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Interview Part 2 With Kelsey Kay About Her Sad Experience With Serial Exploiter Sollecito

Posted by Ergon

1. Overview Of These Two Posts

Part One of the interview with Kelsey Kay can be read here.

She is the young American woman Raffaele Sollecito attempted to marry in 2013 in an effort to gain American citizenship.

As reported in Radar Online and thereafter other newspapers around the world Sollecito first suggested to Amanda Knox that they should get married.

“‘Raffaele told me that when he had been in Seattle in March, his lawyers and Amanda’s lawyers had a meeting where he had proposed the idea of the two of them marrying,” she told RadarOnline.

“˜It would’ve been natural to the public that the two of them got married. Raffaele proposed the idea to Amanda and her lawyers so that he could obtain citizenship in the United States and stay’.

This was shot down by Amanda, which caused him to look elsewhere and how he selected Kelsey Kay. As already reported, he pushed a bit too hard and that made her question his motives.

Having already been in a destructive relationship she realized he was using her and broke off the “engagement” even though he already had announced it to his family.

This was when he approached other women, including Veronica Drake in Australia, and moved to the Dominican Republic to look it over and explore the chances of opening a business there.

He had already planned to move away from Italy, moving his assets first to Switzerland then to another offshore account. It appears he knew even before the 2013 Supreme Court hearing that the Hellmann decision would be annulled.

What is especially interesting is that he went to visit Meredith Kercher’s grave near London just prior to that ruling, against the express wishes of her family. Did his guilty conscience drive him there?

As we come to the end of this long and contentious process we all need to remind ourselves why we got involved in this fight for justice for Meredith Kercher. So many reasons, so many stories that swept us all up in it. This is just one of them.

2. Part Two Of The Interview

E: The Sollecitos are blaming his co-writer Andrew Gumbel and Knox’s American friends for the defamatory content in his book. Gumbel says he’s only the ghost writer putting together what he was told. What do you know about him and Gumbel, and was part of the content provided by the Moores, Bruce Fischer’s group, or Frank Sfarzo?

KK: “I don’t know any of the details regarding how his book was composed besides that he received a lot of help with it. Despite all the American exposure he has had since 2007 his English is still pretty broken at times. He asked me how to word things he was trying to express while he was here so there had to be a great deal of help with the book. That’s all I know on that. I’m sorry.”

E: He has hinted in recent interviews that Amanda Knox went out alone that night, in effect withdrawing her alibi. What did he say to you, and what do you think he means when he says “she (Knox) has things to explain”?

KK: “At the time I met Raffaele his relationship was just beginning to sour with Amanda. He was being strongly advised to cut ties with her but he hadn’t convinced himself this was the right move yet. He did NOT mention her leaving that night without him. He did however mention footprints to my friend Shelly and I over Skype. He said something along the lines of they’ve found new evidence with the footprints.

He gave the impression that it would be damning for both him and Amanda. He was very bothered on that day by whatever it was they found and this was before it was broken to the media. He didn’t elaborate. Just said that the prosecution was trying to twist the evidence with the footprints in a way that wasn’t accurate. He was fidgety and nervous during the Skype call.”

E: He wrote in Honor Bound that his lawyer Luca Maori had a meeting with prosecutor Giuliano Mignini to discuss a possible plea bargain, which is illegal under Italian law. What can you tell us about that? And did he make any other allegations about prosecutor Mignini?

KK: “He told me that many times he was offered to be let out or have his sentence lessened if he would throw Amanda under the bus. He actually seemed to think himself quite the hero for not doing so. Ironic how now that he is faced with the gravity of the current situation he has distanced himself. He always has two personalities. The personal puppy dog like Raffaele his PR wants you to see and the Raffaele that operates out of fear and selfishness with no regard for how his actions will affect others. I really don’t have much to offer in the way of Mignini that isn’t already known to the public. His family is convinced he is a mad man and a criminal himself.”

E: As you know, Raffaele Sollecito’s appeal will be heard March 25, 2015. Do you have anything to say to him?

KK: “I’ll save my breath for someone worth my while”.

E: You’ve indicated you moved on. What have you learned from this episode of your life, and is there anything else you would like to say?

KK: “What I’ve learned… I could really go into extensive detail here. I’ll try to cut it down.

1. I am a mother first, foremost, and primarily. No one and nothing comes in between that. I would never do anything so stupid again. I have more to consider than myself.

2. Looks can be deceiving. I thought Raffaele was a victim. It turns out he was really just a pretentious jerk and a mass manipulator. I’ve spent more time getting to know people on a more personal level since.

3. I have learned more about the empowerment of women. I really enjoyed getting to know Veronica, another one of Raffaele’s victims. We confided in one another quite a bit. I have never met someone quite as self-deprecating as her. She was so unaware of her beauty and how wonderful she truly is. I hope she’s past that. She’s an amazing woman. Raffaele doesn’t deserve to leave a mark on her confidence.

The only thing left to say is the most important thing of all. I want justice for Meredith Kercher. The true victim in all of this. She’s the one who really matters. The rest of us are just footnotes in a tragic story that needs to come to a close. I wish her family peace and the truth. That’s all.”

E: Thank you.


Thank you Ergon

Colin Sutherland should mark Kelsey Kay’s words as he will almost certainly come to feel the same way about Knox: 

“Looks can be deceiving. I thought Raffaele was a victim. It turns out he was really just a pretentious jerk and a mass manipulator”.

This kind of report could be taken from any number of people who have run foul of sociopaths and at once neatly incorporates three traits from the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (reproduced before on TJMK, see here for example

*glib and superficial charm
*grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
*cunning and manipulativeness

Posted by Odysseus on 02/19/15 at 03:49 PM | #

My first impression is that either KK is maybe naive OR our great hero RS is a professional master manipulator.

But anyway, the greatest is the meeting of AK and RS. They are just made for each other and a match made in the heavens.

And the final impression is that KK has been really lucky!

Posted by chami on 02/19/15 at 03:57 PM | #

The reference to the Skype chat and RS being nervous over new footprint evidence that could go badly for him is both intriguing and puzzling.

There has been no additional footprint evidence since the 2009 trial of which I am aware. Sollecito was in prison and surely was not having Skype chats with KK then.

This makes me think that his defence team may have had another expert look at the evidence, particularly with regard to the bathmat print,  and perhaps his conclusion was not quite as outlandish as that of Professor Vinci. Vinci, we may recall, thought that there was a probability match with Guede’s foot.

Yummi, for our entertainment, demolished that probability with one of the best posts on this board.

If that’s the case then the moral would be that you don’t always get what you pay for.

Kelsey, in her interview with Ergon, shows all the attributes of a confident, measured and sensible young lady with no inclination for sensationalism. I wish her all the best.

Posted by James Raper on 02/19/15 at 05:24 PM | #

Hi, Chami, both AK and RS are manipulators; we know that. When amplified by the media, how many people fall for it? The key is for those able to step away from the hype and even, rarely, change their minds. Kudos to Kelsey for doing so, on her own I might add, and it is thanks to the likes of her and Bettina that we know so much more about the case.

Posted by Ergon on 02/19/15 at 06:02 PM | #

Hi, James, it was a rumour during the Nencini hearing. RS is fearful and paranoid. Nothing beyond what’s in the Motivations Report. Luminol traces match, I believe.

Posted by Ergon on 02/19/15 at 06:27 PM | #

@Ergon - pronoun confusion:

” I really don’t have much to offer in the way of Mignini that isn’t already known to the public. His (Sollecito’s ?) family is convinced he (Mignini? or Sollecito?) is a mad man and a criminal himself (Mignini? or Sollecito?).”

Posted by Cardiol MD on 02/19/15 at 06:49 PM | #

Could RS’s Skype nervousness be re his Right-Side Hammer toe ?

Posted by Cardiol MD on 02/19/15 at 06:52 PM | #

Hi Cardiol. Interview published without editing. But this is Sollecito family opinion of Mignini. They (and Frank Sfarzo) are the source of all malign rumours about Mignini. The FOA, including Douglas Preston only repeated what they were told by the Italian side. Our sources tell us that Mario Spezi and Frank Sfarzo know each other.

Since Kelsey says she doesn’t know it is only speculation what he was upset about, but the hammer toe was brought up again here and on PMF. Maybe RS and his family read us and thought it was going to be brought up again at the Appeals? 😊

Posted by Ergon on 02/19/15 at 07:13 PM | #

Interesting question. Would some dates help?

Yummi’s encyclopaedic post on the footprint was dated 16 April 2014.

He includes the comparison chart by SomeAlbi posted here on 8 April 2013 and a week or two earlier on PMF dot Org.

Or as James said, it could have been an analysis by another expert.

Vinci had trouble with his Robbins grid and was out 3 cm. According to Massei:

This led the technical consultant to consider the print only 215mm long (which it is not),

and consequently to judge that it came from a foot of that length, a good 3cm less than the

foot of the accused, with a shoe size between 36 and 37.

Way back before trial Kermit spotlighted another case of “mis-measurement” of the print photoshopped by Fischer & co.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/19/15 at 09:49 PM | #

Thank you, Kelsey (& Ergon), the fact that Sollecito is still fidgety about whatever the prosecutors may be uncovering is very telling, this is not the demeanor of an innocent person. The wait is almost over, we will find out soon enough what the final verdict is.

Posted by Bjorn on 02/19/15 at 10:44 PM | #

Thank you…I agree totally with Kelsey’s remark about Meredith being the one who really matters.
Good job Kelsey (and Ergon). Cheers

Posted by Tina on 02/20/15 at 02:26 AM | #

Selene has posted her article about Raffaele Sollecito on her website:

Posted by The Machine on 02/20/15 at 04:42 PM | #

While fumbling around I came across a petition which is part of ‘’ There are literally hundreds and hundreds of petitions ongoing concerning everything you can think of from puppy mills to voting rights, food safety labels, to anything you might want or you can think of. anyway I came across this one called

“Amanda Knox and Raphael Sollecito were framed for the murder of Meredith Kercher Investigate Italian corruption.”

Having more than a passing interest in this I read the charges of which there is a long list.
The first thing you notice it that every lie, opinion and false assumption is repeated piece-meal, and it became obvious that this one appeal amongst hundreds and hundreds of others has about as much chance as a snowball in the Sahara Desert. More than that it also became obvious that everyone of the signatures (looks like about a few hundred maybe more) all really believe in Knox innocence. They have swallowed the entire thing in which every one of the hundreds of pieces of evidence is said to be a lie and a conspiracy and made up. It asks for Mignini to be investigated plus all the Perugia police department including all the judges and the crime scene techs ad nausium. the autopsy is a lie the forensics are a lie. Anyway you get the picture.

This is no obviously set up to fail that I wonder what the real motive behind it is. The people who made this up must know it’s all hogwash because they are preaching to choir once more. My belief is that it’s just more publicity to get the uninformed riled up. The people who post are for the most part just juveniles who will believe anything they are told by such self serving crooks as Bruce Fischer/Steve&Michelle; etc:
These people will stoop to anything to sell their stock in trade that being just another book or just another Web Site. Steve Moore better watch out since he should take a leaf out of Brian Williams book and try the truth for a change. You can always tell when you hit a nerve with these people since they come back with all kinds of threats. Just like Curt Knox, Michelle Moore, or Chris Mellas tried with Kelsey Kay.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 02/21/15 at 12:46 AM | #

Thanks, Grahame, maybe we should introduce a petition on aimed at changing the way people introduce petitions on ...

Change for the sake of change is a dangerous thing, bound to attract a bunch of lowlifes with nothing better to do than casting a vote, as in what the hell, maybe something comes out of it—insult to a system arrived at by wiser people is inevitable.

There’s one thing worse than teeing off a minority screaming injustice, and that’s teeing off the majority as in rocking the boat too hard—when that happens, hold on to your butt, ‘cause revolution’s coming, or counterrevolution, depends on how you look at it.

You don’t like it in Italy, don’t go there, and if you go, don’t try to change the entire country to suit your moronic ways, and especially, try not to kill people you don’t like - I say this especially for Knox & Guede, who are “revolutionary” foreigners, Guede with his horrid toilet habits, Knox with her dildo; as an Italian, Sollecito should have known better not to get mixed up with these characters.

Posted by Bjorn on 02/21/15 at 01:41 AM | #

Brrrr. May all the TJMK supporters dealing with extreme cold, snow, ice and Manhattan one degree weather survive this 2015 Snowmageddon. Spring is coming.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/21/15 at 07:58 PM | #

The BBC’s Duncan Kennedy is a great journalist and his tweet is definitely worth retweeting:

“Er, not my views, guv @kenned10 There are no valid legal grounds for the U.S. Department of State to refuse to extradite Amanda Knox”

Posted by The Machine on 02/21/15 at 09:55 PM | #

Knox has cleaned up at least one lie in her blog.  Previously, she said that Cassation annulled all previous verdicts and ordered a new trial.  It now reads as such:

‘’ In March 2013 the Italian Court of Cassation ordered a new review of the case and in January 2014 the new appeals court reinstated the guilty verdicts despite no introduction of any new incriminating evidence. Amanda and Raffaele continue to profess their innocence and are appealing again to Italy’s Court of Cassation in March 2015.’‘

However, she neglects to explain that the new appeals court (in Florence), met to hear HER OWN appeal.  She also lies - there was additional evidence, another test on the knife.  So, it isn’t much better.

Also, there were some ‘‘congradulations’’ remarks regarding her engagement.  They seem to have been taken down.

And the link to Marriott Gogerty has been taken down as well.  Maybe it is for the best.  But Marriott’s ‘‘showcase’’ is still active.

Posted by Chimera on 02/22/15 at 03:25 AM | #

Can someone decipher this blurb from “The Free Rudy Guede Action Committee” on Amanda Knox’s blog?

“Despite your apparent belief the break-in was staged, I am still inclined to believe that it was re-entry – your return at 23:00 having interrupted negotiations with Kokomani and Lombardi regards moving the body. If only for the glass shard that got lodged in Khiri’s sole (although that would be possible with a staging also). A North African was observed rushing into a laudromat to wash Nike’s, which Raffaele (presumably under the instruction of that egotistical fathead Francesco Sollecito, as he was in prison and clueless) was to write in his prison diary was you and Juve (my, my what a tangled web of backstabbing intrigue).”

Someone removed all the engagement congratulations but allowed this attack on Raffaele Sollecito’s father? Hmm.

Posted by Ergon on 02/22/15 at 04:50 AM | #

I have huge respect for Kelsey.

Posted by thundering on 02/22/15 at 06:34 AM | #

As expected, the minions of Amanda Knox went ballistic over the Kelsey Kay interviews:

The ‘orrible Bruce Fischer complained to Digital Journal about Selene Nelson’s article, then crowed “Digital Journal did not view Ergon as a credible source.”

Ahem. Someone should remind El Bruce that it was an interview with an original source, and what that means? Digital Journal, which has no problem publishing Brucie’s articles quoting “Luca Cheli” and secondary sources first published in Ground Report 😊 stands revealed as a strictly amateur effort all the way.

Especially since Kelsey Kaypernick herself confirmed she’d granted me the interview and that I’d quoted her accurately.

More sour grapes from Fischer and his ilk followed:

Re: Amanda Knox Case Public Discussion Forum 2-8-2011

Post by MichaelB » Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:18 am

“Ergon is a dangerous predator. He grooms these women. First was the volcano lady in Hawaii who’s been stalking the guy who wrote the blog about the case (what’s his name?), then the love struck female fan in Australia and now the psycho girl who met Raffaele for 2 days in 2013 and thinks she’s famous.”

Sorry, “Michael Charles Becker”. Aside from the fact you and your group should be the last people to ever call someone a “dangerous predator” the reason for your hate on is I listened to these women who were abused by Francesco Sforza, Raffaele Sollecito, Bruce Fischer and co. and gave them a voice on these sites.

27 days left to the hearing in Cassazione.

Posted by Ergon on 02/26/15 at 04:53 AM | #
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