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Innocence Project: Seven Years Clutching Knox And Trashing Italian Justice To Joy Of Mafias #6

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Right: Ryan Ferguson, a REAL exoneree, to present at IP Kansas City fundraiser

1. Innocence Project Dishonesties Posts #1 To #6

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2.  Click for Post:  #2 Hampikian Illegally & Incompetently Interfered On DNA

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2. To REAL Exonerees: Knox Falsely Claims She Is One Of You

At this week’s gala the Midwest Innocence Project is seriously misleading its sponsors and real exonerees about Amanda Knox.

Amazing that Tricia Bushnell and her Midwest staff are having Knox present yet more dangerous anti-Italy trashing in the keynote speech.  For starters, Knox is not even an exoneree! That was NOT her final status.

And there’s more. We previously explained how Knox is walking free when she should not be, and how the Innocence Project and the mafias illegally interfered in the judicial process.

And how the Innocence Project has been ferociously touting Knox with zero serious questioning for seven years now.

3. What Knox Will Seek To Convince You

If Knox is true to form, she will attempt to convince you that she is one of you, for two reasons, both of them untrue: (1) that her four years in prison should not have been; and (2) that her conditions in prison were at least as nasty as yours were.

Out of a possible 200-plus reports here that go toward disproving these claims, we are linking below to 25 of the most telling.

4. Knox’s Four Year In Prison? Fully Justified

Knox’s four years in Capanne Prison outside Perugia (for which tellingly she is not suing for compensation) consisted of:

(1) a year in 2007-08 during which she was repeatedly given chances to convince courts, up to and including the Supreme Court, in the face of ever-mounting evidence described in previous posts, that she should make bail or house arrest or be released entirely. She failed at all of them (oh, she didn’t tell you?)

(2) a three-year sentence for spontaneously and without provocation framing an innocent man for murder; the Supreme Court has ruled that her appeals are all exhausted, the European Court of Human Rights will therefore not touch it, and so Knox is a convicted felon for life (oh, she didnt tell you?).

5. Knox’s Nasty Experiences In Prison? All Mythical

1. First, note conditions in American prisons.

We have posted most recently on the extraordinary fact that an estimated 200,000-plus are there only because they were frightened into a plea-bargain. (Despite the hullaballoo, those released with Innocence Project help are only a small fraction of one percent of that.

1. Click for Post:  Why Italy Doesnt Look For Foreign Guidance On Its Justice System.

2. Click for Post:  The Vital Context Of A Genuine, Huge US Justice Problem.

3. Click for Post: More On A Genuine, Huge Justice Problem In The US

4. Click for Post:  Yet More On A Genuine US Justice Problem.

2. Now note the contrast of Italian prisons.

The prisons Knox and IP maliciously trash include some of the most modern and humane in the world - Knox even had a bathroom, kitchen and TV in her cell, she was able to wander around the prison pretty freely, and she was given a job and attended concerts.

5. Click for Post: A Famous Black Widow Confirms Italian Prisons Are Pretty Nice

6. Click for Post: NY Times Describes How Italy Leads The World In Rehabilitation

7. Click for Post:  With Not Many Prisons Italy Decides To Build More

8. Click for Post:  “Human Rights Watch” Gives An Approving Nod To Italy

9. Click for Post: Italy’s Advanced, Effective System Adopted By City Of New York

3.  Knox had numerous ways to complain

Knox had direct access to the media, and Sollecito actually ran a blog from prison. She could write letters and make phone calls. Her family visited her at least weekly when they were in Perugia. Her lawyers visited her at least weekly.

Also an Italian MP, Rocco Girlanda, made several dozen visits to “monitor her conditions”. And an American Embassy staffer checked upon her conditions every month and reported them to the State Department.

What actually happened? Knox reported NO complaints. Nor did her parents. Nor her lawyers. Nor the Italian MP. Nor the US Rome Embassy staffers. Italian lawyers under law MUST pass on complaints of ill-treatment from clients, so the fact that they didn’t is very telling.

10. Click for Post:  State Department Monitored Knox 2007-11; Reported Fine

4. The HIV complaint? A defense trick

Knox was checked out medically on arrival in prison. An HIV test returned a false positive. She was told not to worry as this is not uncommon, and a second test was negative. There was nothing malicious about this and neither prosecution nor prison staff leaked to media.

11. Click for Post:  Felony Charge Of HIV Leak Was From Knox Defense-Team.

5. Knox herself did raise eyebrows in prison

Media were essentially benign while Knox was inside and she used them often to seek support. They actually showed her having good times. But staff and cellmates saw a darker aspect suggesting all was not well. Her hygiene issues came up again. She was under incessant pressure from Sollecito, who never confirmed any of her alibis in court. 

12. Click for Post:  Much-Admired Feminist On Knox As Ice-Cold In Capanne.

13. Click for Post: The Hands Of Time Video With Screenplay By Amanda Knox.

14. Click for Post: The Milestone Book By Dr Hodges On Knox’s Driving Psychology.

6. Knox’s 2013 book explodes with surprise charges

Knox’s book was published after the Nencini appeal court confirmed her guilt. Desperation was setting in. It was her first blast against Italy for her prison term and it sure conned a lot of Americans. As Knox finds it harder and harder to maintain the interrogation hoax and the false-confession hoax, she falls back on the nasty-prison hoax more and more despite strong proof she was treated well.

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19. Click for Post: Knox’s Smear-All Revenge Book #11

Plus many shown to be stabbed in the back by Knox in the demonization series were in Capanne.

7. Italy reacts to Knox’s malicious claims negatively

The book was withdrawn at the last moment from publication in Italian in Italy in 2013. Why? Because the publishers’ lawyers considered it highly defamatory. Italian reactions are to the English language version and to long excerpts in the weekly Oggi (see part 8 below).

20. Click for Post:  In Italy Knox’s Malicious Demonizations Spark Anger

21. Click for Post:  Book Claims About Prison Contradicted By Many Sources

22. Click for Post:  Good Reporters Surface Amanda Knox’s False Claims In Droves

23. Click for Post:  Callous Attacker Who Smirked At Trial Turns Into A Whiny Victim

8. Oggi lost in court for republishing Knox claims

The Italian weekly tabloid has a kind of a pro-mafia anti-justice slant and delights in showing justice officials up. It was the only publication in Italy to translate lurid passages from Knox’s book and it lost in court for this. The passages are rebutted in the second post.

24. Click for Post: (1) The Knox Article Oggi Is Now Charged For 1

25. Click for Post:  (2) The Oggi Article: Our Claim By Claim Rebuttal

26. Click for Post: Diffamazione Complaint Against False Claims In Oggi Article

6. And Knox’s Biggest Hoax Of Real Exonerees?

Fake exoneree Knox is not out of the woods on this matter. Recently Sollecito faced charges in a Florence court for defamations in his book - and he lost. The Statute of Limitations on the myriad defamations in Knox’s book has several years to run still.

27. Click for Post:  Sollecito Loses Supreme Court Appeal On $0.55M Damages Claim

7. Afterthought

Knox may have gained backing from a foolish IP but at a high price and a great risk for both. Many despise her, especially those dozens she has defamed. She would be given no peace if she visited Italy. She has lost all prospect of any reversal via the ECHR “appeal” and all prospect of any compensation for “false” imprisonment. And the black mafia cloud over her grows larger. Thanks not least to Sollecito’s dead uncle.

For those still in the process of clicking through, this is the Breaking News box that sat at the top for the past several days.

8 Breaking News Box Of Past Few Days

Breaking news. There seems deliberate intent to make Thursday night IP fundraiser in Kansas City with Amanda Knox all but invisible to the press. This might explain that. Quick reads: (1) On why Knox was rightly in prison and was not exonerated. (2) On Knox’s real experiences in prison, by witnesses and Knox herself. (3) And much more.


Tip for the audience and the media at the Kansas City gala. Try putting these questions to Amanda Knox.

1. Did the mafias really play the main role in you walking free?

2. Why are you not seeking damages from Italy for false imprisonment?

3. Will you be charged for the demonizations in your book?


Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/25/18 at 01:02 PM | #

Sollecito appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court for an award for his imprisonment.

He was left empty-handed. He had lied to the cops too much.

There does not even seem to be talk of Knox making her own try for an award. (Tip: ask her why.)

Here is the video and press release on the award to Ryan Ferguson, a real exoneree, whose photo is at the top.

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“https://www.youtube.com/embed/cueu-O0RDyo?ecver=1” frameborder=“0” allow=“autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Click for a larger image.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/25/18 at 02:27 PM | #

Italians supporting Knox were few and far between after her televised stint on the stand at trial. (Who demonized Knox? Knox herself at trial. Media was much more restrained.)

MP Rocco Girlanda really did go the extra mile for her - and so he lost his seat in the parliament and was booted out by his wife.


Like so many other Knox supporters (think Hampikian, think Heavey, think Sforza) there is something pathetic about him.


To their credit the Knox-Mellases frogmarched several of these supporters away (Sforza, Moore, Fischer).

Its a pity that the Innocence Project’s manic Hampikian was not treated the same way. He brought Knox into the IP.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/25/18 at 03:05 PM | #

Knox’s own mother contradicts her on the experiences in Capanne. This was when Knox had been inside for two years.


They [the family] insist that she has tried to draw positives from her time inside, rather than wasting energy getting angry and resentful about the fate that has befallen her.

So it is we are told that she has whiled away the time by helping teach other inmates English and yoga and by learning to cook, to do needle-point and to play the classical guitar.

‘She’s made it a time to learn, to learn about herself and the friends she has and the way the world works,’ says her mother. ‘She realises it’s not about her any more, she truly sees herself as one of the lucky ones in there.

‘She sees women in there who have no support, or good lawyers, or even family, they have nothing.’

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/25/18 at 05:23 PM | #

In our psychology group of posts there are some that consider the effect of Knox being in Capanne and the kind of person she might become.

Instead of the lie-machine we see today whose main source of income comes from trashing Italy, a Knox vastly more useful to humanity might have been what emerged when her time was done.

Stilicho did several posts here and many more on the original PMF. He posted this.

Knox can’t even be honest about her time in prison. She was not in prison because she was wrongly convicted for murder but because of the calunnia she committed against Patrick and as a precaution against her fleeing the country or killing someone else before her trial was completed. She sang and danced and was frequently visited by politicians and other dignitaries. By all accounts, it was the most productive time in her life.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/26/18 at 01:56 AM | #

I should think most genuine exonerees are like the little sparrow surprised to discover an over-sized egg in its nest and then finds itself being conned into feeding a big fat cuckoo, along with its own young.  It knows something is not quite right.

Knox is the cuckoo’s egg.

Posted by KrissyG on 04/26/18 at 02:57 AM | #

If I knew nothing about this case but someone told me about it and that 10 years after the murder she was still getting away with doing speeches/lying and not getting even one good question posed to her I wouldn’t believe it at all.

Yet today she will be at it again.  Unbelievable.

Amanda, “what did you for an hour while you were in the cottage apart from showering and noticing all that bloood?”

Posted by DavidB on 04/26/18 at 11:15 AM | #

Hi KrissyG and DavidB

While it is not our mission to expose all about IP or to reform US justice, merely to break the Knox link and crash her movement, take a look at Jeff Blackburn here.


It’s all about the bling…. Bling still being acquired by Knox and the IP and many Knox supporters and too many arms of the media and reporters and lawyers and PR agents is enormous.

Some bling of course is coming from gulllble do-gooders at IP galas.

Quite a supertanker for our little vessel to go eyeball to eyeball against, though my sense is, we have them blinking - with the help of Sollecito’s dead uncle.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/26/18 at 01:07 PM | #

We are among the most pro-justice (not pro-guilt: pro-justice) and pro-fairness websites anywhere, and we typically blame poor systems rather than bad people for failures.

Posts 2 to 4 above drew attention to the US’s wave of plea-bargaining under threat of higher punishment, a system surely no country could be proud of.

There has been some lamenting over this by Barry Scheck in interviews, but we see zero further lobbying. No bling in that direction? It really appears so.

Consider this loop which in Post 2 KrissyG first went up against:

(1 Ryan Ferguson (see above) won $11 million for hiding of evidence and just such hardline tactics. Such huge awards have been frequent for real exonerees and their lawyers.

(2) Who pays? Always we the taxpayers. Not the prosecutors. Under a 1963 decision of the Supreme Court they are immune from prosecution.


(3) This lack of any risk of official pushback (a) promotes the hardline plea-bargaining and (b) makes the exonerating & bling-making process much easier.

(4) Everybody emerges happy - except for the taxpayers.

No wonder on plea-bargaining Barry Scheck and his bling machine seem to pull their punches.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/26/18 at 04:20 PM | #


Wow. Are the monkeys running the zoo at the Innocence Project’s Kansas City offices?

At the time of our top post Ryan Ferguson did seem like a real exoneree. Chances of the IP inviting TWO fake exonerees to be keynote speakers seemed one in X billion.

But it turns out Ferguson was maybe not actually exonerated. Just like Knox. His sentence was vacated, for lack of sufficient evidence. Sound familiar?

He does seem to have on his side PROVABLE prosecution misconduct, such as hiding from his legal team changes in witness statements.

The $11 million award was maybe the jury’s attempt to punish somebody (which has ended up being we the taxpayers).

But the guy that Ferguson was with that night, both pretty drunk, is still serving his sentence, and in theory it seems Ferguson could be retried based on new evidence.

Just like Knox again.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/26/18 at 07:22 PM | #

Thanks for that article about Jeff Blackburn. Nice to know some people still want to do the right thing.

Posted by DavidB on 04/26/18 at 10:18 PM | #

Hi DavidB

Yes Jeff Blackburn’s stand was really admirable and it may have slowed some of the IPs bling-obsessed tendencies.

It may also be telling that he is an academic: he is on the faculty of a law school.

Meaning he has an assured income, and he is also exposed to standards such as peer review. So he has some security and some respite from endless bling-chasing.

Lawyers who are also academics seem to be typically more in Meredith’s camp and Italy’s camp. Alan Dershowitz and Wendy Murphy (who I know) are in that camp.

There has only been one academic lawyer that I can think of who perversely got our case wrong.


She sure got an amazing distance, but because it was Italy it was without peer review.

I would not want to be among the non-academic group of bling-chasers.

Not bad people, at least not born that way, but they are part of a shrinking profession for which incomes are dropping and social & health indicators also.

Google “too many lawyers” and maybe three in every four hits agrees that that is the emerging US situation.


Scroll down there and see who are listed among tonight’s Midwest Innocence Project’s donors.

See a trend there?! Astonishing.

They may not be thrilled to be paying $100,000 a table tonight, but it does get them access to one of the dwindling areas with possibilities of bling by the truckload.

(In Italy defense lawyers jump fee totals by spinning out the appeal processes. All those ECHR “appeals” which are ignored or fail? Very lucrative.)

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/27/18 at 12:14 AM | #

$11m is not much compared to what he should have got if it was a genuine finding of innocence.  Ferguson’s case was merely ‘vacated’.  He has no certificate of innocence, and his co-defendant remains in jail.

$11m is more to do with technical issues rather than recompense for wrongful time served (surely that would be worth >$55K).

I don’t see Ferguson as a good example of a wrongful conviction.

Posted by KrissyG on 04/27/18 at 12:34 AM | #

Ergon did one of his master-series on Frank Sforza and Bruce Fischer and their own bling game.

Tens of thousands had been squeezed out of idealistic well-meaning people by lying to them.




Curt Knox and Edda Mellas found out how to play suckers very early on in their own enormous bling game.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/27/18 at 12:36 AM | #

So there’s one small report on a real exoneree at the Kansas City gala and brief mention of Knox claiming she was “suicidal”.

The assemblage in the post above proves the opposite. It is a new one but it is also permanent and like many other recent overview posts it is intended for future mass mailings.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/29/18 at 01:31 AM | #

Well done to Jeff Blackburn for showing himself to be a man of conscience and honour in leaving an organisation that he clearly thinks has taken a very wrong path indeed. He’s not wrong.

You would think, at a bare minimum, that the innocence project would do some due diligence, including a thorough review of court papers, before they accepted any particular case. That they would take on a toxic case like Knox’s and allow her to publicly spew her poison and represent herself as an exoneree just beggars belief. I held my nose and had a quick look at her twitter account a few minutes ago. I see she’s dropped the “exoneree” part from her description. I wonder who told her to do that?

It appears obvious that the innocence project took her on precisely because of the publicity she would generate for them. Clearly nobody read the court papers, watched the huge volumes of video evidence of Knox incriminating herself every time she opens her mouth, or asked her any searching questions of any depth whatsoever. Disgraceful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

If Barry Scheck had been as sloppy in his work when he was representing that other famous “not guilty” fellow, OJ, perhaps the verdict may have been different in that huge miscarriage of justice. Even if Scheck wasn’t directly and majorly involved in getting on board with Knox, he would surely have had a watching brief and been kept apprised of developments. Alarm bells should have been clanging in his head day and night. Then again he has form for championing folk that all rational people know to be guilty.

Maybe little Barry gets off on seeing people he genuinely knows to be guilty go free? The morals of some defence lawyers have always troubled me. It’s less about right and wrong and far more about beating the system. How little dweebs like him sleep at night is beyond me.

Posted by davidmulhern on 04/29/18 at 03:12 AM | #

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