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Dr Mignini & Dr Comodi Explain The Real Strength Of The Trial Case, Little Disputed In Italy

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Some Context To The Video

This video subtitled and uploaded by Machiavelli shows a live panel aired in Italy on 27 December 2017.

The trial prosecutors are freed finally of professional requirements not to discuss any ongoing case they have a role in.

This is a rule not hampering American prosecutors, mostly elected, who make sure, in those few cases not plea-bargained that actually go to trial, the People’s case is being understood.

In the US an estimated 200,000-plus inmates are innocent but there because of unreported forced pleas. In Italy? None at all.

Italian citizens obtain their substantially more informed and accurate understanding of any ongoing case differently, by way of court documents posted on the Internet and frequent live TV.

The video hammers home the contrast between the perception of the generally highly-informed Italian pubic and the mostly mis-informed perception of the American and British publics.

Fine reporting was deliberately swamped.

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Some excellent long comments on PMF starting with this one by Hugo.


And this link will get you straight to the YouTube comments - as I said, Marriott has not fielded his A Team - unless he is paying them for mistakes now.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/28/18 at 09:22 PM | #

If anyone has an hour and twenty minutes or so to spare, this video is absolutely compelling. The best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Mignini and Comodi in particular have fine minds and a tremendous grasp of facts, times and who said what and when. Mignini did wander a wee bit slightly later on when he seemed to start to make a point about one thing but drifted off to another on a couple of occasions but given the sheer volume of evidence in this case, that is hardly surprising.

It’s clear that everyone on the panel knows that Knox and Sollecito are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and that they are tremendously sad for Meredith’s family that the correct verdict was never finally ratified. Although I’m sure they come across guilty people getting away with things regularly, it seems obvious to me that this particular case will haunt them for the rest of their days. As it will for the rest of us who care about truth and justice.

Nice touch from Fiorucci at the end where he brings it back to Meredith and laments that her name has almost disappeared from the narrative whilst the perpetrators remain front and centre. Well said sir.

I did have a look at the comments on YouTube and Pete is spot on; it is the usual cabal of nutters like Nancy Parker who pop up everywhere spouting their drivel. Knox could confess live on TV and produce bloody clothing tying her definitively to the murder and old Nancy would scream coercion and conspiracy. Nothing will ever convince idiots like her, they truly are beyond help. Best not engaged with at all online these morons, that’s why I deleted my online accounts. I found myself being dragged into too many pointless arguments with the Knox Neanderthals.

Posted by davidmulhern on 03/01/18 at 01:16 PM | #

Indeed it was a good watch.

Must say, Mignini/Comodi seem very composed considering how infuriating it must be to see your hard work pissed away by corrupt courts.

Still no formal correction in North America by media outlets.

@Davidmulhern—yes, it must be particularly hard to swallow this given: (a) the brutality of it; (b) the blowtorch media campaign involved; (c) making AK/RS into millionaires.

As for people like Nancy Parker, I would wager that she is (one of many) aliases used by Knox.  Indeed, the comments seem to be cut and pasted.

Posted by Chimera on 03/02/18 at 03:40 AM | #

It gets even more interesting at the end.  Mignini complains that the short form trial taken by Guede allowed AK/RS to game the system, and accuse someone who could not fight back.

In the last minute of the above film, several 5th Chambers quotes are given.

(1) Knox’s presence inside the house is certain

(2) Knox heard Meredith scream, because she was inside the house.

(3) There is no question Knox was inside the house.

(4) Since Knox was at the scene, it is not credible Sollecito wasn’t with her.

(5) Guede did not act alone.

(6) Knox came into contact with Meredith’s blood, and tried to remove it as an obvious trace.

(7) [Referring to 2017 Florence Court] All stories told by Sollecito are lies.  [Cassation then upheld that finding.]

Posted by Chimera on 03/02/18 at 10:08 AM | #

Do please take a look at what True Crimes Podcast has done to get some highlights across. Clever screen-captures there and thoughtful comments below.


Our own “guided tour” with navigation to relevant posts is in the works.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/03/18 at 03:57 PM | #

I like what True Crime have done with this. It could have run to a much bigger piece but they have pulled out some of the salient points.

I had a swift look at some of the other Knox articles True Crime had published, and was struck by the following comment by @tearsformk which sums up Knox’s chosen path rather well I think:

Now the crime itself completely determines her present behavior. Classically … like being pulled by a string.

No one wants to be a “bad guy“, a “monster“ or – not at all – a coward murderer of a beautiful, defenseless young woman.

The best way to escape from that trap is to take on the role of the / a victim. Victims are socially acepted … killers aren’t.

Her innermost cries out loud every day: “Amanda, you’re a killer. Amanda, you’re a monster … Amanda, take care … people possibly can see this.”

She’s not able to stand this brutal reality. Nobody should see this reality. So the only solution is ……  to take on the role as “the victim“.

Playing the victim, talking like a victim, behaving like a victim, constantly claiming to be the victim ….. day by day, night by night …. for the rest of life.

A mentally ill child will die as a mentally ill old lady someday …

Well said indeed @tearsformk whoever you may be.

Posted by davidmulhern on 03/04/18 at 03:14 PM | #
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