Disarray And Decay In The Pro-Knox Parade: Bruce Fischer’s Epidemic Of Malicious Claims

The Knox supporters’ leader-of-the-parade spirals up

Back in October 2008, in our first long post ever on Meredith’s case, Skeptical Bystander highlighted the crazed pro-Knox attack sharks that were starting to appear on Candace Dempsey’s blog.

Psychologists warned us that a competitive leader-of-the-parade spiral was wittingly or unwittingly being encouraged by the Curt Knox/David Mariott/Anne Bremner campaign, and that this could be far from the worst we’d see.

Sure enough, late in 2008, Frank Sforza (timidly posting anonymously as “Frank Sfarzo”) did a u-turn on his blog Perugia Shock from nicely supporting Meredith and the prosecution to angrily supporting Amanda Knox and vilifying the prosecution and pro-Meredith sympathizers. (A u-turn for which he now pays dear.)

At a West Seattle Knox fundraiser in January 2009 a really angry Paul Ciolino wowed the crowd with red meat. He attempted to leapfrog all the other pro-Knox hotheads with a vicious personal attack on the prosecution. Ciolino sounded so crazed that even Amanda Knox’s defense lawyers had to distance themselves from him.

Soon after, Doug Preston, long a timid sniper safe on the other side of the Atlantic from Italy, published his angry, error-ridden Monster of Florence with its surreal Afterword on Meredith’s case.

From that point on, slamming the Italian police and police experts and prosecution without any restraint (for which there has been zero parallel in US or UK legal history) became a cowardly passion across the Atlantic which any ill-informed hothead could play. The Italian MP Rocco Girlanda next leaped to the head of the parade with easy access to Knox in prison, and some of his slobberings were so bizarre that even the Knox-Mellases for once thought to check that supporter out.

Fischer attempts to elbow his way to the front

First mention of “Bruce Fisher of New York” on Perugia Murder File was in a comment by myself on 7 March 2010. Even back then, Fischer had a whole handful of basic facts about the case wrong but heeded no advice.

Fischer arrived after the 2009 Massei trial was done, and from that time on he tried to absolutely dominate the pro-Knox parade. His fundamental effort is to muddy the water on the hard evidence and inflame American public against Italy and its cops, court, and ustice officials.

Such inflammatory actions are in fact illegal under Italian law and especially so when very senior justice officials are falsely accused of crimes.

Fischer wrote a joke of a book, the very worst on the case. He has posted endless badly-written posts on his own websites and forums, with no correction when they proved wrong.

He also posted endless badly-written posts on other blogs and group blogs like Technorati (evicted), Gather (evicted) and Ground Report, with no correction when they proved wrong. And he posted dozens of videos on Youtubes with no correction when they proved wrong.

Fischer set out to hijack the Amanda Knox Wikipedia page, which to knowledgeable Italians now looks absolutely bizarre. He recruited a raft-full of confused and uncurious nitwits like Steve Moore, Nigel Scott, Ron Hendry, David Anderson, Saul Kassin, and Michael Wiesner.

All of them are now lesser people than they once were.

Fischer is clearly a clinically deeply angry man (he has in his past little education, a disaster of a career, several bankruptcies, and a house repossession) so not unexpectedly most of Fischer’s prolific output has been in the form of vicious personal rants.

Revealed 18 months ago to be merely Bruce Fischer, a shop assistant in a mall store on the far outskirts of Chicago, with not a single honorable accomplishment to his name, he chilled somewhat. But his personal rants all still remain online, and so does his epidemic of wrong claims.

Lately he has been trying frenetically to shore up the edifice of the seemingly unstable Frank Sforza. Sforza is now on the run from the American law and facing several trials in Italy; Sforza’s own site has fled behind the scenes.

This first post in the series nails 20 of Fischer’s malicious claims intended to inflame public opinion against the police and prosecution which he has long pushed hard on his websites and other websites and forums.

Bruce Fischer on Amanda Knox’s interrogation

On his website under the heading The Illegal Interrogation of Amanda Knox, Bruce Fisher gives what appears to be a very detailed eyewitness account of what happened to Amanda Knox when she was questioned at the police station on 5 November 2007.

The problem is Bruce Fischer wasn’t actually present when Knox was questioned and he doesn’t know what happened. His account is repeatedly contradicted by numerous witnesses who were actually present. These witnesses include Amanda Knox’s interpreter, Anna Donnino, numerous police officers from different units from Perugia and Rome and Amanda Knox.

Malicious Claim 1: Amanda Knox repeatedly told the truth

Bruce Fischer’s claim that Amanda Knox repeatedly told the truth is complete and utter nonsense. Even a simpleton could understand that Amanda Knox’s repeated claims that Diya Lumumba killed Meredith are not true and that it’s not possible for her to be in two different places - Sollecito’s apartment and the cottage on Via della Pergola - at the same time.

Judge Micheli, who presided over Rudy Guede’s fast-track trial and sent Knox and Sollecito to trial, noted that they had given multiple alibis and had lied in attempt to cover for each other.  The mobile phone records, the data recovered from Sollecito’s computer and the corroborative eyewitness testimony provide irrefutable proof that she lied repeatedly.

Judge Massei outlined numerous examples of these lies in his report: she falsely claimed she received a text message from Diya Lumumba when she was at Sollecito’s apartment (322); there are various discrepancies in her statements about the time she and Sollecito ate dinner (78); her claim that she and Sollecito had a peaceful night of continuous and prolonged sleep is contradicted by Sollecito’s activity on his computer, the turning on of his cell phone and the testimony of Marc Quintavalle (85).

Even Amanda Knox’s lawyer, Luciano Ghirga, conceded that she had given conflicting accounts to the police:

All of the lawyers have imposed on Amanda the gravity of her situation, and the gravity of accusing other people. They have all told her that she needs to tell the truth because there have been differences in the statements.

According to Anna Donnino, her interpreter, she denied responding to a text message from Lumumba.

She had denied responding to an SMS message from Mr Lumumba telling her there was no need to come to work because there were few customers, leaving her free for the evening. But she broke down when police said phone records showed that she had done so, Ms Donnino said.

Malicious Claim 2: The interrogation of Amanda Knox was illegal

No court in Italy has ever ruled that any of Amanda Knox’s questioning on 5 and 6 November 2007 was illegal. This explains why Bruce Fischer is unable to support his claim with any reference to a court ruling.

Malicious Claim 3: Amanda Knox was told Diya Lumumba killed Meredith and she did not give Patrick’s name to the police. His name was suggested to her.

According to the corroborative testimony of multiple witnesses, including her interpreter Anna Donnino, Amanda Knox voluntarily and spontaneously accused Patrick Lumumba of murdering Meredith.

After hearing and weighing up the testimony of these witnesses and Amanda Knox, Judge Massei stated that it couldn’t be claimed that “Amanda Knox was persuaded by the investigators to accuse Diya Lumumba aka Patrick, by means of various pressing requests which she could not resist.” (The Massei report, page 388.)

He noted that there had been “no corroboration of the pressing requests which Amanda was seemingly subjected to in order to accuse Diya Lumumba of the crime committed to the detriment of Meredith.” (389).

Judge Massei concluded that Knox had freely accused Diya Lumumba of Meredith’s murder.

Malicious Claim 4: Amanda Knox was slapped on the back of the head.

All the witnesses who were present when Knox was questioned, including her interpreter, testified under oath at the trial that she wasn’t hit. Even Amanda Knox’s lawyer, Luciano Ghirga, distanced himself from these allegations:

There were pressures from the police, but we never said she was hit.

Malicious Claim 5: This abuse went on for hours until Amanda was finally broken.

Leaving aside Fischer’s unsubstantiated claim that Amanda Knox was abused for hours, she was questioned for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes on 5 November 2007. According to Barbie Nadeau Amanda Knox’s questioning started at about 11.00pm:

Since Knox was at the police station, the head of the murder squad decided to ask her a few questions. Her interrogation started at about 11 p.m.

Knox questioning was stopped at 1.45am when she became a suspect and made her first witness statement. She wasn’t actively questioned again that night. Mignini later witnessed another statement but no questions were asked.

Malicious Claim 6: Amanda Knox was suffering from extreme exhaustion with no food or water.

A number of witnesses who were present when Knox was questioned, testified that Knox was given something to eat and drink. Even Amanda Knox admitted this was the case in court.

Ms Napoleoni told the court that while she was at the police station Ms Knox had been ‘treated very well. She was given water, camomile tea and breakfast. She was given cakes from a vending machine and then taken to the canteen at the police station for something to eat.’ (Richard Owen in The Times, 1 March 2009).

Also from Richard Owens in The Times.

Ms Donnino said that Ms Knox had been “comforted” by police, given food and drink, and had at no stage been hit or threatened.

John Follain in his meticulous book Death in Perugia also reports that Knox was given food and drink during her questioning:

During the questioning, detectives repeatedly went to fetch her a snack, water, and hot drinks including camomile tea. (Death in Perugia, Kindle edition, page 134).

Malicious Claim 7: The Italian Supreme Court stated that the interrogation was illegal because Amanda did not have an attorney present.

The Italian Supreme Court has never stated that Amanda Knox’s questioning on 5 November 2007 was illegal. Bruce Fischer eventually admitted this was not true on PMF.net

When it comes to the admissibility of the written statements, you are technically correct. The interrogation itself was never ruled illegal.

However, he still hasn’t corrected this Malicious Claim on his website.

Malicious Claim 8: Sollecito couldn’t support Knox’s alibi because he was sleeping.

Bruce Fisher’s claim that Sollecito was only speaking about when he was sleeping is completely contradicted by Sollecito’s witness statement:

Amanda and I went into town at around 6pm, but I don’t remember what we did. We stayed there until around 8.30 or 9pm.

At 9pm I went home alone and Amanda said that she was going to Le Chic because she wanted to meet some friends. We said goodbye. I went home, I rolled myself a spliff and made some dinner. (Aislinn Simpson, The Daily Telegraph, 7 November 2007).

Police said Raffaele Sollecito had continued to claim he was not present on the evening of the murder. He said: “I went home, smoked a joint, and had dinner, but I don’t remember what I ate. At around eleven my father phoned me on the house phone. I remember Amanda wasn’t back yet. I surfed on the Internet for a couple of hours after my father’s phone call and I stopped only when Amanda came back, about one in the morning I think. (The Times, 7 November 2007).

At the trial, Sollecito refused to corroborate Knox’s alibi that she was at his apartment.

Knox maintains that she spent the night of Nov. 1, 2007, at Sollecito’s house. Sollecito did not take the stand during this trial, and his lawyer told NEWSWEEK that it was, at least in part, because he could not corroborate Knox’s alibi. (Barbie Nadeau, Newsweek).

Malicious Claim 9: Amanda Knox gave in to the interrogators demands by describing an imaginary dream or vision.

Contrary to Bruce Fisher’s claims that Knox described an imaginary dream or vision, Amanda Knox makes no mention of an imaginary dream or vision in her two witness statements. She categorically states that she met Diya Lumumba at Piazza Grimana and that they went to the cottage on Via della Pergola. In her first witness statement, she claims that Lumumba killed Meredith.

Bruce Fischer on the double DNA knife

Malicious Claim 10: No other knives were taken from Raffaele’s apartment.

Fischer makes yet another demonstrably Malicious Claim. He clearly hasn’t read the Massei report in its entirety because Judge Massei discusses a jack-knife that was 18cm long with an 8cm blade at some length and the results of the DNA tests that were carried out on it:

He (Armando Finzi) recalled they found another knife whose total length was 18cm, with an 8cm. blade… (106).

On the jack”‘knife, 4 samples were taken, with negative results where blood-derived substances had been looked for; on the fourth sample, which involved the handle, the genetic profile was found to be of Sollecito plus Knox…

Four samples were taken from the jack-knife and only one yielded a positive genetic result: the sample taken from the belt clip. The trace did not turn out to be blood and it yielded a mixed genetic result: Sollecito plus Knox. To confirm the presence of result the Y profile of Sollecito. (194).

Andrea Vogt reported that another knife was taken into evidence in article for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

A small knife was taken into evidence from Sollecito’s bedroom, along with other items.  (Andrea Vogt, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 28 February 2009).

Malicious Claim 11: The knife was chosen from the drawer because it looked clean.

Fischer is desperately trying to discredit the police investigation by dismissively and falsely claiming that the knife was chosen because it simply looked clean. Armando Finzi was the police officer who bagged the knife. He testified that he thought it was the murder weapon because it was compatible with the wound on Meredith’s neck. Andrea Vogt explained this in the same article:

Armando Finzi, an assistant in the Perugia police department’s organized crimes unit, first discovered the knife in Sollecito’s kitchen drawer. He said the first thing he noticed upon entering the place was a “strong smell of bleach.” He opened the drawer and saw “very shiny and clean” knife lying on top of the silverware tray.

“It was the first knife I saw,” he said. When pressed on cross-examination, said his “investigative intuition” led him to believe it was the murder weapon because it was compatible with the wound as it had been described to him. With gloved hands, he placed the knife in a new police envelope, taped it shut with Scotch tape, then placed it inside a folder, he said. There were smaller and bigger knives in the drawer, but no others were taken into evidence from the kitchen, he said.

(Andrea Vogt, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 28 February 2009).

Malicious Claim 12: No DNA was on the blade.

Bruce Fischer’s bizarre claim that there was no DNA on the blade is contradicted by numerous DNA experts. Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni, Dr. Renato Biondo, the head of the DNA Unit of the Scientific Police, Professor Francesca Torricelli, former Caribinieri General Luciano Garofano and Professor Novelli have all confirmed that Meredith’s DNA was on the blade of the knife.

Even Greg Hampikian and Elizabeth Johnson’s letter confirm that the DNA on the blade of the knife was consistent with Meredith’s DNA. Carla Vecchiotti also acknowledged that there was a complete DNA profile on the knife, but claimed it was unreliable because it should have been tested two or three times.

After categorically stating that there was no DNA on the blade, Fischer goes on to claim that the DNA on the blade came from the laboratory. However, Dr Stefanoni analyzed the traces on the knife six days after last handling Meredith’s DNA. This means that contamination couldn’t have occurred in the laboratory. In court, Carla Vecchiotti accepted that six days was sufficient to avoid contamination.

Malicious Claim 13: No additional testing will ever be available.

Professor Novelli testified that there are a number of laboratories with cutting-edge technology that could have carried out a test on the remaining DNA on the knife. (Galati-Costaglio Appeal, UK Version, page 26).

Malicious Claim 14: No control tests were done

John Follain points out in Death in Perugia that the control tests had been filed with another judge:

The tests had been filed with an earlier test, and Judge Pratillo Hellmann later admitted them as evidence. (Death in Perugia, Kindle Edition, page 409).

Forensic scientists Professor Novelli and Emiliano Giardina specifically who were consultants for the prosecution stated in an article in an Italian newspaper il Fatto Quotiano that the negative control were performed and these tests excluded the possibility that Meredith’s bra clasp was contaminated in the laboratory.

Bruce Fischer on the bra clasp

Malicious Claim 15: They (the Scientific Police officers) pass it (the bra clasp) around with contaminated gloves.

How could Bruce Fischer possibly know that these gloves were contaminated? He is not a forensic scientist. He didn’t quote any DNA tests on the gloves. There is no evidence that these gloves were contaminated and predictably Fischer provides no scientific findings to support his assertion.

Bruce Fischer on the Luminol footprints

Malicious Claim 16: None of the bare footprints detected with luminol tested positive for Meredith’s DNA.

Bruce Fischer gets his facts wrong for the umpteenth time and proves that he’s ignorant of the facts concerning the DNA evidence. The Luminol footprint in the corridor contained Meredith’s DNA. This information is contained in the Massei report:

Amanda (with her feet stained with Meredith’s blood for having been present in her room when she was killed) had gone into Romanelli’s room and into her [own] room leaving traces [which were highlighted] by Luminol, some of which (one in the corridor, the L8, and one, the L2, in Romanelli’s room) were mixed, that is, constituted of a biological trace attributable to [both] Meredith and Amanda”¦ (380).

Malicious Claim 17: “Yet the court concluded Amanda purchased bleach anyway.”

Judge Massei made no such claim. On the contrary, he argued that the fluorescence given off by Luminol was due to the presence of blood, not bleach (284).

To support his argument that bleach had not been used to clean the cottage, he pointed out no-one entering the house had not noticed any smell of bleach (283) and noted that if bleach had been used to clean the house, many traces would have been highlighted by the Luminol (284).

Malicious Claim 18: Quintavalle states that he only saw the side of Amanda’s face.

This claim is completely untrue. Galati pointed out in his appeal that Quintavalle’s own witness statement contradicts this claim:

A further observation on which the CAA bases its assessment of unreliability (thus, of low reliability) appears completely arbitrary, because contradicted by the statements of the witness. Quintavalle would have seen the young woman out of the corner of the eye and never from the front.

From the examination of the statements made by Quintavalle in the first instance trial completely different facts emerge because Quintavalle affirms what was referred to by the Court of Assizes on p. 71, when the young woman was still outside the store (cf. transcripts of the hearing 21 March 2009, p. 72) adding: “this young woman when she came inside, I looked at her to greet her; I mean I saw her at a distance of one metre, 70-80 cm”.  (Galati-Costaglio Appeal, UK Version, page 39).

Malicious Claim 19: “He (Curatolo) said Amanda and Raffaele were chattering from about 9:30 pm to right before midnight on the basketball court near the cottage.”

Antonio Curatolo clarified in court that he didn’t watch Knox and Sollecito the whole time in Piazza on the night of the murder. Barbie Nadeau reported that he saw them on a couple of occasions:

...he (Curatolo) placed Amanda and Raffaele there, testifying that the two stood at the gate and watched the house around 9:30pm and again at around 10:30pm on November 1.  (Barbie Nadeau, Angel Face, Kindle edition, page 116).

Malicious Claim 20: “During closing arguments, after all of his different theories had fallen apart, Mignini told the jury: “There is no motive.”

Mignini never told the jury that “there is no motive”. Barbie Nadeau pointed out that the prosecutors had changed their theory, but only rather slightly:

The prosecution lawyers began their case in January 2009 by arguing that Kercher was killed during a sex game gone awry. When it came time for closing arguments, they had changed the theory slightly, trying to make the case that Knox resented her prissy British roommate and killed her in hatred” A sex attack was still involved.

The Knox supporters’ leader-of-the-parade spirals down

Only 20 Malicious Claims are taken apart above but there are at least several hundred more. When you consider the sheer number of Malicious Claims that Fischer has made and how much these claims differ from the actual hard truths, you cannot trust anything he says.

And yet many of Fischer’s Malicious Claims have been unquestioningly widely accepted as fact, and have been repeated by many in the media. For example, Journalist Nathaniel Rich stated that Sollecito claimed that Knox could not have left his apartment for several hours while he was sleeping. A key Fischer claim.

More of Nathaniel Rich’s paroting of Fischer’s claims is dismembered here.  Steve Moore’s paroting of Fischer’s claims is dismembered here.  Saul Kassin’s paroting of Fischer’s claims is dismembered here.  Michael Wiesner’s parotting of Fischer’s claims is dismembered here. 

The credibility of Bruce Fischer and his disastrous leadership of the Knox parade have been completely shot to pieces. Any journalists who use Bruce Fischer as a source in the future should hang their heads in shame.

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Thank you TM excellent post. After all the lies & miss information + the FS fiasco how any news agency or reporter can use BF or IIP/IA for any factual reporting on this case is a crime in its self.


Posted by Jeffski1 on 02/27/13 at 07:27 PM | #

Thanks Machine for your review of Fischer’s (that’s how he has decided to spell his name of late) false claims. You have limited yourself to only 20 of them, because the list if not in the hundreds is definitely in the many dozens.

His obstinacy in avoiding corrections of his erroneous claims, on one hand, and the knowledge that a lie is a falsehood that is stated while being consciously aware that it is false, makes one wonder at why he consciously states and maintains falsehoods, rarely if ever correcting them.

The questioning into the motives of Fischer’s interest in this case is wide open: Why has he told falsehoods about Prosecutor Mignini? Why has he actively raised money for the Perugian truffles blogger known under at least 3 last names (Sfarzo, Sforca, Sforza) who has falsely accused Mignini of sending rogue policemen to beat him up? Why has Fischer continued to protect and raise money for this blogger weeks and months after he was complained about to the RCMP in Canada, after he was arrested for domestic violence in Hawaii, and after he was arrested for violence and subsequently has not appeared for his court sessions for separate domestic violence charges in Seattle? What does Fischer get out of this? How much money has been donated to the IA sites, directly for the administrative costs that Fischer claims he has? Is the IRS aware of these administrative costs or money transferring done on behalf of the Perugian truffle blogger?

One final question: why do so many members of the group of people who have gathered around to support Amanda Knox all seem to get something out of their support (mostly money)?

Posted by Kermit on 02/27/13 at 08:01 PM | #

Nicely done, Machine!  This is a well deserved takedown of FOA chief liar in residence, Bruce the Fisher.

Bruce was brought into the fold relatively late in the game.  In early 2008 Doug Preston was already drafting his Knox-Migini-MOF fantasy and in early 2009 Bruce was still nowhere to be found when the widely promoted, come one, come all FOA event was held at Salty’s in West Seattle.

Many will recall that the Salty’s event featured Paul Ciolino’s wildly defamatory rant against Mignini and that even the controversial Geraldo Rivera was unwilling to touch it, hitting the “kill” button during his live broadcast.  Even so, future Fischer BFF Steve Shay over at the West Seattle Herald was foolish enough to take the bait and wound up getting his employer in serious trouble for giving justification to Ciolino’s raving mad wild man accusations.

Apparently unwilling to continue paying Ciolino’s high fees, there was a strong FOA need to locate someone gullible enough to take on that role. In early 2010 they found their man - twice bankrupt Bruce “Fishing-For-$$$” Fischer eagerly donned the mantel that no one else dared accept.

Ever since then Bruce has kept very busy repeatedly braying the lies that made his name notorious, and otherwise making a complete fool of himself.  Case in point; his undying financial and brotherly support of the exceptionally cringe worthy Francesco Sforza.

Let’s hope for continued cold winters in Chicago so that The Fisher won’t be laid off from his fur-factory position - because he has made it clear to everyone that he does not have the skills required to create a future in any of the alternative occupations he has attempted so far.

Posted by Fly By Night on 02/27/13 at 08:57 PM | #

Wow..Bruces top 20!!.

Thanks for being thorough and putting it all together in a coherent fashion. Bruce lacks strategy, the ability to see three moves down the board. Being angry and aggressive as well as hyper defensive (and a coward), mean spirited, eyes very close together (snicker) certainly add to his dysfunction.  And he is a lying liar. Any moron can sit at a keyboard and distribute bullshit and punishing judgement… I can see the back of Bruce’s head when I look into his eyes….

My question is why are there so many anti social types surrounding AK?

Posted by Bettina on 02/27/13 at 09:19 PM | #

Having been slandered by Bruce Fischer (then claiming to be “Bruce Fisher of New York City” to hide the rather more mundane reality and lack of bona fides) and having had a couple of successes in having his slander removed from online newsgathering sites (one of which removed him as a contributor), I am delighted to see Fischer’s many, many false claims about this case taken apart.

I was quite disturbed to see, more recently, that he went out of his way to smear and shame the victims of Frank SFORZA’s aggression. It makes sense that he would be anti-victim, given his veiled attacks on Meredith Kercher (via attacks on her family’s legal counsel in Italy, for example), but who would have thought this attitude would extend beyond one case to other victims of assault?

Posted by Skeptical Bystander on 02/27/13 at 09:46 PM | #

Hi Skep,

Bruce Fischer insinuated that Meredith’s friends weren’t truthful when they testified in court and they had been coached:

“One aspect of the character witness testimony is disturbing to me. The testimony that Meredith’s friends provided was almost identical. It sounded as if they were all one person. I cannot make the accusation because I have no proof. But it sure seemed to the the average specatator, that these character witnesses were very well coached.”

He is a loathsome character.

Posted by The Machine on 02/27/13 at 09:58 PM | #

Bruceâ„¢ cannot and will not retract these false claims because, without them, his entire enterprise collapses.  This is also why he has aggressively pursued any members (current or past) who dare question his ongoing support of professional liar Frankâ„¢ “Sfarzo”.

By now, too, Bruceâ„¢ is among those who knows enough about the case—including his own distortions, inaccuracies, and outright lies—to realise that AK and RS are both guilty of murder.

Posted by Stilicho on 02/27/13 at 11:24 PM | #

Just followed the link on Steve Moore’s parroting of claims and re-read SomeAlibi’s analysis (2nd down).

Anyone feeling a bit down and in need of a good laugh should read this. I myself am still laughing. What a plonker Steve is! But at least he’s a laugh a minute and not quite as sinister as Bruce.


Posted by James Raper on 02/28/13 at 01:24 AM | #

It appears to me that the said person lacks professionalism and, as Bettina said above, perhaps one of the several anti-social types surrounding AK.

We are giving him undue importance. However, I am still wondering: what is HIS motive? I mean, HIS REAL MOTIVE?

Follow the money and you will reach the truth!

Posted by chami on 02/28/13 at 04:11 AM | #

There is no match between anti-social people.
Well, that is their only match.

When caught up in a situation with those, you could be killed.

Posted by Helder Licht on 02/28/13 at 11:20 AM | #

An astounding post and well done, Machine.  This is what got me into the case in the first place.  I looked at the translations and the presentation of evidence against the three and though Mignini was feisty, the case against him smelt to high heaven.

Then I started looking at some of the Knox claims courtesy Edda and others and they simply didn’t match the evidence.  Worse, they were coercing people into some USA v Italy thing.

Then we came to Bruce Fischer and others and it was all rhetoric, short on facts.  These things in themselves don’t make Knox guilty or innocent but it’s significant the type of people in that camp - compare it to the people commenting here and at PMF for the prosecution case.

The worst aspect is that they will NOT do their homework, they’re not interested, the loud Knox supporters.  If their facts were halfway right, then OK, maybe but they’re so wide of the mark.

A few of them tried to tie me up at my place with a multitude of questions which went nowhere - courtesy Peter and the Machine, there were answers for every question.

Then I became proactive and reviewed everything written in the various reports [Massei etc.].  When you take the totality, not leaving out any little inconvenient bits, there is no doubt of a reasonable nature whatever.

Yet just as in politics, the truth is kept from the people and only the lies get to be distributed in prime time.

Posted by James Higham on 02/28/13 at 12:59 PM | #

This is an excellent post. Well-reasoned and well-written, and any sane person reading it can see how absurd the claims are. But sanity and reason have never been very popular with the camp, have they? Case in point - some of these stupid claims are refuted by Sollecito himself in his book (for instance, he admits that AK’s lies worried them, he says that he was up many times in the night working on his computer etc). Yet, idiots like Fischer insist on them. It is almost like “you don’t know what you were doing but I somehow do”.

Posted by Sara on 02/28/13 at 09:09 PM | #

1) It has been much noted on PMF that Fischer is a major abuser of women.

Skeptical Bystander and Bettina who both posted above each experienced Fischer’s sick madness. So did the very diligent Italy-based reporters Andrea Vogt and Barbie Nadeau.

2) It is noted by Sara above that even Raffaele Sollecito in his book contradicts Bruce Fischer.

That can seem pretty funny if you realise that Sollecito himself also made many dozens of false claims.

Sara and James Raper who also posted above were the main identifiers of false claims (not yet complete) in Sollecito’s book. See here:


3) if you are becoming addicted to the Machine nailing false claims, read all of his past false-claim posts here where he nails so far maybe 200.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/28/13 at 11:22 PM | #

Chami..this conversation about bruce and Frank is important because there are deeper sins to be uncovered.

Thanks for being around. B

Posted by Bettina on 02/28/13 at 11:52 PM | #


If you want to read slanted journalism, just read this article.  I don’t understand why everyone likes to state ‘a local drifter’ about Rudy Guede, who in fact was a resident of the city of Perugia for many years, went to school there, lived in an apartment there, was adopted (but then rejected) by a rich family there!

It’s all so biased and just re-quoting other stories she read. 

The problem is that there are no articles written in American newspapers which contradict these statements.

Posted by believing on 03/01/13 at 04:24 PM | #


I am too much aware that there are “deeper sins” that are present, deep underneath. Look at the confidence these sick people have! In their hearts (if they have that organ) they know the truth but continue to defend the indefensible!

These people have very successfully spread misinformation and confusion all over the internet and a casual stranger will probably accept these misinformation as the gospel truth. And that it their only objective.

As you are already aware, university professors, judges, politicians and intelligence agencies (I mean the so called former FBI agent) have taken sides. I am using plural as a generic- but this is a very dangerous trend. There are perhaps more who are still behind the curtain pulling the strings. Can anything be more scary?

The universe is all a spin-off of the Big Bang.

Posted by chami on 03/01/13 at 04:49 PM | #

Thanks Machine for gathering up this list of lies.  What a great start 😊. 

We’ve all watched for too long as Bruce Fischer became the button man at Injustice in Perugia, one of his first tasks being to secretly distribute in a hidden forum, lie-ridden, “copy and paste” pre-written comments for his groupies to place under all media articles.

Now, he’s moved on to approving domestic violence and extortion.

What a winner for Amanda Knox. 

Again, thanks for the terrific expose, and I hope there will be more to come…


Posted by Tara on 03/01/13 at 11:09 PM | #

Thanks Machine, I had to laugh at the description of Frank as “seemingly unstable”. I’d say that’s an understatement.

One comment regarding the cell tower where Knox received Lumumba’s text: It’s well known that Massei is confusing on this point. The tower “Via dell’Aquila 5-Torre dell’Acquedotto sector 3” is variously described as being compatible and incompatible with Sollecito’s house. Adding to the confusion, Massei sometimes lists Sollecito’s address as Corso Garibaldi 110 (which is correct) and other times as Corso Garibaldi 30. More information is needed before we can draw any conclusions as to Knox’s whereabouts at the time she received the text.

Posted by brmull on 03/02/13 at 04:00 AM | #

Hi brmull,

Carlo Pacelli also seemed to think that the mobile phone data showed Amanda Knox wasn’t at Sollecito’s apartment:

CP: “It seems from cell pings that you were out of the house when you answered, in the center. Where were you?”

Posted by The Machine on 03/02/13 at 01:11 PM | #

I’m so grateful The Machine is still on the Bruce-monster’s case in such fine style.

It’s very disturbing to witness people lying and promoting those lies with such enormous effort and malice. I thought I’d seen some outrageously bad behaviour, but taking the PR dime to tell John Kercher to STFU?

The FU snapshot from the Vashon Island party [on PMF] says it all, really. The finger photo and the IA/IIP “private” threads prove the futility of their repulsive cause.

The picture of the FOA giving the finger to Meredith, the truth and justice would make such a nice book cover, don’t you think? Reminds me of the Manson family.

Posted by bucketoftea on 03/03/13 at 03:00 PM | #

Various emails and several posts on PMF say that Fischer’s site disappeared for quite a while.

He then posted claiming to have “accidentally” deleted some files.

I find that explanation highly improbable. Are there signs he was cleaning up “mistakes” in light of the Machine’s highlighting of this first sample above? For sure we aint done with him yet.

He also has Italian officialdom to worry about, as its well known in Italian legal circles that an increasing number of complaints is being filed in Florence against Sollecito’s book. Simon & Schuster and Gumbel as well as Sollecito are all being investigated for contempt of court as RS and Ak are still in an ongoing court process.


Fischer is far from immune as his accusations way exceed even Sollecito’s.

“Bruce Fisher” the name was first posted on PMF by the Machine on 7 March 2010 as he mentions.


Just before that were these posts by h9A7wa9i1K and Skeptical Bystander which still amuse the hell out of me. We didnt then know his/her name or even what sex he/she was.


By Skeptical Bystander

Guilters, haters, what next? Birthers?

Whoever the author is, he or she is fairly scant on detail when it comes to indicating what lies are being spread by these people. I’m afraid it isn’t enough to name Harry Rag, out him as a guilter and then imply that therefore everything he posts is a lie. Would that it were so simple! My deduction is that our author is impassioned but lazy, and doesn’t want to bother dealing with the substantive evidentiary questions. So now the cartwheels are a lie? I can’t keep up with this.

Does this invalidate the trial testimony? Are we supposed to ignore what went on in the courtroom and the body of evidence used to convict because this author has decreed them to be lies? From what perch of authority? He or she can’t seem to decide if the guilters are part of an organized campaign or just a group of friends that seams (sic) to want to use this case as a way to socialize. I wonder if our author, from his or her perch of authority, could ask Chris Mellas whatever happened to the policeman who made AK do cartwheels. Did he disappear along with the cartwheels? And what about the policewoman who hit AK, the one she could not identify in court?

Pretty percipient for three years ago.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/03/13 at 06:02 PM | #

May his sole rust in peace.

Posted by chami on 03/03/13 at 09:03 PM | #

Peter, my impression was that he did accidentally delete some important files, since he was trying to recover them via that support forum.  However, this probably happened during a botched clean-up operation following Machine’s comprehensive post. The rope is tightening, with the new lawsuits and the looming Supreme Court deadline, and it’s possible that the campaign will not or cannot pay legal expenses for private suits.

I’d be amused if after all these years of defending Amanda’s innocence, FOA members will be left to pick up the pieces on their own.

Posted by Vivianna on 03/04/13 at 04:59 PM | #

Hi Vivianna.

Or its the “dog ate my homework” feint to remove embarrassing stuff from a site while not rattling the troops.

Looks like that to me. Either way, I agree, it looks like the dummy is finally waking up.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/04/13 at 08:35 PM | #
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