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Raffaele Sollecito, Once Again Being His Usual Muddled Self…

Posted by James Raper

Terrifying. Terrifying!

Corriere has published on the Internet Raffaele’s Sollecito’s latest outburst by social media video against the real media in Italy.

Here is what Corriere wrote -

“Raffaele Sollecito publishes on his social channels an outburst entitled “[Guede] found guilty in complicity with others is an invention of the media” against him by some of those he calls “newsagents” who, says Sollecito, continue to report “stupidities and falsehoods “. And he adds: “Below this video I will post the excerpt from the judgment with which Rudy Guede is sentenced. If one day I again observe that there are newsagents who write, or insinuate, that Guede has been convicted in complicity with others, and that therefore it remains necessary to find out who is this other culprit, I will be forced to file a complaint for defamation against me. Because it is thus being suggested that Amanda Knox and I [accused and then acquitted in the Perugia trial for the crime of Meredith Kercher, which took place in 2007, ed.] were acquitted either by luck or by chance.”

Below the video is Sollecito’s text.

“Sottolineo il tentativo della difesa di Rudy Guede di coinvolgere la responsabilità mia e di Amanda Knox ... tale tentativo miseramente fallito. In qualsiasi momento la Corte che ha giudicato Rudy Guede poteva chiamarci a deporre se qualcuno avesse mai dato fondamento a questo fantomatico concorso. Ciò non è mai avvenuto. D’altronde, nel processo contro di me e Amanda Knox, abbiamo chiesto di far deporre Rudy Guede che si è avvalso della facoltà di non rispondere.

I giornalai (giornalisti che hanno inventato la favola del concorso), non desiderano la verità ma vogliono soltanto arricchirsi alle spalle della vita di persone innocent.”

Translation -

“I emphasize there was an attempt by the defense of Rudy Guede to assign to myself and Amanda Knox responsibility ... this attempt failed miserably. At any time the Court that judged Rudy Guede could call us to testify if anyone had ever given grounds to this phantom competition. This never happened. But on the other hand, in the trial against me and Amanda Knox, we asked for Rudy Guede to testify, but he made use of the right not to answer.

Journalists (journalists who invented the story of the contest) do not want the truth but only want to enrich themselves at the expense of innocent people.”

What on earth is Sollecito talking about?! What attempt by “the defense of Rudy Guede”? What contest or competition? What judge could have called on them but didn’t? Micheli?

It was Judge Micheli who committed the pair to trial!

I do not think that Guede ever did try to directly implicate Knox or Sollecito before or at trial, not by name, not as a witness who saw them there at the time, not by stating what he saw them do.

Well… okay, so in his statements to the police he did do a bit of insinuating and implying. Presumably Judge Micheli at his 2008 trial had read those, but he still committed the pair to trial in 2009 in front of a different judge, Judge Massei.

No Guede statements were placed in evidence at their 2009 trial because Guede refused to testify for the prosecution fearing perjury charges (not for the defense, who did not even call him) rendering them inadmissable.

Despite not calling him, the pair’s own lawyers tried to have a field-day throughout the 2009 trial on the absent Guede. Recall the unproven drug-dealer nonsense, and the unproven serial-burglar nonsense.

Sollecito’s text continues, quoting from the Giordano Motivation dismissing Guede’s final Supreme Court appeal in 2011.

Incidentally I have re-read the Giordano Motivation and there is nothing there that states or implies that Guede acted alone or was responsible alone, in Meredith’s murder, as Sollecito apparently believes it says.

“8 - Il ricorso non ha fondamento e, pertanto, va rigettato.
Per intanto occorre da subito sfuggire al tentativo, perseguito dall’impostazione tutta della difesa, ma fuori luogo nel contesto della decisione, di coinvolgere il collegio nell’avallo della tesi di una responsabilità di altri, che sono S.R. ed K.A., per l’omicidio aggravato dalla violenza sessuale, di Ke.Me.. La decisione a cui è chiamata questa Corte concerne, e solo, la responsabilità del G. in ordine al fatto contestato e dell’eventuale partecipazione di altri al delitto si dovrà tener conto solo nella misura in cui una tale circostanza valga ad incidere sul tema che costituisce l’impegno esclusivo in punto di riforma o conferma della declaratoria di responsabilità dell’imputato, quest’ultima del tutto condivisa dai giudici di primo e secondo grado.”

Translation -

8 – The appeal has no basis and therefore must be rejected.

In the meantime it is now necessary to escape the attempt, pursued by the overall setting of the defence, but out of place in the context of this decision, to involve the Court in supporting the thesis of the responsibility of others, namely Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox, for the murder aggravated by the sexual assault of Meredith Kercher. The decision to which this court is called concerns uniquely the responsibility of Guede regarding the deed with which he is charged, and the possible participation of others in the crime should be taken into account only to the extent to which such a circumstance would have an impact on the exclusive commitment of the Court to either modifying or confirming the verdict of guilt of the defendant, which was entirely shared by the courts of first and second instance.”

So? Will this cause Italian media to be shaking in their boots!

Even the Supreme Court, in its bent final ruling on the case against Knox and Sollecito, found that Meredith had been attacked by more than one assailant.

Maybe is this an indirect attempt by Sollecito to warn Guede away from further involvement? Who knows? Isn’t the media already speculating on what might happen when Guede has finally served his sentence in December 2023?

Sollecito does appear to be feeling some heat, and this all really looks as if he is once again losing it a bit.

Posted by James Raper on 07/18/21 at 03:00 PM in


Ha ha! The last time Sollecito looked this pathetic was… let’s see… a tough choice here… how about these instances?

Truth be told it is SOLLECITO who devotes a huge effort to blaming another, specifically hanging Amanda Knox out to dry of course.

Sollecito and his team (his father especially) began this way back in November 2007, and they never let up throughout the legal process right through to 2015 and beyond.

Throughout, Knox remained desperate to have him confirm her third alibi - and he never did. This December 2015 post remains a terrific read on that,

The final sentence of Sollecito’s absurd threat that James quotes says this:  “it is thus being suggested that Amanda Knox and I were acquitted either by luck or by chance”.

Please! We never suggest it was by luck or by chance!  We state categorically that it was by judge-shopping and criminal court bending.

We look forward to your lawsuit, Sollecito.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/18/21 at 03:24 PM | #

Maybe Raffaele broke up with his fiancee and is lashing out?

Raffaele’s sudden saber rattling about suing people and his anger at the media for competing with each other to make him look bad, must be Raf taking a page out of Knox’s playbook which is simple: the best defense is an offense. Lash out and accuse others if they accuse you.

Beware of her ways, poor Raffaele. She has destroyed you once, can’t you learn?  He only learns destruction from Knox, now as then. He should avoid her tactics like the plague and rebuild his life best he can after she used his silly self. He was a love sick rabbit and she played him like a fiddle then she got him into disaster and then she ran far far away having used him as an alibi. So long, sucker—her final words to “lover boy”.

It was all truly sad.

If Raffaele had been 100% innocent, he would have raged against Rudy Guede from Day One and shouted vituperations at him and endlessly excoriated him as a filthy killer. He would have accused him of dragging him and Amanda into the pit of Guede’s crime.  But he didn’t do any of that.

If Raf had been completely asleep at his apartment during a crime Knox did alone, he would have admitted it to save his reputation. I don’t buy his claim to “Honour Bound” as if he hints he is selflessly shielding his girlfriend out of love and devotion, loving her despite her crime. Nope, he was right there with Knox helping her commit the crime, IMO.

And the only “honour” he did try to protect by all his lies (and he said to police that he lied for her) is his Father’s honor and Sollecito family honor; that’s what he dreaded to tarnish. Too late.

He feared Guede would reveal all about him and Knox holding Meredith, Knox grabbing Meredith’s jaw with angry little fingers, Guede holding Meredith by her tracksuit jacket at the wrist.

Raffaele didn’t speak against Rudy Guede when it mattered. No, he was quiet as a mouse. So was Amanda, quiet and sneaky as always.

Neither of them wanted to provoke Rudy by telling on him or screaming at him as the only guilty party, for fear he would SQUEAL on them.

To add more fog and smoke to the unclear picture, Rudy hemmed and hawed and lied by omission. He’s a pathological liar as even his loved ones admitted. Rudy knew exactly the two people who were at the crime scene helping stab Meredith: his co-conspirators.

That was his one ace in his hand of cards. He had power over two young people who were more privileged than himself.

Even Supremes said Knox was surely at the crime scene washing off Meredith’s blood. The Supremes accepted Knox washed and thus diluted the blood of victim with Knox’s DNA mixed in it.  And wherever Amanda went at that time in 2007, Raffaele her Siamese twin went, blind as a bat in love and lust with his American nutter girlfriend and not wanting to face graduation hurdles that also meant moving off far from Perugia, far from his new girlfriend (Knox) to Milan to further schooling.

His father had hounded him to finish his degree. Daddy had to helicopter-parent Raffaele to stop his everlasting drug habit and dithering procrastination. Later he took his final exams behind prison bars. He has Knox to thank for that.

After Meredith’s body was discovered, Raf went mute and dared not raise an outcry against the proven killer, Guede. Guede was pretty sloppy and left his handprint in blood on the victim’s sleeve and other evidence.

Raf got quiet as a mouse (on Daddy’s orders no doubt and of course the lawyers said Shut Up) and Knox who had smoked weed with Rudy pretended she barely knew Rudy.  They didn’t dare accuse him. Why not?

And now Raffaele wants to axe anyone who tries to connect Raf and his former drug user girlfriend to the crime as if some court said Rudy worked alone?

But how does any court erase the established fact of Sollecito’s DNA on bra clasp? Or his hammer-toe footprint in blood on blue rug.

I know that the rug’s bloody toe print is hotly debated, but it is most likely Raffaele’s since Rudy’s feet were firmly encased in tennis shoes that left a stream of bloody shoeprints heading out the door of the cottage.

Would Rudy really have walked around inside the visited cottage barefoot in the blood and then put his tennis shoes back on and walked around in them in the blood also before he exited? More likely that he kept on his tennis shoes during the entire commission of the crime and as he ran away from it. Knox’s bare feet prints were found via Luminol in the hall.

Why would Raf lie about having pricked Meredith with a kitchen knife at his house which she had never been to?

It was a lame attempt to deflect any evidence that might one day be found on his kitchen knife. What a strange lie. “Well, if the dead woman’s blood is on my knife it’s because I did prick her with it while cooking.” An obvious whale of a lie.

Oh where are the days of the clear thinking Lion of Perugia, that powerhouse of integrity Mignini and the Grand Lion of DNA investigation Garofano?

Merely to see photos of these great men gives me hope. Raffaele can blame the media all he wants but they are only showcasing his own deeds and what the trial discovered. The foreign media torments the honest Mignini more than they do the less upright Raffaele.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/18/21 at 05:48 PM | #

A fine connecting of the dots there Hopeful. As always in this case the devil is in the details. I would add just these points.

1. No anti-Guede accusations flowed from November 2007 through to mid 2008, at which time this happened.

2. But all too soon this happened.

3. And then this happened.

4. And then THIS happened.

As James makes clear RS and AK were at much of Guede’s 2008 trial and had every opportunity then to challenge him and “clarify things”.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/18/21 at 08:57 PM | #

Here is the link to the Corriere article and Sollecito’s video.

Posted by James Raper on 07/19/21 at 03:47 AM | #

A main reason why we know we will never be legally threatened is James’s formidable take on the final lunacies of the Supreme Court which the Knox and Sollecito grovelers all tiptoe past.

Perhaps James happily dreams of interrogating Marasca and Bruno on the stand, their wriggling really would be a hilarious sight.

We did the Marasca-Bruno translation ourselves, the only one ever done by any media (it went essentially unreported in the US and UK) and was that a tough bit of work, their language was so seriously weird. We decided to leave the weirdness in, if you ever wondered about that!

Bruno was said to be unwell at the time - why the report came out weeks after the official deadline of late June - so did doing the report itself make him unwell?

There is probably not a lawyer in Italy who gives it any respect and Bruno surely knew his reputation would be toast.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/19/21 at 09:39 AM | #

This article caught my attention today. Going forward, fewer and fewer cells are going to be needed to solve crimes using DNA—a warning to all future rapists/murderers. It may also shed light on Meredith’s murder. We can only hope!

[By Alexis Ford for Las Vegas Review Journal:] “Using a mere 15 cells of DNA evidence, Las Vegas police have identified a suspect in the 1989 slaying of a 14-year-old girl, officials announced Wednesday.

Kim Murga, head of the Metropolitan Police Department’s forensics lab, said the sample used to identify Darren Roy Marchand as the man suspected of sexually assaulting and strangling Las Vegas teen Stephanie Isaacson more than 30 years ago now holds the world record for the smallest amount of DNA ever used to help solve a crime.

The cells were analyzed using new DNA technology that was funded through a donation from local entrepreneur and philanthropist Justin Woo, homicide Lt. Ray Spencer said during a Wednesday news conference.

Stephanie went missing on June 1, 1989. She left home that morning to walk to class at Eldorado High School but never arrived and never came home, police said. Her father reported her disappearance.

At the time, Las Vegas police conducted an extensive search for the girl. Her body was located that evening in what was then a desert lot near Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue.

“I’m glad they found who murdered my daughter,” Stephanie’s mother, who was not named, said in a statement, which Spencer read aloud. “I never believed the case would be solved.”

Murga explained that DNA testing had been done multiple times in Stephanie’s case over the last three decades, but the case likely could not have been solved without Woo’s donation. She said older DNA technology was used in 1998, then a DNA profile was obtained from semen found on Stephanie’s shirt in 2007.

From 2007 to 2020, Metro’s lab compared over 30 DNA samples against that DNA profile, but none of them matched. To this day, Murga said there still has not been a hit from the FBI’s national DNA database.

The November donation from Woo was earmarked for helping solve homicide cases with little DNA evidence. Police did not say the exact amount that Woo donated. But using the funds, investigators in January selected Stephanie’s case and sent what little DNA evidence they had to Texas lab Othram, police said Wednesday.

“Within seven months, that testing was completed, just a week or two ago,” Murga said.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday afternoon, Woo said that the news was “better than vacationing in Greece.” Previous posts indicated he was vacationing in Santorini, Greece, as recently as Sunday.

“I love the Las Vegas community and I’m always looking for ways to help,” he added in a comment.”

Earthling adding: That second-to-last paragraph gave me goosebumps, as I was on a vacation in Greece when poor Stephanie was abducted. :(

Posted by Earthling on 07/26/21 at 01:44 PM | #

It would be nice to know what this new DNA technology involves. And what the DNA analysis actually said. Nor does the article explain from where they got the reference sample/profile for Marchand (who committed suicide in 1995). The article keeps saying that his profile was not on any database.They might, I guess, have got a familial profile, but again would have had to have had some reason for having Marchand as a suspect in the first place. His previous history probably provided this. However the match could not have been a complete identity match without a reference sample from the suspect.

Whatever the answer it is in the detail that is missing from this report.

Posted by James Raper on 07/27/21 at 10:44 AM | #

Thanks @Hopeful, it did kinda ruin my day. It has to be heard to be believed. There is a type of suppressed laughter that my family used to occasionally succumb to in church and we would promptly get sent out, and then there is the entirely dissonant AK laughter which punctuates her speech and it is usually creepily untimely. Is the graphic oversharing a contrived attempt to jolt the listener? Is it a type of exhibitionism? It left a bad taste and a hollow feeling. If the podcast was design to draw sympathy from the listener, it achieved the reverse.

Posted by pensky on 07/30/21 at 06:55 AM | #

Found this gem today:

Posted by Vivianna on 07/30/21 at 03:44 PM | #

Does Knox have a reputation to defend? I guess that if she is indeed the inspiration for the accused character in the film then the characterization bothers her less than that the film could make a healthy profit on which she can’t get her grubby hands.

Posted by James Raper on 07/30/21 at 05:00 PM | #

@Earthling, great find. A mere 15 cells of DNA can now identify a killer. Knox should tremble.

@James Raper, my thoughts exactly about Knox’s “injured reputation”. She thinks she has completely rehabilitated it by a round of speeches and social media laced with the same 2007 lies.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/31/21 at 12:59 PM | #

In that Guardian article, Knox says: “I continue to be accused of ‘knowing something I’m not revealing’, of ‘having been involved somehow, even if I didn’t plunge the knife’
To me she is owning up to plunging the knife. I just can’t imagine an innocent person wanting to even say those words because it would link the crime - bring it close - with themselves by saying those words.

Posted by DavidB on 08/01/21 at 03:58 AM | #

‘Plunge the knife’, another very strange expression to use from Knox.

She continues to try to hog the limelight at every possible moment, and always asks of her viewers/readers that they empathise with her. Excruciating.

Posted by HotAir on 08/01/21 at 11:15 AM | #

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