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In The Seattle Media The Anne Bremner Case Continues To Reverberate

Posted by Peter Quennell

Maybe Anne Bremner should have quit talking while ahead. This thing continues to bounce around like a billiard ball.

1) Tim Haeck of Kiro Radio set out the terms of the sentence.

The 52-year-old attorney will do jail time and get five years probation but she keeps her driver’s license because she’s agreed to use an interlock device on her ignition. She’s required to blow into the device and the car will not start if she’s intoxicated.

Longtime DUI attorney Doug Cowan says Bremner’s sentence is normal for a first time offender. “That is the mandatory minimum sentence, the judge doesn’t have any discretion but to impose at least what was imposed in Bremner’s case. That’s what is typically given whether it’s after a trial or a person pleads guilty,” says Cowan…

Cowan says Bremner’s sentence is typical. She got a $5,000 fine, with all but $1,100 suspended. She’s on five years probation. She’ll attend an alcohol education class and listen to a panel of drunk driving victims.

2) In this radio interview first linked to by commenter Cath, which seemed to demonstrate a lot less class than her court statement, Anne Bremner seems to play down her alcohol level in favor of her bipolar disorder, and suggests that “in a perfect storm” the traffic officer may have wrongly reacted to a claimed very small alcohol intake.

3) Today Friday in a Seattle Times report by Sara Jean Green the King County cop presents a picture of someone who was severely alcohol-impaired when arrested rather than someone suffering a bipolar attack.

High-profile Seattle attorney Anne Bremner was belligerent during her arrest for drunken driving in June, calling the King County sheriff’s deputy a “Nazi” and the “creepiest cop” she’d ever met, according to a heavily redacted copy of the deputy’s report Bremner released Friday.

Deputy Brandon Moen wrote that he could smell an “overwhelmingly strong odor of intoxicants” coming from Bremner’s breath. As she was being driven to the King County Jail, Bremner, 52, threatened to sue Moen and called him a liar, the report says.

She began “hitting her head” on the plastic partition between the front and back seats in the police cruiser, apparently upset the deputy “wasn’t responding to her comments,” Moen wrote….

4) And also in Sara Jean Green’s report posted today, Anne Bremner and/or her legal team seem to be strongly backing down from a promised full release of the video and documents which the Seattle Times, Seattle PI, and two Seattle TV stations had requested the county courts to release - and presumably now could sue for. 

At the time of her guilty plea, her attorney Bill Bowman said Bremner would withdraw her legal challenge that sought to keep the documents from being released, and said records would be available by Friday.

But as of 4:30 p.m. Friday, Bremner’s case docket showed nothing had been filed with the state Court of Appeals to lift the stay that was keeping the records out of the public eye, according to King County sheriff’s spokesman, Sgt. John Urquhart.

Instead, Bremner sent The Seattle Times a redacted version of the deputy’s report, partial video footage and audio files of two 911 calls she had made before her arrest. Her name and other information was blacked out throughout the report.

If the stay had been lifted, the Sheriff’s Office was prepared to release at least three reports from different officers, an officer’s handwritten notes, a report from an investigator who examined Bremner’s car, at least two e-mails, police radio transmissions, Bremner’s 911 calls, a 911 call placed by another driver who observed her vehicle, and video footage from several areas in the Kenmore police precinct, Urquhart said.

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By Storm Roberts (Innai)

I think you are right, she should have quit whilst she was ahead.  A lot of people, myself included, were prepared to give her credit for taking responsibility for her actions and pleading guilty. However, the radio interview did her no favours and made her look as bad as ever, and if the legal papers which will allow the Sheriff’s Office to release the arrest documentation aren’t filed first thing Monday morning I suspect (and hope) the Seattle media will rightly ask why not.

Thank you for keeping us up to date, Peter.

Posted by Nolongeramember on 09/04/10 at 04:17 PM | #


Could Anne be showing us things to come?

If Anne is symbol of FOA and Amanda Knox, maybe her wildly changing stories about her DUI, merely foreshadow and prefigure some upcoming self-destruction from Amanda in Rocco’s book. Loose lips sink ships.

Rocco’s book may be as deadly to AK’s cause as her own “gift” of handwritten lies to Perugian police.

Anne Bremner said too much, Innai is right.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/04/10 at 04:53 PM | #

It appears that Anne Bremner received quite the sweetheart of a deal.

Where I live, given Bremner’s state of intoxication at the time,  as witnessed by the police and the other 911 caller and her lengthy past driver’s record, she would have received an automatic 1 year license suspension and most likely a much longer jail sentence.

Anne Bremner’s DUI scandal typically exemplifies the corrupt tactics used by the those who continue to support the innocence of convicted killer Amanda Knox.

The actions employed by both Anne Bremner and King County Judge Michael Heavey give the perception that justice is being eroded in the courts of Washington State.

Posted by True North on 09/04/10 at 05:01 PM | #

Barbie Nadeau makes a very interesting observation regarding Bremner in the light of new revelations by Steve Moore:


Knox’s supporters say they have not solicited Moore’s innocence endorsement, nor are they paying him to be the new front man for the positive publicity effort. But [it] comes as a curious coincidence that Knox’s former spokeswoman, Anne Bremner, has suddenly taken a backseat in their campaign since she pled guilty to a DUI charge last week.

Bremner is a popular criminal defense attorney who, as head of the Friends of Amanda support group, had been the face of the pro-Knox campaign since just a few months after her arrest. Her extensive legal background added weight to the Knox-as-victim party line. Moore, equally credible as an ex-FBI investigator, may simply be her de facto replacement on the media circuit.

Posted by cath on 09/04/10 at 11:49 PM | #

It just goes to show really.
Anne Bremner says “the creapiest cop”.
What she is giving out here is the same bile she has been giving out since her “Challenge” regarding the Meredith Kercher case.

Does she have any concept of how the victims family may be feeling?

Fellini forensics Anne?

Go home, it’s over.

Posted by Black Dog on 09/05/10 at 12:59 AM | #

Hi cath,

Steve Moore’s story wasn’t taken seriously at all in Italy and just a few of the Italian media reported about his absurd claims that Amanda Knox is innocent and evidence was planted.

In fact, one Italian media wrote sarcastically about Moore. It compared him to the fictitious movie character, James Bond and that Steve Moore’s claims, like the 007 films are based entirely on fiction!

It also cleverly noted that Moore’s ABC television appearance conveniently falls on the heels of recent media reports about plans for a movie to be made about Meredith Kercher’s murder.

Just like all the other Friends of Amanda attention seekers, any future television appearances by Steve Moore, will most likely be found under this fall’s misinformation channel tv listings.

Posted by True North on 09/05/10 at 05:34 AM | #

By Storm Roberts (Innai)

Barbie Nadeau may well be right that, since her arrest, Anne Bremner has taken a backseat with regards to her foa commitments and Steve Moore has stepped up to fill the gap.  If he truly had something to offer, it would have meant a change of tune, however from what I can see it is the same old same old just coming from a different talking head and a slightly different angle (no longer lawyer, now investigator angle).

I still just can’t get my head around why the vast majority of the foa types’ attacks are based on attacking the way evidence was collected (but it was fine to collect evidence re: RG), and my particular head swim moment is when people claim “it would never have gotten past a grand jury here in the US”...the inability to grasp that the Italian Civil Code is very different to US or UK Common Law just leaves me very confused. As for suggestions that evidence was planted, that is so very far out from the realms of reallity it is unbelievable that anyone would even consider saying it.

The Italian judicial system has treated Knox just as they would have treated anyone else, all of this hasn’t changed a thing - the diligent report by Judge Massei shows just how careful proceedings have been, and I am confident the appeals will continue to proceed in a similar fashion.

Posted by Nolongeramember on 09/05/10 at 09:53 AM | #

Apparently Anne is having difficulty putting the eggs back into their shells.  She ought to put on her “big girl” britches, honestly and fully own up and then shut up.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 09/06/10 at 04:31 PM | #

True North, thank you for your comment regarding Italians’ opinion of Steve Moore. No surprise here.
I’ve just finished reading ABC’s Interview With Former FBI Agent Defending Knox Has Repercussions in Italy. Walter Biscotti’s response to Moore’s accusations is worth reading.

Posted by cath on 09/06/10 at 10:58 PM | #

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