely no doubts at all on that score. This is someone who really needs to be taken out of society; in fact she seems to want that - her absolutely dire and hopeless public pronouncements indicating someone who is asking for care on some level. Parents and family have always had different ideas of course - after all their precious reputation is on the line. (As Curt said, recruiting the PR outfit was the best thing he’s ever done, though he naturally didn’t specify for whom.)

Surely the Supreme Court verdict was so egregious that it can’t possibly stand. As Pete implies even the defence teams seem embarrassed: they likely have some vague inkling of how it has all ended up looking to the rest of the world like a second-rate pantomime . They’ve got that right at least.

Posted by Odysseus on 06/28/15 at 01:20 AM | #

I second John Q in hoping that the attached ‘this one’ suit is given its own article please Peter.

The wonderful wording of this suit highlights how sickeningly twisted it is that the Americans have been able to influence proceedings in Italy, with many no doubt money grabbing Italian co-horts ruining their careers and their reputations to defend two guttersnipe murderers!  I am looking forward with relish to the day the whole lot of them get what’s coming to them!

Posted by MHILL4 on 06/28/15 at 11:27 AM | #

I am glad that someone in Italy has finally filed a legal brief on the preposterous 5th Court legal decision. Why am I not surprised the 5th Court is not well versed in criminal proceedings (Hellman anyone). I am also glad that those who have been spreading lies and falsehoods are finally being called (legally) to the carpet and will most likely face financial repercussions. I think that they need to be made examples of what can happen when you try to character assassinate legal experts who are trying to do the best they can in a high profile murder investigation. I am happy and relieved that Dr. Mignini and Co. have finally spoken out against the travesty of injustice that was directed at them. This is also a chance for the Italian Court to regain some lost respect in respects to prosecuting these liars and slanderers. They will be able to show the public that it is not OK to slander and that those who do will pay a heavy financial price. This lawsuit has given me a ray of hope that some things will be properly taken care of. I hope this is a beginning landslide of litigation against all those who perpetrated injustice in this case. That is what happened in the OJ fiasco. I was wondering if anyone would be able to summarize the legal brief and simplify some of the legal language? Also, has anyone heard anything fromm Italy concerning what is being said about the delayed report?

Posted by Vinnie on 06/28/15 at 05:26 PM | #

It ain’t over till it’s over, justice still has a hand to play. Mignini was mocked and skewered on US TV for his tenacious efforts to stop the killers. To repeat, “The years teach much which the days never know.” Truth takes time. If nothing else Knox will get caught in some future fraud probably regarding money.

Meanwhile OT but in reading a book about murder cases today by author Robin Odell, something clicked similar to Meredith’s case. Odell relates the stabbing at a Wembley home in north London of a woman named Nisha Patel-Nasri in 2006.

Her “roommate”, a sorry husband, used two men to help him kill Nisha. Husband provided them with the keys to his house and a knife taken from his own kitchen.

On the fatal night Nisha took a flashlight (torch) outside to investigate a noise and she was stabbed to death near midnight.

Terrible loss of a good woman. Nisha worked hard running a hairdressing business and was a part-time special constable. She was 29. Trial was at the Old Bailey. All 3 culprits got life.

In contrast her husband was a big spender, he was in debt, led a double life and was eager to sleep around. On the night of the crime he was away playing snooker. He paid a drug dealer and a bouncer to do away with his wife.

Author states: “There appeared to have been a dummy run several days before the murder took place when Nisha confronted strangers armed with a knife at her front door.”

A dummy run. Click. Where have we seen that before? Could Knox’s first dry run or dummy run, her dress rehearsal for crime have been the masked theft prank at UW? Was then her 2nd menace rehearsal witnessed by Kokomani as Knox waved a knife at night and Raf perhaps wore a mask or swim cap, Rudy already with them? Then maybe the third hit was on Meredith alone in her bedroom?

So many thoughts lately as the motivation report lingers, thoughts about who has blood on his hands and how long will this process go on. The post about Meredith’s marble grave monument brings positive and bittersweet memories.

She will never amuse foreigners as a summer tour guide on double-decker busses in London again. No more John Le Carre novels and “Enduring Love” novels and “Sea of Truth” novels, nor future trips to Brighton or the Lake District. No more fantastic shopping sprees for clothes that her daddy ran to the ATM machine to support as they rushed to train. No more boots. No more witty laughter and sweet concern for her friends, not to mention calls to her mom. No more marriage proposals. No more chocolate or coffee breaks or note-taking in class. No more cakes and flowers and the pretty bracelet. This is the tip of the iceberg, Meredith had a full marvelous life while it lasted.

It breaks one’s heart, and then to read on PMF of Raf this very month June 2015 promoting some embittered lawyer’s book in Viterbo. Raf agonizing about his lost 8 years and how he is broken down inside and out and financially, how solitary confinement was so horrible even if it did protect him from being “skinned alive” as jailers feared. Then his mealy-mouthing about no evidence and that he was never listened to, as if he is still bewildered as to why he was prosecuted. Duh, you told the police you were lying for your girlfriend, for starters. You told the police in the Questura that there were “inconsistencies” in Amanda’s “story” that you had failed to consider, Einstein. So you basically said that Amanda was lying about things and that you were lying about things. You told the police, “I am lying to you. She is lying to you.”

Then there was your hammertoe footprint in blood on a rug, your DNA on victim’s bra, your confusion as to whether your girlfriend to whom you were in thrall was even with you on the murder night—all seem to Raffaele who was the eager slave to his beastmaster as vague clues and unreliable. Toto never saw him in the square near midnight, right.

And the author of the book that Raf was promoting at Viterbo claimed to be more afraid of judges than of the Mafia. Now Raf is concerning himself with overhauling the Italian justice system. That’ll be the day…it is of their mercies that he is not already condemned for his little Omerta act.

His lies continue. He has become as good as Knox at talking but saying nothing. His hair is longer than ever. He was wearing a bright red jacket in Viterbo. Gotta keep up with Colin, at least the hair?

Posted by Hopeful on 06/28/15 at 11:25 PM | #

Sure thing, MHILL4 and JohnQ, more on the tough timely Maori charges and broad context is coming up. Very glad you read it and were encouraged.

This IS apparently the wave of the future, very great determination now to nail the false stories - and probably a lot less talking by the defense forces.

Note that we in the US and UK are extremely fortunate to have an Italian to English translation group organized by PMF dot Org.

Very little that appears in English though, such as the numerous books and TV interviews, are put into Italian. This means those many slimed are quite “lucky” if they ever get to hear about it.

The few excerpts (so far) from Sollecito’s book were translated three times into Italian. None of the rest of the book is in Italian (yet).

None of Knox’s book is in Italian (yet) except for the excerpts foolishly published by Oggi.  Even now those impugned in Italy are stunned to hear what was said about the.

Hopeful is right: mega-cowardly.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/29/15 at 02:22 AM | #

Author states: “There appeared to have been a dummy run several days before the murder took place when Nisha confronted strangers armed with a knife at her front door.”

A dummy run. Click. Where have we seen that before?”

Hopeful, I do believe we saw the dummy run when Kokomani ran into them the night before, when RG tried to hijack his car - having purportedly offered him €250- to hire it and was refused - and RS ran down the road after him, as he drove off in fright with AK brandishing a large knife at him.

Kokomani claimed RS bragged about “What he was going to do to a girl”, and RG made up a cock and bull story AK had the knife in order to cut somebody’s birthday cake.

Cctv cameras show Kokomani there and also the bins, behind which he said the tricky trio were crouching.

Dummy run? 

Mignini thought him a credible witness at the time.  (As you know, Kokomani got cold feet when testifying and turned up in court heavily disguised.)

Posted by Slow Jane on 06/29/15 at 04:43 AM | #

Thanks Peter, it is very encouraging !  It would be good to hear if the Kerchers are going to go ahead with a civil case against Knox and Sollecito.  To do so in the UK would give them a greater control and Knox/Sollecito a major headache.

Posted by MHILL4 on 06/29/15 at 10:43 AM | #

MHILL4. Exactly so! Stay tuned.

The Knox and Sollecito forces really have gone a bridge too far.

In the past 12 weeks determination as become very hard.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/29/15 at 02:54 PM | #

If the cassation report doesn’t appear today, then I’ll know *for sure* it is overdue.

As they declared verdict 27th March at 23:00, a Friday, it could have been lodged the next available court day which would have been Monday 30th March, which would give them until today latest, if 90 days is statutory, (and having read the Italian codes, it looks as though it is).

My thoughts are, if it is true there is a section 628 para 2 issue with it, then surely it would have been announced sooner, rather than later?

Can’t be fair to any of the parties to have this carry on.

IMV We can be in a safer position after today to speculate.

Posted by Slow Jane on 06/29/15 at 04:39 PM | #

Hi Slow Jane
My take on this is, and always has been, that they will stall for as long as possible in the hope that it will simply go away. They are indeed in possession of a strong dilemma because they know that no matter what they write the court is in the wrong and in contravention of their own laws. Knox of course living in her dream world, will waft through this pretending that does not matter. That’s good because sooner or later the awful truth will emerge and she will no longer be able to hide. Then God Willing she and all her little mindless world will come crashing down.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 06/29/15 at 06:09 PM | #

Grahame, yes.  The rot set in with Hellmann/Zanetti; it’s become vexingly difficult to bring the case back on course.  To remind ourselves of the egregiousness of the Marasca/Bruno verdict, here’s what the establishment papers said at the time:

When the judges announced their finding, Giulia Bongiorno, Sollecito’s lawyer, leapt into the arms of Dalla Vedova, who described the ruling as “unprecedented”. On the other side of the world the news was greeted with jubilation by Knox’s friends and family in Seattle but in south London there was only quiet dismay from the Kercher family.

Arline Kercher, Meredith’s mother, said she was “a bit surprised, and very shocked . . . They have been convicted twice so it’s a bit odd that it should change now.”

In a statement later the family added: “Emotions are naturally raw at this stage. The decision came as a shock but was an outcome we knew was possible, even if it wasn’t what we expected. We understand this decision to be definitive and the end of what has been a long and difficult process for all concerned.

“We believe we will learn of the full reasoning behind the decision in the coming months but for now we need some time to take this in and remember Meredith, the victim at the heart of this.”

In 2008, Rudy Guede, an unemployed basketball player from the Ivory Coast, was convicted of Kercher’s murder during a theft. His footprints were found in her blood but police maintained he did not act alone.

Francesco Maresca, the lawyer for the Kercher family, described the ruling as bitterly disappointing. “It is a huge surprise. It’s a drastic decision and a definitive one.”

It had been expected that the court would order a retrial if it overturned the previous convictions. Few were expecting the court to halt the procedure altogether. It is likely to cast a harsh light on the Italian judicial system.

Maresca added: “This is not so much a defeat for the prosecution as a defeat for Italy’s justice system. The judges said there is a lack of proof and whoever acted with Guede has not been found.”[/UNQUOTE] - Times, 29th March 2015

We are not imagining it.

To recap:

“It is unprecedented,” Vedova (for AK)

“It’s a drastic decision,” Maresca (for the Kerchers and the Italian State)

In other words, a new case precedent and a complete bombshell, not even expected by Vedova and Bongiorno. 

Bongiornio “leapt into his arms,” despite treacherously pleading to separate Sollecito from Knox, and retracting his alibi for her.

Posted by Slow Jane on 06/29/15 at 08:08 PM | #

Understanding the machinations of Governments and the under-the-table deals that go on it would not surprise me that at some future date Knox would become a bargaining chip.

While the murder conviction itself has become a mute point in some areas, there are other ways to “skin a cat” One day quite soon Knox will be old and unemployed and her little girl act will carry no weight at all. I predict that her stock in trade will be useless as people become tired of her protestations of innocence. and as Casey Anthony, who dare not go out of her house unless in disguise, will attest “It’s just a matter of time.”

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 06/30/15 at 02:21 AM | #

Yes, the self-inflicted punishment is for life…

Well done Chimera…so many accurate points, very near the bone.
“Meredith was my friend, not that I was her friend….”

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 06/30/15 at 09:02 AM | #
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