Post-Trauma Example Of Italy As One Of The Fastest-Learning And Adjusting Societies

Here is an image of Elisa Benedetti whose sad death after crashing and then disabling her car in deep mud our poster Catnip profiled back here.

Two other post-accidents traumas have been much in the news in Italy as Il Giornale today describes.

Two drivers were in traffic accidents in which they feared they had caused the death of others, and both are now dead.

One after dying of cold in the woods after wandering aimlessly for days, and the other after jumping off a bridge. In the case of the first, nobody was even hurt, and in the case of the second, the child who was slightly knocked by the car was released from hospital the same day.

As one would expect in Italy, these incidents have been the subject of much public discussion and several TV chat shows, similar to those for missing people that we learned about in the case of the missing or murdered Sonia Marra.

Now hospital emergency rooms and police forces are moving to beef up their capacity to provide psychological support to those similarly traumatized.

In the case of Elisa Benedetti, the cops tried really hard to help her in the times when she called them for help on her cellphone. Next time they might have psychological knowhow on their side.

Few other countries in the world come close to Italy for a caring population driving constructive effects like these.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/30/11 at 06:31 PM in

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and yet, silvio is still in power…lol—a conundrum to me and my italian friends.

Posted by mojo on 03/30/11 at 08:42 PM | #

With massive deficits in so many countries, political structures are not at everybody’s front and center in terms of getting things done. And people are getting things done anyway.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/30/11 at 09:20 PM | #

Not sure this relates to the post, but regarding a major “FOA”, Donald Trump who stated that “Americans should boycott Italy” due to what he feels was the legal injustice of AK’s conviction, here is another blatant example of his reckless logic at play

He recently stated that he thinks Obama is “possibly a Muslim”.

I am by no means a “birther”, but do wish an official copy of Obama’s birth certificate was presented to the world so that this on going argument could finally be put to an end. However, as far as Obama’s religion, there is no apparent evidence he was ever a Muslim.

It is shocking how someone like Trump, who is regarded by virtue of his wealth, as at least a semi-intelligent person, could make such an outlandish statement.

Of course, many of the folks on this site knew all along he tends to think more with his emotions than on logic based on his support of AK and her so called “innocence”.

Posted by Kazwell on 04/01/11 at 08:07 AM | #

Some more hypothesizing.

Stefanoni and Garofano both say that there was an abundant amount (relatively speaking) of AK’s blood in the bathroom washbasin, and to a lesser extent the bidet.  Whereas most of AK’s blood in the bathroom was mixed with Meredith’s I believe I am right in saying that it was AK’s blood alone on the washbasin tap.  Both of a quality and quantity to discount menstrual (from washed knickers)  or bleeding from ear piercing. Their conclusion was that AK bled fairly profusely though perhaps briefly at some stage.

Possibly AK may have cut her feet on glass in Filomena’s bedroom but if so it’s difficult to see how   blood from that ends up as a blob on the basin tap and in the sink and cut feet are painful to walk on and she did not display any awkwardness on her feet the next day.

It is suggested that she got a bloody nose which to me does explain the blood on the basin tap.

She might have got a bloody nose in Meredith’s bedroom save that there is no evidence of her blood there.

If she got into a tussle with Meredith (say in the corridor outside their rooms and where there was little room for other than the two to be engaged) and was fended off with a reflex blow that accidently or otherwise connected with her nose, AK’s natural reaction would be to disengage immediately and head for the bathroom sink and staunch the flow of blood.

A nose bleed need not take too long to staunch especially if not serious and there is no cut (certainly none being visible the next day).  Just stuff some tissue up the offending nostril.

Raffaelle fusses around her whilst Rudy briefly plays peacemaker. A nose bleed is not necessarily something of which there would be any sign the next day.

Perhaps AK, with RS in tow, and perhaps Rudy, retreat from the cottage for a brief while, AK stepping over any droplets of her blood on the floor.  How is AK taking the incident? One might imagine. Perhaps Rudy stays for a while inside to talk to Meredith before joining AK and RS.

I have always been interested in the dynamics of just why and how the three get to the stage of poor Meredith being murdered.

Previously I have postulated the theft of Meredith’s money as a trigger and of course there were all sorts of pre-existing psychologies and jealousies in play.

But I am also thinking of a crescendo of violence where anything goes – where there is (from their warped perspectives) almost an inevitability or justification for their behaviour.  A carefree “Meredith definitely needs teaching a lesson now!” attitude.

Following the above hypothesis one the needs to consider the distribution of blood outside the bathroom.

Would there be drops of her blood in the corridor?  If so would it not be likely that she, or the other two, would track this into Meredith’s bedroom when they returned? 

But perhaps there wouldn’t be drops in the corridor if instead of the corridor the tussle occurred a) in the bathroom or b) in or at the entrance to the bathroom (this also being adjacent to Meredith’s bedroom by a couple of feet) and, as I say, AK steps over any blood on the floor when she leaves the bathroom.

One may hypothesize that immediately after the attack in the bedroom the bathroom may have been entered for various reasons, Meredith’s blood on feet becoming mixed with the drops from AK’s nose bleed.  And then being tracked round to the places where mixtures were found by luminol in the corridor and Filomena’s room.  I cannot suggest on this hypothesis why the mixtures were not also tracked back into Meredith’s bedroom to also be revealed later by luminol.

However one can also hypothesize that they left the cottage immediately, returning later to, say, deal first with Meredith and her room, locking the door behind them , whereupon the mixed tracking and otherwise occurred with visits to the bathroom for inspection, of the bathroom and themselves, and during the staging of the break in, before final clean up.

There are holes in the above hypotheses I know – probably a lot of them.

Posted by James Raper on 04/01/11 at 04:55 PM | #

It might also be suggested that AK bled from a nick to her hands from a knife blade. I think that for enough blood to be generated the nick would have been obvious the next morning but there she is waving her hands under the noses of a coterie of cops, so I don’t think that happened.

Posted by James Raper on 04/06/11 at 11:48 AM | #
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