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Italian Media Spotlighting The Perversion Of Killer Groupies Of Alleged Murderer Of 38 Patients

Posted by Peter Quennell

1. Alleged Nurse-Killer Attracting Deviant Males

Convicted killers and alleged killers facing trial often attract deviant support with sexual undertones.

Why the case of Nurse Daniela Poggiali, arrested a month ago in north Italy, is capturing so much attention is not only the seeming extent of her crimes - some 38 patients in her care died mysteriously - or her bizarre selfies exulting over one dead patent.

It is also the astonishing volume and and rabid lust of the fanmail now arriving at the place where she is awaiting trial, and the increasing numbers of Italian killer groupies emerging online and jostling to head her parade, Italian Knox groupies such as Luca Cheli maybe among them.

Here is a UK report and a translated Italian-media report will follow.

Italian nurse who took photos of herself with patients she had murdered is flooded with fan mail in prison ““ including marriage proposals

An Italian nurse who took photos of herself with dead patients she had murdered is being flooded with fan letters from male admirers, including some containing marriage proposals.

Daniela Poggiali, 42, from the town of Lugo, in the Emilia-Romagna Region of central Italy, was arrested after police investigating the mysterious death of a 78-year-old patient stumbled upon 38 other unexplained deaths on her shifts.

Rosa Calderoni, 78, was admitted with a routine illness but died after being injected with high levels of potassium - the compound used in lethal injection executions in the U.S.

Nurse Daniela Poggiali from Lugo, in central Italy, has been sent fan mail and wedding proposals while she awaits trial in relation to 38 unexplained deaths on her shifts

Further investigations revealed that over a three month period, 38 out of 86 patients under Poggiali’s care at the Umberto I hospital in Lugo had all died mysteriously.

Now awaiting trial at a prison in Forli, a city in central Italy, Poggiali is being inundated with fan mail from admirers calling her ‘good looking’.  A prison spokesman said: ‘Over the last few weeks since she was placed here there has been a steady stream of letters from males.

‘Most of them say how pretty and good looking they think she is, and one or two have even contained proposals of marriage.’ Prison officials said Poggiali has received a steady stream of letters from men calling her ‘good looking’

According to investigators the nurse had found the dead patients ‘annoying’ or that they had ‘pushy relatives’. During their investigations they discovered pictures of Poggiali grinning alongside the dead bodies.

The lead magistrate investigating the case, Alessandro Mancini said: ‘We believe she is sound of mind, but simply took satisfaction, and real pleasure in killing.

‘The photos reveal an unbearable cruelty that I have not seen in 30 years on the job.’

A spokesman from the hospital where she worked said: ‘She always came across as being a very cold person. ‘But she also used her charms to flirt with male doctors if she thought she could get favours from them.’

Poggiali has denied killing any patients and says she is being framed by jealous colleagues.

2. Killer-Groupies Get More Media & Research Attention

The growing fear in justice circles is that killer groupies are helping to elevate murder rates.

They are certainly elevating anger levels, and making potential killers feel competitive and jealous of the media coverage of others. They are damaging professional careers and sparking death threats, making law-abiding people more distrustful, making police-work and convictions more difficult, and distracting hard-pressed politicians and populations from looming world-wide problems.

All of which comes at a high cost and puts all of us in a great deal more danger. So the spotlight upon killer groupies is intensifying. Here is one media report.

A look inside the bizarre world of serial killer groupies

If you type the phrase “serial killer addresses” into an Internet search engine, you’ll get some disturbing results.

A number of websites list the prison addresses of convicted killers, and police investigators told FOX 12 there are plenty of people “” serial killer groupies “” writing to convicted serial killers.

Portland police homicide detective Jim Lawrence said he once investigated a Portland man who corresponded with two convicted serial murderers.

Lawrence showed FOX 12 some of the correspondence, including a letter he said the Portland man wrote to serial killer Douglas Daniel Clark.

Clark and a partner were known as “Sunset Strip Killers.”

The pair were convicted for a series of killings in Los Angeles. The letter to Clark included an illustration of a hand with the phrase,  “Who knows what these hands will do, what they’ll do 20 years from now.” 

“He really seemed to put a kind of hero worship behind this serial killer, and it was a kind of morbid fascination,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence also showed FOX 12 violent artwork the man received from serial killer Ottis Toole, convicted of killing six people in Florida in the 1980s. Police believe Toole also killed 6-year-old Adam Walsh in 1981. The sketch depicts a decapitated head.

Criminal psychologist Dr. Frank Colistro said serial killers often radiate a perverse charisma that groupies find attractive.

“A lot of them get caught up in the drama that’s associated with these people forever,” Colistro explained.

And the list is long for love behind bars, for killers who’ve been married in prison.

I-5 killer Randy Woodfield, who was convicted for murder and attempted murder and suspected in dozens of other crimes in the early 1980s, has been hitched twice at the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and Scott Peterson all have had loyal female followers.

“The Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez, convicted of 13 brutal murders in California in the 1980s, had groupies who called themselves, “˜the women in black,’ who attended his trial.

“You do get a lot of inadequate, insecure women,” Colistro said. “In a sense, they’re the perfect boyfriend, the perfect husband. In a sense, you can do a relationship light, so to speak.”

Then there are groupies who want to befriend the notorious. Lawrence said some write to convicted killers for profit, to potentially sell the letters online. He said others have a bizarre admiration for the killers.

Lawrence said he interviewed the Portland man who wrote the detailed, expletive-filled letters after out-of-state police discovered the man’s relationship with killer Ottis Toole.

“So they contacted us and I had a little chat with him,” he said.

He said it turned out the man was trying to get letters and artwork from Toole to sell online.

Colistro, however, said there are some people hoping to become copycats.

“They’ll study the M-O of the offender and they’ll start to duplicate it,” he said.


Though they took the initiative to request the police to investigate, the Italian clinic seems to have been blindsided. It took various similar cases in the US for some nation-wide preventive systems to be put in place, but even there cases continue.

Increasingly in a winner-take-all world, monitoring and preventive systems of some kind are actually in place, but incessant budget cuts have left no funds to staff therm. Once these “angel of death” killings happen clinics face enormous financial liabilities.

We all lose in the long run.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/24/14 at 01:33 PM | #

A scary trend this fan club of killers. I’d stay far away from anybody who adored murderers, there’s some evil bone inside them somewhere. And this nurse looks lovely on the outside, but she is drunk on power and likes punishing the pushy families of her patients by killing their loved one! Talk about jealousy.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/24/14 at 03:06 PM | #

@olleosnep, many thanks for the tremendous work you did compiling 334 evidence points about the case on

Posted by Hopeful on 11/25/14 at 05:44 PM | #

Selene’s article for Digital Journal is having a ripple effect. Christian Today has now published a piece about Selene’s article:

Amanda Knox trial update: Translated judicial report points to what really happened?

Please tweet and retweet this article. Thanks.

There has been a marked increase in the number of downloads of the translation of the Nencini report from PMF since Selene’s articles were published last week.

Posted by The Machine on 11/26/14 at 01:43 AM | #


“We all lose in the long run”- I am not so sure.

We are getting better at exposing the crimes and the criminals. The information explosion has been a great leveler. Certainly you will agree that we are far better informed today.

There will always be crimes and criminals. I deal with young people on a regular basis and I always see the same distribution. We select the best students every year but only after a year they have become equilibrated with the rest. We need to work harder. We all have to run a lot just to stay at the same place.

I have great hopes: we are now sitting up and taking notice. That is a good beginning.

Posted by chami on 11/26/14 at 12:31 PM | #

Hopefully we will get better at exposing crimes and criminals, as we become better at recognizing the criminal mind and nature - in a timely fashion, before disaster strikes.

We can but hope.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 11/26/14 at 01:42 PM | #

Hi Hopeful

Thanks for mention of Olliesnep’s very valuable evidence compendium. His previous post was on the DNA.

He prepared this compendium for posting on both PMFs and here on TJMK too and we may be able to set it up tonight (I’m in Washington DC) or tomorrow night or Friday (when I’m back in NYC).

Our notion is to give it its own page and make the whole thing hypertexted, with prolific links to all key documents and past posts.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/26/14 at 02:58 PM | #

Hi Chami

“We all lose in the long run - I am not so sure.”

Big subject!

Glass-half-full point of view: Crime rates have gone down here in the US (remarkably so in NYC), joblessness appears to be the lowest for years, most crime talk shows back up police and prosecutors, and they and the victims families receive little or none of the rabid harrassment we are seeing in our case in Italy.

Glass-half-empty point of view: Mistrust of government (driven up deliberately) is near an all-time-high. Quality high-paying jobs are scarce and few are being created. Thanks to the Internet, conspiracy theories can have real legs: more now think the shooting of JFK in 1963 was a plot involving some or many than ever before.

And this case in Ferguson Missouri foolishly referred to a secretive grand jury to decide if there should be charges against a cop who pumped a gunful of bullets into an unarmed black boy may be helpful to killer groupies saying look what these evil cops get away with!

I keep thinking about that grand jury. We are hearing the term “need for transparency” used on TV every few minutes in commentary on the case. Guess which has THE most transparent justice system in the world?

Right. Italy. By a large margin.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/26/14 at 03:18 PM | #

Nice piece on Poggiali Pete, can’t believe she had the neck to say she’s being framed by jealous colleagues, lol.
Unfortunately I got suspended from Twitter due to serial reporting by FOA kool aid drinkers, but thanks for posting this article, it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Posted by Corpusvile on 11/28/14 at 06:23 AM | #
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