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The Anne Bremner Case: Seattle Media Obtain Arrest Documents And A Video

Posted by Peter Quennell

This silent CCTV footage, released today, shows Anne Bremner being encouraged by King County police in the general direction of a breathalyser test.

Last Friday we posted on the plea and the sentence, but could not post most of the arrest document including quotes from Anne Bremner as it was heavily redacted by Bremner’s lawyers.

This redacting incensed the Seattle media as (1) otherwise she seemed to get off pretty lightly - she didn’t even lose her driver’s license - and (2) she started to deny that alcohol was the main source of her problems on the night of her arrest almost immediately after being sentenced. 

Now thankfully un-redacted again, the arrest records were released today, and in a good report Levi Pulkkinen of the Seattle PI posted almost all of what was actually said. Some excerpts:

On the night of her arrest for drunken driving, prominent Seattle attorney Anne Bremner told the sheriff’s deputy who arrested her June 4 that she was the “attorney for Seattle police,” that she was “famous,” and that this “will be bad for you guys,” according to a copy of the officer’s report.

“I represent Seattle police, you can’t arrest me,” Bremner told one of the officers who assisted with the investigation. “You can’t arrest me. I represent Seattle and King County, you are making a mistake.”...

In reports released Tuesday, a King County sheriff’s detective contradicts the findings of a defense investigator used to bolster Bremner’s previous claim, since abandoned, that she was the victim of a hit-and-run crash.

The sheriff’s detective concluded that damage to the tires and undercarriage of Bremner’s BMW were “consistent with a raised curb impact.” Dents to the right side and rear of the car could, the detective continued, were likely caused by the car striking stationary objects at low speed.

According to the copy of arresting officer Deputy Brandon Moen’s report, Bremner was stopped shortly after midnight on June 4 after the officer saw her BMW driving on a flat tire at slow speeds in the 8300 block of Northeast Bothell Way in Kenmore. The deputy noted that her eyes were watery and bloodshot, she slurred when she spoke and that he could smell the “overwhelmingly strong odor of intoxicants on her breath.”

She told the officer she was coming from a dinner party but could “provide no information on how the tire got flat,” according to the report. According to statements filed with the court, the party was attended by lawyers and judges.

The deputy asked if she knew where she was and she “just stared blankly.” When he asked a second time, she replied: “I’m not going to play games,” according to the report.

When he asked how much she had had to drink, she said “not much,” and that she just had wine with dinner. She told the deputy she called 9-1-1 for help with her tires but was ignored, according to the report….

The records provided Tuesday include two 9-1-1 calls to Seattle police from Bremner about her flat tire. In the calls, she is unable to tell the dispatcher what street she is on. In one call, what sounds like her tire slapping the road can be heard.

Through GPS, the 9-1-1 calls were traced to an area near Fairview Avenue East and Lakeview Bouelvard along Lake Union. About 40 minutes later, a citizen called 9-1-1 to report seeing a car driving on a flat tire on Lake City Way Northeast at Northeast 145th Street, according to an officer’s report. Fifteen minutes later, Bremner was stopped about three miles away….

Nowhere in either recording does Bremner report a hit-and-run crash or request medical assistance. Instead, the dispatcher provided her during both calls with the number for the American Automobile Association, a roadside assistance service….

After the deputy arrested Bremner, she was handcuffed and placed into his patrol car. When she was taken to the police station, Bremner at first said she couldn’t decide whether she wanted to take the Breathalyzer test. She then said she would make the decision on “her time,” according to the deputy’s report.

“I instructed Bremner how to provide breath samples,” the deputy stated. “However, Bremner blew into the tube for only a few seconds and then stopped.”

He said he told her again that she would need to blow for about 10 to 15 seconds. She again blew into the tube, but “not even coming close to satisfying the machine’s duration requirement.”

The deputy reported she appeared to be trying to stall the process, and during another attempt at administering the test, the deputy heard a “sucking-type sound,” like she was sucking on the tube or sticking her tongue into the mouthpiece, according to his report.

“It was clear at this point that after multiple attempts to get Bremner to provide breath samples, that she was not putting forth effort and was therefore effectively refusing the test,” according to the deputy’s report.

The deputy reported that Bremner called him a Nazi and the “creepiest officer” she’d ever met. She also threatened “I will sue your ass” and “it’ll be bad for you guys,” according to the report.

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Wow - just when you think the clan can’t sink any lower, they seem to hit a new low. Pathetic or poetic justice?

Posted by giustizia on 09/08/10 at 06:51 AM | #

Anne Bremner’s DUI arrest video reminds me of that old saying, ” you know you’re having a bad day when….......”

Well it’s evident that for Anne Bremner, Amanda Knox, the Knox’s and Mellas’s clans and the rest of Friends of Amanda Knox, those bad days will just keep arriving.

The translated Massei Sentencing Report has been made available for everyone to read in the US, Anne Bremner’s DUI scandal continues to dominate the Seattle headlines, Rocco Girlanda’s book TAKE ME WITH YOU - TALKS WITH AMANDA KNOX IN PRISON will be released October 17th in which Amanda Knox most likely spilled her beans and Rudy Guede’s last appeal trial is scheduled for December 16th, when he’ll probably fess up and further incriminate Knox and Sollecito.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget the Italian prosecution’s pending appeal against Knox and Sollecito for a life sentence, Amanda Knox’s upcoming slander trial for the false accusations she made against the Italian police AND the pending slander trial against Amanda Knox’s parents.

AND King County Judge Michael Heavey awaits his Washington State Commission judicial disciplinary hearing for lobbying on behalf of Amanda Knox through the use of his office.

So the long range forecast does not look very promising for Amanda Knox, the Knox’s and Mellas’s clans and the Friends of Amanda Knox.

When it rains it certainly does pour!

Posted by True North on 09/08/10 at 07:21 AM | #

Anne Bremner is a disgrace to the legal profession.  She should be disbarred for trying to obstruct the law —- especially as the law is what put a roof over her head and food on her table.  To drive while half in the wrapper is a stupid thing, and though against the law, somewhat forgiveable, as we all know that people make errors in judgement, but to have gone to such lengths to conceal her breaking of the law, and to have been so nasty….. well, she ought to be toast.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 09/08/10 at 01:43 PM | #

How is it, she didn’t even have her license suspended?

Posted by John on 09/08/10 at 07:50 PM | #

By Storm Roberts (Innai)

@ John,

I understand she agreed to have a device fitted to her car - some kind of breathalyser device she has to use before she can start the car and if she’s intoxicated her car won’t start.

I know that doesn’t answer your question, but….

Posted by Nolongeramember on 09/08/10 at 08:39 PM | #

@John, also, when you choose to do jail time, you may also keep your license (btdt). Problem is, they’re treating this like a first offense.

I don’t know how she makes so much money and can’t even call a cab….especially if you’re on meds that should not be used while drinking!

Bet we find out that’s a lie also.

Posted by tigger34 on 09/08/10 at 09:25 PM | #

If I were in Amanda Knox’s shoes I wouldn’t want ANY of the people that are on her team to be on mine. It almost makes it understandable how she turned out like she did, as those that defend her, in law or in print, all seem to be phonies, more akin to trailer trash than upstanding citizens.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 09/09/10 at 01:39 PM | #

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