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Abuser “Triangulation” Seems Blatant In Amber Heard, Jada Smith,  Amanda Knox Cases

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The Context

The two video analyses are of Will Smith, of Oscars notoriety, and his wife Jada.

They seem highly relevant also to our own case, and to the Heard-Depp case, with the repeated new airings of a 2019 Smith-Smith video talked about here.

The video is being suggested as a classic instance of triangulation. This is where the abuser (think Heard and Knox too) incessantly builds third-party support (from “flying monkeys” to use the technical term!) for their pattern of abuse.

In the 2019 video, Jada keeps filming Will, and taunting him, very obviously against his wish.

Jada keeps referring to an Esther Perel, a Belgian shrink and avid open-marriage promoter, who Jada intends to bring back in to “analyze” their marriage in front of the whole world.

And there is this indicting Amber Heard.


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Monday early, I’ll be on the road when proceedings resume, today should be the start of the cross-examination of Heard, YouTube will carry 1/2 a dozen streams live.

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The very competent cross-examination of Amber Heard occupied almost two half-days, hypnotic stuff, one of the half-dozen streams on YouTube is well worth a look.

Again there is a similarity to Knox: Heard’s intense morphing, which speaks to the suspected syndromes and really hurts credibility. Last week Heard was at times a puddle of tears; yesterday, like Knox, she was seemingly too snappy and jeering and defiant for her own good.

Heard dogmatically claimed that promising to donate her $7 million divorce settlement to charity is the exact same thing as actually handing over the cash. This sounded seriously daft; a major misstep, says the legal commentariat on TV. It may have hurt her credibility across the board.

So many videos and photos now in the record, and yet differing versions of the only one or two that purport to show physical harm were shown side by side to suggest Photoshopping was done.

No medical reports, ever. Really? No medical attention for what were claimed to be bleeding cuts and huge bruising, of which shots taken the next day showed no trace? 

The Legalbytes channel on YouTube had reporting from three legal bloggers who made it into the court on Monday (chances of that are the same as winning the lottery, it seems) and they had all noticed that during Heard’s Q&A with her own (controversial) lawyer the jury seemed bored, distracted, one or two half asleep; but all really came alive when the Depp lawyer Camille Vasquez (a new star of the show) got stuck in.

That third link suggests Heard disrespected the judge, by walking out of court when she was told to take her seat after cross-examination was done. Early-on in the trial, the judge seemed a bit tougher on the Depp team; that has now gone away and she is maybe tougher on the (sloppy and amateurish) Heard team now.

How long has this trial to go? TV commentary suggests we could see a verdict by this time next week.

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This anonymous YouTube progress report possibly by someone in the legal field suggests the soup that Amber Hear may be in.

1) Johnny wasn’t the only alcoholic and drug abuser. Amber drank 2 bottles of wine a day, and took plenty of drugs as well by her own admission. She literally wrote “take drugs” on her itinerary for hen night.

2) Amber caught lying about using a specific line of Milani makeup that didn’t exist back then to cover her bruises frequently, which was refuted by the company itself. She then backtracks and claimed it wasn’t the exact brand she used.

3) Amber caught lying again about never playing a guitar, when there is video footage of her doing so. She then backtracks and says she was just posing with it.

4) Amber is currently being investigated for perjury in Australia (for trying to make her assistant take the blame for smuggling dogs).

5) Their marriage counsellor testified that Amber was abusive in the relationship.

6) Amber has past DV arrest against her ex, admitted to DV against Johnny, suspicion of DV against her own sister (her sister was discussing it with her friends by the poolside in a video clip), and assaulted her ex-best friend in public. In contrast, Johnny has no history of being violent towards women, and his ex-spouses all speak highly of him.

7) Audio recording of Amber admitting to cutting Johnny’s finger in Australia (not allowed in this trial due to technicalities), proving again that her testimony was a lie.

8) Amber’s “expert” witness Dawn Hughes:

a) Read extensively off her notes but had perfect recollection about all the “abuse” incidents

b) Lied about Amber having no DV history and was caught out by Johnny’s lawyer. 

c) Only used male pronouns for abusers and female pronouns for victims.

d) Appeared very personally invested in the case while strongly pushing the agenda that Johnny was the abuser (As opposed to Dr Curry, who just gave her diagnosis of Amber).

e) Lists on her website that she testifies in court for a fee.

f) Rolled her eyes when she was objected, and displayed unprofessional body language.

g) Passed off her claims as fact although her entire testimony was based on what Amber told her, and not her actually being there (she also never met Johnny before).

9) Amber has NO witnesses (all conveniently random strangers that she doesn’t know or deceased people like the bodyguard).

10) DV lawyers analyzing the case said Amber’s broken nose is fake and doesn’t look like any of the countless injuries they’ve seen, and it’s impossible to cover the swelling and bruising with makeup. Her “busted lip” also looks like she bit it, instead of being split open like it should be.

11) Multiple body language experts, including one that formerly worked with the FBI and CIA, say that Amber shows multiple signs of deception.

12) Amber allegedly got hit multiple times, her scalp and hair ripped off, penetrated by a bottle, dragged over broken glass and got her arms and legs “pretty cut up”, then somehow felt safe enough to take sleeping pills with her “attacker” in the same house, and woke up the next day and made him coffee. The other people in the audio recording the next morning did not mention, or appear concerned, about her alleged horrific injuries. Amber also allegedly got her nose broken and hit multiple times (hard enough to damage a bed), then went to James Corden’s show the next day miraculously healed. Hair stylist and makeup people saw no signs of abuse. No marks, no scars, no pictures, no medical reports in both cases.

13) Amber claimed that she was beaten unconscious, but also claims that she iced her injuries overnight.

14) Amber also claimed that she was choked unconscious and woke up the next morning. When you get choked unconscious, you wake up after the pressure is released and blood flow is restored to your brain.

15) Amber claimed that she refused to speak to the cops because she wanted to protect Johnny, but later went on to release the op-ed.

16) Amber’s evidence includes photos of bananas on the floor, wine spills, unbroken picture frames on the floor, and neatly stacked paintings on the bed that Johnny allegedly hurled. TLDR: Her house is messy.

17) Amber showed photos of her alleged glass scars, but they are in a neat row and resemble self-harm scars instead.

18) Amber claimed that she did not know if it was a bottle or a hand inside her. A bottle is hard and cold, and feels very different from a hand… However, she said multiple times that she felt pressure against her pelvic bone.

19) Amber claimed that she “did not need to see the doctor at that time”, despite allegedly being hit by Johnny multiple times wearing chunky rings.

20) Amber had no marks on her back in multiple photos in a backless dress after Johnny allegedly held her down by kneeling on her back.

21) Amber has many photos of Johnny sleeping, but no photos of him with cocaine.

22) Amber claimed she bled from her vagina after the bottle rape, but has no medical proof.

23) Amber has photos posing with her mouth wide open, despite saying her split lip bleeds whenever she moves it.

24) Amber’s physical examination report with Dr Kipper did not document any physical injuries whatsoever.

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From YouTube comments, this seems the credibility case in a nutshell against Heard being made by so many real DV survivors. Hard to shrug off.

If she were actually being as violently abused as she claims, choked, punched, kicked, hair pulled out, nose broken and raped with a bottle, why would she call him a wuss and be so demeaning of him for always running away when a fight got heated? It angered her that he was always the one trying to escape her, she would chase after him demanding he stay and fight with her.  What person being so severely beaten would chase after their abuser demanding they stay and continue the fight?  Any real victim of such severe abuse would be praying for the attack to stop, not chasing after their abuser, egging them on, begging for the fight to continue.  That’s insane!  Anyone being abused like that would not be taking pictures of their abuser asleep, or hair laying on the floor or broken glass, they would take a picture of the bald, bloody spot on their head, their swollen nose, the marks on their neck, and they would seek medical care for severe injuries.  It’s all too crazy to believe.

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Various lawyers are uploading YouTubes to give us the lay of the land. Here is a typical one below. He is dissecting one of the weirdest happenings in the trial: a former Depp lawyer was subpoenaed by Amber Heard’s team - and PREDICTABILY refused to answer maybe 90 times, because any discussion with Johnny Depp was privileged.

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