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Trial: Knox & Sollecito See Graphic Photos And Video Footage Of The Autopsy

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for a report by Richard Owen of The Times (may be behind paywall). This was the description of the defendants

Lawyers at the session, which was held in camera, said that Ms Knox, 21, Ms Kercher’s American flatmate, had refused to look at the footage, keeping her head down and at times burying it in her folded arms on the table in front of her.

Mr Sollecito, 25, Ms Knox’s former Italian boyfriend, occasionally glanced at the screen in the courtroom.

Many other media reports including Nick Pisa’s on Sky News [mostly scrolled away] described this also.


This AP report by Marta Falconi on Amanda Knox’s demeanor is being picked up fast in the American media. It came over the wires early this morning NYC time, and already 750 media websites are running it.

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Stew Home reported from the court-room at 4:00 pm Italy time that the medical examiner Dr Lalli had concluded his testimony and cross-examinations. Patrick Lumumba is now on the stand.

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Second trial report by Richard Owen in the Times.

“Kercher was attacked by more than one person, Amanda Knox trial told”

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/03/09 at 06:49 PM | #

I didnt realize how beautiful Meredeth was till I viewed the pictures of her on this site.  I imagine Amanda didnt like it one bit that Meredeth was so much more attractive then her.  I wonder if that played into the finale as well as Amanda’s propensity for kinky sex.

Posted by darin992002 on 04/03/09 at 07:25 PM | #

“I didnt realize how beautiful Meredeth was till I viewed the pictures of her on this site.”

Nice words, clearly stated with feeling. She was beautiful. So many readers report arriving at this site knowing nothing about her and then getting imbued by her spirit.

This site largely came alive in response to what appeared to be a cold and contemptible attempt, very well funded, to push her aside as the real victim.

As of today, neither the Knoxes not the or Mellases have ever to our knowledge said even one kind word to the family of Meredith.

And Edda Knox uttered on live TV perhaps the nastiest slur about Meredith that anyone in this whole case has come out with.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/04/09 at 04:22 PM | #

What did Edda Knox say? I’ve not been keeping up to date with anything anyone form Amanda’s family have said- they appear to want more sympathy than any victim’s family. If only they could have half the class the Kerchers have portrayed throughout the whole situation.

Posted by Ginny on 04/06/09 at 07:12 PM | #

Ginny, everything we know about Meredith suggested that she concentrated first and foremost on her studies and her family.

She had just begun a shy little romance in Perugia, but that was that for the boys there, and she maybe took a puff on a toke or two, but that was that for drugs.

The Knoxes and Mellases had been chased for months by the media to reach out to the Kerchers and say something compassionate either about them or about Meredith.

They seemed to avoid all “hostile” interviews attempting to get at actual truths.

On this occasion, the TV interviewer persisted.  And so Edda Mellas responded that she was sorry for Meredith’s mother - that she now had to find out about Meredith’s sex life and drug use!

The implication (or threat - some took it as a threat) was that Meredith had lived a wild life, and Meredith’s mother and presumably the court and the world were going to hear all about it.

There are classier ways to reach out to a murder victim’s family than by smearing the victim in the process.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/07/09 at 12:05 AM | #

Thank you for your comments Peter- I didn’t know that- I wrote a long reply but it was fraught with emotion which frankly won’t help anyone. I am getting personally very distressed and I only have the most tenuous link to Mez so goodness knows how her family are coping. My thoughts are with them daily.

Posted by Ginny on 04/07/09 at 07:23 PM | #

I didn’t know Edda Mellas had made these comments either, but sadly I’m not surprised. It seems Edda’s primary objective is the immediate and unconditional release of her daughter irrespective of the evidence that suggests she may have been involved in the sexual assault, torture and brutal murder of another young woman.

I simply cannot understand how a mother could so blatantly and callously attempt to smear the name of the victim in this way especially knowing that the family of the victim may later see these comments in print. Maybe Meredith’s family did read them and it could explain the comment recently expressed through the Kerchers lawyer Francesco Maresca:

“We didn’t like the way our daughter has been treated in this trial, the manner she has been dragged into the murky stories of the defendants. Meredith was a good girl, and perhaps this is the reason why she has been murdered in such a horrific way”

By attempting to drag the victims name through the mud it only serves to show what sort of person Amanda was raised by and could explain how she can simply disregard the life of another human being.

Posted by Miss Represented on 04/08/09 at 11:02 PM | #

I feel Edda sets the tone of the Knox/Mellas circus and contributes greatly to what and how information is released.  The need to control what others believe is apparent with Edda and each of her daughters; you can see it by their horrific and evil actions or their desperate attempts to control what you should believe with their smoke and mirror campaign during interviews.  I saw it first hand at the Salty’s fund raiser zoo.  It’s a farce.

Take for example the foaming at the mouth on the boards and blogs by both Goofy and Chris Mellas.  Let’s call it “pressure to conform to certain aspects of their belief.”  This is just one of the extremely inappropriate, and illegal, actions they continue to take part in.  If she wanted it to end I believe Edda would only have to ask them to knock it off.  Unfortunately as shallow as she is she takes the extremely low hell road. It’s a road the whole circus is familiar and comfortable with.

It is heartbreaking knowing Meredith’s family is subjected to this brutal psychological intimidation.  It is awful to witness such intentional and outrageous recklessness.  I feel a great amount of sorrow for the Kercher family for what they continue to face.

R.I.P. Meredith. Justice is coming.

Posted by Professor Snape on 04/10/09 at 12:05 AM | #

To Ginny:

Like you, I have found myself becoming personally distressed over Meredith, whose lovely face I saw for the first time on this website. I find I need to take several days off between visits ( though the case rarely disappears from my thoughts for long).  I would definitely not have the patience to be a juror in a case of this seemingly interminable duration.

I am drawn here by several factors, among them the continuing reminders by Steve Shay that life continues as normal for Amanda’s steadfast friends here in Seattle. (I have been in her “hometown” of West Seattle since Dec. 2008 and , fortunately, do not frequent Jak’s Grill, or any of the other Knox family hangouts. If I were to recognise one of them, I’d find it difficult to hold my tongue, which might possibly result in their suing me for slander, or somesuch other unpleasantry.)

Another is Meredith’s physical resemblance to myself, and members of my family. (I am 1/2 Persian, 1/4 Scots, 1/4 Hungarian Jew, and have, in various metropolitan centers in various countries of residence been the recipient of an assortment of charming ethnic slurs, ranging from the seemingly benign “um, what are you, Italian?’’ to “dirty Paki”. Life in the States got particularly interesting after 9/11.)

What this has to do with the case is that I wonder how much Knox, being so lily white (and with German relatives at home) may have viewed Meredith as being less entitled than herself . We already saw her “deigning” to permit Meredith to date Giacomo.

(Mirror, mirror, in my hand: who is the fairest in the land? Why, YOU, my Queen. There was another, more beautiful than you, but we sure put her out of the picture!)

Third is the survival of my beloved cousin, Jasmin, who was not allowed to bleed to death after being stabbed through one lung, because a neighbor responded to her scream. It is a pity that Nara Capezalli hesitated.

All DNA evidence, contaminated or not, is icing on the cake, where AK and RS are concerned. There was absolutely no reason for them to be standing there on the doorstep when the police arrived. Cleaning house at random hours is not something “young lovebirds” do after a late night of doping and snogging.

These are, of course, merely my opinions, but to to my opinions am I entitled!

Posted by mimi on 04/10/09 at 09:32 PM | #
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