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Bizarrely Jubilant And Way Too Exposed Amanda Knox Again Fails Liar-Analysis Tests

Posted by The Machine

Pamela Meyer, a highly respected liar spotter and fraud spotter, explains how she knows if someone is lying. TED Talks applies the telltale signs to Amanda Knox.

This brilliant video needs to be promoted as much as possible on social media websites. Most people can’t be bothered to read the official court reports, but they will watch a fascinating TED talk that last a few minutes.


Telling catch by the Machine. The media addiction and blood-money lust and incessant Italy-trashing are causing an increasing reaction in turn. This one is very suggestive. See other good ones on YouTube.

Psychology defenses and drug defenses were ruled out by the AK and RS parents very early on. They gambled and lost - twice - in the only two courts which were given the full impact of the prosecution’s case (Massei Court 2009 and Nencini court 2012).

Psychologists have for a long time been saying they’d like to see Knox checked out. In 2013 a snarling Curt Knox (who provably had his own issues) shot that down.  As Knox has not yet been on the couch, here is some professional analysis which treads a middle path.

1. By Carol Poole:

Why Don’t Perpetrators Say They’re Sorry? A Psychoanalytic Perspective

2. By SeekingUnderstanding:

The Amanda Knox Trainwreck: How TV And Book Suggest Knox Is Increasingly Far From Facing Reality

The Case For More Observation And Firmer Action As Psychopaths Among Us Do Enormous Harm

3. By Peter Hyatt

Scientific Statement Analysis: Analysis Of Amanda Knox’s Email To Seattle Of 4 November 2007

A More Detailed Analysis Of Knox’s Statement 6 November 2007 Points Even More Strongly Toward Guilt

4. And many more.

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/29/18 at 11:23 PM | #

Definitely a good one, Machine.

Many of Knox’s interviews are available on YouTube.  The ‘‘positive’’ comments refer to her as weird and insensitive, whereas the ‘‘negative’’ ones are along the lines of psycho killer.

Here is another interesting piece, the Hare Psychopathy checklist.  There are 20 items, and each person is assigned a value of 0 (doesn’t apply), a 1 (might, or somewhat applies), and 2 (definitely applies).  Potentially a person could score a 40, although anything at or above a 30 meets the standard for psychopath.

(1) Glibness/Superficial Charm
(2) Grandiose Sense of Self-Worth
(3) Need for Stimulation
(4) Pathological Lying
(5) Conning/Manipulation
(6) Lack of Remorse or Guilt
(7) Shallow Affect
(8) Callous / Lack of Empathy
(9) Parasitic Lifestyle
(10) Poor Behavioral Controls
(11) Promiscuous Sexual Behavior
(12) Early Behavioral Problems
(13) Lack of Realistic, Long-Term Goals
(14) Impulsivity
(15) Irresponsibility
(16) Failure to Accept Responsibility for Own Actions
(17) Many Short-Term Marital Relationships
(18) Juvenile Delinquency
(19) Revocation of Conditional Release
(20) Criminal Versatility


Knox demonstrates all of the 20 traits, though she really isn’t that charming.  Her $10,000 blood money speeches are proof not only of a parasitic lifestyle, but of not accepting responisibility, callousness, lack of remorse, lack of empathy, manipulation/conning and lying.

As for conditional release, I would consider her refusing to attend trials and appeals to be a breach (at least in spirit) of that goodwill.

Posted by Chimera on 03/30/18 at 08:21 AM | #

HI Chimera,

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are psychopaths. They displayed glee in the days that followed Meredith’s murder. They were laughing and joking at the police station whilst Meredith’s devastated friends were crying.

I think it’s very telling that Amanda Knox smiled when she was asked whether she had killed Meredith. Ian Huntley - another sadistic sex killer - also smiled when he spoke about people who are that way inclined i.e. people who abduct and murder children. A body language expert discusses Ian Huntley’s “flash of pleasure”  from 3 minutes and 53 seconds to four minutes and 38 seconds of this video:

Posted by The Machine on 03/30/18 at 10:12 AM | #

In addition to the famous nod of the head in the Knox interview with Diane Sawyer, there was also this exchange:

DS :  “You’re recorded as saying “How could she not [have suffered] … she got her f…… throat slit”

AK :  [nods] “Yup. I was angry. I was pacing … thinking about what Meredith was … [Knox corrects herself immediately] … must have been through.”

DS :  “Sorry about that now?”

AK :  “I wish I could have been more mature about it … yup.”

Not only is this confirmation that Meredith’s friends were honest and accurate in their observations of Knox’s behaviour at the Questura, but it is also revealing in another respect.

What do you think was going on in her mind when she switched from “was” to “must have been through”?

Very probably she was going to say “was going through”. In other words a statement of fact rather than a conjecture. Why a statement of fact if she was not there herself?

However even that might not have been so damaging but for the switch to conjecture. What we see there is an immediate distancing of herself from being there.

One moment she is inside her own memories, the next she is back with the interview.

That was a slip up, and she had instantly clocked it. What that reveals is just how much she was trying to work to the script and keep her inner instinct to tell all under control.

Indulging in memories, even for a spit second, can be dangerous territory for liars. However she does like to indulge them, but on her own terms, which is why all she ever talks about in public now is her experience of prison life and life afterwards - which is intended to milk her audience’s sympathy to the maximum extent.

Posted by James Raper on 03/30/18 at 11:50 AM | #

The abundance of video evidence of Knox lying proves that you don’t have to be an expert in lie detecting to know that Knox murdered Meredith Kercher.
A child can tell she is blatantly lying. (She even said she wasn’t there.) Even the corrupt 5th chamber placed her at the murder. 

She lied by accusing Patrick Lumumba of the murder and watched as he languished in prison for weeks. 

What is it going to take for someone to challenge her on camera again?!  Knox has been given a free pass since March 2015. 

She continues to profit from the murder of Meredith. 

This has to end!

Posted by whatswisdom on 03/30/18 at 05:58 PM | #

The dozen or more other analysts on YouTube that see what Pamela Myers sees are concentrating on body language and voice.

They all identify several lies. Fair enough. But on top of that harmony of conclusions:

(1) For felony lying about Patrick she served three years. And EVERY court confirmed that.

(2) As Chimera has highlighted, there are literally hundreds of contradictions with herself, and with hard facts in Knox’s book, and in court and on TV.

(3) And on top of that again, she and Sollecito differed numerous times. Over the 8 years the case was in court Sollecito never once spoke up to support any of Knox’s alibis.

In fact he seemed to go out of his way to knock them down. His “Honor Bound” book suggested he stuck with her. But he never once fully did.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/30/18 at 06:54 PM | #

Good to see this particular video get an airing on its own so thanks Machine for doing just that. I’ve watched it several times in the last few years and it truly makes my blood boil. I stopped watching Knox videos for a long time for the health of my IPad which was in danger of having my fist propelled through it.

Anyone who watches the myriad Knox videos available on YouTube and cannot see the guilt shining through both in spoken word and gesture is either a family member (and actually, I’m pretty certain that they all know she is as guilty as sin) or they are part of the craven Knoxophile cabal who lack the emotional intelligence to look at anything with their heroine in it objectively. I used to feel sorry for them but now hold them in exactly the same contempt that I hold Knox herself.

Oh how I wish Pamela Meyer herself would subject Knox’s on screen efforts to her own forensic analysis via something like another Ted Talk. It would be wonderful indeed to get something major in the win column for the good guys as it were. If the correct guilty verdict had actually stood, there is no doubt in my mind that Knox videos would have been analysed on mainstream media and everyone would be saying how blindingly obvious her guilt was.

A stupid verdict still cannot change the video evidence (or indeed the physical evidence) which is there for all time for anyone with eyes to see.

Posted by davidmulhern on 03/31/18 at 02:46 AM | #

Knox would never pass a polygraph. As Raper points out, she has an instinct to tell all. What she fights daily is the natural desire for punishment that a guilty person feels. Coupled with a loquacious nature, and her obsession to write everything down, Knox is hard-pressed to override her spontaneous ways. She is also emotionally shallow (thanks, Chimera, for Hare Psychopathy checklist).

The TED talks are sharp. Eyes for Lies and experts of deception can see Knox lights up like a Christmas tree with falsehoods and the liar’s staples

The big grin when asked if she murdered Kercher, the duper’s delight, the head nod of yes when her words say “no”, the long hard stare as she tries not to blink or look away from questioner in a defiant effort to seem forthright, ha!—she’s a basket case of wobbly deception.

Knox’s only coping tool is a pre-planned script, carefully practiced in advance of speech. It’s her only safeguard against spilling the truth, and she’s got her script fairly well memorized by this point. Practice makes perfect.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/31/18 at 09:00 PM | #

Very effective and professional exposure; extremely telling and revealing. 

The speaker said:  “We rehearse our words but not our gestures.”  Truth!

Posted by CBHeidegger on 03/31/18 at 09:04 PM | #

I do wonder how Camp Knox cope with videos such as the lie spotting one around.

Nevermind the books which point at her guilt and of course the memory of the crime itself.

To me that is a prison. I’d rather be in a real prison; at least there would be some kind of relief at the end of the sentence.

Misty Von Kalow is so right, “if you were wise you would stop with all of these lies”.

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Posted by DavidB on 03/31/18 at 09:50 PM | #

It’s no surprise she stopped doing tv interviews about the murder.

Then for some mysterious reason she popped up on Irish TV, desperately trying to ingratiate herself by singing an IRA song (thereby alienating half the population already) on the Ray D’Arcy Show.

Although perfectly polite, we could see D’Arcy was not impressed by her and even asked her straight questions about the murder!  She was thrown when D’Arcy said “If that was me, I’d want to go away and lead a quiet life”.

When he asked her straight out where she was that night, her super-fast answer was just too pat, about being with her boyfriend all evening. I doubt a single person in the Irish republic was fooled.

In fact, there was a young girl earlier on, who had just won a recording contract.  The contrast between her innocence and freshness and real talent and Knox’ deviousness and lack thereof was stark.

Posted by KrissyG on 03/31/18 at 10:27 PM | #

I came across this and it is well worth the watch.  21 minutes long.

Tour de France cyclist and serial fraud Lance Armstrong being caught out.

He does a reversal of Knox: saying yes while he shakes his head no.

Posted by Chimera on 04/01/18 at 08:53 AM | #

Misty Von Kalow packs a powerful punch at lying Knox in Misty’s sorta rap music video, full of truth. The Lance Armstrong lies, his thumbs up gesture to count off “facts” on his fingers with hands to shield himself, his disappearing lips when his limbic system takes over and he fears to speak at all shows how limited liars are.

Armstrong’s stiff, jerky, tense demeanor with aggression barely held in check below the surface is very much like Knox. Both use the same boring old liar’s arsenal of a few well worn defenses. The videos uploaded here are quite educational.

Happy Easter today. Happy Resurrection Day 2018. This morning I was surprised when the pastor mentioned he watches TED talks. He complimented them as master communicators. Best song today about risen Christ: “His name, his name is Victory/all praise will rise to Christ the King”.  Death is not the end.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/01/18 at 06:31 PM | #
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