Whither Your Best Bets, If Herd Immunity Moves Out Of Reach?

1. Why Should TJMK Care?

Well, absent Covid, TJMK’s end-game would have come and gone a year and a half ago.

We’d have done a wave of damning press releases in conjunction with insider panels, books new and revised, and maybe some appearances at conventions and on TV.

But to avoid further media tricks, and misreporting, and a backlash, and legal threats, this involves all of us being on the same page, in Italy, the UK and the US. And travel has been risky or forbidden for at least a year and a half.

But the delay is not a net negative, as Part 5 below explains.

2. Herd Immunity Prospects Decline

What seems to be happening in the turbulent COVID realm is IN PART touched on in the video above.

1. For various reasons, some sound, some less-so, global vaccination has a long way to go. Above 20% of the global population, those 14 and under, cannot be vaccinated, and a similar percentage of those older than 14 is iffy or stubborn about the shots. Many national vaccination rates are still way too low.

2. The present vaccines (unlike all other vaccines in history) target only a particular spike protein, and the virus only needs to mutate to get around that to be on a home run, as the Delta variant shows.

3. Shots and masks still seem on balance worth doing, to minimise the spread and consequent deaths, to minimise one’s risk of long-haul Covid and lifetime weaknesses, to lighten the load on hospitals, and to keep many or most kids safe.

4. The antibodies from the current vaccines of course do fade, but if the more-broadband memory B cells are activated, they plus glutathione look to give okay immunity for life (see in Comments: Further tip 4).

3. The Personal Peak-Immunity Route

Maybe the least risky bet, and one that is quick and cheap (and talked about openly in WHO) is what we posted on more than a year ago: to push one own’s personal level of immunity up to the roof.

Which primarily means boosting our own natural glutathione levels in any way we can.

Many YouTubes explain this point, and research by the global World Health Organization and national counterparts like USNIH agree 100%. There is no controversy here.

But only a very small faction of glutathione directly taken in a capsule has up to now been making it out of the gut and into the blood.

Luckily the main glutathione building block, easy-to-absorb N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), has been widely available in the US and has been disappearing fast off vitamin-store shelves.

But there are two problems, one old, one new.

1. If other body substances (selenium, zinc, vitamin D, etc) are low then NAC will fail to fully convert and so glutathione will not peak.

2. The US Food and Drug Administration has chosen this, the worst of all possible times, to ban NAC as a supplement and declare it a drug.

The reasoning is truly appalling (that is an eye-popping read) and the FDA did some incredibly sloppy work here, so chances of this being reversed through administrative appeal or the courts is good.

But that could take some time.

Meanwhile our two best bets, if we want to go this immunity-boosting route, vaccinated or not, is quite well explained on this (for-profit) website.

One is to look around for cysteine substitutes, and some that are nearly as good are easy to spot with an internet search.

4. The New Acetyl Glutathione

The other best option is to turn to the new glutathione in an acetic acid carrier, which far more easily makes it through the gut and into the blood than simple glutathione did.

Prices vary widely, the cheapest (see the Amazon range) which for now looks to be Monoherb might do as much good (read those Amazon reviews).

Finally, there’s some suggestion that going the acetyl-glutathione route is BETTER for Covid purposes because those other pesky neccessities (selenium, zinc, vitamin D, etc) don’t apply.

5. More Of Us Back On The Same Page?

Anybody who works internationally will tell you the same thing. The US population harbors an exceptional amount of fear. In recent months, it has been like sharing space with 100 million spineless jellies…

The American documentary film maker Michael Moore explained this in a report on a mass shooting in a school (Bowling for Columbine) as being a result of forever-scary news reports, and advertising that widely suggest dangers will overcome you unless you buy their product right away.

But it’s more than that. Very big bucks are made from paranoia-stoking radio and TV. The US government has indeed lied at times, as it did about Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2008 Wall Street did widespread economic harm. Global mass migrations are unbalancing “the north”. Weather is bothersome.

But ungrounded fears may have peaked for now. Conspiracy theories are being proven untrue time and again. Millions seem to be smartening up. Most people do have spines.

And as TJMK is itself in a fight against a conspiracy theory, this seems really helpful for us.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/12/21 at 12:25 PM in

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A while back, several who knew Meredith described her precise accent to me. It’s quite similar to her sister Stephanie’s which you can hear on YouTube.

Now, in perhaps tennis’s greatest longshot, another mixed-race south Londoner, 18-year-old Emma Reducanu, is the winner of the women’s US Tennis Open in New York. Her accent seems to me identical.


She is the first “qualifier” in any top-level womens’ tennis tournament ever to win: she had to win 3 qualifying matches before her real tournament even began and she lost no sets in 10 matches.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/13/21 at 10:19 AM | #

Further tip 1: 

A way of knowing if and when your glutathione is peaking, and thus you can feel pretty safe, is to watch for the various “symptoms”.

Two of the most easily noticed are (1) eye strength; the eyes use a ton of the available glutathione daily; (2) brain sharpness: our brains also are big users.

There are also more elusive signs, like reductions in infections, inflammations and anemias.

Though most deaths might have been avoided, the World Health Organization does not seem to me to be at fault here - WHO has pointed the world to various national-level studies, like this one by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Nearly 30 years ago President Biden’s top COVID advisor Dr Fauci showed that he knows a lot more about it than he seems to let on today.


In the latest laboratory studies, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health and Dr. Alton Meister of Cornell University Medical School in New York City headed a group that found that the addition of glutathione and two related substances each suppressed the growth of the AIDS virus by 80 to 90 percent…

Dr. Fauci predicted that there would be increased activity among scientists in studying the role of glutathione in a variety of infections and disorders of the immune system. One major target of investigation is whether low levels of glutathione occur in people infected with viruses other than HIV.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/13/21 at 11:35 AM | #

Further tip 2:

Women are usually quicker adopters of health-related notions like this above.

Meanwhile with COVID in most countries it is the men that are doing most of the dying - between 2 and 3 times the rate for women. Perhaps 4 million men dead of the 5.6 million.

Why? Well, one main suspect is testosterone: research suggest that a lot of glutathione is used up in countering its negative effects.

So not enough is left to win the battle against COVID.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/13/21 at 11:55 AM | #

Further tip 3:

Negative reactions to the vaccine do occur, occasionally, and so internet babblers call this proof that they are dangerous..

This is one main reason we are seeing so many believing the Merck deworming pill is a better bet.

Do you know what is causing most of those negative vaccination reactions? Low glutathione!!

Here’s an article explaining how that works, and recommending that you really should be at peak glutathione from shortly before you have the shots. 


(For the record, I began 300 mg of NAC daily early last year and had zero reaction to the shots - I did not even notice the needle, and was surprised when the nurse said I was done.)

(Added: I never wear glasses, by the way, that might be an indicator of peak glutathione too.)

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/13/21 at 11:32 PM | #

Further tip 4:

Are you sensing official iffy-ness about recommending we all have a booster shot aka Covid shot 3?

If yes, you are right. That is because the WHO and FDA experts are realising it is a bit of a two-edged sword.

1. It will re-boost for a few weeks the kind of antibodies that are most effective against the original virus. That may be good for the most vulnerable to get them through those next few weeks.

2. But the most important thing to spark is the memory B cells which will give BROADER and LONGER protection against the variants - quite possibly enough for life - and a booster shot may confuse the creation of those.


This fine article by Monica Gandhi of the University of California explains why that is so. And she observes this.

If memory B cells are formed by a vaccine, they should be as long-lasting as those from natural infection per various human studies. A 2008 Nature study found that survivors of the 1918 influenza pandemic were able to produce antibodies from memory B cells when exposed to the same influenza strain nine decades later.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/14/21 at 10:40 AM | #

Very interesting about NAC precursor to the big gun glutathione. Also interesting about memory B cells being confused by booster shot. Glad to hear it as I wasn’t planning to take a booster.

Word is that Zinc is a big help, I need some. Lack of zinc is what causes loss of smell during covid. I lost sense of smell in summer 2019 with a flu that I suspect was covid. Smell came back full force afterwards. 

Thanks for info about this worldwide panic over Corona virus. It seems to be an international mass hysteria whipped up by media.

Despite my resentment I took the vaccination Moderna 2 shots at Walgreen’s in August/September 2021. I did so strictly for the sake of my adult child’s extreme fears for her child. Otherwise I despise Dr. Fauci, wonder if the media machinery ramping up fears has an agenda, or whether it’s a hoax. I have been on the fence unsure what to believe. 

I prefer the extremist medical doctor Judy Mikovits (sp?). I give money to America’s Frontline Doctors a conservative group and waste no time thinking about Covid.

I believe in liberty to the max.  Personal choice in medical matters is a foundational right in a “free country”.

I appreciate info like the above Post and comments because any info helps us to decide. Thank you.

I try to use wisdom with supplements—recently added apple cider vinegar to my diet. I take potassium; use cinnamon and chromium picolinate to lower blood sugar, gingko for brain function and CoQ10 for heart.

Fish oil is a must, B complex, D…won’t bore readers with the long list.

Am still a believer in old Linus Pauling’s Vitamin C therapy, a belief old Dr. Klenner from North Carolina held, said he cured polio with mega vitamin doses.

Much is debatable with medical theories.

I was surprised to learn from above comment that more men die of Covid than women.

I wish good health to all at TJMK.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/15/21 at 12:15 AM | #

I’d endorse all that Hopeful has added here. Those supplements are a very good mix. Both in the UN and around New York there are few that discount them now - in fact, the UN doctors pushed all of us down the supplements route as we traveled to places where we’d be at risk.

Just to expand on Hopeful’s mention of Linus Pauling and megadoses of vitamin C - given intravenously to cancer patients in clinics in Germany with some success. Take a look at this.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/15/21 at 08:33 AM | #

Further tip 5.

Peak glutathione seems to be the sweet spot on which all elements of all populations might have agreed. That applies not only to COVID but far beyond.

If WHO could hold absolute sway, its own studies and US studies are pointing to the immense benefits of making glutathione supplementation available for free forever worldwide.

But as that could cut Big Pharma and Big Medicine profits (and political donations) in half, WHO would need strong help bottom-up help. It’s do-able and right now might be possible to promote.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/15/21 at 10:52 AM | #

Further tip 6

Today I watched an FDA advisory panel of 18 top vaccine experts unanimously go along with the tendency summarized in Further Tip 4 above.

In other words: get two shots, the positive effects of which are remarkable, and the proven negative effects zero if taken with peak glutathione, and then stop the shots there except for (1) those over 65 and (2) those in high risk occupations.

Assuming the FDA now acts sensibly (not always the case as described in the main post) this will (1) allow our memory B cells to develop to full latent capacity for our lifetimes and (2) free up well over 100 million doses for other countries so that the whole world can get back to some normalcy.

This was already WHO’s preferred position.

Now WHO should make a hullaballoo of its own profuse research findings on the benefits of peak glutathione. It is about WORLD HEALTH after all, and not about keeping the world only semi-well so that Big Pharma and Big Medicine can prosper.

That the FDA should be actively fighting supplements is appalling - though strong pro-supplements law here mostly holds it back despite endless Big Pharma pressure.

Thus Americans can buy all manner of health boosters on eBay and Amazon and local retail, and a conspicuous proportion (especially around New York) is looking noticeably sharper and more robust these days.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/17/21 at 07:09 PM | #

Joe Rogan interviews Amanda Knox on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”. You can hear the entire thing on Spotify.

Knox is in fine fettle, grinning in the spotlight. She rehashes her multitude of stale lies. She comments on politics, Trump, Biden, Kamala Harris and the 2024 presidential election. Joe elicits a lot of detail from her about the Perugia crime.

Her arms and hands fly around, she’s animated and the same old Knox.

Posted by Hopeful on 09/24/21 at 07:27 PM | #

Thank you for drawing the Joe Rogan podcast to our attention. I’ll have to, steal myself, and listen to some of it- it sounds excruciating!

Unfortunately the podcast medium seems to be open to this kind of unchallenging, feelings based interview format, and Joe Rogan seems to be particularly bad- reinforcing the prejudices of his, male, listeners with ‘thinkers’ like Jordan Peterson, and the anything goes, don’t send me to jail, leftism of Knox.

Posted by HotAir on 09/25/21 at 12:20 PM | #

Brian Laundrie sighted in Thunder Ridge, Virginia. The video is embedded in Websleuths.com in today’s discussion (October 4, 2021).  A true crime Youtuber is all over it, especially after Mr. Davis the engineer’s sighting. There’s also a California, West Virginia in Wirt county, somewhat near this Thunder Ridge area. Brian seems to be driving not a Ford F-150 white truck but a Toyota Tacoma truck.

Posted by Hopeful on 10/04/21 at 08:04 PM | #

“Amanda Knox has given birth to a baby girl named Eureka Muse! Baby was born months ago but arrival was kept secret because her mother was worried about Paparazzi”—this headline DailyMail online October 22, 2021.

Knox deliberately told listeners to her podcast (Labyrinths) that she was still pregnant to avoid a media scrum. Knox, 34, and husband Christopher Robinson, 39, welcomed daughter ‘several months ago’ they told “The New York Times.”

Knox spoke from her home on Vashon Island near Seattle in Washington State.

“I’m still nervous abou the paparazzi bounty on her head,” Knox said.


Well folks, as ever Knox the liar who lied about the date of her marriage, now has lied about the birth date of her baby.

However, the baby is innocent in all this and I will write no more about Knox.  I will call this my last comment on TJMK. Thank you, Peter Quennell, for an excellent website that showed truth and fought for justice for the innocent Meredith Kercher.

Thank you to alllll the wonderful posters and contributors who have shared their knowledge and wit and grace. This website remains as a lighthouse in a dark sea of stormy controversy and obfuscation of the facts of Meredith’s death.

I said I would end my posting about Knox when and if her baby was born, and today is the first I’ve learned of it.

It’s time to tip my hat in great respect to Peter Quennell, (Thank You, Peter, Thank You so much. You’ve always been so sharp, so knowledgeable and so gracious. I have learned very much from you and this website. It was my very first time on any internet website ever!)

Thank you to TJMK for many years of factual information, thoughtful feedback and honest reporting on a case so dear to our hearts. Now I must bid you all adieu and wish you well.

Thank you all very very much for allowing me to contribute and for so long. Thank you for listening to my opinions and giving your own. I benefitted from the great minds gathered here (and also some wonderful folks long time back at Perugia Murder File.com). TJMK has weathered all the storms since 2007. Italian justice has had a great friend in this website and Mr. Quennell.

To TJMK thanks for the Memories.



Posted by Hopeful on 10/22/21 at 08:07 PM | #

Hi Hopeful, that made me smile and we do know that so many who posted here still secretly read and occasionally send tips. 😊

You have always bought such enormous compassion to the case. I know that John Kercher took appreciative note of you.

Our pending end-run will not actually be against Knox (or Sollecito) directly, it will be against the numerous enablers in social media and much more importantly the serious press who worked so tirelessly to build a false Italy and a false Knox.

Conspiracy theories have run rampant in the US in recent years and this one might seem like a drop in the bucket.

But those against law enforcement and justice can do particular harm, and make it hard for them to admit wrongs and get any better. Take as Exhibit A either of these false arcs:


Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/23/21 at 03:29 PM | #

Hopeful, I echo Mr. Quennel’s words.  I really enjoyed your posts.

I read about the latest yesterday. I can’t believe it and I have no words for it. As Hopeful says, the baby is innocent. Hopefully it can make sense of the world when it gets older.
Like Hopeful my journey has now changed somewhat.  I will still be following TJMK for sure. But I have no interest whatsoever in the culprits.

Pete, the end-run against the enablers sounds v good!
Have a good Sunday everyone!

Posted by DavidB on 10/24/21 at 04:52 AM | #

I’m sad to see you go Hopeful, but I appreciate your principled take on this matter- it doesn’t surprise me as you’ve always been mindful of others here, as well as contributing really insightful takes on the case (I actually still have a post of yours bookmarked I found it so helpful). You’ll be greatly missed!

Thanks for making this community so rich, all the best to you!

Posted by HotAir on 10/25/21 at 10:51 AM | #
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