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Trial: Witness Rudy Guede Appears On The Stand But Choses Not To Talk

Posted by Peter Quennell

[Ruede Guede at a hearing in September 2008]

Rudy Guede chose to remain silent in court today. The Associated Press reports:

Rudy Hermann Guede, from the Ivory Coast, took the stand in Perugia in the trial of US student Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.

Under Italian law, he had the right not to answer as he has been convicted…

Escorted by prison guards, he appeared tense and did not look at Knox and Sollecito.

Guede has acknowledged being in Kercher’s apartment when she was attacked.

He said he tried to rescue her but got scared and fled.

There had been speculation for months that his lawyers were seeking some sort of a deal for Rudy Guede’s testimony at this trial. The stated grounds for his appeal seem weak and, although Prosecutor Mignini only asked for 25 years last October, in fact he was handed 30.

Guede attempted some poetry in prison and it was thought might be inclining to some repentance or remorse - something that for the sake of the Kercher family we would seriously like to see.

Brian posted on Judge Micheli’s very careful assessment of the evidence against Guede and the improbability of the lone wolf theory.

Judge Micheli started from what was found in Meredith’s room, settled on a minimalist motive, and concluded that this was a cruel and depraved murder that had definitely involved Rudy Guede and two others.

At this trial Guede really needed to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or face the kind of slander charges that Amanda Knox has been attracting and a possible six further years in his cell.

He also needed to come out of it looking in some way better. So he passed.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/04/09 at 01:55 PM in Trials 2008 & 2009


It is sad indeed, that he did not speak out.  That no one speaks out.  How much more insane, brutal, self-obsessed can a human being become?  When only the animal remains, and remains, and never softens - no remorse.

He passed.  I’m glad Italy doesn’t have the death penality.  Time for reflection is needed.  A long time.

Posted by mylady007 on 04/04/09 at 03:50 PM | #

Yeah. A very long time. A lot or people think that is required.

Italian media are reporting that after Guede, the court reverted to closed session, for the testimony of a medical consultant to the prosecution, Dr Vincenza Liviero.

Dr Liviero testified that multiple hands had to have been involved in the assault, and that a sexual assault had indeed taken place.

Court is now adjourned to 18 April, at which point the judge-and-jury visit to Meredith’s house will take place.

Wrap-up reports in English to be posted when they go on-line.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/04/09 at 04:33 PM | #

Nick Pisa reports on Sky News


Outside forensic scientist Dr Vicenza Liviero said: “I told the court that in my opinion there were signs of more than one person being involved and there was also evidence of sexual violence.”

Mr Maresca said: “The medical experts confirmed to the court the cruel signs of the wounds Meredith suffered and the fact that more than on person was involved.

Mauro Marchionni, a gynaecologist, told the court in his experience he had not seen such wounds before on a person who had consented to sex.

“The court also heard that with so many bruises and wounds on her body from a knife, hands, suffocation a lone attacker would have had to have three hands or four hands.”

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/04/09 at 07:30 PM | #

Rudy Guede wrote this in his latest letter to his lawyers dated 28th March, published by Italian media this week end. Notice he writes 2nd November instead of 1st.

... I think that I have spoken clearly to the investigators and judges that have heard me, of what had happened and what I have heard and seen the night of November 2 ...

...This trial process is not mine, process in which I think is about time that the people, who until now have always lied and continue to do so, admit the evil they have done and continue to do for Meredith and me…

Posted by Jools on 04/06/09 at 01:40 AM | #

This has made me so angry. He could actually have shead some light on what happened- I obviously come from far too moral a background because all I can think of is the hurt the Kerchers are going through and how if I knew what had happened, even if I was involved, my guilt would make me confess, if only to spare some of the prolonged agony I have caused. If he knows it wasn’t Amanda and Raff he should spare their hurt, if he knows it was them he should incriminate them and put the Kerchers pain before his own selfish needs.

Posted by Ginny on 04/06/09 at 02:04 PM | #

Hi Ginny,

Rudy Guede is not a normal human being. He sexually assaulted Meredith and took part in her exceptionally brutal murder. Guede didn’t phone the emergency services, but went to a club instead. The killers made sure that Meredith didn’t get any help that could have saved her. They locked her door and took both her mobile phones. I don’t expect any of them will do the honourable thing and tell truth about what happened.

Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede all took part in the murder of Meredith. They all know what happened that night. They all lied repeatedly to the police and eventually exercised their right to silence.

A poster on PMF, Giustizia, made the following observation:

Knox, Sollecito and Guede are like an isoceles triangle: equally culpable, and dependent on the other two not to break, so that together the three of them, who each witnessed each other, can claim: I wasn’t there, and I don’t know who did it.

Posted by The Machine on 04/06/09 at 03:34 PM | #

That brings up a question, most people would only have one cell, as far as I know, which means someone probably knew that she had two or else they would stop after finding the the 1st one. I’m not sure where she kept or had them at the time but you also may think that only one was hers. ?
That sure shows that they knew her.

Posted by tjcchamp on 04/07/09 at 10:11 PM | #

Jools, how do the media keep getting private notes from lawyers & or police/prison?

Posted by tjcchamp on 04/07/09 at 10:15 PM | #

“Jools, how do the media keep getting private notes from lawyers & or police/prison?”

What private notes from lawyers or police/prison?

If you are reffering to Guede’s latest letter address to his lawyer, we can take for sure that letter was passed onto the media by the defence lawyers themselves and the same goes for diaries written in prison by the suspects. Their respective families have been the ones who have been releasing to the media all of the diaries, email, and scientific police video of the crime scene.
I haven’t seen any private notes in the media that can be said came from police/prison. Niente.

Posted by Jools on 04/08/09 at 05:43 PM | #
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