Tuesday, May 10, 2022

How Amber Heard Testimony Matched Point By Point Depp Psychologist’s Checklist

Posted by Peter Quennell

Another Sharp Video Take

Dr Shannon Curry testified first, of course, waving red flags that the whole world would expect a target of a $50 million lawsuit to adjust her language and demeanor to.

But, but, but… as this video explains, that is very far from what happened in the last week.

And yet another Knox affinity. Knox shows the same train-on-rails obtuseness. Remember Chris Mellas’s nickname for her?

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Good grief #1. “Some viewers and fans have been speculating the fact that Amber might have written her testimony and was actually narrating what she had crammed from a script, and after going through her testimonies just to make sure, it seems that that might actually be the case.”


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Good grief #2. “Not only does some of Depp and Heard’s testimonies contradict each other, it is pretty glaring to the invested public that one of the estranged couple is giving a false account of what truly happened based on their tales. So, who has been caught in a web of lies so far? And why does the public seem to think Johnny might just be the victimized partner out of the two?”


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