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The PMF/TJMK Master Evidence List: First Of Our Projects To Make The Final Picture Whole

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High-achiever Meredith Kercher was born less than one mile south of this famous London landmark

Building An Evidence Mountain

There are really three pictures, not just the one, still to be fully made whole.

  • That of Meredith. We believe a family site will soon add to the fine book published by Meredith’s dad.

  • That of all of the evidence the court acquired in 2009, which is the sole picture the Italian citizenry takes seriously.

  • That of the misleading campaign by the Knox and Sollecito PR shills, leaving some in the UK and US misled.

The Master Evidence List is a key part of the second picture and there are several other media-friendly pages still to come.

The new page is here and it can also be permanently accessed via the new button in our column to the left.

Many posters on the two PMF websites and on TJMK helped to create the master list, which is divided into 25 areas with links in the column to the right.

To aid in emailing and tweeting the new page, it not only has its own address, also each of the 25 evidence areas also has its own separate address.

Much appreciation to those who built this list.


What are the facts? again and again and again-what are the facts? Shun wishful thinking,  ignore divine revelation, forget what “the stars foretell”, avoid opinion. Care not what the neighbors think, never mind the unguessable “verdict of history”—- what are the facts, and to how many decimal places? Once and for all….. What are the facts?

The line between truth and opinion, truth and fabrication has for a long time become blurred. People , such as the contributore to ‘Groundreport’ and more certainly Bruce Fischer/Steve Moore et al invent nonsense in order to try to manipulate opinion. They do this in order to inflate the sorry opinion they have of themselves. They inflate their worth to try to appear more important than they really are because they crave recognition.

That being so they lie and manipulate in order to elevate public perception and thereby elevate their own perceived view of themselves. Such people as Karen Pruett although she means well and fully believes in Knox is a prime target for these usurpers of public opinion because they use the familiar technique of telling people what they want to hear. so therefore any view of an opposing nature is dealt with by denying the facts.

Gogarty Marriot presents opinion as though it were fact. That after all is their stock in trade. Don’t forget that the only interview Knox was allowed to take was with the understanding (that whichever news program she was on) had to agree not to ask any questions that might prove difficult. in other words the news outlets were given a list of questions they could only ask and it was all prerecorded anyway. They had to agree to make her appear innocent.

To present opinion as fact, as the Knox supporters will find out, is a losing proposition. The facts cannot be disputed by opinion; they must be supported by countervailing facts; and since all the facts of this case are indisputable this is a problem for those who insist that Knox is innocent and therefore is insurmountable.

Such criminal organizations as represented by Fischer and Moore present opinion as facts and gullible people swallow them whole because that is what they want to hear and believe. Opinion is not factual. It’s stupid and doomed to failure.

It is unfortunate that the vast majority of Knox supporters are mediocre in their thinking. For example I had personal emails with one of Knox’s more rabid supporters Patrick J Christ. (That’s his real name and you can find him of Facebook). Patrick made a comment after looking at a photograph of the famous outside wall and window of the supposed Guede break-in.

I asked him how it was possible that anyone could climb a thirteen foot wall leaving to trace of the climb, (scuff marks etc;) or disturbing the soil under the window itself what was still wet from the rain. This was after a brief discussion about throwing a rock between two shutters one jammed shut because it had swelled. Patrick made the comment and I quote:

“Well I looked at the photograph and I could climb that easily.” close quote.

This is tantamount to saying ‘I could practice guitar for three weeks and play as well as Santana. OR upon seeing a picture of Mount Everest saying “Well that doesn’t look that difficult.” I advised him and anybody else to go and look at a real wall which is twice my height and a bit more. In spite of the opinion of others climbing such a wall is impossible unless you use climbing equipment.

Another one was the famous hinkertom who said that Knox and Sollecito had been driven through Parugia in an open cart something like the French revolution while being jeered at by the local populous.

Karen Pruett is of the opinion that the entire facts of this case have been fabricated by the Italian government since they want to protect Mignini and since she knows Knox personally “How could such an innocent girl ever do that?”

Judge Micheal Heavey believes in Knox innocence because she went to shool with his daughter. And so it goes. This of course is just opinion and the desire to manipulate through propaganda peoples view of events over which they have little knowledge.

But once again…....... What are the facts? Again and again and again What are the facts?

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 11/29/14 at 05:09 AM | #

Great work!

Posted by Ergon on 11/29/14 at 07:58 AM | #

Very impressive. Well done all.

Posted by Odysseus on 11/29/14 at 12:22 PM | #

Thank you all for this incredible master list of very damning evidence against Amanada Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede. Indeed, this is a very impressive and jaw-dropping testament to the facts in this case. Clearly, it proves once and for all, that all three are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

Many supporters still beat that old drum of ‘no evidence’ when nothing could be further from the truth. One very disturbed and irrational supporter named “JLS1950” stubbornly insists that Knox’s extradition hearing will ‘automatically’ include a writ of habeus corpus but that is just another lie. She can, of course, request such a writ but it’s highly doubtful that it will be granted.

However, if by some remote chance it is, then this insurmountable list of evidence is what will be included and will only delay her inevitable extradition. Such a writ would also just extend her dead time incarceration in Seatac as well. Thank you all again.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 11/29/14 at 04:46 PM | #

There is another point I wish to touch on and that is motive. I have from time to time mentioned (and been called on) racism with applications to Meredith and Knox and Sollecito. This of course depends upon how you view racism anyway. Amanda Knox and raphael Sollecito are racist and the proof is as follows.

There are two sets of laws in the USA, one for the white races and one for the blacks. This is best born out by the events in Ferguson Missouri where a white cop killed and unarmed teenager or other cops killed a 12 year old two seconds after they arrived on the scene.
This is well known and only a brief example of events that have been going on since Columbus arrived in the US.

The white races wish to keep the black races subservient while the black races hate the whites and for good reason. In other words this condition is a normal way of looking at the world. A normal way of life.

But this is racism where one group views another as being inferior. This is racism where one group wishes to control another because of the color of their skin and of course this is viewed as being an everyday occurrence, the way life is conducted.

Be it normal or not. Be it endemic to the USA alone or not is immaterial. It’s just that the system of equality does not exist because it is broken.

So when Knox viewed Meredith as being inferior because of the color of her skin it was just normal and to Knox was not racist at all but just the normal way of excepting that she was superior.

Knox killed Meredith in a fit of jealous rage because for the first time in her life she was met with someone who was so much better than she was and everybody knew it including Sollecito who also, in his spoiled upbringing had been exposed to being told he was a superior person because he was white.
Meredith accused Knox of stealing her money and threatened to go public with the knowledge thereby forcing Knox to be kicked back to the US in disgrace.  Sollecito was of the same mind because, among other things such a scandal would have meant him being kicked out of the university. Up until then he had financial security and was used to getting his own way due to the guilt his father felt because Sollecito’s mother had died. If Meredith had told this then he would have lost all of that including the support of his family.

This is the racist element and Knox and Sollecito are racist by any definition you can name.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 11/30/14 at 12:16 AM | #

As this post will soon scroll away, the interesting discussion of evidence point 14-08 initiated by PK777 is moved to this area on the Masterlist page.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/30/14 at 12:18 AM | #

Balding vs. Gill on the DNA evidence:

Posted by Ergon on 12/01/14 at 07:26 AM | #

Thanks a lot Ergon.

I printed out the PDF to wade through, with attachments it is 12 pages. Will Gill be attempting a comeback? Or is he yet another of the burned experts who leaped for Knox before they looked?

I did appreciate your nutshell assessment underneath it. I dont think ANY of these Knox adulators have submitted anything for peer review? Kassin sure never did. It will be great to hear more from you on this. 😊

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/01/14 at 04:39 PM | #

Thanks, Peter. Many experts have been burned, though I think Peter Gill is the biggest of the lot. No, I don’t think he’ll be commenting further on the case. Pity he hasn’t corrected his errors or defended his views.

I consider what he and Kassin did was submit an op ed, and not, a scholarly article for peer review. Yes, I’ll be writing it up 😊

Posted by Ergon on 12/02/14 at 01:34 AM | #

The master evidence list has been posted on the Wiki

Please post your suggestions/questions here.

@all4justice, replied to your question on the other thread where you posted.

Posted by Ergon on 12/03/14 at 07:13 PM | #
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