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Good Lawyer’s Take On Tipping Points Depp-Heard Jury Might Soon Face

Posted by Peter Quennell

The Context

There are TWENTY live feeds of the trial running on YouTube as of Monday AM. Wow. 

And maybe several million watching live on cable TV. Why so?

Well, as explained in previous posts, the number of American defamation trials in any one year fell off a cliff several decades ago.

Law-changes in many states made them much more difficult to win - though one plus is that a media outfit that has no malicious intent in its reporting does not risk being totally wiped out.

This does mean that defamation law is somewhat of a financially risky area for lawyers to specialize in, and so proportionally there are not that many defamation lawyers all-told.

Johnny Depp has hired what are clearly some of the best defamation lawyers in the US, and you can see them keeping their cool, building the case against the Op-Ed in the Washington Post brick by brick, and having an enormous effect on the crowd (such as us).

In sharp contrast, it seems that not even one of Amber Heard’s team specializes in defamation, and several aparently don’t even normally appear in any court. They have taken the jury on various irrelevant trips, which noticeably bored the jury and did nothing for Heard.

This video above is another by Bruce Rivers, who really does know his defamation law, and there is a lot of respect for him in Comments.

It is really good to see how focused on the law and hard facts - and against dishonest Amanda-Knox-type tirades - a large majority is right now. Very promising for us in our end-run.

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Here’s some background on why Bruce Rivers (who is in Minneapolis) is posting these commentaries. The economics is very attractive, it seems, more than I knew.

Similar lawyers made uploads taking Meredith’s side in our main case, we posted several videos of those takes. We’ll mail them all some hard-hitting material soon.

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Okay, further bizarreness from the Amber Heard team, now in their own “prosecution mode” part of the trial.

They are trying to prove that Amber Heard’s career (which has essentially consisted of a secondary role in one bigtime movie for which she is given mixed reviews) crumbled because of Johnny Depp fighting back against Heard incessantly lying to the media.

Yesterday’s main expert witness was a psychiatrist, who had never even seen Johnny Depp before (like the psychologist several weeks ago) but was pretty dogmatic in his analysis. His looks & manner took quite a hammering, see Comments below the video.

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In terms of warring psychology takes, Johnny Depp is way ahead because his Dr Curry was the only one to personally meet with both. Attempts to diagnose Johnny Depp from afar are being shown today to be a joke.

This YouTube comment might help to explain how Amber Heard became so incredibly like Knox.

If AH has PTSD it could be that when she was 16 in Texas she was in a car accident that killed her friend in high school. She was the cause of that accident and was arrested. She never dealt with it.

These factfinders could not find firm up any proof. 

But, it strongly looks like juvenile records of a FELONY leading to a nearly 4 year suspension of her licence (suggesting a serious offense) had been routinely suppressed when she turned 18. 

Well worth a watch.

She had no valid drivers license when she arrived in LA and may have gone to auditions on the bus.

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Friday & summations.  Is anyone still neutral or open minded - or not in the Depp camp?! If so, this might be helpful.

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