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Major Additions To Meredith Kercher Case Wiki To Provide Complete Impartial Overview in English

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Image is of the very beautiful Perugia at night

Origin and mission

The impartial Murder of Meredith Kercher Wiki began in 2013.

The seed was people discussing how to overcome the flawed Wikipedia article of the case. That article relied on sources like Candace Dempsey, Nina Burleigh and American media. In other words, biased or incomplete sources.

In May 2013, Edward McCall set up the website, with the help of volunteer editors from the Perugia Murder File community. Its mission statement was:

Were Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede responsible for the death of Meredith Kercher? This wiki style site was created by a group of volunteer editors to inform the public about the case, by providing translations of original documents and evidence presented at trial.

This continues to be the aim of the Wiki: to make available documents and translate them properly. Our interest is not selectively posting documents, like the Knox campaign has done. We want to make all the facts available, without bias or selecting. We believe all the facts support the notion that all three defendants are responsible for Meredith Kercher’s murder.

Purpose of this post

The purpose of the article here is to let people know of recent changes to the website.

The Wiki is revised when new documents and translations continue to be received. Existing webpages are tweaked when time allows. Webpages are sometimes changed so information can be better presented. Or the website structure is changed when a significant page is introduced.

For example, a new page listing a lot of evidence was added in November 2014. This page can be directly accessed from the main page. That evidence list page has links to other sections of the website, like “˜wikified’ testimony, for easier reference. More links will be added and more evidence noted as more documents become available.

Major redesigns

The website had two major redesigns earlier this year. The main page was redesigned to provide clearer “˜at a glance’ updates. We did this primarily to keep everyone up-to-date with the March 2015 Cassazione decision. The boxes on the main page also note updates to other parts of the website. Also, we added buttons so any webpage on the site can be shared on various social media.

The other major redesign has been the addition of the “˜file library’.

Completing the picture

For those long familiar with the case, source material had been seriously lacking. There have been large gaps. The Knox campaign has posted some documents, but their “˜collection’ has always been incomplete. As examples:

1) The crime scene photos start at “˜dsc016’. What about photos 1 through 15?
2) No photos of Sollecito’s place, Guede’s place, via Sperandio or elsewhere
3) They posted many Massei transcripts, but not all. They never posted the 2nd day of Knox’s testimony, or the days when the Kercher family and consultants testified.
4) Some Massei transcripts they posted had pages missing.
5) They have posted many defense consultant reports, but few prosecution consultant reports.
6) They only posted a few Hellmann transcripts, but not all.
7) They only posted one Micheli transcript, but not the others.
8) Hardly any depositions.
9) A lot of police reports are still missing.

In the past six months, we have been trying to correct this. We have set up a file library, which will be the repository of as many case-related files as can be gotten. Files will ultimately include documents, photos, videos and audio- whatever is part of the public record of this tragic case. The files are made available as links for downloading. Eventually many will also be “˜wikified’ so anyone can do a word search through the documents. And when time allows, key documents will be translated.

There are thousands of files related to this case - too many to put on one page. A single file page would take forever to scroll and would be terribly confusing. So the library is structured into subsections. The basic idea is “˜nested boxes’. Once you select a section, you “˜drill down’ through pages to get to document links. Then you click “˜back up’ to the higher levels so you can move to other sections.

Some pages have a mixture of links to documents and links to subpages. These will eventually be simplified for clarity.

Not all file library pages have been created. More pages will be required as more files come in. Once the document files (PDFs) portion is nearly complete, pages will be reviewed and the library layout will be tweaked. At that point, when we’re comfortable with all the pages and their names, links will be added to allow browsing across sections or in sequential order. This hasn’t been done yet to avoid redoing a lot of work later.

A directory tree is a strong possibility too.

The seven sections

The library has over 900 PDFs and photos scattered across 7 major sections.

The 1st section

This section Context and people is empty for now. It will have photos of Perugia, the cottage, nearby locales and pictures of the people involved in the case. We are sifting through photos and erasing duplicates. Once that’s done, this section will quickly fill out.

The 2nd section

This section 2007 Investigations has files related to police investigations in 2007, the arrest and crime scene photos and videos. As mentioned, not all crime scene photos and videos have been made public. We hope to gather as complete a collection as possible. Of course, anything showing Meredith Kercher’s body will be censored, in line with the wishes of the Kercher family, and to maintain dignity. In the past 1.5 months, we’ve gotten over 80 depositions of witnesses and other documents related to early investigations. Things like preliminary police reports and police correspondence. Here you can also find phone and prison taps.

The 3rd section

This section Arrest trials has filed related to the cautionary arrest trials. This includes the Matteini court, the Ricciarelli court and the 2008 Cassazione court, presided by judges Gemelli & Gironi. Files include court hearing transcripts, motivation reports and other files pertinent to these hearings. This is missing quite a bit still, but we hope to correct that.

The 4th section

This section 2008 Investigations has files related to police investigations in 2008. While the murder was discovered on Nov 2, 2007, and arrests were made that month, the actual police investigation continued until the following year, finishing in June 2008. Files here include additional phone and prison taps, police reports from Rome and Perugia, additional depositions and other related documents.

The 5th section

This section Statements and writings contains writings and depositions of the three defendants. GKS = “Guede Knox Sollecito”.

The 6th section

This section Trials and Appeals and Reports is the largest section. We may revise or split this section further. Currently it contains all documents related to the main trials. All three defendants took part in the first main trial, the 2008 Micheli court. Micheli indicted Guede and found enough evidence against Knox and Sollecito. After the Micheli court, Guede’s trial path separated from the other two because he chose a fast-track option. So there are 3 subsections: Micheli, Guede trials and Knox + Sollecito trials. The Knox + Sollecito trials page has further subpages for the Massei court, the Hellmann appeals court, the Nencini appeals court. In this section, one can find court transcripts and reports, correspondence or depositions introduced during court proceedings. So a lot of files.

The 7th section

This section is extra material.This will contain documents, photos and videos indirectly related to the case. Things like interviews, documents on forensics, lab manuals, crime scene analyses, documentaries, related trials like the police calumnia trials, etc.

A few quick notes:

1. There are many versions of the Massei motivations report on the Internet. Most are missing two pages. Another version comes in four parts. We edited ours so this is a complete version with the “˜famous’ missing pages.

2. Similarly with the Borsini-Belardi motivation report. Many versions out there, most of them improperly OCR’ed, with sections missing. Our version is a scan version, not the OCRed one.

3. As noted before, recent additions include a lot of depositions of witnesses taken in the first week of police investigation. You can find these in the “2007 police work” page.

4. Police summaries of the crime scene surveys, and fingerprint reports, are at the bottom of that same page.

5. There’s a PDF containing a “˜5 volume’ police photo report. This PDF has photos of Via Sperandio currently not in the crime scene photos. But certainly those photos are part of the same Nov. 2007 crime scene photo survey. Anyway, you can find it in the Crime Scene page at the bottom. It’s called Photo-photographic-file-censored. We edited out pictures of the body, to preserve dignity of the victim.

6. Towards the bottom of the “2008 investigations” page, we recently added two police charts, and the first “shoeprint report” by Rinaldi & Boemia, which has more data on shoeprints. Their second report concentrated on the footprints.

7. We have the Cassazione March 2015 dispositivo. We will be posting that along with other documents shortly.

In conclusion

The file library is an ongoing thing. We hope to make real progress here, so everyone can look at all the facts of the case, not just a few picks. A bright light is needed on as much material as is possible to offer, in honor of Meredith Kercher, the victim.

When we post a new file batch, we add an update note on the Wiki home page.

The Meredith Kercher Wiki is committed to being the essential record of all publicly available documents and testimonies about the case, to benefit the general public and the media. Please circulate this widely, and check in regularly. There are more changes to come.


On 2007 Investigations: Police work page

On 2007 Investigations: Arrests page

On Arrest trials page

On Arrest trials: KSL: Matteini trial page

On Arrest trials: KS: Ricciarelli trial page
2007-11-30-Motivazioni-Ricciarelli-Arresto-Appello-Knox-Sollecito.pdf (forever missing Ricciarelli report)

On 2008 Investigations page

On Trials: Micheli court page
2008-09-16-Testimony-Summary-and-Rulings-Micheli.pdf (first Micheli hearing)

On Trials: KS: Massei and Cristiani trial page
2009-11-20-Closing-arguments-Mignini.pdf (forever missing)
2009-11-21-Closing-arguments-Comodi-Knox.pdf (forever missing- Comodi describes 3D reconstruction)

On Trials: KS: Hellmann and Zanetti trial page
2010-12-11-Testimony-Lawyers-Knox-Parisi-Maori-Ghirga-Vedova.pdf (missing Hellmann hearings)

On Trials: KS: Nencini and Cicerchia trial page
2014-01-20-Testimony-Maori-Crini-Pacelli-Fabiani-Perna-Maresca-Donati-Colotti.pdf (missing Nencini hearing)

On Trials: Knox and Sollecito trials page
2015-03-30-Sentenza-Cassazione-Dispositivo-Knox-Sollecito.pdf (sentence, not motivations report)


Thank you azoza for the updates. There is so much information it can be daunting. The perps may have ‘gotten away with murder’ in the Italian Court but this information will haunt those who have ears to hear or sight to see. Thank you again and as time goes by and the true evidence is dispersed more people will understand what truly happened.

Posted by Vinnie on 06/17/15 at 06:47 PM | #

An excellent resource; it was always badly needed to counteract the defendants’ PR spin. It’s just as necessary now, post-acquittal, to remind posterity at least that the real truth is different from the judicial truth - a sentiment ventured with alarming nonchalance after the earlier appeal verdict by the laughably bent Judge Mayonnaise (since “retired”). Maybe it’s not too late for the rest of us, naively interested in proper justice, to hope the two will yet coincide…

Posted by Odysseus on 06/17/15 at 09:30 PM | #

An outstanding job has been done by everyone responsible for this site and I truly hope those interested in the facts take the time to read all of the testimony, police reports, court papers etc. 

The superb job done on this Wiki, and the sheer volume of work, highlight the difference between those seeking justice for Meredith Kercher and those murderer groupies interested in the opposite of this!  They would not have either the intelligence, the determination or the heart to even complete one page.

Posted by MHILL4 on 06/17/15 at 09:59 PM | #

Thanks to all. I’ll pass on to the team. Yes a ton of info. But more to come. The trick’s organizing it so a newbie can follow it. Important for future visitors.

Posted by azoza on 06/18/15 at 04:04 AM | #

Azoza my friend, you and your colleagues responsible for the Meredith Kercher Wiki have done truth and justice, and the tragic victim, the most enormous good; swimming as you are against a tide of deliberate lies, misconceptions and downright lazy and terrible journalism.

Anyone with even a passing interest in knowing the facts rather than spin about this case simply must visit your site.

I must confess I only have a passing acquaintance with your site having been mainly immersed in Peter Quennell’s excellent TJMK site and also, for balance, some of the pro Knox sites. I always left the pro Knox material sites with a feeling that I needed a good wash. The mendacious nature of the FOA is truly sickening.

Anyway, after that truly dreadful Supreme Court ruling (whose motivation report I suspect will make Hellman’s drivel look like a work of genius), I was so deflated that I felt I would never look at another thing regarding this case. Such are the feelings of helplessness and anger that it engenders at the sheer unfairness of it all.

I’ve shaken off this lethargy now and will endeavour over a period of weeks to read the whole Wiki and to keep up to date with new additions as they come on board. It’s important for the following reason.

I was out with old friends at the weekend and was shocked when one guy, whom I’ve known for nearly twenty years and who I consider to be intelligent, started talking about Knox and the great injustice she had suffered. I spent the next hour shooting down everything he thought he knew about the case and putting him on the right path.

I’ve just had an email from him apologising for his ignorance and saying he’s completely changed his mind now, and that of his wife, after reading parts of TJMK. He can now see what he was blind to before.

I will now point him towards your site as his interest seems to have been piqued. The more ordinary people who can be informed about this horrific miscarriage of justice, the better. For that reason alone, I will continue to educate myself and anyone else who happens to either ask me questions or who is silly enough to make pro Knox statements within my earshot.

Thanks again Azoza, this is a great thing that you do.

Posted by davidmulhern on 06/18/15 at 10:07 AM | #

azoza:  Thanks for the report on updates for wiki.  I cannot come to terms with the mass ignorance in U.S. given all the widely available facts of the case available here and on the excellent wiki.  Like davidmulhern I have been trying to convince people to look at the evidence.  Just stunned that this story has been allowed to fade into oblivion.  Now hoping for some kind of intervention from Italian Gov or SC correction.  Could September bring some kind of badly needed retribution and justice for further callunia?

Posted by whatswisdom on 06/18/15 at 03:38 PM | #

Here’s, I hope, a useful chronology of the hearings involving RG, AK and RS. I would have included Nencini and the recent SC decision if I could remember the date Nencini started.


08/11/07 -    Arrest validation and remand hearing before Judge Matteini.  Rulings issued the next day when Matteini authorised the detention in prison of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for a year, pending completion of the Investigative File and decision to bring charges.

30/11/07 -    Dismissal of appeals brought by AK and RS against the Matteini ruling. Before Judge Ricciarelli at the Perugia Appeal Court.

01/04/08 -  Second dismissal of appeals against remand in prison, this time by Judge Gemelli presiding over a panel of judges at the Supreme Court.

This appeal also dealt with the admissibility of statements made by AK whilst at the Police Station overnight on the 5th - 6th November.

Briefly, the statements made by AK at 1:45 am and 5:45 am were inadmissible as far as charges other than the calunnia were concerned. A voluntary statement made by AK before being taken to prison on the 6th November was however admissible in all instances.

19/04/08 -  A further hearing before Judge Matteini reviewing the progress of the Investigative File and in particular forensic and pathology reports.

15/05/08 -  Ruling by Judge Matteini that AK and RS should continue to remain in prison. She found that there was serious evidence.

19/06/08 - Notification given by the prosecution to all parties that the Investigative File was now complete and that the prosecution was ready to proceed with formal charges.

16/09/08 -  Preliminary proceedings open before Judge Micheli. Presumably formal charges were read out and pleas indicated. The same day Micheli accepts a request from the lawyers for Rudy Guede for a fast-track trial for their client.  [ It seems that Guede’s trial may have commenced immediately, or perhaps on the next day. Follain states that Mignini gave his final address ahead of the verdict on 18/10/08 ]

28/10/08 -  Verdict of guilty and sentence in Guede’s case. AK and RS ordered to stand trial.

26/01/09 -  Micheli Motivation report.

16/01/09 -  AK and RS trial commences. Presiding judge Massei. Trial concludes
04/12/09   with guilty verdicts (other than for theft of money and credit cards) and sentence.

18/11/09 -  Guede’s 1st Appeal starts. Judge Borsini-Belardi presiding.

22/12/09 -  Guede’s appeal dismissed but his sentence is reduced from 30 years to 16.

04/03/10 -  Massei Motivation report.

24/11/10 -  AK and RS appeal starts in Perugia with Judge Hellmann presiding.

16/12/10 -  Guede’s final appeal at the Supreme Court. Judge Giordano presiding. Appeal dismissed.

03/10/11 -  AK and RS appeal concludes with acquittals other than for the conviction of calunnia in AK’s case. In the latter case the sentence is extended.

15/12/11 -  Hellmann Motivation report.

25/03/13 -  The Supreme Court annuls the outcome of the Hellmann appeal other than with regard to AK’s conviction for calunnia which conviction became definitive. A further appeal for AK and RS is ordered to take place in Florence.

02/07/13 -  The date of a Motivation report on Guede’s conviction re “stolen goods”. Stage of proceedings unknown.


If anyone sees anything wrong, or can be more specific, please let me know. Also the start date for Nencini?

Posted by James Raper on 06/18/15 at 04:26 PM | #

James, does this Answer your Q?:

Date 30 January 2014, Deposited on 29 April 2014, no. 11/13 Reg.Gen. no. 9066/07 R.N.R.

In the name of the Italian People
The Second Court of Assizes of Appeal of Florence

Composed of Messrs:

1. Dr. Alessandro Nencini, Presiding Judge and Extensor 2. Dr. Luciana Cicerchia, Judge of the Court of Appeal
3. Mrs. Elena Perrucci, Lay Judge
4. Mrs. Lucia Bargelli, Lay Judge

5. Mrs. Veronica Alessi, Lay Judge 6. Mrs. Marisa Lippi, Lay Judge
7. Mrs. Genny Ballerini, Lay Judge 8. Mr. Giovanni Cocco, Lay Judge

Posted by Cardiol MD on 06/18/15 at 04:51 PM | #

Or this ? :

“September 30; October 4, 23, 24; and November 6, 7, 25, and 26.

These are the dates the Florence appeal court will meet. Corriere and other Italian media sites are confirming these as the dates.

It is confirmed that Judge Alessandro Nencini will preside over the appeal in the Palace of Justice’sCourtroom 32. He is a very senior judge. As the ANSA News Service mentions, Judge Nencini is the President of the Second Chamber of Appeal of the Florence Court

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/13/13 at 07:00”

Posted by Cardiol MD on 06/18/15 at 05:02 PM | #

Thanks Cardiol but I think those are the dates of the verdict and Motivation report respectively.

With regard to the last item on my list, the Motivation re “stolen goods”, I have a copy in Italian but I can readily determine that the case was before an Ordinary Tribunal in Milan.

Not Assizes as we had for the AK and RS trial. So (in view of the minor nature of the charges)  a summary (but not fast track) trial. I doubt that Guede bothered to appeal the outcome so I suspect his conviction was the end of the matter. Does the SC get to review/confirm it anyway? I don’t know.

Posted by James Raper on 06/18/15 at 05:08 PM | #

I’ll take it that it ran from 30/09/13 to 30/01/14 then. Thanks. Hmmmm. Fairly quick then by comparison with Hellmann who took nearly as long as the original trial!

Posted by James Raper on 06/18/15 at 05:18 PM | #


Excellent work. Very helpful. Good to have a freestanding list. We can make it “clickable” to TJMK and Wiki posts which we intend to do in due course with many posts .

The 17 December 2007 interview of Mignini with Knox (at her request, in a court setting at Capanne, with her nervous lawyers present) is important to include here.

You can get to all of it (still largely ignored on the PMFs though it contains amazing developments) via this post.

As you see it involved a huge new translation by Yummi, Catnip and Kristeva.  I need to check if it is up on the Wiki, I send them all our translations.

The ongoing Interrogation Hoax series in posts #13 to #18 focused so far on legal events from Matteini to the last of Micheli (your 08/11/07 to 28/10/08).

There is a full list of posts #1 to #18 in that series in Part 4 at the bottom of the first one.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/18/15 at 05:37 PM | #


Yes Nencini ran ten sessions, and Hellmann ran twenty sessions.

There is at least one post on each of them. Though I doubt you want to list them you can see all 30 in order by searching titles for “appeal session”.

Also they should all show with related posts by clicking on these links:

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/18/15 at 05:55 PM | #

The explanation of the ‘geography’ of the TMOMK Wiki is very useful - thankyou!

Is there a detailed ‘chronology’ page by any chance? Listing not only the dates of the trial, appeals, cassazione hearings etc. (James Raper’s post above is good for this) - but listing who gave testimony at which hearing?

I ask because sometimes, if I read the testimony of a particular witness, there isn’t a date given. (I think this happens if the witness wasn’t the first one on that day).

A nice little project for someone, maybe!

Posted by Sallyoo on 06/18/15 at 08:02 PM | #

Hi Sallyoo

Could you be that “someone”? 😊 If linkable it could be a useful addition to the Wiki. A dates column against their transcript on the Wiki as an alternative.

Michael and Olliesnep among others have in the past worked on various timelines. Just be warned they are a lot of work and need frequent watching and updating.

We did post a masterlist of witnesses also, and that also fell out of date quickly.

The trial witnesses in 2009 were all or almost all mentioned in posts here on the days they testified and I often search their names here, so far with luck each time.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/18/15 at 08:37 PM | #

I should add that the Investigative file was not of course complete on the 19/06/08 but it was considered complete for the purpose of framing and pressing charges. In due course and before the commencement of the Massei trial there were additional witness statements added to the file, for example Curatolo and Quintavalle, and probably a few more.

The Wiki does tell us (more or less) which witnesses were called at which hearing but not in which order and on which day. The exception appears to be Guede’s fast-track trial about which we seem to know little as to how it proceeded. However there is probably a reason for that.

Incidentally there was a mistake in my chronology. I said that Mignini gave his closing address to the court on the 18/09/08. That should have been 18/10/08 and I will amend it.

So the Micheli hearing took 6 weeks from start to finish. That doesn’t tell us how many sessions there were, of course. But if the trial was nearly over by the 18/10/08 (Mignini’s closing speech) then what transpired between then and the verdict 10 days later? According to Follain, Micheli took the requisite 12 hours deliberation time before issuing his verdict on the 28th.

I doubt if it took 10 days to hear evidence as to whether AK and RS should stand trial.

Perhaps there was a holiday or something but basically my suspicion is that it was one of these one session a week jobs. In other words say about 5 sessions for Guede’s trial and another for whether AK and RS should stand trial. I doubt that more time would be required.

If Catnip finishes a translation then we may have a clearer impression of whether, and if so which, witnesses were called. However it may also be difficult to determine whether Micheli is referring in his Motivation to a statement on file or to oral testimony he had heard. We shall see but I suspect that most of the time was taken up with reports and statements on file, and oral argument.

Posted by James Raper on 06/18/15 at 09:33 PM | #

Hee hee, Pete! I’m not volunteering for that task - though actually it wouldn’t be that onerous.

The Knox site has a decent chronology (would need checking, of course) but I don’t see any reason not to filch it from them! It would be interesting to see if they conveniently ‘missed’ some stuff.

Posted by Sallyoo on 06/18/15 at 11:25 PM | #

Hi James

Murky territory. The Micheli hearings & Guede trial were closed to the media which is what happens in the shortform trials, so reporting was hampered, but a lot sorta got out.

Micheli’s court met two days separated in September and two days (with Kerchers present) together late in October. If there was also a hearing on 18/10/08 we saw no report of it.

First hearing:

Second hearing:

Second hearing:

Third hearing:

Third hearing:

Fourth hearing:

Fourth hearing:

Just after:

The Mignini summation was I believe on the second day, later (if you need it) I can check that. Knox mischaracterizes it in her book.

Pesky closed sessions. Again and again they opened the way to fabrications.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/18/15 at 11:45 PM | #

Hi Sallyoo

What Knox and her friends leave out would fill volumes. Dozens have reported that. Her book is the same. Lies by omission. It has cost them. Posts on this are coming up. Anything anywhere by them is suspect.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/18/15 at 11:48 PM | #

Ah, thanks for those links Peter. 


16/09/08 - Guede elects fast-track trial

26/09/08 - Guede’s fast-track trial starts.

(That makes sense. It did seem unreasonable for it to have started straightaway)

27/09/08 - Some witnesses are reported as having been called. Character witnesses for Guede, but also apparently Kokomani.

27/10/08 - Closing arguments (Follain made a mistake - must have)

28/10/08 - Verdict on Guede. AK and Rs ordered to stand trial, or was that on…

29/10/08? - Having been ordered to stand trial AK and RS are denied house arrest by Micheli.

Anyway I’m tired now. Goodnight

Posted by James Raper on 06/19/15 at 01:38 AM | #

Sorry to go OT but I think this is pertinent.

Dylann Storm Roof,  who recently conducted a shooting spree in a Charleston church killing nine people,  is another product of a broken home who has clearly been harbouring incandescent primal rage for much of his life:  eventually it couldn’t be contained any longer. Like Knox he was experimenting with drugs, which can generally destabilise ego defences and allow repressed material to surface which, absent conscious integration, is then routinely acted out - often disastrously.

Roof was also a similar age to Knox at the time of the murder. He is described as having “a boyish face but hate in his heart”. AK also confounded expectations that an “angel faced” adolescent/young woman could be a killer. Of course, in Roof’s case there were witnesses to the slaughter, in Knox’s case she was fortunate that the only two witnesses were also participants so omerta rules.

Posted by Odysseus on 06/19/15 at 08:28 AM | #

Obviously that should read “could not be a killer” in the last para.!

Posted by Odysseus on 06/19/15 at 09:55 AM | #

Thank you Azoza for this explanation of the file library layout and for your tips. Now I understand the structure a little better with the ‘nested boxes’ concept. I can see that there’s likely to be a large amount of files, so any attempt to organize them in some fashion is always welcome. Many thanks again for all your efforts and please thank the entire Wiki team for me. You’ve been doing a fantastic job! I’ve found the website an invaluable resource and I hope your team is able to get the docs that you think are still missing.

Regarding the timeline, I worked on a timeline chart a couple of years ago to figure out when witnesses testified during Massei, since there was a lot of names of people to learn about and no easy ‘cross-reference’, it seems. I’ll have to dig it up and can probably add some of this info to it.

Posted by Olleosnep on 06/19/15 at 01:14 PM | #

@azoza, The TMOMK wiki does a great service to anyone searching for the truth about Meredith’s murder. It’s fair, evenhanded and transparent and “a unique collection” of documents and sources not from hearsay or distorted headlines but straight from official witnesses and court decisions of real judges. The extraordinary energy that has gone into translating from Italian to English illuminates this new wiki.

Thank you Edward McCall for founding it and thank you Catnip, Sallyoo and all of you many generous translators who sowed your gift of knowledge so specialized and rare. Without the translators none of this case would make sense to us English speakers.

The “evidence summary” page is helpful and a great thumbnail sketch of why Nencini declared Knox and Sollecito guilty in Florence. Nencini handed to the Supremes a solid case for guilt. The wiki’s “evidence summary” alone makes it clear in short order how much evidence of guilt Nencini drew from. That’s why we’re still scratching our heads about why Rome should overrule him.

However, Supreme Court justice Marasca said it was not an exoneration or ruling of INNOCENCE, but merely a lack of sufficient evidence as the new wiki page states for the record. So Knox has not been exonerated but released on insufficient evidence. Big difference.

TMOMK wiki is a great storehouse online for those researching the facts and who aren’t willing to accept rumor and paperback books about the case unless those offerings are confirmed by actual facts, facts determined by court testimony and judge with jury findings.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/20/15 at 05:01 PM | #

@ Hopeful - “...Court justice Marasca said it was not an exoneration or ruling of INNOCENCE, but merely a lack of sufficient evidence…”

To justify the conclusion “lack of sufficient evidence”, Marasca’s Panel has to brazenly ignore dozens of Coordinated Universal Time (and Place) Certainties.

Looking forward to this Panel’s Motivazione….

Posted by Cardiol MD on 06/20/15 at 05:56 PM | #
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