Monday, March 02, 2015

Laments: Short Scripts With Inspiration From The Usual Suspects

Posted by Grahame Rhodes

1. Lament At A Dimly Lit Table

Amanda: “I’m worried, Michael, just because I have sex with my dealer Frederico Martini they can use it to convictorize me and then I will be transported back.”

Michael slightly drunk…..“No worries Amanda. You don’t know the law and I do (hic) Did you bring the money by the way plus another bottle of wine? and anyway, what do you mean by convictorize?”

Amanda: .....“Well I don’t know. Bruce said I would be exterior-ronerated or something but I’ve never heard of that position. I wonder if that includes being tied up? He also said when he phoned me in the middle of the night that I would have to be evacuated. That does sound exciting too, I’ve never done that one either. Of course this was after he apologized for knocking me up so late.”

Michael: .....“Listen Amanda, the law in any case is made up of facts. I’m a judge and i’m in control of all the facts, hand me the bottle….........(he takes a long swig)

Amanda: .... But they will send me to jail….... Here give the bottle back.

Michael: .... “Of course you will be extradited, but consider what this will mean Amanda. You will be famous and your family will be very wealthy including the Moores and the Fischers not to mention all the TV promotions and the commercials that tell what kind of soap you use in Capanne. Do you still wash by the way?........Here! (He takes another long swig) Did you bring another bottle?”

Amanda: .....“But I’ll be in jail!!”

Michael:.... Ah yes but think of how wonderful your life will be in Capanne and how much money you will make for everyone including me. There will be books written about you. There will even be a reality TV series. Have you ever heard of Joan of Ark?

Amanda: ..... Oh yes she’s a hooker that lives two floors below me.

Michael:.... Now that would be the crowning glory to your life. The hooker with the heart of gold. HEY!!! Put down that knife.”

2. Lament Of The Invisible Security Guard

Steve sat behind his desk watching his phone in the hope it would ring. It was cramped in his office which was a converted broom closet and he always had to climb over the two packing cases that passed for his desk

He covered his ears in a vain attempt to block out the screaming. Yes! His wife was trying to sing again. Finally the noise stopped and so he poured himself a water glass full of gin and took another pill.

He looked at all the photos on the wall of which he was very proud, after all they had taken a lot of his time and effort to produce. There was the one with his arms around Dick Chaney and George W, or the other photo of him and Marilyn Monroe which he had signed “To Steve with all my love Marilyn”

The photo over the door though was his pride and joy which was the picture of him being awarded the star of bravery by Queen Elizabeth. Ah thank God for photoshop. He stared at the phone again willing it to ring, willing it to be Amanda so he could save her from the evil Mignini and his Chinese Pirates. He was obsessed with crime and with Amanda as well.

Also he had told anybody who would listen that he knew the real identity of Jack the Ripper. It was that rancid milk deliveryman who called on his wife every day whenever he was out.

That thought reminded him to get rid of all the frozen yogurt and multitude diary products the deliveryman always left behind. It had puzzled him as well because his wife was on a lactose free diet.

The phone still did not ring so he looked at his prize possession which was a photoshopped picture of himself on the rear deck of the presidential limo consoling Jackie Kennedy after the assassination.

Next to it the photo of him shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. Ah so much history. He took another pill and washed it down with gin. Suddenly the thought striking him, he picked up the phone and started dialing the British Secret Service because of his true identity, that of James Bond Moore secret agent, only he couldn’t remember the number so he put the phone back and waited again for Amanda to contact him but she never did.

Worst of all his wife had started screaming again. Not only that but he was out of pills. Douglas?

3. Lament Of A The Invisible Ex-Judge

The retired Judge’s mind was in a turmoil encased in a quandary which had was been once owned by Ringo Star.

Could it be?

He was faced with a dilemma made out of brown paper and string.

Was it possible that he had been wrong?

The ugly prospect of Amanda’s guilt stared him in the face.

He stared back trying to decide if a coat of paint would improve it but to no avail since the avail had dandruff. His mind was tossed on the horns of a dilemma that had been given to him by the famous KKK Grand Dragon David Duke.

Could he have been wrong he asked himself for the upseenth time?

He wished that he was still a judge on the bench in Camp Courageous.

People were scared of him then because he ruled his court with an iron fist, then with a wooden foot, then with a piece of string. Bailiffs were scared of his tongue lashings which he kept in a box in his desk.

He had even written a white paper on it and submitted it the judges weekly news but it had been rejected. Undeterred he had resubmitted it as a brown paper then finally an all leather one with an index made of string part three.

He emitted a long sigh, actually it was several short ones but the space between them was so short you couldnʼt tell the difference. He shook his head releasing a large colony of dust mites. Screaming they fell to the ground.

There was no avoiding it. He decided, since he had surrounded himself with questions made out of modeling clay, questions which had only one answer. It was obvious that Knox was guilty as charged.

He shook his head once more and asked a passing stranger if he had any money for a cup of coffee. With nothing else to do he sat there in the slough of despond and the rain wondering what the nemesis Mignini who had never heard of him was doing.

4. Lament Of An Invisible Store Salesman

Bruce Fischer was obsessed with Amanda Knox and considered her to be a fur—-fatale. He was furious for being unable to fur—-millierize himself with her fur—-brile ways and her fur—-natic need to fur—-mulate her actions.

He coughed up another fur—-ball and fur—-rowed his brow thinking about the fur—ar that Knox had caused. He thought about his fur—fathers and fur—bished himself with another drink.

How could she have been so fur—-brained as to fur—-nicate with all those fur—eners in particular the drug dealer Fur—-nando Martini when he himself “International fur—-rier to the Stars” was available.

For this he was fur—-ious at her having wasted her fur—tiellity when he could have done it for her. But if she comes around, he thought, then I will fur—-give her.

So…....... In a fur—-y and with a fur—lourish he unfur—-led the flag while looking fur—tive . The flag which fur—-ther fur—-nished the message which had caused the fur to fly.

Guilty as charged.

5. Lament Of A Daddy Wishing there Were More

Curt felt a twinge of conscious just below his left knee but ignored it and poured himself a glass of single malt Scotch and lit a cigar.

He lamented only that the gravy train was puffing slower these days.

Still, he had been very clever having separated so much money from his daughter Amanda’s fortune, or in this case misfortune. He livened up..

It had been such a busy time and once more, he was amazed at how easy it had been to put all the liberated money in his secret Cayman Island account.

Thank God for the stupidity of others such as the unsuspecting Chris who unwittingly had become the equivalent of his stooge. Gabby Hayes to his Roy Rodgers or Costello to Abbot or Stan Laurel to his Oliver Hardy.

He was amazed too that Edda had been fooled so easily considering his lifelong track record of never paying for anything without a fight.

He thought about the future and did an impression of Monty Burns on the Simpsons by saying, “Excellent. ” It was indeed wonderful since he knew Amanda would be extradited thereby guaranteeing all the extra money he would make from TV interviews, commercials or even a reality show.

As for his daughter, he could care less since for so many years she had been a drain on his finances plus an embarrassment.

Now of course she was a gold mine and with any luck he could keep this going for years. Ah yes! The future looked bright indeed. Now, if only I could find some more idiots such as Bruce and Steve who, thankfully, always did what his lunatic ex-wife told him to do.

He smiled once more. A smile that was just the same as his convicted daughters. A smile identical to those who have a dark secret. He laughed out loud and poured himself another drink and relit his cigar.


People may think that it is a parody.

So often the reel life is so similar to real life.

Posted by chami on 03/02/15 at 07:10 AM | #

Grahame, it was lovely to read.  Thank you.

I think that satire/parodies are just truth, minus the censors.

For a morbidly amusing chuckle, check out this little piece from our newly engaged Seattlite.  Surely, Patrick could write an even zestier follow up to that (if he could stomach it).

Not sure if it is meant to be serious, or just ironic.  In any event, a satire of it is on the way. Stay tuned.

Posted by Chimera on 03/02/15 at 08:35 AM | #

Alone and disrespected, Grahame’s common theme (Grahame knows a lot about communities and teams), and actually not so far ahead financially at the end of the day. In reality probably not at all - to their surprise.

To give her her due Knox did not pick any of her team. They picked her. There are clear signs in her book and the diary excerpts published in Italy that she felt bullied by both Curt and Chris.

She attended the Vashon hatefest (which Curt mysteriously did not) but seems to have kept people like the lusty Moore and Fischer and Sforza mainly at arms length. A surprise in fact, her first year out of Capanne, how solitary she herself became.

As Hopeful and SeekingUnderstanding and many others have remarked, she was well supported in Capanne and leading a busy group life, which might have allowed her to stay on in forgiving Italy at the end of her term.

Broad economic growth and development require large processes to put new systems in place and this requires many, usually thousands, to move to the middle and get along

Then there are the obstinate few who want it to be “all about me me me” who always get edged to the side. Despite present trends in US movies and TV, hyper individualism is not how the world moves forward.

If there is one thing I would like to make free to advance our common plight, it would be to make some foreign travel free for everyone. On the UN’s tab I’ve been to over 1/2 the countries in the world and frankly, none are so different from us. I liked them all. Italy is really nice.

But its got way too expensive with incomes on a plateau for most people to simply go see, and meet, and while the internet can open a lot of eyes we have seen how it is also a magnet for the ill-adjusted with primeval rage.

They didnt take down the Italian system though, a foolish and unworthy goal at best. Meredith was thinking of heading for development management (in Brussels) and her spirit rises above all of this.

In sharp contrast I can foresee no career of consequence at all for Knox. If I was hiring she would not be high on my list. In the world going forward we really need plenty of the very opposite of her.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/02/15 at 02:25 PM | #

Thanks Grahame!

Posted by all4justice on 03/02/15 at 07:55 PM | #

You’ve pegged ‘em, Grahame Rhodes.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/03/15 at 04:22 AM | #

Great script, Grahame 😊 The fetishists may not realize it, but there’s an avalanche of mainstream satire waiting to be unleashed once she’s convicted (not to forget that Saturday Night Live and Bill Maher have already skewered her).

Posted by Ergon on 03/03/15 at 03:38 PM | #

I have noticed and lamented continuously concerning the lack of education among the Knoxoholics. For example they have no clue (and refuse to except) the difference between a trial and an appeal. They consider these to be the same hence the ‘Double Jeopardy’ tag. They refuse to even consider that it was Knox and Sollecito who posted, and lost, their appeals in the first place. March 25th therefore should be just a confirmation of everything that has gone before.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/03/15 at 07:45 PM | #

Just to bring you up to speed regarding the infamous petition supposedly.going to the state department and the Ministero Della Guitzia which asks that they publish the enquiry requested by Rocco Girlanda (Remember him? )

As of today they have 3’562 signatures so far. They need 50’000 for it to even get past the first secretary. Or In other words they need a further 46’438. Fat chance. The reading of the charges is a vast joke because they accuse the Italian Judicary of suppressing, manipulating, and destroying evidence. Plus they accuse them of torturing Knox and Sollecito. Read it it’s a hoot.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/04/15 at 08:15 AM | #

I do not like conjecture Grahme.  Reality will play out for Knox and Sollecito very soon. Justice for Meredith.

Posted by zinnia on 03/04/15 at 11:52 AM | #

Hi Zinnia

You are quite right, we would be foolish to assume that conviction and deportation are in the bag. Signatures on the Knox petition may be well under critical mass but after 25 March that could change.

On the plus side we do have a lot to share including the huge body of translations by the PMF team now on the Wiki (see our left column for link) and a number of other things media are eager to know which will be shared by email and chats face to face.

Plus we will open some startling new pages on TJMK in including a full overview of all the false claims in the Knox and Sollecito books.

Tips are invaluable at this point. The Knox PR effort has been reigned back but for the Bruce Fischers and Karen Pruitts and Steve Moores it is still full-speed ahead.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/04/15 at 04:02 PM | #

Hi Grahame

I dont quite follow you on the petition. Could we have the link?

Rocco Girlanda and several other MPs craven to Berlusconi wrote to then-President Napolitano petitioning him in his role as head of the justice system to look into police and prosecutors in Perugia.

But that is not the full story at all.

Berlusconi and Girlanda had other agendas, such as leaning on the justice system any way they could to take heat off the PM, and also Perugia was investigating several scandals involving the Berlusconi party on behalf of Rome.

President Napolitano did not even respond to Girlanda and his group, let alone say no. There is no investigation and report. That went nowhere at all. Plus Girlanda got himself in the soup with his wife and with some shady allies in Gubbio. 

And increasingly throughout 2011 much of Italy realised that it was the Hellmann appeal and the C&V consultancy that had been bent. If there was going to be any investigation and report it should be of those first.

There are many other things (like Knox and her drug dealer, and her interrogation claims) that Italy can share quietly with the US.

Plus of course there are all these other trials moving forward, with more expected to come. The investigation into the false claims in Knox’s book is ongoing now.

What the Knoxes and Mellases and Marriotts and their paid vigilantes dont seem to realise is that ONE LIE in such a campaign can raise huge distrust and stop all support dead in its tracks.

How many are there now? X thousand, at a guess?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/04/15 at 04:18 PM | #

OK… If you type in ‘Amanda Knox Petition’ it’s all there. Excuse my positive reaction but upon reading this petition you will see what I mean. The entire thing is nonsense with accusations so outside the pail that (and as I wrote before) it would seem to me to be designed to fail. It’s only purpose IMO is to rile up those who have already been taken in. So once again please excuse my optimism

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 03/04/15 at 08:16 PM | #

3 weeks to go…prayers for clarity, justice, and truth.

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 03/04/15 at 10:12 PM | #

Hi Grahame. Okay we’ll see what we can say about it. As usual occupy the middle ground and force them to extremes.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/04/15 at 11:00 PM | #

@SeekingUnderstanding, I couldn’t agree more.

Posted by Hopeful on 03/05/15 at 12:17 AM | #

How did I miss this? lol

Posted by Tina on 04/03/15 at 05:55 AM | #
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